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Volume 2- Issue 3 [May June 2012]

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Paper submitted to IJERA: 1398;   Accepted papers by peer review process: 537;   Rejected Paper:861 ,
Paper Acceptance percentage: 38.41%
1. Investigation of interlaminar shear strength in carbon epoxy and carbon epoxy carbon nanotubes using experimental and finite element technique
P. Rama Lakshmi, Dr P.Ravinder Reddy
001-010 pdf
2. Modeling,Analysis and Simulation ofThree Phase Hybrid Power Filter forPower Quality Improvement
Prashanta Kumar Das,B. Srikanth
011-017 pdf
Parametric analysis and optimization of fuel delivered and Torque by FIP of Diesel Engine using Genetic Algorithm
Dr. Arakerimath. R. Rachayya
018-022 pdf
4. Smoothing And Optimal Compression Of Encrypted Gray Scale Images
P.S.Kishore, N.Ajay Nagendra, K.Pratap Reddy, V.V.S.Murthy
023-028 pdf
5. Study of Densification Progress During Sintering of Doped Tungsten
V. Shantha, M. N. Vijayshankar, D. N. Drakshayani
029-034 pdf
6. Bridging Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic in Order to Implement a Real World of Automation.
Pradeep.A.V, Sharmili.S
035-043 pdf
7. Image Enhancement and Analysis of Microscopic Images using various
Image Processing Techniques
Ms. Shivani Gupta, Mr. Satyajit Sen Purkayastha
044-048 pdf
8. A comprehensive view of mobility models in Wireless Ad hoc Networks
Chandanpreet Kaur
049-054 pdf
9. Use of Recursive Projection Method for the Stabilization of Linear Flow Solver for Turbo machinery Aero elasticity
Mohammad Imran, Md. Zakaria Mahbub, M. Shafiqur Rahman, Saiham Sira
055-067 pdf
10. Estimation of Wind Turbine Power Generation by Neural Networks
Saiham Siraj, Mohammad Imran, Md. Zakaria Mahbub, M. Shafiqur Rahman
068-074 pdf
11. Influence Of Steel Fibre On Concrete
G.Murali, C.M. Vivek Vardhan, G. Sudha priya, P. Sruthee, P. Charmily
075-078 pdf
12. Denoising of Images corrupted by Random noise using Complex Double Density Dual Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform
G.Sandhya, K. Kishore
079-087 pdf
13. Data Mining, knowledge discovery With Neural Network Support Architecture: A study
Aman Kumar, Tarandeep Singh
088-093 pdf
14. Design Of Lowpower Risc Processor By Applying Clock Gating Technique
J.Ravindra, T.Anuradha
094-099 pdf
15. Designing of Co-axial Feed Y-Shaped Micro-strip Patch Antenna for CDMA Applications
M. Venkata Narayana, M. Sowmya, Govardhani Immadi, K. Swetha, R. Ranjana
100-103 pdf
16. Privacy Preservation by Anonymization and Location Monitoring System for WSN
Shiv Sutar, Manjiri Pathak, Prerana Sonawane, Deepali Ugale
104-108 pdf
17. A Review on Thread Tapping Operation and Parametric Study
Hardik J. Patel, Bhaveshkumar P. Patel, Prof. S. M. Patel
109-113 pdf
18. Dynamic user profiles using fusion of Web Structure ,Web content and Web Usage Mining
Prof. Gajendra S.Chandel, Prof. Ravindra Gupta, Mr. Hemant k. Dhamecha
114-117 pdf
19. Microstrip Patch Antenna for C-band RADAR applications with Coaxial fed
M.Venkata Narayana, Govardhani.Immadi, K.Rajkamal, M.S.R.S Tejaswi, Venkata Raviteja. K, A.K.Chaitanya, B.Bhaskar rao
118-122 pdf
20. Modulation Technique For Cognitive Radio Applications
Ritu Khullar, Sippy Kapoor, Naval Dhawan
123-125 pdf
21. Implementation of Radar Transmitter-Receiver using DSBPSK Modulation Technique
Ami Munshi , Srija Unnikrishnan
126-132 pdf
22. Wireless Personal Area Network Node Design And Simulaton Of Alcohol Sensor Using Zigbee Transceiver Module
Rajesh Singh, Akanksha, Shashank Mishra, Ankit Joshi
133-138 pdf
23. Enhancement of Recognition Rate in Blurred Images Using Legendre Moment Invariants
D.Kishore, Dr. T.Venkateswarlu
139-146 pdf
24. Microstructural and mechanical properties of eutectic Al–Si alloy with grain refined and modified using gravity-die and sand casting
147-150 pdf
25.  Integrated Highway Management System Using Radio Frequency Technology Based On Arm
Vishnu Vardhan Kommineni, K.Ravi Kumar, Wilson John Joseph
151-155 pdf
26. A Novel Technique On Loading Balance Of Distribution Feeders With Loop Power Controllers Considering Photovoltaic Generation
S.Radha Krishna Reddy, Anwarunnisa Begum, G.R.Shalini, Dr.Jbv Subrahmanyam
156-165 pdf
27. A Novel Approach On Instantaneous Power Control Of D-STATCOM With Consideration Of Power Factor Correction
Y.Udaykiran, S. Radha Krishna Reddy, Jbv Subrahmanyam
166-170 pdf
28. Design of High Performance & Low Power Up Down Counter on FPGA
Rajeev Kumar, Poonam Chauhan, Mandeep Singh Saini
171-173 pdf
29. Design of 64 bit Integer Multiplier for Low Power Consumption
Rajeev Kumar, Mandeep Singh Saini
174-178 pdf
30. Design of High Speed Variable Width Integer Multiplier
Rajeev Kumar, Mandeep Singh Saini
179-182 pdf
31. Design of 64 bit Register File for VLIW Processor Architecture
Rajeev Kumar, Kuldeep Singh, Mandeep Singh Saini
183-186 pdf
32. Offline Handwritten Gurmukhi Character and Numeral Recognition using Different Feature Sets and Classifiers - A Survey
Anoop Rekha
187-191 pdf
33. Application of Taguchi methods and ANOVA in optimization of process parameters for metal removal rate in electrochemical machining of Al/5%SiC composites
Rama Rao. S, Padmanabhan. G
192-197 pdf
34. Toggle Rate Estimation Technique for 4-Input LUT based FPGA Circuits
Ms. Anju P.J., Mr. Ramesh S.R.
198-203 pdf
35. Reduction Of Leakage Power In 8t Sram Cell Using Virtual Ground
D.Vijaya Kumar
204-208 pdf
36 Capacity rates of erasure channels in Single Hop Networks
K.Ujwaldeep, G.MarySilvya, M.B.Swetha, A.LakshmanSai, G.Linga Reddy
209-213 pdf
37. Frameworks for Network Intrusion Detection Systems: Wired and Wireless
J.RaviTeja, V.Ramakrishna
214-220 pdf
38. Automatic Urban Feature Extraction Using Mathematical Morphology
S.K.Jumlesha, Khadar Babu. Sk, Ch.Satyanarayana , M N Srinivas, M.V.Ramanaiah, Sandeep Kumar P
221-225 pdf
39. Segmentation of Brain Tumor from Brain MRI Images Reintroducing K – Means with advanced Dual Localization Method
Tuhin Utsab Paul, Samir Kumar Bandhyopadhyay
226-231 pdf
40. Object detection in dynamic background using image segmentation: A review
Vinayak G Ukinkar, Makrand Samvatsar
232-236 pdf
41. Stress Analysis and Temperature Impact of Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) on a CMOS inverter circui
Rajeev Kumar Mishra, Madhurendra Bensan, Roopesh Singh
237-241 pdf
42 Effect Of Bitumen Emulsion And Sea Shell Powder In The Unconfined Compressive Strength Of Black Cotton Soil.
K.Jayaganesh, S.Yuvaraj, D.Yuvaraj, C.Nithesh and G.Karthik
242-245 pdf
43. Real Time Measurement of Position as well as Direction using Linear Variable Differential Transformer
Ch.V.Suresh, G.Ramu
246-252 pdf
44. Experimental Investigation on Concrete with Different Waste Stone as a Aggregate
G.Murali, R.Saravanakumar, C.Balaji, R.Muthuraman, V.SreeKavitha, S.Archana
253-256 pdf
45. Design and Performance Evaluation of Cost Function Based Vertical Handoff
Sunita Sharma , Dr. S.K.Bodhe
257-262 pdf
46. The Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Channel Allocation Strategy in Cellular Networks
Y.S.V.Raman, G.Sricharan, G.Naveen Kumar, B.Siddardha
263-266 pdf
47. Identify Different Types Of Road Improvement Projects And Estimate Total Fund Required For Implementation
267-273 pdf
48. A Novel Approach to Image Segmentation using Artificial Neural Networks and K-Means Clustering
Chinki Chandhok
274-279 pdf
49. Laboratory Scale Study for Treatment of Waste Water Using Activated Sludge Process
S.A.Dharaskar, S.S.Balkar
280-285 pdf
50. Computer Aided Analysis of Four bar Chain Mechanism
Prof. N. G. Alvi, Dr. S. V. Deshmukh, Ram.R.Wayzode
286-290 pdf
51. Echo Cancellation using an Affine Combination of Two LMS
Adaptive Filters
Abdullah M.K, A.I.Tamboli
291-296 pdf
52. Optimal Design Planning of Ground Grid for Outdoor Substations in MEA's Power Distribution Substation
297-306 pdf
53. An Effective Framework For Identifying Personalized Web Recommender System By Applying Web Usage Mining
T.SubMasthan Rao, Y.Ravindra,U.Satish Kumar,S.Sandeep,K.Srikanth
307-312 pdf
54. Information Extraction from Web Tables
Mahesh A. Sale, Pramila M. Chawan, Prithviraj M. Chauhan
313-318 pdf
55. Design of microstrip patch antenna for WLAN applications using Back to Back connection of Two E-Shapes.
Govardhani Immadi, K. Swetha, M.Venkata Narayana, M.Sowmya, R.Ranjana
319-323 pdf
56. An Approach towards Logic Synthesis by Functional Decomposition
Athira P V, Ramesh S R
324-330 pdf
57. Multimodal Biometric Authentication Parameters on Humanbody
N.Suresh Singh, Dr.G.Suganthi, D.MohanaDhas
331-337 pdf
58. Steganography Using Least Signicant Bit Algorithm
Mrs. Kavitha, Kavita Kadam, Ashwini Koshti, Priya Dunghav
338-341 pdf
59. Agent Based Meta Learning In Distributed Data Mining System
Sanjay Kumar Sen, Dr Sujata Dash, Subrat P Pattanayak
342-348 pdf
60. Modified Covalent Redundant Binary Booth Encoding For Fast 64*64 Multiplier Design
Vamsi Krishna Pedarla, P.Nagaraju
349-353 pdf
61. Regulation of Grid Voltage by the Application of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Farm as STATCOM
S.Kokilavani, S.Shiny jasmine
354-359 pdf
62. Comparision Of Pi And Neural Controller Using Universal Active Power Filter
Sangeetha S.P, Pradeep R
360-364 pdf
63. Strength Analysis on Honeycomb Sandwich Panels of different
K.Kantha Rao, K. Jayathirtha Rao, A.G.Sarwade, M.Sarath Chandra
365-374 pdf
64. BER Performance Evaluation of GMSK for Fading Mobile Channels
Gejo George, Srija Unnikrishnan
375-380 pdf
65. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Mr. Manish G.,Sahil S.,Indraneel K.,Ankitk,JegaPriya J.
381-384 pdf
66. THD Optimization in 13 level photovoltaic inverter using Genetic Algorithm
Suman Debnath, Dr. Rup Narayan Ray
385-389 pdf
67. A Novel Approach Live Streaming Using Cool Streaming
G.S.PAVANENDRA, V. Sneha latha
390-394 pdf
68. Wireless Integrated System using IEEE 802.15.4
Pravin Wararkar, Nikita Chavan
395-399 pdf
69. WIBREE Technology with Bluetooth
Mr. Devang G. Chavda, Mr. Gaurav N Mehta, Mr. Jimish K. Desai , Mr. Nitin K. Nakum, Miss Ashita A Brahmwar
400-403 pdf
70. Data leakage Detection
Rohit Pol, Vishwajeet Thakur, Ruturaj Bhise, Prof. Akash Kate
404-410 pdf
71. Analysis Of Reciver Divercity Techniues For Capacity Scaling In Mimo Wireless System
A.Ramesh, P.Bhaskar Rakesh, P.S.S.Sekhara Gupta, J.Ravi Kiran,G.Bhargava
411-414 pdf
72. Load Frequency Control In Two Area Thermal Power System Using Optimized Controller
V.Kavithamani, DR.R.Subramanian
415-419 pdf
73. Fabrication Of Al-Sicp Composites Through Powder Metallurgy Process And Testing Of Properties
Rajesh Purohit, R. S. Rana and C. S. Verma
420-437 pdf
74. Fuzzy logic based control design for active dancer closed loop web tension control
Ganeshthangaraj Ponniah, Muhammad Zubair, Yang-Hoi Doh And Kyung-Hyun Choi
438-443 pdf
75. Automatic Control of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC)
444-449 pdf
76. Implementation of fuel cell distributed generation system with conventional and fuzzy based PI controllers
R.Priyadharshini , Prof.S.P.Devendran
450-455 pdf
77. Choosing Appropriate Utilization Factor and Metal Layer Numbers for an Efficient Floor Plan in VLSI Physical Design
456-462 pdf
78. Adaptive Control Schemes For DC- DC Buck Converter
Nanda R Mude, Prof. Ashish Sahu
463-467 pdf
79. Optimal Network Topology in Wireless Sensor Networks
Navdeep Kaur Randhawa
468-473 pdf
80. MAC and Logical addressing (A Review Study)
Umang Garg, Pushpneel Verma, Yudhveer Singh Moudgil, Sanjeev Sharma
474-480 pdf
82. A Novel Fast Acting PI based DSTATCOM
490-495 pdf
83. Balancing of Maintenance Task during Preventive Maintenance of Four Wheeler
R.S.Rana, Rajesh Purohit
496-504 pdf
84. Modeling and Parametric Optimization using Factorial Design Approach of Submerged Arc Bead Geometry for Butt Joint
Rati Saluja, K M Moeed
505-508 pdf
85. An Improvement In Congestion Control Using Multipath Routing In Manet
Prof. S.A. Jain, Mr. Abhishek Bande, Mr. Gaurav Deshmukh, Mr. Yogesh Rade, Mr. Mahesh Sandhanshiv
509-514 pdf
86. An efficient Differential Conditional Capturing Energy Recovery Flip-Flop design
Rajendra Prasad and Ritu Kanodia
515-520 pdf
87. Simulation And Analysis Of Multiple Converter Using Matrix Topology
Sanjay Mohite, Narayan Pisharoty
521-526 pdf
88. Design And Implement Of Tire Monitoring System Based On Zigbee
Mrs. Jogdand.V.L., Prof. S. A. Naveed
527-529 pdf
89. An Efficient Protocol for Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Vibhuti P N Jaiswal, Dr. Amit K Garg
530-533 pdf
90. A Survey on Password Authentication Using Godel Number
Dr.A.S.N.Chakravarthy, Prof.S.Balaji, M.Pavani
534-538 pdf
91. Pixel Based Digital Image Forgery Detection Techniques
Pradyumna Deshpande , Prashasti Kanikar
539-543 pdf
92. Effect of Particle size on Particle movement in a Single Phase Gas Insulated Bus duct
Ranuva Nageswara Rao , Dr. S.S Tulasiram
544-549 pdf
93. A Group Testing Based Approach for Detecting Application Denial of Service Attacks
P.Jagannadha Varma, P.Suresh Babu, A.Yugandhara Rao
550-553 pdf
94. Fault Analysis of Practical Distribution System with and without Distribution Generation units
554-561 pdf
95. Sliding Mode Controller And Its Application To Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)
Rohini Telu, Balamurali Surakasi, Prasad Chongala, Nalini Telu
562-567 pdf
97. Comparison between Metamaterial based circular patch antenna and microstrippatchAntenna
ManishKumar Gupta, Monika Singh
574-579 pdf
98. Incorporation of Cow dung Ash to Mortar and Concrete
V.S.R. Pavan Kumar.Rayaprolu, P. Polu Raju
580-585 pdf
99. U And H Shaped Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna For C And X Band Applications
P.Poorna priya, A.Srujana, D. Vinay Kumar, K.Rajasekhar
586-590 pdf
100. Remote Surveillance System for Mobile Application
Prof. Uma Nagaraj, Sayali Sonawane, Prachi Kalbhor, Sonali Diware, Shweta Iskande
591-593 pdf
101. VLSI Implementation of Densely Packed Decimal Converter to and
from Binary Coded Decimal using Reversible Logic Gates
S. Rahil Hussian, V. Narasimha Nayak, Dr.Fazal Noorbasha, S. Dayasagar Chowdary, Lakshmi Narayana Thalluri
594-599 pdf
102. Bionic Vision: A Reality
Arun Shankar Iyer, Ankit Munjekar
600-609 pdf
103. Time based search call logs using ESM
Anil Kumar Dasari, Ajay Bhaskar Dasari, K.Pradeep
610-614 pdf
104. Genetic Algorithm For Active Noise Control
R. SudheerBabu, S. KashifHussain
615-618 pdf
105. Performance Analysis of Different Space Time Block Codes
Sandeep Kumar Singh, Vishal Gupta, Anjana Jain, Anurag Shrivastav
619-624 pdf
106. BER Performance of Different Detection Schemes of V-BLAST
Vishal Gupta, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Anjana Jain, Anjulata Yadav
625-629 pdf
107. Comparison and performance evaluation of different adaptive beam forming algorithms in wireless communications with smart antenna
Bhavishya Ramineni,G.Chaitanya Sagar, K.Abhishek Jain, M.Siva Ganga Prasad,
T.V.Ramakrishna, K.Sarat Kumar
630-633 pdf
108 Design, Simulation and Control of A Doubly Fed Induction Generator
Nalini Telu, K. Veeresham, Rohini Telu
634-639 pdf
109. Comparison Among Different Cmos Inverter With Stack Keeper Approach In Vlsi Design
Harshvardhan Upadhyay, Abhishek Choubey, Kaushal Nigam
640-646 pdf
110. Design and Implementing PGP Algorithm in Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs)
Navdeep Kaur Randhawa
647-650 pdf
111. Removal Of 1-Chloro-4-Nitrobenzene From Aqueous Solutions By Adsorption Onto Black Tea Leaves Waste
Parvin Gharbani, Esmail Jafarpour, Ali Mehrizad
651-656 pdf
112. Modeling & Simulation of Novel Nine level Shunt Active Filter for High Power Drive System
657-660 pdf
113. A Novel Simplified Single-Phase and Three phase Multi string Multilevel Inverter Topology for Distributed Energy Resources
D.Phani Deepthi, Gandi.Vinay kumar
661-665 pdf
114. A Novel Cascaded Series/Parallel Voltage Sources Multilevel Inverter For High Power Drive Application
666-669 pdf
116. Correlation Based Analysis Of Master Random Interleaver And Tree Based Interleaver
Ra t n a S h a rma , S . S .Ra t a n , Pr i t i k a S i n g h
679-682 pdf
117. Statistical Analysis of various models of Software Cost Estimation
T.N.Sharma, Anil Bhardwaj, G.R.Kherwa
683-685 pdf
118. Software Project Quality Management
Kunal Jamsutkar, Viki Patil, P. M. Chawan
686-690 pdf
119. Ultrasound Liver Image Enhancement Using Watershed Segmentation Method
Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood, Noraishikin Zulkarnain, Nor Saradatul Akmar Zulkifli
691-694 pdf
120. Data Mining in Clinical Practice Guidelines
Prof. Mayura Kinikar, Harish Chawria, Pradeep Chauhan, Abhijeet Nashte
695-699 pdf
121. 3-D simulation flow pattern in the Gorgan Bay in during summer
Saeed Sharbaty
700-707 pdf
122. Design of CMOS Instrumentation Amplifier for ECG Monitoring System Using 0.18 μm Technology
708-711 pdf
123. CFD Analysis of the Effect of gas flow in Ytterbium: fiber laser cutting process – A review
Hardik J Patel, Prof. D.M. Patel, Dr. Kedar Pathak
712-715 pdf
124. Priority/Distance based Call Admission Control for High Speed Downlink Packet Access
Kalpana P Parmar, R .G. Mehta
716-720 pdf
125. Dictionary Attack on MD5 Hash
Jayeeta Majumder
721-724 pdf
126. Design, Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Swell/Sag Mitigation
725-732 pdf
127. Fuzzy Node Fuzzy Graph And Its Cluster Analysis
Dr.E.Chandrasekaran, N.Sathyaseelan
733-738 pdf
128. Boost-Up Bus Speed Codec Advanced Mitigation For Onchip Crosstalk Control (Bbs-Cam)
M. Ramesh, P. VamsiKumar
739-742 pdf
129. Sensor less Dust and Speed Controlling of Motor Using Micro Controllers
V. Sri Rama Pavan Kumar
743-747 pdf
130. Implementation 7 Segment Display by Educational Board - Software /Hardware Interfacing -
Abdulrahman A.A.Emhemed
748-751 pdf
131. Deciphering prospective ground water zones of Morobe province, Papua New Guinea
Gouri Sankar Bhunia, Sailesh Samanta, Babita Pal
752-766 pdf
132. Empirical patterns of the influence of Spatial Resolution of Remote Sensing Data on Landscape Metrics
Bharath H. Aithal, Bharath Settur, Sanna Durgappa D, Ramachandra TV
767-775 pdf
133. Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems Using Fuzzy Logic Control
776-782 pdf
134. Study Of Pollution Prevention Strategies For Reclamation Of Ooty Lake
783-791 pdf
135. Efficient Software Defined Radio Using OFDM for High Data Rate Transmission
T.Sravanthi, K.Naga Prakash
792-794 pdf
136. Role of Science and Technology Entrepreneurs' Parks (STEPs) towards Entrepreneurship Development in India
T. Manjunatha, Dr. N. Nagesha
795-798 pdf
137. Digital Implementation of 16-bit Synchronous Counter with SoC Encounter for Placement And Routing
Mr. Pillem Ramesh, Venkata Aravind Bezawada
799-802 pdf
138. Analysis of Ground Water of Rural Areas of Wardha-City Using Physico – Chemical and Biological parameters
Dr. P. B. Nagarnaik, Mr. Pankaj N. Patil
803-807 pdf
139. Measurement and Comparison of Power Quality Disturbances using
Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Discrete Orthogonal S Transform (DOST)
R.Yokeeswaran, A.Vetrivel
808-813 pdf
140. Torsional-distortional response of thin- walled mono symmetric box girder structures
Osadebe N.N., Chidolue C.A.
814-821 pdf
141. A Study and Mathematical Modelling of thermal conductivity of a Thermodynamic System
Rajesh Purohit, Neeraj Shandilya
822-828 pdf
142. Comparison of Three-Phase Drive System Using Three Phase Rectifier and Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers on Input Side
M Pallavi, G Vijaya Kumar
829-834 pdf
143. Data Recovery Using ML Equalizer in NLOS Communication Environment
Sanket Agrawal, Dr. S. J. Basha, Satrughan Kumar
835-839 pdf
144. Requirement to cleanse DATA in ETL process and Why is data cleansing in Business Application?
Sweety Patel
840-842 pdf
145. On some multidimensional fractional integral operators associated with generalized hypergeometric function
Yashwant Singh, Harmendra Kumar Mandia
843-849 pdf
146. Implementation of control algorithm for Ring Laser Gyroscope
Prasanthi.Pasula, Rajesh Babu.Natha
850-853 pdf
147. Network Traffic Analysis Using Packet Sniffer
Pallavi Asrodia, Hemlata Patel
854-856 pdf
148. Fingerprint Matching Using Two Methods
Mrs. Hemlata Patel, Pallavi Asrodia
857-860 pdf
149. Performance Analysis of Clustering Techniques to Normal and Uniform Distribution of Data Points
D. Prabhu, Dr.K.Vivekanandan, R. Vijayanandh
861-870 pdf
150. Review of Phase Change Materials For Thermal Energy Storage Applications
Prabhu P.A., Shinde N.N, Prof. Patil P.S
871-875 pdf
151. ML Estimation of Initial Symbol Timing and Frequency Offset in OFDM Systems
Mayuri Rao, Manish Panchal, Rekha Jain
876-879 pdf
152. Improvement of Voltage Profile in A Radial Distribution System with Variable Speed Wind Turbines
G. Lakshminarayana, B.Ravi kumar
880-884 pdf
153. Power reduction on clock-tree using Energy recovery and clock gating technique
S. Venkatesh, Mrs. T. Gowri
885-892 pdf
154. Multi-channel UART Controller with Programmable Modes
P.Chaya Raju, P. Raju, M.Murali Krishna
893-898 pdf
155. Real- Time Implementation of Hydroelectric Power Plant Using PLC and SCADA
V.Rajeswari, Prof.Y.Rajeshwari, Dr.L.Padma Suresh
899-902 pdf
156. A Circularly Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna using Polyflon Substrate for Wireless Applications
V. Anitha, S. Sri Jaya Lakshmi, M. L. S. N. S. Lakshmi, K. Ashok Kumar, Ch. Ravi Teja, T. Rajashekar Reddy
903-905 pdf
157. Overview of etl process with its important
Sweety Patel, Piyush Patel, Saumil Patel
906-908 pdf
158. Why transformation is in data warehouse or in etl process?
Sweety Patel, Piyush Patel, Saumil Patel
909-911 pdf
159. To Minimize The Rental Cost For 3 - Stage Specially Structured Flow Shop Scheduling with Job Weightage
Deepak Gupta, Shashi Bala, Sameer Sharma
912-916 pdf
160. Optimal location of tcsc and svc for atc enhancement in a deregulated environment using real genetic algorithm
P.Surendra Babu, Dr.B.V.Sanker Ram, M.Suresh Babu
917-923 pdf
161. Implementation of Low Power RC5 Algorithm in XILINX FPGA
V Chaitanya Tummalapalli, MD. Khaja muinnuddin Chisti
924-928 pdf
162. Enhancement of Bee colony algorithm using 2-opt technique for constructing optimal path
Bindia, Sonika Mittal
929-931 pdf
163. Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Tannery Waste Water
P.Tamilchelvan, M.Dhinakaran
932-936 pdf
164. Nature Scene classification using different color feature
Deepika Gupta, Ajay Kumar Singh, Deepa Kumari, Raina
937-941 pdf
165. Isomorphism and anti-isomorphism in q-fuzzy translation of q-fuzzy subhemirings of a hemiring
942-945 pdf
166. Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Paddy Straw Based Biogas Digester
Gupta Urmila, Sooch S S, Jain A K, Gautam A
946-949 pdf
167. Implementation of lms algorithm to reduce non linearity in a pipelined adc
950-953 pdf
168. Implementation of an advanced lut methodology based fir filter design process
G. Sowmya Bala, A. Rama Krishna
954-958 pdf
169. Collision detection game using cocos2dx-a cross platform
U.Rahamathunnisa, S. Pragadeeswaran
959-963 pdf
170. Implementation of Energy Efficient Routing Protocol using Clustering Technique
S.R.Das, S.S.Rout
964-969 pdf
171. Power Quality Improvement at Distribution Level for Grid connected Renewable Energy Sources
Rajesh Thipparapu, Prashanth Neelugonda, D.Bhanumurthy
970-975 pdf
172. Enriching Feature Extraction Using A-priory Algorithm for Cricket Video
Deepali Bhawarthi, Prof Shriniwas Gadage
976-979 pdf
173. Software Testing Techniques and Strategies
Abhijit A. Sawant, Pranit H. Bari, P. M. Chawan
980-986 pdf
174. Steps for Achieving ISO 17025 Accreditation in an Air Borne Target Test Range Establishment Laboratory
Kaushik Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar
987-990 pdf
175. Robust Digital Watermarking using DWT-DCT-SVD
Sumit Kumar Prajapati, AmitNaik, AnjulataYadav
991-997 pdf
176. Distributed Software Project Development
Anup Hande, Sunita Suralkar, P.M.Chawan
998-1003 pdf
177. Design of DC-link Voltage Controller and Grid Current Controller in a PV-Inverter
Ofualagba Godswill, Onyan Aaron Okiemute, Igbinoba Kevwe Charles
1004-1013 pdf
178. Design of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) and Phase
Locked Loop (PLL) in a PV-Inverter
Ofualagba Godswill, Onyan Aaron Okiemute, Igbinoba Kevwe Charles
1014-1025 pdf
179. Earned Value Management for Tracking Project Progress
Shatanand Patil, Akshay Patil, Prof.PramilaChavan
1026-1029 pdf
180. Design of a Low-Voltage, Low-Power, High-Gain Operational Amplifier for Data Conversion Applications
Bekkam Satheesh, N.Dhanalakshmi, Dr.N.Balaji
1030-1036 pdf
181. Experimental Investigation on Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Vikrant S. Vairagade, Kavita S. Kene
1037-1041 pdf
182. Power Upgrading of Transmission Line by Injecting DC Power in to AC Line with the help of ZIG-ZAG Transformer
1042-1047 pdf
183. CCPM: TOC Based Project Management Technique
Prof. P.M. Chawan, Ganesh P. Gaikwad, Prashant S. Gosavi
1048-1052 pdf
184. A literature review on quality of work life and leadershipstyles
T S Nanjundeswaraswamy, Dr Swamy D R
1053-1059 pdf
185. Design of 64-bit Peripheral Component Interconnect Bus at 66MHz
Mr. Pillem Ramesh, Venkata Aravind Bezawada, K S N Vittal, Dr. Fazal Noorbasha
1060-1067 pdf
186. Dual Band Gap-Coupled Antenna For X and Ku Band
1068-1072 pdf
187. PID Controller Based Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic
Atul Kumar Dewangan, Durga Sharma, Shikha Mishra
1073-1081 pdf
188. Improved Multicast AODV: A Review
Gaurav Sharma, Vaishali Sahu, Prashant Kumar Maurya, Mahendra Srivastava, Ashish Allen Robert
1082-1087 pdf
189. Design of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) to Improve the Power Quality Problems by Using P-Q Theory
1088-1094 pdf
190. Design and analysis of Bearing Seal and it's Mold
Amit S. Ghade, Sushil R. Lanjewar
1095-1099 pdf
191. Advanced Fixture for Angular Drilling On Cylindrical Objects
N. G. Lokhande, C.K. Tembhurkar
1100-1104 pdf
192. A Survey on Caching Strategies & Quick Information Density in MANETs
N.Rama Krishnaiah, Chintala Venkata Tata Nehru, M.PavanKumar, Chintala D Uma Sankar
1105-1110 pdf
193. Investigation on Compressive and Tensile Behavior of Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibers Reinforced Concrete
Vikrant S. Vairagade, Kavita S. Kene, Dr. N. V. Deshpande
1111-1115 pdf
194. A Survey on Video Streaming Schemes over MANETs
Harsharndeep Singh, Meenu Dhiman, Pankaj Kumar Sehgal
1116-1122 pdf
195. Data hiding technique: audio steganographyusing lsb technique
Ashwini Mane., Gajanan Galshetwar., Amutha Jeyakumar
1123-1125 pdf
196. A Review on Black Hole Attack in MANETs
Himani Yadav, Rakesh Kumar
1126-1131 pdf
197. Dynamic Analysis of Double Toggle Jaw Crusher Using Pro-Mechanica
Ashish Kumar Shrivastava, Avadesh K. Sharma
1132-1135 pdf
198. Replacing e- passport using bio-chip with unique identification (adhaar id)
Dr.K.Srinivasu Ravi, Seema Kalangi, Veeraiah Maddu
1136-1143 pdf
199. IMC Tuning of PID Load Frequency Controller and Comparing Different Configurations for Two Area Power System.
G. Raj Goutham, Dr. B. Subramanyam
1144-1150 pdf
200. Survey Report on Memory Allocation Strategies for Real Time Operating System in Context with Embedded Devices
Dipti Diwase, Shraddha Shah, Tushar Diwase, Priya Rathod
1151-1156 pdf
201. 3-D Measurement by Dual Four-Quadrant Position-Sensitive Detectors in the Stereo Mode
Saeed Olyaee, Morteza Rezazadeh
1157-1161 pdf
202. The efficient use of energy consumption in today's construction industry
Hooman Abadi, Rouzbeh Abadi
1162-1165 pdf
203. Single-feed Compact Ring Slot Patch Antenna for S-band Applications
P. A. Ambresh, P. M. Hadalgi, P. V. Hunagund
1166-1168 pdf
204. Comparison of load balancing algorithms in a Cloud
Jaspreet kaur
1169-1173 pdf
205. Machinability behavior of PCD 1600 Grade Inserts on Turning AL/SiC/B4C Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
T.S.Mahesh babu, N.Muthu Krishnan
1174-1180 pdf
206. Optimum detector to avoid interference in CDMA Communication Systems
P .chaitanya babu, Y.S.V.Raman
1181-1186 pdf
207. Gain enhancement of v-slotted triangular shape microstrip patch antenna for wimax applications
V.Ratna Bhargavi, P.Poorna Priya, K.Pavan Kumar, Dr.Habibulla Khan
1187-1193 pdf
208. Improvement of power flow in the power system network by using UPFC device
1194-1199 pdf
209. Sensor less brushless dc motor drive by using dc link measurement
1200-1206 pdf
210. Congestion control in network management system
Prof. Ravi Verma, Manoj Kumar Khinchi
1207-1212 pdf
211. Design and Performance Analysis of Analog Sub circuits for Multiplying DAC used in Image Compression
K. Satyanarayana Vittal , Dr. P. Cyril Prasanna Raj, Pillem Ramesh, B.V Aravind, Dr. Fazal Noorbasha
1213-1218 pdf
212. Object tracking in Curvelet Domain with dominant Curvelet Subbands
Rikin Nayak, Jignesh Bhavsar, Prof. Jitendra Chaudhari, Dr. Suman K. Mitra
1219-1225 pdf
213. Performance analysis of Floating point adder using Sequential Processing on Reconfigurable hardware
Meenu Talwar, Karan Gumber, Sharmelee Thangjam
1226-1229 pdf
214. Modeling of Switched-Capacitor and Diode-Clamped Multilevel Converter for Induction Motor Application
1230-1235 pdf
215. Determining the Suitability of Freeway Corridors for Managed Lanes Deployment
Virginia P. Sisiopiku, Sara Alnazer
1236-1244 pdf
216. Simulation of TCP, UDP and SCTP with constant traffic for VOIP services
Pallavi Gangurde, Sanjay Waware, Dr. Nisha Sarwade
1245-1248 pdf
217. An Efficient Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithm Using High Speed Cellular Automata Techniques
G. S. Khedkar, Prof. A.O. Amalkar, S.S.Tawani
1249-1253 pdf
218. An Efficient Resource Allocation Strategy in MIMO OFDMA Communication Networks
Siva Rama Krishna Kosuri , V.G.N.S.Prasad, Habibullah Khan
1254-1259 pdf
219. Reduction of Energy Consumption Through using Solar Heating and Ventilation
Hossein Shahinzadeh, Farhad Maghzian , Sayed Amin Feghhi, Omid Nematollahi , Mohammadreza Radmanesh
1260-1264 pdf
220. Design of PSS3B for Multimachine system using GA Technique
M Ravindra Babu, C Srivalli Soujanya, S V Padmavathi
1265-1271 pdf
221. A High Sensitive and Fast Motion Estimation for One Bit Transformation Using SSD
Pratheepa.A, Anita Titus
1272-1277 pdf
222. Available Transfer Capability Calculations with Contingencies for Andhra Pradesh State Grid
Chava Sunil Kumar, Dr. P. S Subramanyan, Dr. J. Amarnath
1278-1284 pdf
223. Steam System Audit
Vandana.Y Gajjar, Omkar G.Ghodke, Krishna Kumar
1285-1287 pdf
224. Design and Implementation of LRC and CRC algorithms in Netsim
Rakesh S
1288-1291 pdf
225. Different Techniques to Reduce the PAPR in OFDM System
Malhar Chauhan, Saurabh patel, Hardik patel
1292-1294 pdf
226. Extracting Actionable Association Rules from Multiple Datasets
Prashasti Kanikar, Dr. Ketan Shah
1295-1300 pdf
227. High Speed and Low Power Dynamic Latched Comparator for Air Craft Application
N.Naga sudha, V. Narasimha Nayak,Dr. Fazal Noor Basha, S. Rahil Hussain
1301-1312 pdf
228. Removal of Heart Sound from Lung Sound using LabVIEW 8.6
R. M. Potdar, Nishi Shahnaj Haider
1313-1319 pdf
229. Zonal Power Quality improvement using Static Var Compensator
for an Indian Utility System
J.Sridevi, Dr. J. Amarnath, Dr. G.Govinda Rao
1320-1325 pdf
230. Selection of mixed sampling plan with tnt-(n;c1,c2) plan as attribute plan indexed through mapd and aql
R. Sampath Kumar, M.Indra, R.Radhakrishan
1326-1332 pdf
231. Performance of adaptive beamforming techniques in smart antenna
Hemanth kumar naik.B, B.V.N.R Siva Kumar,Bharat Kumar.A
1333-1336 pdf
232. A Novel Approach to Introduce Cloud Services in Healthcare Sectors for the Medically Underserved Populations inSouth Asia
Shah Murtaza Rashid Al Masud
1337-1346 pdf
233. Authenticated And Policy - Compliant Source Routing
Md.Zaheer Abbas, Dr.JVR Murthy
1347-1352 pdf
234. Resource allocation optimization based on load forecast in computational grid
Li Zhi-jie, Wang Cun-rui
1353-1358 pdf
235. Viterbi decoder with low power and low complexity for space-time trellis codes
P.Uma Devi, P.Seshagiri Rao
1359-1365 pdf
236. Effect of Aging Time on the Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Spot Welding of Al-alloy (AA2024)
Prof. Dr. Muna Khethier Abbass
1366-1374 pdf
237. Design of Firmware and Software Application for Motion Control of Multi Leaf Collimator in Radiotherapy using compactRIO-9025 as controller
D.Bhanu Pratap, Mr.Jaydeep Krishna, Dr.Meena S. Panse, Mr. Rajesh Harsh
1375-1378 pdf
238. A Comparative Study of Various Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining
Manish Verma, Mauly Srivastava, Neha Chack, Atul Kumar Diswar, Nidhi Gupta
1379-1384 pdf
239. Swelling pattern of polypropylene fiber reinforced expansive soils
1385-1387 pdf
240. Wireless Sensors & Video Networks (WSVN) For indication of fungus affected plants in an Agricultural Field
Haritha Tummala, Kalyan Mohan Goli
1388-1390 pdf
241. Application Of Taguchi Method For Design Of Experiments In Turning Gray Cast Iron
Mr. Ballal Yuvaraj P., Dr. Inamdar K.H., Mr. Patil P.V.
1391-1397 pdf
242. BER Performance Comparison of HIPERLAN/2 for different modulation schemes with ½ and ¾ code rates
Miss. Kiran Bondre
1398-1400 pdf
243. An Efficient Decision Tree For Uncertain Data
Krishna Mohan, Surekha Alokam, MHM Krishna Prasad
1401-1405 pdf
244. Artificial neural network to predict the growth of Leptospirillum ferrooxidans in 9K defined medium
Lavalle A, Curia L., Lavalle L., Giaveno A., Donati E.
1406-1416 pdf
245. ANN: A Novel Technique in Data Mining
Aleem Ali, Naresh Kumar, Sanyogita Chouhan
1417-1421 pdf
246. Minimize the waiting time of Costumer and Gain more Profit in Restaurant Using Queuing Model
Jayeshkumar J. Patel
1422-1425 pdf
247. Performance Evaluation of WiMAX System OFDM Physical Layer for Flat-Fading and Multipath-Fading Channel Environments
Vineeta, Asst. Prof. J. K. Thathagar, Asst. Prof. V. K. Patel, Prof. A. R. Charania
1426-1432 pdf
249. Effect of Plans Configurations on the Seismic Behaviour of the Structure By Response Spectrum Method
Rucha S. Banginwar, M. R. Vyawahare, P. O. Modani
1439-1443 pdf
250. Fuzzy Databases Using Extended Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
Neha Jain, Seema Shukla
1444-1451 pdf
251. Optical Characterization of Silicon Nanowire Array
Sanchit Kumar, Deepak Saini
1452-1454 pdf
252. Mitigation of Intercarrier Interference in High Speed OFDM Systems
J.V.Suresh, T.S.R.Prasad, N.AnandRatnesh, G.SaiRajesh
1455-1460 pdf
253. Master Subagent Based Architecture to Monitor and Manage Nodes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Vishalakshi Prabhu H
1461-1465 pdf


Ant colony optimization-based selected features for Text-independent speaker verification
Hunny Pahuja, Jitender Chhabra, Ajay Khokhar
1466-1476 pdf
255. Bandwidth Enhancement technique for microstrip filter
Shaikh Arif, Dr.Uday Pandit khot, Prof. Santosh Jagtap
1477-1480 pdf
256. Implementation of Sine & Cosine using Volder's CORDIC Algorithm
Mr. Bijender Mehandia, Mr. Jitender Chhabra, Mr. Ajay Khokhar, Mr. Hunny Pahuja
1481-1483 pdf
257. The Finite Element Analysis of Boom of Backhoe Loader
Juber Hussain Qureshi, Manish Sagar
1484-1487 pdf
258. Experimental Investigation on Self Compacting Concrete Using Glass Powder
Mayur B. Vanjare, Shriram H. Mahure
1488-1492 pdf
259. Modelling of Pressure Vessels with different End Connections using Pro Mechanica
Yogesh Borse, Avadesh Sharma
1493-1497 pdf
260. Influence of Electrode Geometry and Process Parameters on Surface Quality and MRR in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) of AISI H13
Kamlesh V. Dave, D. S. Patel
1498-1505 pdf
261. Performance Evaluation of Optical Burst Switching With Average Packet Delay And Burst Size
Amit G. Patel , Rohit B. Patel, Ujjval R. Dave
1506-1508 pdf
262. Svm Based Human Detection By Video Analysis
1509-1511 pdf
263. Method of Surface Roughness Evaluation using Ruby Laser Beam
Vijaysingh B. Suryawanshi, Dr. K.H. Inamdar
1512-1515 pdf
264. A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Technique For
Solving Improvement Of Voltage Stability And Reduce Power Losses Using Upfc
Kiran Kumar Kuthadi, M. Suresh Babu
1516-1521 pdf
265. Emotion Classification System Based On Generalized Gamma Distribution
K SuriBabu, SrinivasYarramalle, Suresh VarmaPenumatsa
1522-1526 pdf
266. Minimizing Total Completion Time in a Two-machine Flow-shop Scheduling Problems
SHI Ling, CHENG Xue-guang
1527-1531 pdf
267. Unified Power Flow Control In The Presence Of Pss With Fuzzy Controller For A Multi-Machine System
Krishna Mohan Tatikonda, N.Swathi, K.Vijay Kumar, Indranil Saaki
1532-1540 pdf
268. A study of Interoperability between 3G Systems to GSM
1541-1549 pdf
269. Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Microstructure, icrohardness, Mechanical Behavior and Impact Toughness of Low Carbon Steel Grade 45
S.M.A. Al-Qawabah, Nabeel Alshabatat, U.F. Al-Qawabeha
1550-1553 pdf
270. HDL- Based Embedded Multiprocessor Architecture
Sumedh S.Jadhav, Prof.C.N.Bhoyar
1554-1560 pdf
271. Effect Of Grid Disturbance On Plant Dynamics Of A Nuclear Power Plant
G Divya Deepak
1561-1567 pdf
272. A Novel Approach For Radar Detection Of High Speed Small Targets With Cfar Algorithm
Dr. Habibullah Khan, B. Sree deepthi
1568-1577 pdf
273. Identification of Potential Wind Farm Locations in Tirumangalam Taluk using Geospatial Information Technology
Iyappan. L, P. Kasinatha Pandian
1578-1583 pdf
274. Comparative Study of LMS and NLMS Algorithms in Adaptive Equalizer
Alok Pandey, L.D. Malviya, Vineet Sharma
1584-1587 pdf
275. Power and Area Optimization for Pipelined CORDIC Processor Architecture in VLSI
G.Sandhya, Syed Inthiyaz, Dr. Fazal Noor Basha
1588-1595 pdf
276. Generalization Based Approach to Confidential Database Updates
Neha Gosai, S.H.Patil
1596-1602 pdf
277. Intelligent Decision Support System for Recommendations and Analysis of Indian Stock Exchanges
Prof. Vaibhav E. Narawade, Amey M. Parab, Chinmay S Shirsekar
1603-1608 pdf
278. Prediction Of Welding Sequence For Minimum Possible Distorsion Of An Assembly Like B-Pillar Of A Car, With Effect Of Parameters On Distorsion While Welding
K. D. Hardikar, D.J.Nidgalkar, Dr.K.H. Inamdar
1609-1613 pdf
279. A New Method for Finding an Optimal Solution to Solid Assignment Problems
D.Anuradha, P.Pandian
1614-1618 pdf
280. BER performance of OFDM-BPSK,-QPSK,- QAM over AWGN channel using forward Error correcting code
Vineet Sharma, Anuraj Shrivastav, Anjana Jain, Alok Panday
1619-1624 pdf
281. Performance Evaluation of Low Power MIPS Crypto Processor based on Cryptography Algorithms
Kirat Pal Singh, Dilip Kumar
1625-1634 pdf
282. Ovary ultrasound image edge detection analysis: A tutorial using MATLAB
Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood, Siti Nor Zawani Ahmmad, Hazrin Hashim, Siti Nurhidayah Naqiah Abdull Rani
1635-1642 pdf
283. Frame Dropping Algorithms for Dynamic Voltage Scaling in Battery-Aware Low-Power Video Decoding
Chie Dou, Yong-Lin Lee
1643-1653 pdf
284. On Street Parking Management Plan and Cost-Benefit Analysis for Dharwad City, Karnataka, India
Priyanka Kolhar
1654-1665 pdf
285. Investigations on Aperture Diameter of Telescope in Intersatellite Optical Wireless communication system
Kuldeepak Singh, Dr. Manjit Singh Bhamrah
1666-1670 pdf
286. Improvement on WPA with RSA
Sonika Mittal, Bhupesh Thakur,Puneet Mangla
1671-1674 pdf
287. Application of Branch And Bound Technique for n*3 Flow Shop Scheduling with Breakdown Interval
Deepak Gupta, Payal Singla, Shashi Bala
1675-1679 pdf
288. Review paper on Topology Issues in wireless Sensor Network
Mrs. Manisha S.Bhende
1680-1684 pdf
289. Effect Of Flexural-Torsional-Distortional Interactions On The Behaviour Of Thin- Walled Mono Symmetric Box Girder Structures
Osadebe N.N., Chidolue C.A
1685-1693 pdf


Embedded Gaming
Sushant.S.Sakhalkar, Parth Gala,Divya Mohan
1694-1698 pdf
291. Three Phase Indirect Matrix Converter Act as a DC/DC Boost Converter
Manthri Sravanthi, Rajesh Thipparapu, G.Sridhar Babu
1699-1705 pdf
292. Analytical Investigations on Cross-Coupled Passband Adaptive
Equalizer for a 16-QAM Software Defined Radio Receiver
Rajpreet Singh, Amandeep Singh Sappal
1706-1710 pdf
293. Three Phase AC-AC Converter Using Nine Switch (IGBTS) Converter Topology
1711-1721 pdf
294. SINR improvement in MIMO-OFDM systems by channel estimation and Normalized MMSE
L.Yogesh, K.Hari Kishore, B.Surendra Babu, N.Anand Ratnesh
1722-1727 pdf
295. 48 pulse VSC control by using ISPWM
Mr. MitulG.Patel, Prof ShriB.N.Vaidya
1728-1734 pdf
296. Energy Based Discriminator: Some Issues
S. Pal, S. Chatterjee, B.N. Biswas
1735-1741 pdf
297. An Effective BIST TPG for Variable Precision Floating Point
Rohit Sreerama, K Neelima, Paidi Satish
1742-1745 pdf
298. A Novel Hybrid Spatial Clustering Algorithm
G.Kiran Kumar, P.Premchand
1746-1752 pdf
299. Study Of Air Pollution Due To Vehicle Emission In Tourism Centre
T Subramani
1753-1763 pdf
300. Quantifying the Defect Visibility in Digital Images by Proper Color Space Selection
Nishu, Sunil Agrawal
1764-1767 pdf
301. Optimization of Snort for Extrusion and Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Ankita Tuteja, Ravi Shanker
1768-1774 pdf
302. Production and characterisation of extracellular lipase from Bacillus stearothermophilus MTCC 37 under different fermentation conditions
Sasmita Sabat, V. Krishna Murthy, Pavithra M, PalaMayur, Anitha Chandavar
1775-1781 pdf
303. Effect Of Silica Fume And Partial Replacement Of Ingredients On Flexural And Split Tensile Strength Of Concrete
Mukesh B. Patel, S.D.Charkha
1782-1785 pdf
304. Effect Of Change In Shear Wall Location On Storey Drift Of Multistorey Building Subjected To Lateral Loads
AshishS.Agrawal, S.D.Charkha
1786-1793 pdf
305. Experimental Investigations On Coir Fibre Reinforced Bituminous Mixes
T Subramani
1794-1804 pdf
306. Preparation of activated carbon from oil palm fruit bunch for the adsorption of Acid Red 1 using optimized Response surface methodology
Manase Auta, Mohammed Jibril, Philip B.L. Tamuno, Aboje Alechenu Audu
1805-1815 pdf
307. Analysis of Improved and Traditional LMS Beamforming Algorithm for Smart Antenna
Prof.B.G. Hogade, Ms. Jyoti Chougale-Patil, Dr.Shrikant K.Bodhe
1816-1820 pdf
308. Image Classification with Application to MRI Brain using 2nd Order Moment Based Algorithm
1821-1824 pdf
309. A Preventive Anti-Phishing Technique Using Pattern Matrix
Gaurav, Madhuresh Mishra, Anurag Jain
1825-1828 pdf
310. An Implementation of WCDMA Rake Receiver on FPGA using VHDL Used In 3G Wireless Communications
Kapil Sahu, Harish Prajapati
1829-1832 pdf
311. Experimental Investigation of Machining Parameters of EN 36 Steel using Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tool during Hot Machining
Nirav M. Kamdar, Prof. Vipul K. Patel
1833-1838 pdf
312. Particle Size Measurement And Analysis Of Flour
S.Y. Sonaye, Dr. R. N. Baxi
1839-1842 pdf
313. An Approach to Mitigate 10B Generated Soft Error in SRAM
Amarish Dubey, Mandavi Dubey, Shashikant Thakur, Jitendra kr. Sao, Jignesh Rathod, S. N. Dubey
1843-1849 pdf
314. Virtual Implementation Of Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks And Evaluation Of Its Localization Techniques
Mohan V, Mithun T P
1850-1856 pdf
315. Static VAR Controller based Power Flow Control in Distribution System by GA
Guneet Kour, Dr.G.S.Brar, Dr.Jaswanti
1857-1862 pdf
316. Classification Of Arrhythmia Based On Vebf Neural Network
Ramnancy Saini
1863-1866 pdf
317. A review of NSDI aspects (Components, Challenges, and Advantages)
Sinan Jasim Hadi, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff, Mustafa D. Mahir
1867-1875 pdf
318. OFDMA Based Communication System with Low Peak Average Power Ratio
Imran Rajwani, Prof. Pravin U. Dere, Dr.Anjali Deshpande
1876-1879 pdf
319. A Robot Motion Authorization using Finger-Robot Interaction
M.Anitha, M.Ananda Reddy, T.Mohan
1880-1884 pdf
320 Application of Multivariate Calibration Methods in Resolution and Quantification of Drugs under Identical Profiles in HPLC
S. Asadi, P. Gharabni, M. Ahmadi
1885-1895 pdf
321. Efficient Routing Using Prefix Matching In Hybrid Ad Hoc
Shipra Singh, Naveen Hemrajani, Chandan Pal Singh
1896-1899 pdf
322. Sensitivity analysis of supply and demand in a fully interval transportation problem
K. Kavitha, P. Pandian
1900-1910 pdf
323. Analysis Of Object Statistics In Remote Sensing Images
Er. Tanvi Madaan, Er. Himanshu Sharma
1911-1918 pdf
324. Application of Cepstrum in Passive Sonar
P.V.Ravi Kiran, Amit Kumar Verma, G. Appala Naidu
1919-1924 pdf
325. Failures in Cloud Computing
Harwinder Singh, Rajeev Bedi
1925-1929 pdf
326. Design and Performance Analysis of a Novel 32-User Spectral Phase-Encoded system operating at 4.5 Gb/s for Fiber-Optic CDMA Networks
Savita R.Bhosale, Dr. S.B.Deosarkar
1930-1934 pdf
327. Adaptive Beam forming of Smart Antenna using Conjugate Gradient Method
B.Anil babu, K.Phani Srinivas, N.Anan Ratnesh, B.Harish
1935-1938 pdf
328. Survey on web log data in teams of Web Usage Mining
Mrudang D. Pandya, Prof. Kiran R Amin
1939-1943 pdf
329. Transmission loss allocation in a multiple transaction framework
G Krishna Deekshit, N Poornachandra Rao
1944-1949 pdf
330. Incessant Neighbor Detection In Asynchronous Sensor Networks
K.Ramesh Rao, Dr.G.Prakash Babu
1950-1954 pdf
331. Mapping Gully Erosion Using Remote Sensing Technique: A Case Study Of Okigwe Area, Southeastern Nigeria
1955-1967 pdf
332. Analysis Of Landsat And Aeromagnetic Data For Mapping Of Linear Structures: A Case Study Of Yola Area, Upper Benue Trough, Nigeria
1968-1977 pdf
333. Land Vehicle Tracking Application on Android Platform
Ramesh Chandra Gadri, Ankita Chavan, Reema Sonawane, Sujata Kamble
1978-1982 pdf
334. Performance of Parallel Interference Cancellation Technique in Multistage Multiuser Detection for DS-CDMA System
B.Alekya, J.Ravindrababu, D.Swathi, Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao
1983-1987 pdf
335. Prediction System To Support Medical Information System Using Data Mining Approach
Mr. Dhiraj Pandey, Mr. Santosh kumar
1988-1996 pdf
336. Removal of Colour (dyes) from textile effluent by adsorption using Orange and Banana peel
R.S.Mane, V.N.Bhusari
1997-2004 pdf
337. An Improved Quasi- Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes for Diversity
Reception in Wireless Communication
Mr.L.M.B.Prasad, Mr.C.Subba Rao
2005-2008 pdf
338. Dynamic Mechanical Properties of ABS Material Processed by Fused Deposition Modelling
Adhiyamaan Arivazhagan, S.H. Masood
2009-2014 pdf
339. Analysis of various Software Process Models
Ashwini Mujumdar, Gayatri Masiwal, P. M. Chawan
2015-2021 pdf
340. Establishment Of Secured Communication
B.K.V.Prasad, Dr.Fazal Noorbasha, D.Naga Dilip Kumar, L.Veeraju
2022-2032 pdf
341. Solution of Burger's equation and coupled Burger's equations by
Homotopy perturbation method
Khyati R. Desai, V. H. Pradhan
2033-3040 pdf
342. Solution of Porous Medium Equation by Homotopy Perturbation
Transform Method
Deepti Mishra, V.H Pradhan, M.N Mehta
2041-2046 pdf
343. Optimization of control parameters for mechanical and wear properties of carburized mild steel using grey relational analysis
Ravendra Singh, Vedansh Chaturvedi, Jyoti Vimal
2047-2052 pdf
344. Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal Using Fuzzy Techniques
B.B.Anoosha, Prof. M.Devendra
2053-2058 pdf
345. Comparative Analysis Of Pi Control And Model Reference Adaptive Control Based Vector Control Strategy For Induction Motor Drive
Missula Jagath Vallabhai, Pankaj Swarnkar, D.M. Deshpande
2059-2070 pdf
346. Speech Recognition Technique: A Review
Sanjib Das
2071-2087 pdf
347. Image Segmentation and Detection of Tumor Objects in MR Brain Images Using FUZZY C-MEANS (FCM) Algorithm
M. Rakesh, T. Ravi
2088-2094 pdf
348. Improving Data Replication in Mobile Grids using Mobility Prediction
Iraky Khalifa, Hala M. Abbas
2095-2099 pdf
349. Seismic Response of RC Frame Buildings with Soft Storeys
Amit V. Khandve
2100-2108 pdf
350. Preferences on OLAP and Generation of OLAP Schemata form Conceptual Graphical Model
K.S.Charumathi, I.B.Rajeswari
2109-2114 pdf
351. Short Review on Liquefaction Susceptibility
Aminaton Marto, Tan Choy Soon
2115-2119 pdf
352. Speed control of Brushless DC motor with DSP controller using Matlab
G Prasad, Venkateswara Reddy M, Dr. P V N Prasad, Dr. G Tulasi Ram Das
2120-2125 pdf
353. Improvement of Dynamic Stability of a SMIB using Fuzzy logic based Power System Stabilizer
K.Vamsi, A.Ramulu
2126-2132 pdf
354. Periodic Flow Simulation And Heat Transfer Analysis Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd)
M.Sneha Priya, G. Jamuna Rani
2133-2144 pdf
355. GA For Improved Dynamic Response Of DSTATCOM
Madhusmita Das, Mrs. Varsha Singh, Dr. Swapnajit Pattnaik
2145-2152 pdf
356. Offset Reduction in the Double tailed latch-type Voltage Sense Amplifier
Jagdish Jolia
2153-2154 pdf
357. Lowerbound Analysis To Obtain Optimality And Delay Analysis In Wireless Networks
A.Kiran Kumar, B. Thikkanna
2155-2158 pdf
358. Reconfigurable RISC Processor Design and Implementation
Prathamesh Berde, Dr.R.D.Daruwala,Sachin kharude
2159-2161 pdf
359. Design, Manufacture and Analysis of Belt Conveyor System used for Cooling of Mould
Seema S. Vanamane, Pravin A. Mane
2162-2167 pdf
360. Design and Simulation of Flexible Antenna for ISM band
Rameez Shamalik, Sushama Shelke
2168-2170 pdf
361. Study on Hill-Climbing Algorithm For Image Segmentation
Shailesh Kochra, Sanjay Joshi
2171-2174 pdf
362. Integration Of Lavbiew And Mat Lab For Testing System Of Control Panel Of Switchgear
Yogesh Gorane, Darshak Dobariya, Nisha Sarwade, Vishal Vaswani
2175-2181 pdf
363. Image Matting for Natural Image
Nilesh G. Nayi
2182-2185 pdf
364. Studies on Mechanical Factors Influencing Tissue Generation in Bioreactors :A Review
Korrapati Narasimhulu, Harikrishna Yadav Nanganuru
2186-2191 pdf
365. Transmitter Chain for HF radar i.e. Ionosonde using Direct Digital Synthesizer
P.D. Kothekar, S.D. Shelke, A.P. Khandare
2192-2195 pdf
366. Performance optimization of a Rooftop Hybridized Solar PV-AC Grid assisted power system for peak load management
K.Muruga Perumal, Dr.Ch Saibabu, GRKD Satya Prasad
2196-2201 pdf
367. Reduction of Ripple in a single phase buck converter by Fuzzy logic control
Nittala S K Sastry, Dr. Swapnajit Pattnaik, Mrs. Varsha Singh
2202-2204 pdf
368. Dilution of Precision estimationusing single frequency Global Positioning System receiver
Shalem Raj Meduri, Dr. P. S. Bramhanandam
2205-2208 pdf
369. Artificial Neural Network Based Implementation of Space Vector PWM for Control of Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Mitali Shrivastava, Mrs. Varsha Singh, Dr. Swapnajit Pattnaik
2209-2216 pdf
370. Studies On Biosorption Of Cadmium By Pseudomonas Putida
Harikrishna Yadav. Nanganuru, Narasimhulu Korrapati
2217-2219 pdf
371. Selection Of Mixed Sampling Plan Through Mapd And Lql Using Intervened Random Effect Poisson Distribution
R. Sampath Kumar, R. Vijaya Kumar, R. Radhakrishnan
2220-2226 pdf
372. Reduction of Human Effort in Software Architecture Transformation
Sachin Upadhyay, Ankit Agrawal, Himanshu Hora, Imran Khan, Ashish pandey
2227-2233 pdf
373. Image Steganography Method Based On Kohonen Neural Network
Arun Rana, Nitin Sharma, Amandeep Kaur
2234-2236 pdf
374. Microchannel-type Air Detective Sensor using the Change of Dielectric Constant for Medical Applications
Joon-Hwan Shim, Kyung-Hwa Kim, Kyung-Rak Sohn, Seok-Je Cho, Eung-Soo Kim
2237-2241 pdf
375. A Simplified Approach To Agent Based Efficient Anomaly Intrusion Detection in Ad-Hoc Networks Using Honey Tokens
Mohammad Alam Basha
2242-2247 pdf
376. Transient Thermal Analysis Of A Steam Turbine Rotor
Shilpa P. Bhorkar, Dr. A.V. Vanalkar
2248-2252 pdf
377. Strategies Towards Improving Software Code Quality in Computing
Ekbal Rashid, Srikanta Patnayak, Vandana Bhattacherjee
2253-2257 pdf
378. Evolving New CAPTCHA using LCG Algorithm and Unpredictable Algorithm
A.Krishnashanthi, Dr.K. Kuppusamy
2258-2262 pdf
379. Prevention of DDOS Attacks using New Cracking Algorithm
V.Priyadharshini, Dr.K. Kuppusamy
2263-2267 pdf
380. Implementation of Secure Reliable Communication Protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
K.Britto Rosy, Dr.V.Palanisamy
2268-2271 pdf
381. Inter Carrier Interference Cancellation in OFDM System
Sandeep Kaur, Dr. Charanjit Singh, Dr. Amandeep Singh Sappal
2272-2275 pdf
382. Optimization Of Computer Networks Using Qos
Salil Bhalla, Kulwinder Singh Monga,Rahul Malhotra
2276-2281 pdf
383. Effect Of Injection Pressure On The Performance And Emission Characteristics Of C I Engine Using Jatropha Curcus As Bio-Diesel With Sc5d Additive.
C.V. Mahesh, Dr. E.T. Puttaiah, Swetha.S
2282-2287 pdf
384. Studies On Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Non-Edible Oil (Honge Oil) As Alternate Fuel In Ci Engine
C.V.Mahesh, E.T.Puttaiah
2288-2293 pdf
385. Effect Of Rotational Speed Of Blades For Treating Grey Water In Rotating Biological Contactors
S. Syed Enayathali, Dr. V.Nehru Kumar
2294-2297 pdf
386. Simulation and Analysis of Binary Offset Carrier Modulation for Modernized Global Navigation Satellite Systems
G Usha, Ch Surya Prabha, Dr V B S Srilatha Indira Dutt
2298-2304 pdf
387. An Approach For Designing A Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)
Amanpreet Kaur, Amandeep Kaur
2305-2311 pdf
388. Risk Quantification Model for Construction Projects using Score Model and EV Analysis approach
R. C. Walke, Prof. Dr. V.M. Topkar
2312-2317 pdf
389. Ferrotoroidic Domain Pairs For 116 Ferroic Species
T Sreenivas, S Umadevi, M Vijaya Laxmi
2318-2334 pdf
390. A Comparison Study of Power Spectrum Densities of Various
Adaptive Algorithm Using Adaptive Filter
Jasveen Kaur, Ranjit Kaur
2335-2341 pdf
391. Vermicomposting-Recycling Waste Into Valuable Organic Fertilizer
B.D.Punde, R.A.Ganorkar
2342-2347 pdf
392. Flow Analysis Of Annular Diffusers
R.Keerthana, G.Jamuna Rani
2348-2351 pdf
393. Analysis of Water Distribution Network for Karanja Village -A Case Study
Minakshi M.Yengale, P. J. Wadhai, Dr. B. V. Khode
2352-2355 pdf
394. A Novel approach of medical image enhancement based on Wavelet transform
Anamika Bhardwaj, Manish K.Singh
2356-2360 pdf
395. Wavelet Based QRS Complex Detection of ECG Signal
Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Shouvik Biswas, Anamitra Bardhan Roy, Nilanjan Dey
2361-2365 pdf
396. Integral And Fractional Over Sampling Techniques For Reduction Of Jitter Noise Power In High Speed Ofdm System
G. Balagurappa, M.V.R .Vittal
2366-2370 pdf
397. Nanomanufacturing through Electrophotochemical Machining
S.Suresh Kumar, Arun Kumar G.R
2371-2376 pdf
398. Study Of Reverberation Time Series And Echo Signal Detection In
Reverberation Limited Scenarios
Sowmya S.T.V, P.Chandra sekhar
2377-2383 pdf
399. Performance Improvements in Face Classification using Random Forest
Vatsal Vishwakarma, Abhishek Kumar Srivastava
2384-2388 pdf
400. Genetic Algorithm Based Approach for Optimization of Conducting Angles in Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
Darshan Kumar, Dr. Swapnajit Pattnaik, Mrs. Varsha Singh
2389-2395 pdf
401. Design of Near Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks with Real Coefficients
B.M.S.Rani, T.S.R Prasad, Ch. S.VenuMadhav, K.Varun Deep, B.V.SubbaRao, Y.Dhatri Sai
2396-2402 pdf
402. Analysis of Wear Phenomena in Sliding Contact Surfaces
Rachit N. Singh, Dr. A. V. Vanalkar
2403-2409 pdf
403. A Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter With High Voltage Gain for
Renewable Energy Application
T.Francis, D.Narasimharao
2410-2416 pdf
404. A Review on effect of grain refinement and modification on the dry sliding wear behaviour of eutectic Al– Si alloys
Akul Patel, Ashwin Bhabhor, Vipul Patel
2417-2421 pdf
405. Photorealistic 2D to 3D Reconstruction with Improved GVC using Histogram-based Consistency measures
Dr. Kalpana Yadav, Ms Ankita, Niharika Sachdeva, Megha Pahwa, Shruti Choudhary
2422-2429 pdf
406. Automatic Image Registration through Histogram-Based Image Segmentation
Shiv BhagwanOjha, D.V Ravi Kumar
2430-2433 pdf
407. BeMAP: Bandwidth Efficient Medium Access Protocol For Tactical Manet Waveforms
BhupendraSuman, Dr.SC Sharma, Dr. Millie Pant
2434-2440 pdf
408. Changeover Time Reduction Using Smed Technique Of Lean Manufacturing
Yashwant R. Mali, Dr. K.H. Inamdar
2441-2445 pdf
409. Lipid Accumulation Studies In Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Using Customized Photobioreactor- Effect of Nitrogen Source, Light Intensity and Mode of Operation
Rajasri Yadavalli, Ramgopal Rao S, C. S. Rao
2446-2453 pdf
410. Noise-Free Pixel Based Video De-noising Algorithm
R. K. Kulkarni, Rohit Aswani, Priti Changlani, Priyanka Patil, Bhoomika Rijhwani
2454-2462 pdf
411. Evaluation of the Stochastic Modelling on Options
Zhijuan Mao, Zhian Liang, Jinguo Lian, Hongkun Zhang
2463-2473 pdf
412. Adiabatic Logic Gate for Low Power Application
Gayatri, Mahendra Singh Dhaka, Pramendra Singh Dhaka
2474-2478 pdf
413. Implementation of Optimization in Object-Oriented Queries
Ms M. C. Nikose, Ms S. S. Dhande, Dr. G. R. Bamnote
2479-2486 pdf
414. Design Of A Modified Ultra Low Power, High Precision CMOS Opamp based Comparator for Biomedical Applications
Ankit Sharma, Parminder Singh Jassal
2487-2492 pdf
415. Factors Influencing the Information Technology Adoption of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) : An Empirical Study
Dr.Subrata Das, Komal K Das
2493-2498 pdf
416. A Pentagon shaped slot antenna with three circle stack patch for Wireless Applications
B.Harish, M.Ravi Kumar, D.Ujwala, A.Gowtham Kumar, Ch. Vijaya Sekhar Babu, H.M. Ramesh
2499-2502 pdf
417. Analysis of the effect of substrate thickness on a rhombus shaped slot triangular Patch Antenna for WLAN application
A.Gowtham Kumar, Ch.Radhika, D.Ujwala, B.Harish, Ch.Vijaya Sekhar, H.M.Ramesh
2503-2506 pdf
418. Segmentation of Persian Cursive Words Using Basic Shapes
Koorosh Samimi Daryoush, Maryam Khademi, Alireza Nikookar, Aida Farahani
2507-2510 pdf
419. Network Analysis Using Custom Queueing And Wfq
Mehak Sharma, Kulwinder Singh Monga, Rahul Malhotra
2511-2519 pdf
420. 4-Transistors of Dynamic Memristor based TCAM
Nilesh Mishra, Harish M Kittur
2520-2524 pdf
421. Weldability and Process Parameter Optimization of Dissimilar Pipe Joints Using GTAW
R.Sathish, B.Naveen, P.Nijanthan, K.Arun Vasantha Geethan, Vaddi Seshagiri Rao
2525-2530 pdf
422. Real Time Ripple Analysis of Buck DC-DC Converter
Inderpreet Kour, Navdeep Kaur
2531-2537 pdf
423. A Study Of Low Energy Time Synchronization Using Different Types Of Methods In Wireless Sensor Network
Kamlesh Kumar Gautam, Surendra Kumar Gautam, Dr. P.C. Agrawal
2538-2543 pdf
424. FPGA Implementation of a 64-Bit RISC Processor Using VHDL
Imran Mohammad, Ramananjaneyulu K
2544-2549 pdf
425. Performance Analysis of OFDM System
Prashant Tavde,Anupam Dubey,Dr.K.D. Kulat
2550-2556 pdf
426. Dual Mode Industrial Automation Controller
Devendra Kumar Patel, Prof. B.H.Soni, Nirav Ingrodia
2557-2560 pdf
427. An Improved SNR Estimation Approach for OFDM System
Y. Bhavani Shankar, J.Chandrasekhar Rao, B.Anil Babu
2561-2563 pdf
428. A Dynamic Optimization Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment
Monika Choudhary, Sateesh Kumar Peddoju
2564-2568 pdf
429. Improved Apriori Algorithm using logarithmic decoding and pruning
Suhani Nagpal
2569-2572 pdf
430. Seismic Assessment Of Symmetrical Rc Structure With Brick Masonry Infills
V. V. Diware, A. C. Saoji
2573-2577 pdf
431. Adaptive Duty Cycle Aware Broadcasting And Scheduling In Wireless Sensor Network
Ms. J. V. Shiral, Asst. Prof. B. N. Mahajan
2578-2584 pdf
432. 1×4 Digital optoelectronic switch using mzi structure.
Rahul j.Thumar, prof. Rohit B. Patel
2585-2588 pdf
433. Access Control Based Data Security in Cloud Computing
Sonam Chugh, Sateesh Kumar Peddoju
2589-2593 pdf
434. Comparative Study of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for OFDM System
Gurpreet Singh Walia, Charanjit Singh
2594-2598 pdf
36. Smart Key Managment Using Incremental Grouping key Management Algorithm
Ms.Rashmi C.Deshmukh, Prof.Bhushan N.Mahajan
2607-2611 pdf
437. Discrete Fourier Transform based Channel Estimation Scheme for
MIMO-OFDM Communication System
Charanjit Kaur, Rajbir Kaur
2612-2616 pdf
438. Query Specific ROCK Clustering Algorithm for Text Summarization
Ms. Laxmi S. Patil, Prof. M. S. Bewoor, Dr. S. H. Patil
2617-2620 pdf
439. Tensile Strength And Mechancal Properties Evaluation Of Permanent Mould Ductle Iron Sub-Jected To Novel Two Step Austempering Process
Shamanth, D Sethuram, K Narasimha Murthy
2621-2627 pdf
440. Process Analysis with help of Business Process Reengineering and SAP
Ashish Sharma, Nagendra Sohani
2628-2631 pdf
441. Efficient Steganography Method to Implement Selected Lease Significant Bits in Spatial Domain (SLSB – SD)
S.Shanmuga Priya, K.Mahesh, Dr.K.Kuppusamy
2632-2637 pdf
442. Advanced embedded chatter box for physically challenging persons
Dharani Kumar Chowdary.M, M.Narasimhulu, G.Subrahmanya Sharma
2638-2645 pdf
443. An Approach for Detecting Abandoned Object from Real Time Video
Pallavi S. Bangare, Nilesh J. Uke, Sunil L. Bangare
2646-2649 pdf
444. Multi-Controllers in a single chip for a DC-DC Converter and its Precious Application Using FPGA
S.K.Suresh Babu, M.Saravanan
2650-2654 pdf
445. Power Factor Correction By Using Ac/Dc Converter With Quasi-Active Scheme
A.Thejasree, A.Hemasekhar
2655-2659 pdf
446. A Two-Stage Representation of Fuzzy Systems
Anas Fattouh, FadiFouz
2660-2665 pdf
447. Threats In SIP Based VoIP Systems
Darshak Dobariya, Jagdish Gajjar
2666- 2675 pdf
448. A Unified Approach to Transmission Network Cost Allocation
S.S.Sankeshwari, Rajashekher Koyyeda,Dr.R.H Chile
2676-2684 pdf
449. Foreground Object Extraction For Mpeg-4 Standard
C.Suganthi Priya, K.Mahesh, Dr.K.Kuppusamy
2685-2688 pdf
450. Some PCF Structures with elliptical air holes Based on Dolph
Tschebysheff Polynomials and its Propagation Characteristics
Pranaw Kumar, K. K. Sharma, Vinay Kanungo
2689-2694 pdf
451. Integrity Preservation and Privacy Protection for Digital Medical Images
M.Krishna Rani, Dr.S.Bhargavi
2695-2699 pdf
452. Position Control Of An Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor By Using Adaptive Back Stepping Algorithm
S.S.Sankeshwari, Chandulal Guguloth, Dr.R.H Chile
2700-2706 pdf
453. Performance And Emission Studies Of A Diesel Engine With Pongamia Methyl Ester At Different Load Conditions
M.Prabhahar, R.Murali Manohar, S.Sendilvelan
2707-2713 pdf
454. Characterization Theorems in Magneto-Thermal Convection in
Couple-Stress Fluid in a Porous Medium
Ajaib S. Banyal, Kamal Singh
2714-2722 pdf
455. A Fast-Acting DC-Link Voltage Controller for Three-Phase DSTATCOM to Compensate AC and DC Loads USING FUZZY LOGIC
D.Sree Vani, K.Gopala Krishna
2723-2733 pdf
456. Constructing a low power multiplier using Modified Booth Encoding Algorithm in redundant binary number system
K.V.Ganesh ,T.Sudha Rani, P.N.Venkateswara Rao, K.Venkatesh
2734-2740 pdf
457. Improving Image Data Hiding Capacity Scheme using Sudoku Puzzle in Color Images
Dr.Ch.BalaSwamy, Pasumarthy Sarada
2741-2744 pdf
458. Maximum Likelihood Equalizer with Spatial Multiplexing and QPSK Modulation in NLOS Conditions
Mayank Shrivastava, Sanket Agrawal, Upasna Katare, Vikram Paodiya
2745-2749 pdf
459. Nano Technology Based Water Purification Using Pro-E
T.Durairaj, Mr. A.Sittaramane
2750-2753 pdf
460. Third order Butterworth bandpass filter using Active inductor
Peyman Pourmohammadi, Saeed Pourmohammadi Chalsaraei, Reza Khodadadi, Mir Ali
Ghasemi, Hadi Ghorbanpour
2754-2759 pdf
461. Human Resources Empowerment Strategies in Development Projects
Payam faraji lahijani,pouya nojedehi,Afsoon Haghanipour
2760-2761 pdf
462. Voluntary Disclosure of Information and Stock Returns
Moein Zareian
2762-2766 pdf
463. Removal Or Reducing Heavy Metal (Lead) From Soil By Electrokinetic Process
N.Utchimuthu, K. Saravanakumar, Joshua Amarnath.D
2767-2773 pdf
464. Reliability Estimation of Stress-Strength Model with Non-Identical Component Strengths: The Exponentiated Pareto Case
Amal S. Hassan, Heba M. Basheikh
2774-2781 pdf
465. Application of immobilized photocatalyst for the degradation of Textile waste water
Rohini Singh, A.D.Kulkarni
2782-2785 pdf
466. Reduced Switch Topology Of Power Electronic Transformer
C. Rajesh , M. Kishor, N.Poorna Chandra rao
2786-2792 pdf
467. Experimental Investigation and Failure Analysis of Pivot Head in WAG-9 Locomotive
S.V. Pawade, Dr. R. N. Baxi
2793-2797 pdf
468. SequentialFive Leg Inverter for five phase supply
V. Naga Surekha, A. Krishna Teja, V. Mahesh, N. Sirisha
2798-2802 pdf
469. Design of ANFIS based Estimation and Control for MIMO Systems
R. Sivakumar, C. Sahana, P. A. Savitha
2803-2809 pdf
470. Optimization of Ni (II) removal on Rhizomucor tauricus by using Box-Behnken design
K. Kishore Kumar, M. Krishna Prasad, B. Sarada, G. V. S. Sarma, Ch. V. R. Murthy
2810-2819 pdf
471. Cloud Computing Services and Vulnerabilities
Gurpreet Singh, kanwalpreet Kaur, Sandhya Vats
2820-2823 pdf
472. Probability Analysis Of Mean Communication Range For Nakagami Fading In Wireless Adhoc Sensor Network
Chethana Gosal.S, Dr.J.P.Picha Muthu
2824-2828 pdf
473. Load Aware Channel Assignment for Multi Interface Wireless Mesh Network
Roshani Talmale, Prof. S.U.Nimbhorkar
2829-2833 pdf
474. Implementation Of A 16 Bit Memory Unit Using Saboteurs And Mutants
Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Dr.Habibulla Khan, Chiranjeevi Pilla
2834-2848 pdf
475. Performance Evaluation Of Turbo Codes Using Hard Decision Viterbi Algorithm In Vhdl
Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Dr.Habibulla Khan, Chiranjeevi Pilla
2849-2861 pdf
476. Iris Bio-metric Feature for Personal Identification
T.Rakesh, M. G. Khogre
2862-2867 pdf
477. Analysis The Speed Control Of Bldc Motor Drive Using Sensors
Ms. Juli Singh
2868-2884 pdf
478. Analysis Of Pressure And Velocity In Coal Combustion System Using Dpm Method In Fluent Software
Bharat Bhushan, Ravindra kumar, Shruti Mishra
2885-2889 pdf
479. The Effect of Austenite Temperature on the Microstructure, Mechanical Behavior, Hardness, and Impact Toughness of AISI D2 Tool Steel
S.M.A. Al-Qawabah
2890-2896 pdf
480. Effect of grain refinement and modification on the dry sliding wear behaviour of eutectic Al– Si alloys using gravity die casting
Akul Patel, Ashwin Bhabhor ,Vipul Patel
2897-2902 pdf
481. DTMF Based Controller for Efficiency Improvement of a PV Cell & Relay Operation Control
Roshan Ghosh
2903-2911 pdf
482. Energy Efficient Protocol for WSN
Dr. P. S. Mundra, Mr. Ravinder Kumar
2912-2916 pdf
483 Piece Length Types on Fish Target Strength Model
Sunardi, Anton Yudhana,Jafri Din
2917-2924 pdf
484 Escalation of Crime Trouble Diminishment via Crime Data Mining Stimulation
Apexa L. Joshi
2925-2931 pdf
485. A Chemical Sensor Based on Superprism Effects in Photonic Crystals
S. Aroua, J. Derbali, W. Aroua, F. AbdelMalek, H. Bouchriha
2932-2937 pdf
486. E-Voting Security Protocol: Analysis & Solution
Ishtiaque Mahmud, Shamim Ahmed, A.K.M Nazmus Sakib, Quazi Emanual Alendey, Israt Jahan
2938-2943 pdf
487. Enabling Successful Business/Enterprise Collaboration with IT/IS
Shamim Ahmed, Ishtiaque Mahmud, A.K.M. Nazmus Sakib, Md. Habibullah Belali, Moushumi Zaman Bonny
2944-2956 pdf
488. Water Quality And Risk Assesment Of Goalichara In The Vicinity Of Sylhet City
M. A. Zafor, Abdur Rahman, M. Ahmed
2957-2960 pdf
489.  Agent Based Testing Tool For Event Driven Software
Shashank Joshi, Shital Pawar
2961-2965 pdf
490. Exponential Penalty Methods for Solving Linear Programming Problems
Parwadi Moengin
2966-2970 pdf
491. Design Of Progressive Dies
K.Kishore Kumar, A.Srinath. M.Naveen, R.D.pavan kumar
2971-2978 pdf
492. Study of the Network Status Component of the Mobile Man architecture with reference to Data Repository System
Pravesh Saxena, Abhishek Gupta, Mohit Kumar, Anamika Rangra, Dinesh Kumar
2979-2982 pdf
493. Thermal Conductivity Of Non-Woven Materials Using Reclaimed Fibres
2983-2987 pdf
494. Metadata Repository Architecture based on Lifecycle of DW 2.0 Environment
2988-2990 pdf
495. Design Of An Fault Exposure And Data Resurgence Architecture For Motion Estimation Testing Applications
Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Satyanarayana P, Vijaya Bhaskar M, S R Sastry K, Alekhya M
2991-3000 pdf
496. Implementation Of High Speed DA-Based DCT With High Accuracy Error-Compensated Adder Tree
Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Satyanarayana P, Krishna Karthik T,Alekya M, Arafath Ali
3001-3008 pdf
497. Design Of High-Throughput Interpolator Structural Design For Low-Complexity Pursue Decoding Of RS Codes
Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, Satyanarayana P, S R Sastry K, Krishna Karthik T, Arafath Ali
3009-3016 pdf
498. Fuzzy Replacement Algorithm for Browser Web Caching
K Muralidhar, Dr. N Geethanjali
3017-3023 pdf
499. Web Browsing For Visually Impaired People Through Handheld Devices
L.Santhoshi, K. Mahesh, Dr.K.Kuppusamy
3024-3028 pdf
500. Parametric analysis of Abrasives water jet machining of EN8 Material
Vinod B. Patel, Prof. V. A. Patel
3029-3032 pdf
501. Comparative Analysis Of Performance Efficiency And Security Measures Of Some Encryption Algorithms
AL.Jeeva, Dr.V.Palanisamy, K.Kanagaram
3033-3037 pdf
502. Implementation of RFID in Retail Outlet
Saurabh Tege, Mr. Devendra S. Verma
3038-3044 pdf
503. Improvement techniques over Location privacy
Longjam Velentina, Prof Rizwan Beg, Dhrub Shankar Ray
3045-3048 pdf
504. Encrypting Data Using The Features of Memetic Algorithm and Cryptography
Faiyaz Ahamad, Saba Khalid,Mohd.Shahid Hussain
3049-3051 pdf
505. Software Performance Measurement Metrics and Recitation
Sheeba Praveen,Dr. Rizwan Beg,Dhruba Shankar Ray
3052-3056 pdf
506. Stress Intensity Factors for Arbitrarily Located and Oriented Cracks in a Cylindrical Shell with Tori-Spherical End Closures subjected to Internal Pressure
Shivashankar R Srivatsa, H V Lakshminarayana, Pramod R
3057-3071 pdf
507. Experimental Investigation Of Performance Of Different Electrode Materials In Electro Discharge Machining For Material Removal Rate And Surface Roughness
Hitesh B Prajapati, V.A.Patel, Hiren.R.Prajapati
3072-3076 pdf
508. Optimal Number and Location of DGs to Improve Power Quality of Distribution System Using Particle Swarm Optimization
S.Chandrashekhar Reddy , P.V.N.Prasad, A.Jaya Laxmi
3077-3082 pdf
509. Performance Evaluation of TCSC and SVC on Voltage Stability Limit Improvement and Loss Minimization under Most Critical Line Outaged Condition
L.Jebaraj, C.Christober Asir Rajan, S.Sakthivel
3083-3090 pdf
510. Empirical model for Surface Roughness in hard turning based on Analysis of Machining Parameters and Hardness values of various Engineering Materials
K. Arun Vikram, Ch. Ratnam
3091-3097 pdf
511. Design And Implementation Of A Robotic Arm Based On Haptic Technology
Rama Krishna, G. Sowmya Bala, A.S.C.S. Sastry, B. Bhanu Prakash Sarma, Gokul Sai Alla
3098-3103 pdf
512. Cloud computer architecture, S&V (Security & Vulnerability)
Bhupesh Thakur, Ramandeep Singh, Sonika Mittal
3104-3108 pdf
513. Technology, Structure And Applications Of Fancy Yarns
Dr. (Mrs.) Shaikh Tasnim Nisarahmed
3109-3117 pdf
514. Fast Watershed Transformation
N.Thenmozhi, K. Mahesh, Dr.K.Kuppusamy
3118-3122 pdf
515. Modelling And Analysis Of Trajectories Of A Wire Like Particle In A Three Phase Common Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct (Gib) With And Without Image Charges
M.Siva Sathyanarayana, J.Amarnath
3123-3143 pdf
516. An experimental investigation of solar dryer with regenerative desiccant material for multicrops.
3144-3149 pdf
517. Database Access Control Policies
Akshay Patil, Prof. B. B. Meshram
3150-3154 pdf
518. Analysis Of Drinking Water Of Different Places"- A Review
S.P. Bhalme , Dr. P.B.Nagarnaik
3155-3158 pdf
519. Performing Reliability Simulation For SRAM Circuit Using SPICE
Radha Madhuri.Rajulapati , Naseema.Sheik
3159-3165 pdf
520. Risk Analysis In Feasibility Study Of Road Construction Project: Case Study Construction Of The Four Laning Of Amravati –Talegaon Section Nh-6.
A.P.Waghmare , Dr. S.S.Pimplikar
3166-3169 pdf
521. Environmental Impact Assessment In Kannankurchi Town Panchayat
T. Subramani, M.Kavitha, P.Gandhimathi
3170-3174 pdf
522. Modelling Of Traffic Noise Pollution
T.Subramani, M.Kavitha, K.P.Sivaraj
3175-3182 pdf
523. Design of a Modified Gabor Filter by Using Verilog HDL
M Srinivas, M Praveena
3183-3187 pdf
524. Cfd Analysis Of Wind Turbine Blade
H. V. Mahawadiwar, V.D. Dhopte, P.S.Thakare, Dr. R. D. Askhedkar
3188-3194 pdf
525. Study and Design of New Reactive Routing Protocol Advance AODV for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Anurag Porwal, B.L.Pal, Rohit Maheshwari, Gaurav Kakhani
3195-3204 pdf
526. Performance Evaluation Of Bamboo Twig As A Potential Reinforcement In Concrete Considering Tensile Property
Md Ahsan Sabbir, Md. Shahid Mamun, Saiada Fuadi Fancy
3205-3209 pdf
527. Two-sample Statistical Hypotheses Test for Means with Imprecise Data
D. Kalpanapriya, P. Pandian
3210-3217 pdf
528. The Role Of Dstatcom For Power Quality Improvement In Distribution Networks
Tapajit Ghosh
3218-3222 pdf
529. Diode-Clamped Based Indirect Matrix Multilevel Converter Topology
M. Ashok Kumar, Y. Vijaya Suresh
3223-3228 pdf
530. On Comparative Growth Rates of Differential Polynomials Generated by Meromorphic Functions
Sanjib Kumar Datta, Tanmay Biswas, Soumen Kanti Deb
3229-3241 pdf
531. Optimal Design of Failure Step Stress Partially Accelerated Life Tests with Type II Censored Inverted Weibull Data
Amal S. Hassan, Abeer K. Al-Thobety
3242-3253 pdf