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Volume 3- Issue 4 [July-August 2013]

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Paper submitted to IJERA : 1260
Accepted papers by peer review process : 427
Rejected Paper : 834
Paper Acceptance percentage : 33.80%
1. Routing Protocol Performance Issues and Evaluation Considerations in MANET
P.Venkata Maheswara, K. Bhaskar Naik
01-05 pdf
2. A review of recent developments in national spatial data infrastructures (NSDI)
Mustafa Neamah Jebur, Zahra Ziaei, Mahyat Shafapour Tehrany, Abdul Rashid Mohamed
06-14 pdf
Numerical and Experimental Investigations On Various Fin Configurations subjected to Isoflux Heating under the Influence of Convective Cooling
Dr.M.T Bhoite, Swapnil Gavhane, Mitali Gore, Sukanya Kanjvane
15-18 pdf
4. Role of P-E fit on Job Satisfaction of Medical Representatives
Datta.B. Pawase, Dr.N.S. Poonawala
19-22 pdf
5. The Wholesale Price Contract Under The Framework Of Fairness-Preferencing Nash-Bargain In A Two-Level Supply Chain
Yanhong Qin, Yanqin Li
23-31 pdf
6. A Novel Approach With Subjective Assessment For E-Examination
Mr. A.A. Shinde, Ms. Sumedha Chokhandre
32-36 pdf
7. Performance comparison of AOMDV and POR Routing Protocols in MANETS
M.Chandrika, N.Papanna
37-41 pdf
Varsha Adhangale, Dr.R.D.Daruwala
42-50 pdf
9. Cfd Simulation Of Swirling Effect In S-Shaped Diffusing Duct By Swirl Angle 200
51-59 pdf
Aginam, C. H., Onodagu, P. D. and Nwakaire, Chidozie
60-65 pdf
11. Differential Evolution approach to Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch with Voltage Stability enhancement by Modal Analysis
J.Jithendranath and K.Hemachandra Reddy
66-70 pdf
12. Comparative Analysis of Mpls and Non -Mpls Network
Madhulika Bhandure, Gaurang Deshmukh, Prof. Varshapriya J N
71-76 pdf
13. Control of Hybrid System Using Multi-Input Inverter and Maximum Power Point Tracking
N.Sivakumar, Dr.A.Sumathi
77-81 pdf
14. Face Recognition Using Moments and Wavelets
Rajiv Kapoor, Pallavi Mathur
82-95 pdf
15. Technological Emergency Planning Through An Ontology Oriented Approach.
Omid Kalatpour, Iraj Mohammadfam, Rostam Golmohammadi, Hasan Khotanlou
96-103 pdf
16. Modelling and measurement of a wireless foot plantar pressure
Khwaja Ramizuddin, Prof. S. P. Washimkar
104-107 pdf
17. Performance analysis of semiconductor optical amplifier using four wave mixing based wavelength Converter for all Optical networks.
Anupjeet Kaur, Kulwinder Singh, Bhawna Utreja
108-113 pdf
18. Performance analysis of bi-directional broadband passive optical network using travelling wave semiconductor optical amplifier
Chinky rani, Kulwinder singh, Bhawna utreja
114-118 pdf
19. Improving the implementation of new approach data privacy preserving in data mining using slicing
Ravindra S. Wanjari, Prof. Devi Kalpna
119-122 pdf
20. Implementation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Mitigation of Voltage Sag
M.Manohara, M.I.S.T.E, K.Vinod Kumar and Dr.T.Devaraju
123-128 pdf
21. Non-Invasive Optical Blood Glucose Measurement
Megha C.Pande, Prof.A. K. Joshi
129-131 pdf
22. DSS Using Apriori Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm And Fuzzy Logic
K. Rajeswari, Mahadev Shindalkar, Nikhil Thorawade, Pranay Bhandari
132-136 pdf
23. Design and Synthesis of Fault Tolerant Full Adder/Subtractor Using Reversible Logic Gates
Prashanth.N.G, Savitha.A.P, M.B.Anadaraju, Nuthan.A.C
137-142 pdf
24. Design and Synthesis of Bus Invert Encoding and Decoding Technique Using Reversible Logic
Naveena Pai G, M.B.Anandaraju, Naveen.K.B
143-146 pdf
25. HDL Based Illumination Invariant highPerformance Face Detection SystemforMobile applications
T. Suguna, Y. Mahesh
147-151 pdf
26. Design and Optimization of the Rear Under-.Run Protection Device Using LS-DYNA
Mr. George Joseph, Mr. Dhananjay Shinde, Mr. Gajendra Patil
152-162 pdf
27. Early Detection of Forest Fire Using Wireless Sensor Network
Anamika Chauhan, Rahul Chauhan, Sunil Semwal
163-168 pdf
28. Placement of FACTS Devices in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line
T.Hemanth kumar and Dr.T.Devaraju
169-175 pdf
29. Push Over Analysis of Tall Building with Soft Stories at Different Levels
Rahiman G. Khan, Prof. M. R. Vyawahare
176-185 pdf
30. Neighbor Node Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks
Sri Chandhana Pothula, R.Suguna, A.Chrispin Jiji
186-189 pdf
31. Performance Of Self Compacting Concrete By Using Alccofine
M.S. Pawar, A. C. Saoji
190-192 pdf
32. Implementation Of Low Power SRAM By Using 8T Decoupled Logic
K.R.Surendra, K.Venkatramana Reddy
193-199 pdf
33. Providing Fair Transmission Opportunity By Detecting And Penalizing Malicious Stations In IEEEE 802.11e EDCA WLAN And Analyzing The Performance Of IEEE 802.11e
Jagadevikoodi, Kalaiselvi And Rakeshmarturkar
200-206 pdf
34. RF Filter Design Using Insertion Loss Method And Genetic Optimization Algorithm
Aparna Thube, Prof. Manisha Chattopadhyay
207-211 pdf
35. Reduction Of Common Mode Voltage In Ac Drives Using Multilevel Inverter
Jayant M. Parkhi, R.K.Dhatrak
212-218 pdf
36 Design and Power Transmission of Advanced Light Helicopter
Prof. Amarnath.V. Hegne, Prof. Preeti. Hegne
219-223 pdf
37. Comparison Of Mechanical Properties Of Al2O3 And Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Ms.G.J.Karmarkar, Ms.Divya Padmanabhan, Mr.Gajanan Thokal
224-227 pdf
38. Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Column Under Lateral Load
Ahmed, F.S., Khan, M.A
228-231 pdf
39. A Comparative Analysis of Firing Angle Based Speed Control Scheme of DC Motor
Sarita Shastri, Pawan Pandey
232-235 pdf
40. Reduces The Harmonics And Losses By Using Control Technique Of VSI Based STATCOM
K.Sudharshan, M.Sudheerbabu
236-241 pdf
41. Effect Of Microwaves On The Resistance Of Aloe Vera Leaves
Faizan Ahmed Sheikh, Raminder Preet Pal Singh, Jang Bahadur Singh, Parveen Lehana
242-247 pdf
Anurag Mani Tripathi, Parth Panchal, Vidhyadhar Chaudhari
248-254 pdf
43. Impact of Facebook Usage on Undergraduate Students Performance in Irbid National University: Case Study
Fawzi H. Altaany, Firas A. Jassim
255-260 pdf
44. Detection Collision Attacks In Wireless Sensor Network Usingrule-Based Packet Flow Rate
Hosamsoleman, Ali Payandeh, Nasser Mozayyani, SaeedSedighianKashi
261-268 pdf
45. Building A High Availability - Openstack
Deepak Mane
269-277 pdf
46. Decoding For 8x8 MIMO System Using Convolution Coding Implemented In VLSI
T. Yasodha
278-282 pdf
47. Strength Comparison of Ordinary Portland Cement And Rice Husk Ash
V.D.Mude, S.P.Bhalme, M.S.Kamdi
283-284 pdf
48. Durability Studies On Concrete With Fly Ash & Ggbs
A.H.L.Swaroop, K.Venkateswararao, Prof P Kodandaramarao
285-289 pdf
49. Flood Prediction Modeling Using Hybrid BPN-EKF And Hybrid ENN-EKF: A Comparative Study
Fazlina Ahmat Ruslan, Ramli Adnan, Abd Manan Samad, Zainazlan Md Zain
290-297 pdf
50. Two Level Resource Discovery And Replication For Secure Utilization In Distributed Computing Environments
V.Siva Kumar, Dr. G.Prakash Babu
298-305 pdf
51. Recognizing English Grammar Using Predictive Parser
Magdum P. G., Kodavade D. V.
306-312 pdf
52. Exhaust Gas Analysis of SI Engine and Performance Of Catalytic Converter
Md. Mizanuzzaman, Amitava Ghosh Dastidar, Mohammad Rajib Uddin Rony, Reasat Azam, Md. Almostasim Mahmud
313-320 pdf
53. Histogram Based Color Image Authentication By Digital Image Watermark Technique
Kranti Burman, Rahul Gedam
321-326 pdf
54. Equipment Costs Associated With Downtime and Lack Of Availability
D.M.Naiknaware, Dr. S.S.Pimplikar
327-332 pdf
55. Prediction of Properties of Self Compacting Concrete Using Artificial Neural Network
Abdul Raheman
333-339 pdf
56. Experimental Study on Enhancement Of Thermal Performance Of Wire Wound Tube In Tube Helical Coil Heat Exchanger
Mr. Vijay P Desai, Dr. Sachin L Borse
340-346 pdf
57. A Genetic Algorithm Based Approach For Optimization Of Test Time And TAM Length For 3D SoC Considering Pre-Bond Test Under The Constraint On The Number Of TSVs
Supratim Subhra Das, Ria Bose
347-356 pdf
58. A Case Study on Total Quality Control Of Manufacturing Of Liners By Applying Spc Technique
Sri. T.V.S. Raghavendra, B.Manideep, R. Prem Sai, Y. Adi Siva Kishore Reddy
357-368 pdf
59. Security For Voice And Video Traffic By Md5 Algorithm In Vpn
Sonam Wadhwa, Bindia, Taranjeet Kaur, Kunwar Pal
369-370 pdf
60. Estimation & Design of Possible Solar Photovoltaic Generation Potential for U.I.E.T, K.U.K
Vineet Singla, Vijay Kumar Garg
371-380 pdf
61. Dct Based Image Steganographic Approach
Sonawane Viraj, Mali Jagdish, Prof.R.N. Awale
381-384 pdf
62. Optimization Design, Modeling AndDynamic Analysis For Wind Turbine Blade
VaibhavR.Pannase, Prof.H.R.Bhagat, Prof.R.S.Sakarkar
385-389 pdf
63. Production of Biogas by Using Food Waste
S.Mohan, K.Jagadeesan
390-394 pdf
64. Design of Enhanced Power Gating Technique to Reduce Leakage Power and Ground Bounce Noise for CMOS Applications
T.Ragadeepthika, S.Munnawar
395-398 pdf
65. Implementation of H.264 Decoder On Arm11 Mpcore
M.Gurunadha Babu, M.Venugopal, M.Phaniraj Kiran
399-403 pdf
66. Investigating the Effect of Water Temperature and Inclination Angle on the Performance of Single Slope Solar Still: A Taguchi Approach
Nikhil Singh, Vishal Francis
404-407 pdf
67. Producing Lead-Free Copper Alloys for Plumbing Fittings; A Case Study of Nigerian Taps
Durowoju M.O, Kolapo O. I
408-411 pdf
68. Image Steganography Using Block Level Entropy Thresholding Technique
Jagdish Mali, Viraj Sonawane, R.N.Awale
412-415 pdf
69. Performance Analysis of Surface Condenser under Various Operating

Ajeet Singh Sikarwar, Devendra Dandotiya, Surendra Kumar Agrawal
416-421 pdf
70. Cost Effective Approach for Automatic Service Provider Selection in Cloud Computing
Preeti Gulia, Sumedha Sood
422-427 pdf
71. Effect Of Magnetic Field On Steady Blood Flow Through An Inclined Circular Tube
S.R. Verma And Anuj Srivastava
428-432 pdf
72. Test Vector Generation and Compression for Fault Detection Using NDR and RLE Algorithm
P. Ajeesha Sulthana, Mr. A. Sivasankar M.E
433-436 pdf
73. Design of an Efficient 128-Bit Carry Select Adder Using Bec and Variable csla Techniques
B.Bharathi, C.V.Subhaskar Reddy
437-441 pdf
74. Vibration Performance Evaluation of Collecting plates of Electrostatic Precipitators Using FEA Approach
Pannkaaj More, D.H. Burande
442-446 pdf
75. Performance of BER in OFDM System Using Different Channels and Modulation Techniques
Saroj Kanta Pattanaik, Shubhendu Kumar Sarangi
447-451 pdf
76. Computer Aided Selection of Robot for Loading and Unloading Operation by Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) Approach
Abhishake Chaudhary, Vijayant Maan, D.P Singh
452-461 pdf
77. A Novel Approach to Design a High Performance Domino Cmos Logic
Lalit Mishra, Nitin Meena
462-465 pdf
78. Green Energy and Green Buildings in Egypt
Dr. George Bassili Hanna
466-470 pdf
79. Solar Heat Energy Storage in Phase Change Materials
Shripad Chopade, Sagar Kauthalkar, Pushpendra Kumar Sharma
471-473 pdf
80. Lifting Scheme Using HAAR & Biorthogonal Wavelets For Image Compression
Monika, Prachi Chaudhary, Geetu Lalit
474-478 pdf
81. Study of Biorhythms Effect on the Incidence of Lost Time Accidents and Their Severity: The Case of a Manufacturing Industry
Iraj Mohammadfam, Hanieh Nikoomaram, Farhad Ghaffari And Shahram Mahmoudi
479-483 pdf


Evaluation of Accident Proneness among Iranian Manufacturing Industries: Results and Perspectives
Shahram Mahmoudi, Iraj Mohammadfam And Hamid Reza Mortaza Bagi
484-486 pdf
83. Maintenance Management Practices For Building Facility: A Case Study
Zul-Atfi Ismail, Narimah Kasim
487-497 pdf
84. Economic Load Dispatch Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
A.Hima Bindu, Dr. M. Damodar Reddy
498-502 pdf
P. Bhaskar Reddy, B. Adi Narayana
503-507 pdf
86. ERSA: Secure and Enhanced RSA
508-510 pdf
87. Causes & Preventation of Defects (Burr) In Sheet Metal Component
Pawan Kumar Rai, Dr. Aas Mohammad, Hasan Zakir Jafri
511-515 pdf
88. Effect Of Web Reinforcement On Ultimate Strength Of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam
Khan, M.A., Ahmed, F.S.
516-519 pdf
89. A Survey On Parallelization Of Data Mining Techniques
Shrikant Gond, Akshay Patil And V. B. Nikam
520-526 pdf


Parametric Optimization of Magnetic Abrasive Water Jet Machining Of AISI 52100 SteelUsing Grey Relational Analysis
Mehul.A.Raval, Chirag. P. Patel
527-530 pdf
91. Comparative Analysis of VANET Routing Protocols Using VANET RBC and IEEE 802.11p
Prof (Mrs) A. N. Mahajan & Dr. Reena Dadhich
531-538 pdf
92. Development of the Self Compacting Concrete By Industrial Waste (Red Mud )
Mohan Kushwaha, Dr. Salim Akhtar, Survesh Rajput
539-542 pdf
93. The Study of Voltage Profile and Power Quality with SVC in Transmission System at Different Loads
S.RaviKumar, B.Ramoji Rao, D.Ramesh
543-549 pdf
94. An Efficient Approaches For Privacy Preserving In Microdata Publishing Using Slicing and Partitioning Technique
C.Saravanabhavan, Dr.R.M.S.Parvathi
550-555 pdf
95. "Spare's Inventory Optimization in a Logistic Support System : A Marginal Utility Analysis based Model
Dr Anshul Gangele, Dr Mohammad Israr
556-561 pdf
96. Modeling Of the Kinetics of Ethanol Formation from Glucose Biomass in Batch Culture with a Non Structured Model
Olaoye O.S., Kolawole O.S.
562-565 pdf
97. Ergonomic Evaluation of In-Vehicle Interface Design of Taxicabs in Nigeria
Lucas E. B. and Onawumi, A. S.
566-572 pdf
98. Comparative Plucking Force Characterisation of Chicken Produced From Two Breeds of Chicken
E.B. Lucas, S.O. Adetola
573-579 pdf
99. Study of the Impact Response of Glass Fiber Reinforced Aluminium Laminates for Conical and Blunt Nose Projectiles
Tanzeem ul Hasan, Raisuddin Ansari
580-587 pdf
100. Conductivity studies in some CaO and ZnO doped vanadophosphate glasses
T.Sujatha, Satish Kumar, T.Sankarappa, G.B. Devidas, S.M.Hanagodimath
588-596 pdf
101. Review on Area Efficient CORDIC Algorithm and Reduction in Scale Factor
Subit Abraham, Puran Gour
597-599 pdf
102. Obtaining and Study of the Properties of the Single-Phase Boride Layer on Different Steels
Youssouph Mandiang, Lioudmila Fadeievna Pavlovskaya, Irina Anatolievna Basalai, Natalia
Gueorguievna Koukhareva
600-604 pdf
103. Performance Analysis of a Pulsejet Engine
Shashank Ranjan Chaurasia, Rajesh Gupta And R.M. Sarviya
605-609 pdf
104. Ubiquitous Embedded Systems Revolution: Applications and Emerging Trends
P.I. Okwu, I.N. Onyeje
610-616 pdf
105. Thermal Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage Systemwith Phase Change Material
C. Uma Maheswari, R. Meenakshi Reddy
617-622 pdf
106. Improvement of Voltage Profile through the Distributed Generation in Power System Network
Ramandeep Kamboj, Gagandeep Kaur
623-630 pdf
107. Dynamic & Static Analyses of Model of Engine Crankshaft
R. B. Sharma & Vikas Sharma
631-639 pdf
108. Harmonic Analysis Of Engine Crankshaft As A Fixed Beam
R. B. Sharma, Vikas Sharma & Yogendra S. Rajput
640-647 pdf
109. Development of Equations for Estimating Energy Requirements in Processing Local Alcoholic Beverage (Burukutu) In Nigeria
Ibrahim, J. Sunday, Ierve, I.Aondover
648-654 pdf
110. High Frequency 32/33 Prescalers Using 2/3 Prescaler Technique
Don P John
655-661 pdf
111. A Lower Power, Low Complexity And Memory Free Implementation Of Novel Recursive DFT And IDFT Algorithms
Afroz Ali Shaik , U Yedukondalu
662-666 pdf
112. Transient Analysis of Wind Based-DFIG
Anand. V. Satpute, Subroto Dutt
667-671 pdf
113. Temperature Control System Using Artificial Neural Network
C Ranjit Kumar, A Harsha Vardhan, A Sai Bharadwaj
672-675 pdf
114. Shortest Time Limited Transportation Problem Based On Software
Dr.V.Vinoba, Mrs.M.Kavitha, Mr.A.Manickam
676-680 pdf
115. Advanced Maximal Similarity Based Region Merging By User Interactions
Nehaverma, Deepak Sharma
681-688 pdf
116. Interfacing CAN Bus With PIC32 Microcontroller For Embedded Networking
Umesh Goyal, Dr. Neelam Rup Prakash
689-693 pdf
117. Challenges to Open Access in Teaching at University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM)
Hashim M. Twaakyondo
694-696 pdf
118. Design & Simulation of Ring Shape Wide Band Antenna Using DGS for Wireless Application
Rahul Suvalka, Rajeshwar Lal Dua
697-700 pdf
119. Optimization of Effective Parameters of Pongamia Pinnata (Karanja) Biodiesel Using Taguchi Method
P. L. Naik , D. C. Katpatal
701-706 pdf
120. Minutiae Extraction and Pruning Based Fingerprint Identification with Pattern Classification by Radial Basis Function
Nisha Negi, Sunil Semwal
707-712 pdf
121. Saw Dust Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement in the Production of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks
A. A. Raheem and O. K. Sulaiman
713-721 pdf
122. Comparison of Converter Fed Pmbldc Drive Systems with and Without Snubber
S.Prakash, Dr.R.Dhanasekaran
722-727 pdf
123. Parametric Optimization of End Milling Of AISI 1018 Mild Steel by Various Lubricants with Solid Carbide End Mills.
Chintan. H. Patel, Chirag. P. Patel
728-732 pdf
124. A Novel Approach for Prioritization of Failure modes in FMEA using MCDM
K. Maheswaran, T. Loganathan
733-739 pdf
125. Severe Plastic Deformation and Its Influence on Mechanical Properties of In-Situ Aluminum Titanium Boride Composite
R Shobha, Vinaya shree, Dr. K.R.Suresh, Dr. H.B. Niranjan
740-744 pdf
126. Improvement of Satellite Images Resolution Based On DT-CWT
745-751 pdf
127. Comparison Between The Homotopy Analysis And Homotopy Pad's Method In Solve Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equation
Ali Vatan-Khahan and Aaliyah Vatan-Khahan
752-755 pdf
128. Design of High Speed Multiplier Using Reversible Logic
Geetha.G.I, Dr.M.sathyanarayana
756-759 pdf
129. Some Approaches to Reduce Total Harmonic Distortion & Common Mode Voltage of Inverter Fed Induction Motor
Akash A. Chandekar, R.K.Dhatrak
760-764 pdf
130. Anti-Void Traversal Mechanism Using Pressure Routing For Underwater Sensor Networks
Shreyas M.S, Prof. D. Jayaramaiah
765-771 pdf
131. Prediction Based Channel Selection for Cognitive Radio Networks
Poornima B V, Prof. Padmanayana
772-776 pdf
132. Stateless Multicasting In Ad-Hoc Networks Guided By Motion Estimation
Anusha M M, Prof. Padmanayana
777-780 pdf
133. Fuzzy Scheduling For Ensuring Qos in VMAC for VANETs
Shruthi R, Prof. Harshavardhan H
781-784 pdf
134. A Matlab Based High Speed Face Recognition System Using Som Neural Networks
Nisha Soni, Garima Mathur, Mahendra Kumar
785-790 pdf
135. Efficient Power and Area Reduction Codec for Error Detection Scheme Using Enhanced Clock Gating Technique
Udara Yedukondalu, Satti Harichandra prasad, Dr. A Jhansi Rani, B.V.Vijayasri
791-794 pdf
136. Advanced Digital Image Compression Technique Using Curvelet Transform
D. Vishnuvardhan, Sreenivasan. B, I. Suneetha
795-798 pdf
137. Load-deflection analysis of flat & corrugated stainless steel diaphragms by theoretical & finite element method
Gawade S. S., Chavan D. S.
799-802 pdf
138. Classification of Different Computer Worms with Dynamic Detection Using Victim Number Based Algorithm
Ravinder Nellutla, Vishnu Prasad Goranthala, Fasi Ahmed Parvez
803-812 pdf
139. Optimisation of Fuel Injection Pump Parameters of Tata 1613 & Tata 609 Engine Using Diesel & Biodiesel
Mohammad Javed, Prof. S.D. Ambekar
813-820 pdf
140. Comparison of SLM technique of PAPR reduction in OFDM with
Non-linear companding technique

Hemant Choubey, Aparna Kushwaha
821-826 pdf
141. CFD Studies of Combustion in Diesel Engine
S Gavudhama Karunanidhi, Melvinraj C R, Sarath Das K P, G Subba Rao
827-830 pdf
142. Simulation Study of Indirect Current Control Technique for Shunt Active Filter
G.Mohan Babu
831-851 pdf
143. Isomorphism Theorems for Fuzzy Submodules of G-Modules
Arvind Kumar Sinha, Manoj Kumar Dewangan
852-854 pdf
144. VLSI Implementation of Fractional-N Phase Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer
Amruta M. Chore, Shrikant J. Honade
855-860 pdf
145. Process of Energy Audit of Commercial building & Substation
Mohammad Rashid Khan ,Anil Kumar, Ashis Patra
861-869 pdf
147. Design and Implementation of 7 Bit 100 MHz Flash ADC
Aarathi R Krishna, Helna Aboobacker, Remya Jayachandran
877-880 pdf
148. Design, Implementation and Comparison of 8 Bit 100 Mhz Current Steering Dacs
Helna Aboobacker, Aarathi R Krishna, Remya Jayachandran
881-886 pdf
149. Fighting Against Intrusion and Proposed Behaviour Based Healing System on Real Time Traffic
Amrita Anand, Brajesh Patel
887-891 pdf
150. Surface Temperature Prediction and Thermal Analysis of Cylinder Head in Diesel Engine
Amit V. Paratwar, D.B Hulwan
892-902 pdf
151. Virtual Instrumentation Based Surveillance System in Industry
K.P.Vinay, P.Naresh, J.V.S.S Manoj, M. Pranay Kumar
903-907 pdf
152. Design Optimization of Energy and Time Delay Efficient Wireless Sensor Network by Least Spanning Tree Algorithm
Priya, Mukesh Kumar, A.K. Jaiswal, Rohini Saxena, Satyesh Sharan Singh
908-915 pdf
153. Review On Phase Change Material As Thermal Energy Storage
Medium: Materials, Application

Abhay B. Lingayat, Yogesh R. Suple
916-921 pdf
154. Application of Engineering Microorganism for the Effective Treatment of Paint Shop Wastewater
Yojana Beldar, A. D. Kulkarni
922-926 pdf
155. Generic Ways to Improve SQA by Meta-Methodology for Developing Software Projects
Sonia Bhargava, Dr.Bright Keswani
927-932 pdf
Patil P. M, Chhapkhane N. K
933-935 pdf
157. Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel of Mahua Oil & Diesel Blends with Additives.
Sitaramaiah Naramsetty, v.Ranjith Kumar, y.V.Hanumantha Rao
936-941 pdf
158. Study and Analysis of Security Issues in Next Generation Mobile Network
Shwetha H.K, Prof. D. Jayaramaiah
942-946 pdf
159. Exhaust Emissions and Its Control Technology for an Internal Combustion Engine
Juhi Sharaf
947-960 pdf
160. Study of the Spin Structure, (Ayrast States), the Induced Fission
Reactions of Heavy Ions, 28 si (145 MeV) + 176/70 Yb - 204 84Po - Fission

J. Bahador Rezaabadi, M. Sharafzadeh and F. Rahimi
961-964 pdf
161. Comparing the Effect of Different Metal Plates and Lead Apron for Reducing the Dose Rate from Cs-137 and Ba-133 Gamma Ray
Nasibeh Bagheri
965-969 pdf
162. Performance Improvement of IEEE 802.22 With Different FEC techniques
Mayank Shrivastava, Prashant Bhati
970-973 pdf
163. Optimal Tuning Parameters of Self Organizing Maps for Classification of Partial Discharge Using Response Surface Methodology
Rubén Jaramillo-Vacio, Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti, Armando Rios-Lira
974-984 pdf
164. Traversing Mechanism without the Use of Cam
Milind Koranne
985-988 pdf
165. An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Two Area Load Frequency Control
K.V.Siva Reddy
989-995 pdf
166. A Comparative Study of Predictive Models for Densification Parameters of Briquettes Produced From Two Species of Corncob
Oladeji, J. T
996-1003 pdf
167. A Fundamental Concept about Coke Making In Coke Plant with the Help of Coal Preparation Plant
Swapan Suman, V.K. Saxena, Samardeep Prasad
1004-1018 pdf
168. On The Onset of Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in a Layer of Ferrofluid
Ramesh Chand and Ankuj Bala
1019-1025 pdf
169. Application of CNC Waste with Recycled Aggregate in Concrete Mix
Awanish Kumar Shukla
1026-1031 pdf
170. Parallelization of Cryptographic Algorithm & Key Identification Using Genetic Algorithm Approach
Ghanshyam Gagged, Krishnakant Pandey, Shubham Asati, Jaisankar N
1032--1036 pdf
171. E-Shaped Wideband Conformal Antenna
Rashmi Shukla, Sunil Patel
1037-1039 pdf
172. A Joint Equalization, Carrier Frequency Offsets Compensation and ICI Cancellation for MIMO SC-FDMA Systems
Dr.G.Indumathi, S.Ranjani
1040-1046 pdf
173. Seismic Response Of Reinforced Concrete Braced Frames
Kulkarni J. G., Kore P. N., Tanawade S. B.
1047-1053 pdf
174. "Effect Of Biofuel Upon Global Warming, Climate And Production Of Crops" A Case Study Of Eastern Uttar Pradesh (India)
Devendra Pratap Singh, Ms. Anamika Singh, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Trivedi
1054-1060 pdf
175. Shaft Design under Fatigue Loading By Using Modified Goodman Method
R. A. Gujar, S. V. Bhaskar
1061-1066 pdf
176. Performance Measurement and Analysis of OLSR Routing Protocol Based On Node Scenarios Using NS2 Simulator
Ankur Sharma, Er. Rakesh Kumar
1067-1073 pdf
177. Design of All Digital Phase Locked Loop in VHDL
Gayathri M G
1074-1076 pdf
178. A Mathematical Model for the Secretion of Human Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone and Its Relationship with Stress Variables
S.Lakshmi and Akanksha Desai
1077-1081 pdf
179. Wind Energy Conversion System Using Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter
1082-1085 pdf
180. A High Speed Wide Range Frequency Synthesizer
Gayathri M G, Vidhya V S
1086-1090 pdf
181. Image Search Firewall with Content Filtering Mechanism
Adithyanadig A.R, Kuchi Sandhya, Mukundahebbark.V, Swetha B.S, M.V. Panduranga Rao
1091-1095 pdf
182. Performance Evaluation of various Control Techniques for Inverted Pendulum
Anita Khosla, Leena G., M. K. Soni
1096-1102 pdf
183. Experimental Study on Conversion of 4 Stroke Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine into Enriched Compressed Natural Gas Engine To Achieve Lower Emissions
Mr. Saravanan V.S, Dr. P. S. Utgikar, Dr. Sachin L Borse
1103-1110 pdf
184. Control Of PV Charger System With SEPIC Converter
A. Giddaiah, K. Kishore Reddy
1111-1120 pdf
185. Dispersion and Characterization of Coplanar Waveguide Based On Conformal Mapping Technique
Md Saddam Hussain, Mukesh Kumar, Prof. A. K. Jaiswal, Er. Rohini Saxena
1121-1125 pdf
186. Experimental Studies and Controller Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Using With and Without Insert
D.Kishore, D. Srinivasa Rao, J.Nityanandam
1126-1132 pdf
187. A Novel Routing Algorithm Based On Link Failure Localization for MANET
Praveen Yadav, Joy Bhattacharjee, Dr. K S Rahguwanshi
1133-1139 pdf
188. Investigating the Effects of Coarse Aggregate Types on The Compressive Strength Of Concrete
Aginam, C. H., Chidolue, C. A., And Nwakire, C
1140-1144 pdf
189. Search Engine Optimization for Improving Page Rank And Image Search Accuracy
Er. Tanveer Singh, Dr.Raman Maini
1145-1152 pdf
190. Text Steganography Based On Unicode of Characters in Multilingual
Abdul Monem S. Rahma, Wesam S.Bhaya, Dhamyaa A. Al-Nasrawi
1153-1165 pdf
191. A Survey: On Content Based Image Retrieval
Vivek Jain, Neha Sahu
1166-1169 pdf
192. Studies on Double Stage Engine Mount for Vibration Reduction
G. C. Mekalke, M. V. Kavade, S. B. Kumbhar
1170-1173 pdf
193. Performance Testing Of a Truncated Pyramid Solar Thermal Cooker
I.L. Mohammed, U. J. Rumah, A.T. Abdulrahim
1174-1178 pdf
194. Design and Development of a Parabolic Dish Solar Thermal Cook
Ibrahim Ladan Mohammed
1179-1186 pdf
195. A Review on Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hemantkumar Damor, Jitendra S. Dhobi
1187-1190 pdf
196. Performance Analysis of Equalizer Techniques for Modulated Signals
Gunjan Verma, Prof. Jaspal Bagga
1191-1195 pdf
197. Effect of Design Parameter on the Performance of Lithium Ion Battery
Aadil Ahmad, Mohd. Parvez
1196-1201 pdf
198. Comparison And Implementation Of Block Matching Algorithms
Vanshree Verma, Sr. Asst. Prof. Ravi Mishra
1202-1206 pdf
199. A Simulation of a STATCOM-Control for Grid Connected Wind Energy System for Power Quality Improvement
Amit Kumar Chourasia, Abhishek Mishra, Durga Sharma
1207-1214 pdf
200. Fast Dynamic Control Behavior of a Capacitor Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)
Narender Jatoth, M.Praveen Kumar
1215-1231 pdf
201. Building SoundWorks, the New Revolutionary Computer-Based Audiometer
Sampath Duddu
1232-1244 pdf
202. Simulation of Direct Voltage Control for a Stand-Alone Wind-Driven Self-Excited Induction Generator with Improved Power Quality
Satish Kurre, Ms. Durga Sharma
1245-1250 pdf
203. Analysis of pre-stressed floor grid system.
1251-1258 pdf
204. Modelling Low Field Electron Mobility In Group III Nitride Materials
M. Tohidi, F. Z. Tohidi and P. Ashori
1259-1264 pdf
205. FEM Analysis And Experimental Investigation For Lateral Extrusion Of Hexagonal Head
U.C Paltasingh, S.K. Sahoo, P.R. Dash, K.C. Nayak, S. Potnuru
1265-1271 pdf
206. Implementation of Power Management IC for Ultrabook Platform
Mairembam Birjit Singh, Vasudeva Banninthaya K, Atul Srivastava
1272-1276 pdf
207. Efficiency of Adiabatic Logic for Low-Power VLSI Using Cascaded ECRL And PFAL Inverter
M.Sowjanya, S.Abdul Malik
1277-1280 pdf
208. Simulation Of An Efficient AC–DC Step-Up Converter For Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting
G. Laxminarayana, G.Bhargavi
1281-1286 pdf
209. Performance of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System on Diesel Engine
Vipul Jain, Dipesh Singh Parihar, Vaibhav Jain and Irfan H Mulla
1287-1297 pdf
211. Reduction of Side Lobe Levels of Sum Patterns from Discrete Arrays Using Genetic Algorithm
Dr. R. Ramana Reddy, S.M. Vali, P.Divakara Varma
1312-1317 pdf
212. Simulation of D-Statcom and Dvr in Power Systems
Pankaj Dahire, Mr. Abhishek Mishra
1318-1323 pdf
213. Performance Evaluation of MANET with Black Hole Attack Using Routing Protocols
Tarandeep Kaur, Amarvir Singh
1324-1328 pdf
214. Content Based Image Retrieval System for Kannada Query Image from Multilingual Document Image Collection
Thanuja C, Shreedevi G R
1329-1335 pdf
215. Comparison of Channel Estimation Techniques for OFDM
Chaudhari Sachin V, Prof. A M Deshmukh
1336-1339 pdf
216. A Graphical Program That Eliminates the Out Dated 3.5" Disk Technology Used By the Stanford Research Multi-Channel Scaler/Averager
S. K. Vargas
1340-1342 pdf
217. Recent Progress in Nanometrology Techniques for Object Characterization
Salah H.R. Ali, Marwah M.A. Almaatoq and Abdalla S.A. Mohamed
1343-1366 pdf
218. Designing Multi-Agent Based Remote Process Monitoring Systems
Ifeyinwa Obiora-Dimson, Hyacinth C. Inyiama, Christiana C. Okezie
1367-1376 pdf
219. Constructing a Scientific Mixed Media Modelfor Boosting Automobile Dealer Visits: Evolution of Market Creation Employing TMS
Kakuro Amasaka, Motoi Ogura, Hisatoshi Ishiguro
1377-1391 pdf
220. Spread Spectrum Code Design for MIMO Radar Estimation Using Compressive Sensing Modeling
Sindhuri Shyamala
1392-1395 pdf
221. Control of Heat Exchanger Using Hybrid Fuzzy-Pi
D. Kishore, G. Jalalu, A. Sumalatha, K. Prasanti
1396-1400 pdf
222. Some Double Finite Integrals Involving the Hypergeometric Functions and H -Function With Applications
Yashwant Singh and Harmendra Kumar Mandia
1401-1407 pdf
223. Effect of Hybrid Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Er. Darole J. S., Prof. Kulkarni V.P., Prof. Shaikh A.P., Prof. Gite B.E.
1408-1411 pdf
Varinder Pal Sahni
1412-1418 pdf
225. Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frame with Infill Walls
Alurwad Rajeshwarreddy R., Prof. Arshad Hashmi., Prof. Kulkarni V.P.
1419-1423 pdf
226. Investigation Into Cable-Structure Interaction For Extradosed Bridge
M V Sardesai, Dr A K Desai
1424-1429 pdf
227. Unified Power Flow Controller (FACTS Device): A Review
Sapna Khanchi, Vijay Kumar Garg
1430-1435 pdf
228. Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Matlab to Enhance Power Quality in Distribution System
Priyanka Kumari, Vijay Kumar Garg
1436-1441 pdf
229. A General Survey on Multidimensional And Quantitative Association Rule Mining Algorithms
R. Sridevi, Dr. E. Ramaraj
1442-1448 pdf
230. Performance Analysis Of Wimax 802.16e Physical Layer Using Digital Modulation Techniques And Code Rates
Valmik Tilwari, Aparna Singh Kushwah
1449-1454 pdf
231. ANN Based Surface Roughness Prediction In Turning Of AA 6351
Konanki M. Naidu, Sadineni Rama Rao
1455-1459 pdf
232. Performance Analysis of Different Types of Adder for High Speed 32 Bit Multiply And Accumulate Unit
Akash Kumar, Deepika Sharma
1460-1462 pdf
233. Slicing : A Efficient Method For Privacy Preservation In Data Publishing
D. Mohanapriya, Dr. T. Meyyappan
1463-1468 pdf
234. Applying Neuro-Fuzzy Architecture in Swmm Model for Best Management Practices
Anum Agarwal, Prof. Ajeet Kumar Bharati, Deena Nath Gupta
1469-1476 pdf
235. The Optimization of Gamma Camera Using Changed the Area of Semiconductor Detectors by MCNP Code
G. Robatjazi, A. Sanaei Nameghi, P. Parvaresh, M. R. Benam and M. Saboor
1477-1479 pdf
236. Design Of PID Controller In Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) System Using PSO Technique
Vivek Kumar Bhatt, Dr. Sandeep Bhongade
1480-1485 pdf
237. Retrieval of Digital Images Based On Multi-Feature Similarity Using Genetic Algorithm
1486-1499 pdf
238. Effect of Timing Jitter on Performance of OCDMA Communication System
Manmeet Kaur, Monika Aggarwal
1500-1505 pdf
240. Harmonic Analysis of Small Scale Industrial Loads and Harmonic Mitigation Techniques in Industrial Distribution System
Raneru Nageswara Rao
1511-1540 pdf
241. Power Aware BIST for Digital IC's
Ms. Anu Prema Rajendran, Prof. S. R. Pandey
1541-1546 pdf
242. Variation Of Front Amplitude, Front Speed, Front Spread In Porous Media For Different Particle Size During Oscillating Flow
Umesh Gera, Beant Singh, Chanpreet Singh
1547-1551 pdf
243. Intrusion Detection System For Wireless Network
Sabale M. R, Prof. Kalavadekar P. N
1552-1555 pdf
Mrs. A. N. Mahajan, Mrs Rakhi Khedikar, Mrs Dimple Saproo
1556-1561 pdf
245. Image Resolution Enhancement by Using Multi Resolution Transform-DWT
B Venkataramana, K Durga Gangarao
1562-1565 pdf
246. Review Affect Enviromental Element In The Development Agenda Delegation Islamic Consultative Assembly
H. R. Mir Ali
1566-1570 pdf
247. Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor By Fuzzy Sliding Mode And Genetic algorithm
Barkha Rajpurohit, Anil Kumar Chaudhary
1571-1578 pdf
248. Fuzzy Type-Ahead Search in XML Data
K. L. A. Nivedita, R. Naveen, K. Sravani
1579-1583 pdf
249. Studies on Permittivity and Moisture Content of Sunflower Seeds Using Microstrip Equilateral Triangle Patch Antenna
Vaishali Mane, Vijaya Puri
1584-1586 pdf
250. Reducing Hot and Cold Utility Requirements for Finishing Column Section Using Pinch Analysis Techniques
Deepa, Ravishankar
1587-1592 pdf
251. Mechanism of Boundary Lubrication and Wear of Frictionless Synovial Joint
Biswajit Bera
1593-1597 pdf
252. Design and Analysis of an Enhanced Novel Multiplier with Low
Power in Submicron Technology for VLSI Applications

A.G.V.Karthik Raju, G.V.Vinod, Dr.V.Sailaja
1598-1603 pdf
253. Study the Band Structure and Density of State Of Co Using Density Functional Theory
Saeedeh Arabzadeh, Mohamad Reza Benam
1604-1606 pdf
254. Design and Implementation of FPGA System to Reduce Reed-Solomon Errors
Md. Taj, P Srinivas, S. Nagaraju
1607-1612 pdf
255. Simulation on Micro Wind Power Generator with Battery Energy Storage for Critical Load
Pankaj Thakur, Ms. Durga Sharma
1613-1619 pdf
256. Attempts to Construct a Time Operator
H. Arabshahi and A. Haji Mohammad ifariman
1620-1624 pdf
257. The Theoretical Study of Affecting Factor on the Performance of Silica Solar Cells with P-N Junction
H. Arabshahi and Z. Momeni
1625-1626 pdf
258. Design Of Low Power Bcd Adder Using 14-T Full Adder
Muniraja Thoti, Jagadeeshwar Reddy M
1627-1631 pdf
259. Inventory and Logistics Cost Optimization in Automobile Industry
Pragnya Parimita Mishra, Kunal Sharma
1632-1635 pdf
260. Comparison of Electron Mobility in Zno and Sic Semiconductors at Low Field by Solving Boltzmann Equation
M. Khalili, H. Arabshahi, M. H. Tayarani and M. Bazrafshan
1636-1639 pdf
261. Performance Analysis of Color Based Region Split and Merge and Otsu's Thresholding Techniques for Brain Tumor Extraction
Sheenam Bansal, Dr. Raman Maini
1640-1643 pdf
262. A Numerical Analysis of Novel Liquid-Gas Jet Ejector
Karthick Palani, Sarangapani Palani, Prabakaran Venkatakrishnan, Gurumurthy
Veerapatharan, Mohammed Raffe Rahamathullah, Kalaisselvane Adhimoulame
1644-1654 pdf
263. Image Processing and Analysis
I. A. Ansari, R. Y. Borse
1655-1658 pdf
264. Dc Motor Control Based On Fuzzy Logic System
Ho Dac Loc
1659-1661 pdf
265. Analysis and Simulation Of Perturb and Observe Mppt Technique
J. Suryakumari, G. Sahiti, G. Sudhakar
1662-1668 pdf
266. Security Enhancement Using Rsa Algorithm In Multicast Manet
G. Ramya Reddy, C.Swapna, R. Durga Gopal, P.Veeranath
1669-1674 pdf
267. Management Services and Mobility Customer in IP Network
O. Chahbouni, A. Belangour, A. Namir
1675-1681 pdf
268. Optimizing Power Supply by Pwm Converter Based Shunt Connected Power Conditioners –Distribution Static Compensator
Tejwansh Virk, Amarjeet Kaur
1682-1685 pdf
269. SVM Classification an Approach on Detecting Abnormality in Brain MRI Images
Rosy Kumari
1686-1690 pdf
270. Multipath Node-Disjoint Routing Protocol to Minimize End To End Delay and Routing Overhead for MANETs
Jayshree Tajne, Veena Gulhane
1691-1698 pdf
271. A Proposed Service Broker Policy For Inter Region Data Center Selection in Cloud Environment
Vibhavari Patel, Prof. Nisha Shah
1699-1702 pdf
272. Performance Optimization of Long Haul High Bit Rate Optical Fiber System with Dispersion Compensating Fiber
Vineet Mubai, A. K. Jaiswal, Mukesh Kumar, Rohini Saxena, Neelesh Agrawal
1703-1707 pdf
273. Selection of Optimal Location and Size of Multiple Distributed Generations by Using Kalman Filter Algorithm
Pola Kishore Kumar
1708-1729 pdf
274. Improvement Of Load Transient Response Of A Buck Convertor Employing Peak Current Mode Control
K. Upendhar, L. Srinivas Goud
1730-1737 pdf
275. Encryption in QR Code Using Stegnography
Suraj Kumar Sahu
1738-1741 pdf
276. Analyzing the Effects of Shadowing and Fading On the Performance of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols in MANET
Sachin Poria, Rohit Sangwan, Dr. Manoj Duhan, Kusum Dalal
1742-1749 pdf
277. Digital Image Watermarking: A Survey
Roma Rewani, Mahendra Kumar , Aditya Kumar Singh Pundir
1750-1753 pdf
278. Reduction Of Power Consumption And Area Occupation By Using Deterministic Test Pattern Technique
M. Anusha, M. Umamaheswari, P. Venkat Rao
1754--1760 pdf
279. Design and Implementation of a Bypass Zero Feed A Directly (BZ-FAD) Architecture for Low Power Applications
Anusha Ranga, Jayasree Murthy, B.Brahmaiha
1761-1767 pdf
280. Prevalence of Lactic Acidosis Syndrome in People Taking Antiretroviral Drugs at a Local Health Centre
Usai T, Tshalibe R. S, Nyamunda B. C
1768-1771 pdf
281. Design And Implementation Of Efficient Lifting Based Dwt Architecture Using Wallace Tree Multiplier For Compression
K. Yamuna, C. Chandrasekhar
1772-1777 pdf
282. Performance Study on Diesel Engine Using Different Blends of Neem Biodiesel
Nithyananda B. S, Anand A, Dr. G. V. Naveen Prakash
1778-1781 pdf
283. Adaptive Control of Angular Position & Angular Velocity for A DC Motor with Full State Measureable
Md. Arifur Rahman, Syed Muztuza Ali
1782-1791 pdf
284. Reduction Of PAPR Using HADAMARD SLM In SFBC MIMO-OFDM System
G. P. Florence, U. V. Ratna Kumari
1792-1795 pdf
285. Implementation of Serial Communication between PC and DSP Processor Using Modbus Protocol
Nagendra Sah, Gaurav Khurana
1796-1800 pdf
286. A New Novel Low Power Floating Point Multiplier Implementation Using Vedic Multiplication Techniques
Korra Tulasi Bai, J. E. N. Abhilash
1801-1804 pdf
287. Allocation and Estimation of DG Capacity in Distribution Networks by Particle Swarm Optimization
Sneha Patel, A.K.Sharma
1805-1809 pdf
288. Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hemant kumar Damor, Jitendra S. Dhobi and Kartik N. Shah
1810-1813 pdf
289. Implementation of Soft Decision Low-Density Parity-Check Decoder for Bahl-Cocke-Jelinek-Raviv Algorithm
Manthena Varma, J. S. S. Ramaraju, Sappa Srinivas
1814-1820 pdf
G. Sudhir Kumar, G. Kumaraswamy, Dr. K. Sri Gowri
1821-1827 pdf
291. Effect of Torsion Consideration in Analysis of Multi Storey frame
Prof. Wakchaure M. R, Nagare Y U
1828-1832 pdf
292. Frame Work of Condition Assessment for Sewer Pipelines
Ibrahim A. Elbeltagi, Emad E. Elbeltagi, Mahmoud A. Dawood
1833-1844 pdf
293. Designing CNTFET and Force Stacking CNTFET Inverter for the Analysis of Average Power and PDP at Different Low Supply Voltage
Bipin Pokharel, Priya Gupta, Umesh Dutta
1845-1855 pdf
294. A Preliminary Study and Analysis on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Using PCA Techniques for Face Recognition
K.Nitin Babu, D.N.Rajeswari
1856-1861 pdf
295. PV Fed Three-Level CascadeInverter
C. K. Lakshmi Prasanna, M. Harshavardhan Reddy
1862-1868 pdf
296. Single Layer Symmetrical Y-Slots Wideband Microstrip Antenna Using IE3D
Rahul Suvalka, Rajeshwar Lal Dua
1869-1871 pdf
297. BFO Based Multithresholding Edge Detection Technique
Poonamdeep Kaur, Raman Maini
1872-1880 pdf
298. Exact Value of Pi (Π) =17- 8√
Mr. Laxman S. Gogawale
1881-1903 pdf
299. Application of Signal to Noise Ratio Methodology for Optimization of MIG Welding Process Parameters
Dinesh Mohan Arya, Vedansh Chaturvedi, Jyoti Vimal
1904-1910 pdf
300. Performance Analysis of Two Stroke Petrol Engine On The Basis Of Variation in Carburetor Main-Jet Diameter
Abhishek Chakraborty, Shivamsharma
1911-1915 pdf
301. Improving Image Web Search Technique Using a New Approch
Megha Maheshwari
1916-1921 pdf
302. Secure User Data in Cloud Computing Using Encryption Algorithms
Anshu Parashar, Rachna Arora
1922-1926 pdf
303. Study of Hardness and Wear Properties of Boronized Aisi 4340 Steel
Arun.S, T.Sivakumar, Viswanathan P and R.Subramanian
1927-1929 pdf
304. Analysis of the Optimized Assist Beam for Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Based Four Wave Mixing Using Optisystem
Shreyashreeverma, Prof. A. Kjaiswal, Mukesh Kumar
1930-1933 pdf
305. Finite Element Analysis on Rapid Prototyping Pattern with Different InternalStructure for Investment Casting
M. N. Hafsa, M. Ibrahim, S. Sharif, O. M. F. Marwah And S. Sulaiman
1934-1939 pdf
306. Influence of Steel Plate Shear Wall on Multistorey Steel Building
Pundkar R. S, Alandkar P. M
1940-1945 pdf
307. High Throughput Two- Dimensional Median Filters On FPGA for Image Processing Applications
V. Satyanarayana, S. Srividya, U. Yedukondalu
1946-1949 pdf
308. Efficient Performance of Lifting Scheme Along With Integer Wavelet Transform In Image Compression
Tilak Mukherjee, M. Koteswara Rao
1950-1953 pdf
309. To Elevate the Grid Stability of PV System by Using Fuzzy MPPT Control
G. Gangadhar Gupta, K. Mahesh
1954-1958 pdf
310. An Artificial Neural Network based Intrusion Detection System and Classification of Attacks
Devikrishna K S, Ramakrishna B B
1959-1964 pdf
Ms. Namrata B Patil, Dr. W N Deulkar
1965-1971 pdf
312. Design of E-Shaped Triple Band Microstrip Patch Antenna
B. Ramesh, Dr. V. Rajya Lakshmi, Dr. G. S. N. Raju
1972-1974 pdf
313. Analysis of Optimization of Blank Holding Force In Deep Drawing By Using LS DYNA
Gyadari Ramesh, Dr.G.Chandra Mohan Reddy
1975-1995 pdf
314. An Enhanced ZVS & ZCS Full Bridge Converter With Resonance Circuit In The Secondary Winding For High Power Applications
P. Sudhrasana Rao, C. Nagakotareddy
1996-2001 pdf
315. Design and Implementation of Emotion Recognition System by Using Matlab
Neha Gupta and Prof. Navneet Kaur
2002-2006 pdf
316. Detecting Intrusions in Multitier Web Applications
Nita Prakash Saware, Manish Umale, Nidhi Maheswarkar
2007-2014 pdf
317. A Study on Effect of Variation of Thickness on Tensile Properties of Hybrid Polymer Composites (Glassfibre-Carbonfibre-Graphite) and GFRP Composites
Mr. M. Nayeem Ahmed, Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar, Dr. H.K. Shivanand, Mr. Syed Basith Muzammil
2015-2024 pdf
318. Analysis of Total Voltage Source Power Dissipation in 6t Cntfet Sram and Force Stacking Cntfet Sram at Low Supply Voltage
Bipin Pokharel, Dr. S K Chakarvati
2025-2035 pdf
319. Experimental Study and CFD Simulation of Two-Phase Flow Around Triangular Obstacle in Enlarging Channel
Laith Jaafer Habeeb, Riyadh S. Al-Turaihi
2036-2048 pdf
320. Efficient and Adaptable Technology Based VHOM Scheme in UMTS/WLANOverlay Networks
V. V. N. S. S. L. M. Anusha. K, Dr. M. Sailaja
2049-2054 pdf
321. Redundant Wavelet Transform Based Image Super Resolution
Arti Sharma, Prof. Preety D Swami
2055-2062 pdf
322. A New And Secure Chaos Based Multimedia Encryption Scheme
Payal Maggo, Dr. Rajender Singh Chhillar
2063-2068 pdf
323. Performance of Induction Motor Using 3-Level Cascade Inverter
C. Sudha Parimala, M. Harshavardhan Reddy
2069-2075 pdf
324. Seismic Behavior of Multi-Storied Buildings
Venkatasai Ram Kumar. N, S. V. Satyanarayana, J. Usha Kranti
2076-2079 pdf
325. Comparative Study: Detection of Shadow and Its Removal
Neha Hial, Somesh Dewangan
2080-2083 pdf
326. Design Of Low Power &Energy Proficient Pulse Triggered Flip-Flops
Susrutha Babu Sukhavasi, Suparshya Babu Sukhavasi, K.Sindhura, Dr. Habibulla Khan
2084-2089 pdf
327. Design and Optimization of High Speed Multiplier
Ila Chaudhary, Akash Kumar, Deepika Sharma
2090-2093 pdf
328. Performance Analysis on Airfoil Model in Wind Tunnel Testing Machine (WTTM)
Ishan.M.Shah, S. A. Thakkar, K. H. Thakkar, Bhavesh A. Patel
2094-2103 pdf
329. Analysis of "Variation in Non-Uniformity with Runout
Temperature of Tyre" Using Taguchi Parametric Optimization

Gaurav Bhadauria, Prof. Ajay Bangar
2104-2108 pdf
330. Modeling Of Frequency Domain Control of Shunt Active Power Filter Using MATLAB/Simulink and Power System Blockset
Kirti Kushwah, Anil K. Chaudhary, C.Veeresh
2109-2114 pdf
331. Design and Development of Intelligent Wireless Street Light Control and Monitoring System Along With GUI
B. K. Subramanyam, K. Bhaskar Reddy, P. Ajay Kumar Reddy
2115-2119 pdf
332. Hysteresis Characterization Check of Lithium-Ion Battery Model under Dynamic Simulation Runs
Santosh Bangaru, Rajani Alugonda
2120-2123 pdf
333. Steady-State Electron Transport Of Wurtzite Bulk Zno
F. Nofeli and H. Arabshahi
2124-2126 pdf
334. Implementation of BISDC Architecture in MECA for Video Coding Applications
D. Rajitha, K. Suresh
2127-2135 pdf
335. Effects of Some Parameters on Thermal Conductivity of
Nanofluids and Mechanisms of Heat Transfer Improvement

S. Ravi Babu, P. Ramesh Babu, Dr.V.Rambabu
2136-2140 pdf
336. Friction and Wear Behaviour Analysis of Different Journal Bearing Materials
k. M Bhuptani, Dr. J. M. Prajapati
2141-2146 pdf
337. Variable Workload Scheduling With Increased Throughput in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mrs. S. Jeevitha
2147-2152 pdf
338. An Intrusion Detection Using Hybrid Technique in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network
Ms. Rachana Deshmukh, Prof. Manoj Sharma, Ms. Rashmi Deshmukh
2153-2161 pdf
339. Simple Boost Control of Five-Level Z-Source Diode-Clamped Inverter by Multi-Carrier PWM Methods
A. Suresh Kumar, G. Mahanandeswara Gowd
2162-2167 pdf
340. Implementation of Music Algorithm for Smart Antenna System
Amruta J. Tathe, Y. D. Chincholkar, Achala Deshmukh
2168-2170 pdf
341. Single Event Upset (SEU) in SRAM
Gaurav Saxena, Rekha Agrawal, Sandhya Sharma
2171-2175 pdf
342. Comparison and Analysis of Pro-Active Routing Protocols in MANET
Deeptanoy Ghosh, Poonam Thakur
2176-2181 pdf
343. Effect Of Magnet And Oil Damper On Reduction Of Seismic Response Of Houses
Shigeru Aoki, Katsumi Kurita
2182-2188 pdf
344. Color Space-Time Interest Points for Live Feed
V. Lakshmi Chetana, D. Prasad
2189-2195 pdf
345. Efficient Artificial Immune Algorithm for Preventive-Maintenance-Planning For Multi State Systems
M. Abdallah, Y. Massim, M. Benguediab and A. Zeblah
2196-2205 pdf
346. Physico-Chemical Properties of the Biodiesel Extracted From Rubber Seed Oil Using Solid Metal Oxide Catalysts
Uma Krishnakumar, Dr. V. Sivasubramanian, Dr. N. Selvaraju
2206-2209 pdf
347. FEM Analysis Of Spur Gear Tooth
Vishwjeet V. Ambade, Prof. Dr. A.V.Vanalkar, Prof. P. R. Gajbhiye
2210-2216 pdf
348. Ensuring Data Security for Secure Cloud Hybrid Framework
Smriti, Dr. Deepak Arora
2217-2221 pdf
349. An Enhanced Low Bit Rate Audio Codec Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Navpreet Singh, Mandeep Kaur,Rajveer Kaur
2222-2228 pdf
350. Effective Diagnosis of Diseases through Symptoms Using Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network
Shashank Mahajan, Gaurav Shrivastava
2229-2231 pdf
351. Analytical Comparison And Selection Methods For Deformation
Analysis By Edge Detection Using Image Processing

P. S. S. Sashank, Kondabolu Nishanth
2232-2236 pdf
352. Framework for Multi-Cloud Using Integrity Verification Using CPDP Scheme
B. Shanmukhi, D. Satyanarayana
2237-2248 pdf
353. Impact of Aggregate Gradation and Type on Hot Mix Asphalt Rutting In Egypt
Manal A. Ahmed and Mohamed I. E. Attia
2249-2258 pdf
354. Design of an Implicit Pulse Triggered Flip-Flop Using PTL Based and Logic for Space Applications.
Akhil Simon Thomas, Vishnu G Nair

2259-2263 pdf
355. Dielectric Studies Of Manganese Carbonate Nanocrystals
K. U. Madhu and C. K. Mahadevan
2264-2267 pdf
356. Implementation of FPGA Based PID Controller for DC Motor Speed Control System
Prashant Kumar, Ravi Mishra
2268-2272 pdf
357. An Enhanced Security Technique for Storage of Multimedia Content over Cloud Server
Priyanka Gupta, Amandeep Kaur Brar
2273-2277 pdf
358. Development and Evaluation of Control Strategies for Reduction of Ambient PM10 Levels in Urban Environment: Application of GIS and Dispersion Modeling
Sailesh N. Behera, Jayprakash Rout, Mukesh Sharma And Prashant Gargava
2278-2294 pdf
359. Understanding the Differences between Proprietary & Free and Open Source Software
D Prasad, Dr.Ch.Satyananda Reddy
2295-2299 pdf
360. Consideration of Waste Water Characteristics Parameters
Dr. Savita Dubey
2300-2302 pdf
361. CAE Analysis of Crankshaft for Testing Dynamic Loads for Reducing Cost & Weight
Salim Ahmed, Tasmeem Ahmad Khan
2303-2307 pdf
362. Experimentation on Chemical Feasibility of Karanja Seed Oil to Use as In Diesel Engines Using 4-Stroke Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine Test Rig
Ganesh Singh Chauhan, Abhishek Chakraborty, Dr. Rashmi Shah
2308-2313 pdf
363. Performance Modeling and Analysis for Dynamic Bandwidth Distribution Scheme Using Real-Time Probabilistic System
Tony Tsang
2314-2317 pdf
364. Structural and Modal Analysis on A Frame Less Chassis Construction of Heavy Vehicle for Variable Loads
K. P. Sirisha, R. Lalith Narayana, A. Gopichand, Ch. Srinivas, G. Ram Balaji
2318-2323 pdf
365. Operation Improvement of an Indoor Robot by Using Hand Fingers Recognition
K. Suneetha, M. S. R. Sekhar, U. Yedukondalu
2324-2328 pdf
366. Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness Evaluation For Materials