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Volume 3- Issue 6 [Nov-Dec 2013]

S.No. Title & Authors Page Downloads
Paper submitted to IJERA : 1028
Accepted papers by peer review process : 360
Rejected Paper : 668
Paper Acceptance percentage : 35.01%
1. Method Develop and Validation of Eletriptan Hydrobromide Pharmaceutical Dosage Form By Rp-Hplc
Dheeravath Saida Naik, Kasani Ramadevi, Bhagawan.D
01-05 pdf
2. UPQC Controlled Capable Of Mitigating Unbalance In Source Voltage And Load Current
B. Santhosh Kumar, K. Vijay Kumar
06-14 pdf
Implementation of Low Cost RF Based Attendance Management System Using PSOC 5 and GSM Module
Sk. Khamuruddeen, S.V.Devika, T. Satya Prasad, S. Phani Kumar, M. Sri Naga Manikantha
15-20 pdf
4. A Simple Method for Synthesis, Purification and concentration Stabilized Goldnanoparticles
Dr. Fatin F.M. AL-Kazazz, Kifah A. F. AL-Imarah, Ikteffam.Abed AL-Hasnawi, Agelmashotjafar L, Dr.Ban Abbas Abdul-Majeed
21-30 pdf
5. Analysis of Surface Degradation PP and HDPE Banana Fiber by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
P. M. Hashimoto, R. B. Ribeiro, D. R. Mulinari, J.W.J. Silva, J.L. Rosa, L.B. Silva, N.T. Matias
31-38 pdf
6. Automatic Screening of Missing Objects and Identification with Group Coding of RF Tags
G. Vijayaraju, B. Vamsi Krishna
39-41 pdf
7. Implementation of Convolution Encoder and Viterbi Decoder for Constraint Length 7 and Bit Rate 1/2
Mr. Sandesh Y.M, Mr. Kasetty Rambabu
42-46 pdf
8. Keystroke Biometric For User Authentication - A Review
Pallavi Yevale, Mehul Jha, Swapnil Auti, Laukik Upadhye, Siddhrath Kulkarni
47-52 pdf
9. A Novelty of Electroencephalogram Signal and Assessment of Sub Band Data Distribution for Brain Balancing Application.
N. Fuad, M.N.Taib, R.Jailani, M.E.Marwan
53-58 pdf
10. Virtual Network Computing- A Prodigious Technology For Remote Desktop Sharing
Harshita Tomar, Gunjesh Sahney
59-63 pdf
11. Estimation of Pan Evaporation Using Mean Air Temperature and Radiation for Monsoon Season in Junagadh Region
Manoj J. Gundalia, M. B. Dholakia
64-70 pdf
12. Methodology for the MDL Model Implementation of the Dinorwig Hydroelectric Plant
Ernest Cortez, German Ardul Muñoz Hernandez, José Italo Cortez, Liliana Cortez, Pedro García Juarez, Javier Poblano Romero
71-74 pdf
13. High Speed, Low Power, Area Efficient Mux-Add and Bec Based Implementation of Carry Select Adder.
Ishita Banerjee
75-78 pdf
14. Performance and Analysis of Z-Source Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter by Using PWM Control Strategy
B. Pakkiraiah, Ms. Dasari Sudha
79-84 pdf
15. Review and Evaluate the Citizens' Satisfaction with the Quality of E-Service in Raja Passenger Trains Company
H. R. MirAli, H. R. Ghaderi, A. Hydari and Z. Mohseni
85-88 pdf
16. Experimental Design of High Yield Polypyrrole by Taguchi Method
S.N. Paul, Vineet V. Karambelkar, J.D. Ekhe
89-95 pdf
17. High Speed Fault Injection Tool Implemented With Verilog HDL on FPGA for Testing Fault Tolerance Designs
G. Gopinath Reddy, A. Rajasekhar Yadav, Y. Mahesh
96-99 pdf
18. Design and Implementation of Power Converters for Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy Conversion System with an Implementation of MPPT
G. Sridhar Babu, Y. Kanakaraju
100-108 pdf
19. Meditation Research: A Comprehensive Review
Sivaramakrishnan Rajaraman
109-115 pdf
21. Singular Value Decomposition for Multidimensional Matrices
Kamalja K. K and Khangar N. V.
123-129 pdf
22. Parametric Data Modeling and Experimental Approach for Spot Weldment in SS202
S. K.Sahoo, S. K. Sarangi, S. N. Panda
130-135 pdf
23. Review on High Gain Conical Horn Antenna for Short-Range Communications
Priyanka Bhagwat, Teena Raikwar
136-140 pdf
24. A Novel Real Time Motion Detection Algorithm For Videos
M. Nagaraju, Valluripalli Eshwar Chowdary
141-145 pdf
25. Secure Level Transmission in Wi-Fi Using Cryptography
K. Prasuna, M. Padmaja
146-148 pdf
26. Optimized Pattern Mining Of Sample Data
Yamini Chowdary Nalamothu, P. V. Subba Reddy
149-154 pdf
27. Lamp-Ballast Compatibility Index for Efficient Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp Operation
Sourish Chatterjee, Dr. Asok Kumar
155-160 pdf
28. The Effects of Machine and Poultry Parameters on Feather Plucking
Adejumo A. O. D, Adegbie A. M, Brai S, Oni O. V, Opadijo O. O
161-166 pdf
29. Swarm Intelligence Based Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) Approach for Maximizing the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
LingaRaj.K, Nalavadi Srikantha, Khaja Moinuddin, Lokesh K.S
167-172 pdf
30. Potential Rainwater Harvesting For Irrigation In Godagari Upazilla, Rajshahi
A. A. Masum, M. Z. Alam, A. Chowdhury
173-175 pdf
31. A Research Methodology For CRM – A New Research Approach
R. Surya Kiran,Vikas Kumar Singh,G Srujan Kumar Reddy, Maninder Singh, Badeshray Rocky Singh, Prasoon
176-187 pdf
32. Modal and Stress Analysis of Differential Gearbox Casing with Optimization
Shrenik M. Patil, Prof. S. M. Pise
188-193 pdf
33. What Can Rainwater Dissolve From Bitumen Shingle Roof Materials?
Adrienn Horváth, Adrienne Clement
194-199 pdf
34. With The Help of Power Factor How To Reduce The Load Current.
Imran Aziz, S.M.Taqi, M.Tanveer, Muhammad Shafique, Zain Anwar Ali
200-203 pdf
35. Building A New Map Of Tectonic Zoning For Albanides: A Few Issues To Consider
Assoc. Prof. Dr Petraq Naco, Dr. Viktor Doda, Dr.Gjergji Shore
204-209 pdf
36. Determination of the Amount of Acrylamide Formation during Frying of Potato in Sesame Oil, Palm Olein and the Blend of Them
Dorin Bakhtiary, Simin Asadollahi, Seyed Ali Yasini Ardakani
210-214 pdf
37. Performance, Emissions and Combustion Characteristics of Mohr Oil in Crude and Biodiesel Form in High Grade Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine
P. V. K. Murthy, M.V.S. Murali Krishna
215-227 pdf
38. Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution System for Improve Network Efficiency Using Artificial Bee Colony
Mahdi Mozaffari Legha, Marjan Tavakoli, Farzaneh Ostovar, Milad Askari Hashemabadi
228-233 pdf
39. A Survey On Cloud Networking
Prof.Gaurav Buddhawar, Mr.Ketan Belekar
234-239 pdf
40. Identification and Forensic Investigation of Network Intruders Based On Honeynet
Palika Jajoo, Ganesh Singh, Maninder Singh Nehra
240-246 pdf
41. Metallic Particle Contamination in Three Phase Gas Insulated Busduct with Various Gas Mixtures
M. Raghavendra Rao, J. Amarnath
247-251 pdf
42. Image Fusion Based On Wavelet Transform For Medical Diagnosis
J. Srikanth, C.N Sujatha
252-256 pdf
43. Effects of Corona Ring Parameters on Electric Field Sharing Along Suspension Insulator String under Lightning Impulse Overvoltage Based On FEM
Roya Fouladi, Mohammad Mirzaie , Mohammad Moradi
257-262 pdf
44. Non Conventional Power Generation by Using Hybrid Wind - Solar Energy System
S. Pandu Ranga Reddy, P. Venkatesh
263-268 pdf
45. Punching Shear High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs
Vasant. B. Jatale and L. G. Kalurkar
269-275 pdf
46. An Effective VHDL Implementation of IEEE 754 Floating Point Unit using CLA and Rad-4 Modified Booth Encoder Multiplier
Subitha. M. B.
276-280 pdf
47. Optimisation of Connecting Rod Design to Achieve Vcr
Savita Tomar, Reena Mishra, Sarita Bisht, Sanjeev Kumar, Aman Balyan, Mr.Gaurav Saxena
281-286 pdf
48. A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System Using Cuk-Sepic Fused Converter
A. Sudharshan, M.Yohan, R.V.R.S.K. Shrujan, Y. Gayathri
287-293 pdf
49. Distributed Denial Of Service Attack Techniques: Analysis, Implementation And Comparison
Prof Tushar D. Kolhe, Prof. Minal T. Kolhe
294-299 pdf


Formability Analysis and Its Parameters –A Review Paper
U. V. Mangudkar, Dr. R. B. Hiremath
300-303 pdf
51. The Automatic License Plate Recognition(Alpr)
Rinku Solanki, Rajesh Kumar Rai, Teena Raikwar
304-310 pdf
52. Clustering Aggregation Using Control Chart Technique
Yamini Chalasani, M. Vani Pujitha
311-316 pdf
53. A Novel Lossless Robust Reversible Watermarking Method for Copyright Protection of Images
Sidham Abhilash, S M Shamseerdaula
317-323 pdf
54. A Feasible Study of Environment Vs Construction
R.Greesan, A.Praveena
324-329 pdf
55. Various Low Power Techniques for CMOS Circuits
P. Kalyani, Dr. P. Satishkumar, Dr. K. Ragini
330-333 pdf
56. An Approach for Usage and Dataflow Coverage in Regression Testing
Y. Laxmi Prasanna
334-337 pdf
57. Implementation of Diamond Search Algorithm Using Parallel Processing Architecture
K. Shuma Roshini, M. Tejaswi
338-341 pdf
58. Implementation of Two Level DWT VLSI Architecture
V. Revathi Tanuja, R V V Krishna
342-346 pdf
59. Modelling Of Variation Trained Drowsy Cache
V. Padmaja, D. Kishore
347-351 pdf
60. Implementation of an NEP in Java
David Batard, Víctor Martínez
352-357 pdf
61. Various Correlation Properties of Orthogonal Spreading Codes for CDMA Technique
Pavan M. Ingale, Md. Manan Mujahid, Syed Anwar Ahmed
358-362 pdf
62. Free Vibration Characteristics of Edge Cracked Piles with Circular Cross-Section
Dr. Şeref Doğuşcan Akbaş
363-371 pdf
63. Bifurcation in triply diffusive couple stress fluid systems
I.S. Shivakumara, S.B. Naveen Kumar
372-377 pdf
64. Energy and Comfort Management in Energy Efficient Buildings Using RETSCREEN Software-A Case Study Analysis
Vijaya Lalita. P, Dr. Ch. Saibabu, G. R. K. D. Satya Prasad
378-381 pdf
65. Design and Implementation of 2mbps Data and Voice Frame Structure
P. Anudeep, N. Vasudeva Reddy
382-385 pdf
66. Analysis of LEACH and Its Variants for Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks
Poonam Shrivastava, Srija Unnikrishnan
386-389 pdf
67. Design and Analysis of DVR and D-Statcom Multi Level Converter in Distribution System
Ravi Babu Nagulla, C.H. Phanindra
390-397 pdf
68. Fuzzy Logic Control of D-Statcom for Power Quality Improvement
D. Prasad, T. Sandeep Kumar, Dr.B.Venkata Prasanth, Dr.K.S.G.Sankar
398-403 pdf
69. Impact of Data Distribution on Response Time in Telecom Databases
Imran Ashraf, Amir Shahzed Khokhar, Dr. Lars Lundberg
404-412 pdf
70. A Survey on data security models in cloud computing
Noman Mazher, Imran Ashraf
413-417 pdf
71. Synchronous-Reference – Frame Based Control Method For UPQC Under Different Load Conditions
418-429 pdf
72. Brain Tumor Detection Based On Symmetry Information
Narkhede Sachin G, Prof. Vaishali Khairnar
430-432 pdf
73. Design of Standalone Hybrid Biomass & PV System of an Off-Grid House in a Remote Area
Smruti Ranjan Pradhan, Prajna Pragatika Bhuyan, Sangram Keshari Sahoo, G.R.K.D.Satya Prasad
433-437 pdf
74. Design of Fractional Order Piλdλ Controller for Liquid Level Control of a Spherical Tank Modeled As a Fractional Order System
Rajinikanth Reddy.Mettu, Ramesh.Ganta
438-443 pdf
75. Virtual Body Measurement System for Tailor Made Outfits
Akshata H. Khade, Ayesha H. Butalia
444-448 pdf
76. Clustering Brain Region from Functional MRI Using Interaction K-MEANS
Ms.P.Angalaparameswari, Mrs.P.Rupa Ezhil Arasi
449-453 pdf
77. Sensitivity Analysis of Pressure Sensor for Environmental Application
Ashish, Kumari Nidhi Gupta, Dr.T.Shanmuganantham
454-458 pdf
78. A Voltage Controlled Adjustable Speed Induction Motor Drive Using Pfc Half-Bridge Converter
Devendra. K, Dr.S.V.M.Bhuvanaika Rao
459-463 pdf
79. Predicting Movements On A Plane For Robot With Depth Camera
Jose Manuel Mejia Perales, Rodolfo Romero Herrera, Alfonso Fernandez Vazquez
464-468 pdf
80. Statistical Methodology for Quality Comparison between Algorithms
Suárez Díaz Ronald, Maldonado Ascanio Erik, Escorcia Caballero Juan
469-472 pdf
81. Performance and emission analysis of waste vegetable oil and it's blends with diesel and additive
K.Srinivas, N. Ramakrishna,Dr.B.BaluNaik, Dr.K.KalyaniRadha
473-478 pdf
82. Optimal Implementation of UART-SPI Interface in System On Chip
M.Veera Gopi Kishore, B.Srinivas, Dr M.J.C. Prasad
479-483 pdf
83. Improving Login Authorization by Providing Graphical Password (Security)
R.V.Sudhakar, A. Mruthyunjayam, D. Suguna Kuamari, M. Ravi Kumar, B.V.S. Ramesh Babu
484-489 pdf
84. The Skien Hash Function
Sivasankari. S. A, Allan Mary George, Pavithra. S
490-495 pdf
85. A New Switching Median Filter for Impulse Noise Removal from Corrupted Images
K J Sreeja, Prudhvi Raj Budumuru
496-501 pdf
86. Hydraulic Speed Breaker Power Generator
Rajat Gupta, Rahul Gupta
502-506 pdf
87. Power Control by UPFC with Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Converter
Sathish Bakanagari, B. Karunakarrao, A. Maheshsh Kumar
507-510 pdf
88. Image Segmentation Using Local Thresholding And Ycbcr Color Space
Amit Kumar Mandal, Dilip Kumar Baruah
511-514 pdf
89. Performance Parameter Analysis of Face Recognition Based On Fuzzy C-Means Clustering, Shape and Corner Detection
Minj Salen Kujur1, Prof. Prashant Jain
515-520 pdf
90. Mobile Platforms And Apps Cross-Platforms Development Tools
Serena Pastore
521-531 pdf
91. Control And Modeling Of Doubly Fed Induction Machine For Wind Turbines
Sai Sindhura K, G. Srinivas Rao
532-538 pdf
92. Security in Virtual Private Networks
Sridevi, Dr.Manjaiah.D.H
539-543 pdf
93. Design Of FOPDT PID Controller By Different Tuning Methods For Industrial Process Control
Poorvi Jain and Pramod Kumar Jain
544-546 pdf
94. Study of Mechanical Properties in Austenitic Stainless Steel Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
Mukesh, Sanjeev Sharma
547-553 pdf
95. Shear Strength of Slender Reinforced Concrete Beams without Web Reinforcement
Prof. R.S. Chavan, Dr. P.M. Pawar
554-559 pdf
96. Review: Design of Highly Efficient Multirate Digital Filters
Suraj R. Gaikwad, Prof. Gopal Gawande
560-564 pdf
97. Order Reduction of Discrete Time Systems Using Modified Pole Clustering Technique
N. Sai Dinesh, Dr. M. Siva Kumar, D. Srinivasa Rao
565-569 pdf
98. Microcontroller Based Speed Control of Dc Motor through Rs 232 Interface with Pc
Ms. Priya D. Duggal, Ms. P. M. Palpankar, Mrs. A. Y. Fadnis
570-573 pdf
99. Solutions To The Pell Equation x2-D.y2=2kWhere D=r2s2+2.s And Recurrences
Özen Özer, Yılmaz Çeven
574-580 pdf
100. Application of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Farm In STATCOM to Regulate the Grid Voltage
Arul. A, Suresh.S, Ramesh. R, Ananthi. M
581-586 pdf
101. Performance Evaluation of feature selection methods for Mobile devices
A. Chaudhary, S. Kolhe, Rajkamal
587-594 pdf
102. Effect of Swirl on DI Diesel Engine Operated With Honge Biodiesel
M. N Channappagoudra, Sunil Thaned, N.R. Banapurmath, K. Ramesh, G.Manavendra
595-601 pdf
103. Wind Generator (Dfig) Based Statcom Controller
B.Raghu, k.Suresh
602-610 pdf
104. Versatile Control Scheme for a Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power-Quality Improvement
Sathish Bakanagari, A. Mahesh Kumar, T. Ravi Babu
611-614 pdf
105. The New Adaptive Active Constellation Extension Algorithm For PAR Minimization in OFDM Systems
Vaggam Srinivas & C. Ravishankar Reddy
615-618 pdf
106. Fuzzy Model Based Learning Control for Spherical Tank Process
S Ramesh and S Abraham Lincon
619-623 pdf
107. Failure Analysis of a bar Soap Extrusion Machine
Ogur, E. O and Mburu, J. K
624-629 pdf
108. Design of a Biogas Generator
Ogur, E. O and Irungu, P.
630-635 pdf
109. Improvement of Carbides Tool Based On Stress Rules
Prof. Vishnu D Wakchaure, Rahane Santosh Prabhakar
636-639 pdf
110. Numerical Analysis of Silica Gel Bed Used In Desiccant Air Cooler and Dehumidifier
Er. Vibhor Jain, Er Gagan Bajaj, Er. Danda Avinash
640-644 pdf
111. Nano-Size Cement Bypass as Asphalt Modifier in Highway Construction
F. Khodary, M.S. Abd El-Sadek, H. S. El-Sheshtawy
645-648 pdf
112. Morphology and Conductivity Studies of PVC Based Micro-Porous Polymer Electrolyte
Ashwini S. Mahalle, Vijaya S. Sangawar
649-653 pdf
113. Characterization of Co1-XZnxFe2o4 Nano Spinal Ferrites Prepared By Citrate Precursor Method
Ch. Vinuthna, D. Ravinder, R. Madhusudan Raju
654-660 pdf
114. Electric Power Assisted Steering
Vishal N. Sulakhe, Mayur A. Ghodeswar, Meghsham D. Gite
661-666 pdf
115. Mitigate Voltage Sag/Swell Condition and Power Quality Improvement in Distribution Line Using D-STATCOM
Pragti Jyotishi, Proff. Deeparamchandani
667-674 pdf
116. Behavior Analysis of Memorized Sort on Randomly Colonized Data Sets
Toqeer Ehsan, M. Usman Ali, Meer Qaisar Javed
675-677 pdf
117. Authentication in Android Smart Phones Using Gestures and Security Pin
Vedavyas. M, Kumara Swamy. P
678-681 pdf
118. Legitimate Traffic Jamming Prevention
Ashish. L, Naresh Kumar. S
682-688 pdf
119. Mhd Free Convection Flow Of Dissipative Fluid Past An Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate
K.Bhagya Lakshmi, G.S.S. Raju, P.M. Kishore and N.V.R.V. Prasada Rao
689-702 pdf
120. Vibration Analysis of CSSF and SSFC Panel
Ibearugbulem, Owus M, Ebirim,Stanley Ikechukwu and Ezeh, J. C
703-707 pdf
121. Different Techniques to Transfer Big data: a Survey
Kiran Kumar Reddi, Dnvsls Indira
708-711 pdf
122. Harmonic Reduction in Power System
Mrs. M. Sindhubala, Ms. Allan Mary George
712-714 pdf
123. Implementation of Low Power Technique of Point Multiplication on Koblitz Curves Using VHDL
Ms. Anupa S. Kalambe, Prof. Snehprabha Lad
715-716 pdf
124. Prevention of Black Hole Attack Using AOMDV
Naseera K. M, Dr. C. Chandrasekar
717-722 pdf
125. Comparison of High Efficiency with Different Topology Transformerless Photovoltaic Power Converters
A Kurmaiah, S.Anil Kumar
723-729 pdf
126. Synthesis & Effectiveness Study Of Banana Peel Adsorbent & Artificial Neural Network Modeling In Removal Of Cu (II) Ions From Aqueous Solution
Shekhar Pandharipande, Rucha Deshpande
730-734 pdf
127. A Preliminary Experimental Investigation of a New Wedge Disc Brake
Mostafa M. Makrahy, Nouby M. Ghazaly, K. A. Abd El-Gwwad, K. R. Mahmoud and Ali M. Abd-El-Tawwab
735-744 pdf
128. Prospects of MHD Generation in Bangladesh
Md. Shariful Islam, Nazmul Hossain Molla, Eshita Quddus
745-748 pdf
129. Enhancement of Speech Recognition Algorithm Using DCT and Inverse Wave Transformation
Sukhdeep Kaur, Er. Gurwinder Kaur
749-754 pdf
130. Ziegler-Nichols (Z-N) Based PID Plus Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) For Speed Control of A Direct Field-Oriented Induction Motor (DFOIM)
Srinivas.Singirikonda1, Yellaiah.Ponnam2, Sravan Kumar.Palarapu
755-762 pdf
131. Adjoint Approach to Estimate the Non-Steady Emission Rate of A Point Source
David Parra-Guevara, Yu. N. Skiba
763-776 pdf
132. A Study On The Effect Of Injection Pressure And Injection Timing On The Engine Performance And Emissions With Blends Of FOME As A Fuel For CI Engine
K. M. Mrityunjayaswamy, Ramesha.D.K.
777-782 pdf
133. Efficient Image Compression Using Sphit and Huffman Encoding Based On Dwt and Transmitting Through Ofdm Channel
J. Rajendra, V.Sreevani, K.Jyothi, Dr.V.Sailaja
783-787 pdf
134. Multiple Input Analysis Of DS-CDMA Rake Receiver Simulator
Vaibhav Khairnar, Jitendra Mathur, Hema Singh
788-792 pdf
135. Assessment of Materials and Process Variables on Regulatory Compliance of Sandcrete Blocks: A Case Study of Ogbomoso, Nigeria.
O.S. Oladeji and O.A. Awos
793-799 pdf
136. E-Government through Cooperative Web Services
Shatanand Patil and Prof. Manasi Kulkarni
800-805 pdf
137. Performance Characteristics Of Stabilized Clay Bricks Using Additives
O.S. Oladeji and A. F. Akinrinde
806-810 pdf
138. A Comparative Study on Physico-Chemical Properties Of Pulp And Paper Mill Effluent
Pooja Tripathi, Virendra Kumar, Sat Pal Singh, Suresh Panwar, Sanjay Naithani, Gyanesh Joshi, Raman Nautiyal
811-818 pdf
139. Simulation Model Of Functional Stability Of Business Processes
Yuri Monakhov, Olga Fayman
819-828 pdf
140. Finding Frequent Patterns Based On Quantitative Binary Attributes Using FP-Growth Algorithm
R. Sridevi, Dr. E. Ramaraj
829-834 pdf
141. Phyto-Sociological Assessment of Vegetation of Durgapur Government College Campus, Durgapur, West Bengal, India
Mousumi Garai, Debalina Kar, Debnath Palit and Arnab Banerjee
835-840 pdf
142. Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Shunt Connected Compensator for Power Quality in a Utility Connected Grid System
Ravi Teja Palle, Sri P. Lakshminarayana
841-848 pdf
143. Client Honeypot Based Malware Program Detection Embedded Into Web Pages
Supinder Kaur, Harpreet Kaur
849-854 pdf
144. Efficient Machine Learning Techniques for Stock Market Prediction
Zahid Iqbal, R. Ilyas, W. Shahzad, Z. Mahmood and J. Anjum
855-867 pdf
145. Graphene Coated Solar / Ultracapacitor Driven Car
Dr. Debmalya Bhattacharya, Waikhomreshmi, Kiruthika Priya.V, Amit Kr. Sinha
868-870 pdf
146. Free Space Optical Communications: An Overview
Matthew N. O. Sadiku and Sarhan M. Musa, Omonowo D. Momoh
871-875 pdf
147. An Area Efficient Enhanced SQRT Carry Select Adder
Damarla Paradhasaradhi, Prof. K. Anusudha
876-880 pdf
148. Retinal Image Compression In Favour Of Hasty Transmission Using Region of Interest
E. Sivasankari, D.Gowthami and Prof.R.Jayanthi
881-887 pdf
149. Study of the optical properties of Zinc doped Polypyrrole
Bishwajit S. Chakrabarty
888-890 pdf
150. Effect of Particle Dimensions on Its Movement in Three Phase Gas Insulated Busduct
P. Nagarjuna Reddy, J. Amarnath
891-896 pdf
151. A Study on Diesel Engine with Palmstearin-Diesel Blends at Different Injection Pressures
S. Kirankumar
897-901 pdf
152. Biodiesel: A Review
Monisha J, Harish A, Sushma R, Krishna Murthy T P*, Blessy B Mathew, Ananda S
902-912 pdf
153. Machine Learning Techniques for Mobile Devices: A Review
A. Chaudhary, S. Kolhe, Rajkamal
913-917 pdf
154. Impact of Connectionless & Connection Oriented Communication with Variable Transmission Range and Mobility on Routing Protocols Over Manets
Jitender Grover, Jony and Jitender
918-926 pdf
155. A Compromise Weighted Solution For Multilevel Linear Programming Problems
Osman M. S., Gadalla M. H., Zeanedean R. A., Rabie R. M.
927-936 pdf
156. Data Mining In Healthcare: A Survey of Techniques and Algorithms with Its Limitations and Challenges
Prakash Mahindrakar, Dr. M. Hanumanthappa
937-941 pdf
157. Novel Approach for Dynamic Data Collection in Tree Based Wireless Sensor Networks
K. Swathi, Sk. Abdul Ali
942-946 pdf
158. Computer Simulation for Finding Optimum Gate Location in Plastic Injection Moulding Process
P. Hussain Babu, T. Vishnu Vardan
947-950 pdf
159. Low-Cost Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Educational Environment Using ARM7
Nandkishor Gupta, Prashant Sediwal, Prabhat Pandey
951-956 pdf
160. A Novel Approach of Content Based Image Retrieval Improved Segmentation Algorithm for Satellite Based Images
Ms. D.N.Rajeswari, Ms.R.Deepthi
957-962 pdf
161. Modeling and Analysis of Metallic Sintered Spur gear.
Dr.Shivappa.D, Shivakumar.N, Ananda.G.K
963-967 pdf
162. Dynamic P2P Streaming Using Delaunay Edges
Kavya Lakshmi Sudheera .I, Dr A Jayalakshmi
968-971 pdf
163. Design of Low Power Novel Viterbi Decoder Using Transmission Gates
B.Vijayapriya, Dr.S. Padma, Prof.B.M.Prabhu
972-976 pdf
164. Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Shea Butter (Vitellaria Paradoxa) Clarifying System
Gbabo Agidi, J.T Liberty, T.O Fakayode and G.Y Olanrele
977-982 pdf
165. Impact of Distributed Generation on Three Feeder Radial Distribution System
Arjun Yadav. M, Suresh Babu. R
983-988 pdf
166. Direct Torque Control of IM Drive for Speed Regulator Using Adaptive Controller
A. Ravi Kumar Reddy, A.Mallikarjuna Prasad, S. Thirumalaiahc
989-993 pdf
167. Area And Speed Wise Superior Multiply And Accumulate Unit Based On Vedic Multiplier
Mr. Virendra Babanrao Magar
994-999 pdf
168. Performance Evaluation of PWM Converter Control Strategy for PMSG Based Variable Speed Wind Turbine
Y. Malleswara Rao, B. Srinivasa Rao
1000-1006 pdf
169. VNC Viewer Authentication and Security Using Remote Frame Buffer Protocol
D. Suguna Kuamari, B. Srinivasulu , G. Srinivas , G. Jaya Rao
1007-1011 pdf
170. Review of Studies on Retaining Wall's Behavior on Dynamic / Seismic Condition
Su Yang, Amin Chegnizadeh, Hamid Nikraz
1012-1021 pdf
171. Novel Approach of Stationary & Non Stationary Implementation of NLMS & RLMS Algorithms for Suppression of Noise in Cardiac Signals
K.Anitha, Sk. Mastan Vali, Dr Panakala Rajesh Kumar
1022-1025 pdf
172. Ant Colony Optimization Techniques in MANET for Efficient Routing: A Survey
Amit Pathak, Mr. Shashikant Pandey
1026-1032 pdf
173. Synthesis, Structural & Dielectrical Properties of Citrate-Gel Prepared Lithium Nano Ferrites
G. Aravind and D. Ravinder
1033-1039 pdf
174. Closed Loop Operation of High Efficiency Ac-Dc Step-Up Converter Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
G. Ashok, K. B. Madhu Sahu, Ch. Krishna Rao
1040-1047 pdf
175. Performance of Handover in Mobile IP Networks
Khaled Mahmood Al-Adhal, Dr. S. S. Tyagi
1048-1053 pdf
176. Thermal and Structural Analysis of Tree Shaped Fin Array
K. Pavan Kumar, P.V.Vinay, R.Siddhardha
1054-1057 pdf
178. DFT-Based Approach for Reducing Switching Activity during Scan Shift
P. Giribabu, G. Sunil
1068-1072 pdf
179. Comparative Evaluation of Image Fusion Technique Using Shift Invariant Transforms
Tinku J. Mattappillil, P. Soundarya Mala, Dr. V. Sailaja, Rajeswara Mahidar
1073-1076 pdf
181. Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset for Temporary Fault and Trip for Permanent Fault
Sathish Bakanagari, A. Mahesh Kumar, M. Cheenya
1082-1086 pdf
182. Comparative Study Of Traffic Flow Models And Data Retrieval Methods From Video Graphs
M. Jabeena
1087-1093 pdf
183. Poly (Oxyethylene)Terphthylamine As Corrosion Inhibitors For Carbon Steel In Methanoic Acid.
R. S. Abdel Hameed, Hussin I. Al-Shafey, Ismail E. A, Abd-Alhakeem H. Abu-Nawwas And El Azabawy O.E
1094-1103 pdf
184. Fuzzy Gain Scheduling and Fuzzy Logic Control Based Induction Motor Drives Using Variable Structure Control Methodology
R. Kannan, J. Kanakaraj
1104-1110 pdf
185. Modeling and Analysis of an SEIRS Epidemic Model with Saturated Incidence
O. Adebimpe, A. A. Waheed and B. Gbadamosi
1111-1116 pdf
186. Torsional Response of Continuous Thin Walled Box Girder Structures
V.C. Mbachu, N.N. Osadebe
1117-1122 pdf
187. A Novel Algorithmic Approach for Information Hiding In a Video with Low Video Distortion
Praveen Kumar Reddy. M, D. Adithya Chandra Varma, Prof. Varunkumar.M
1123-1125 pdf
188. Influence Of Nano Grease Composite On Rheological Behaviour
Alaa Mohamed, A. Khattab, T.A. Osman, M. Zaki
1126-1131 pdf
189. Optimization Of Hypoid Gear Using Genetic Algorithm
Alaa Mohamed, A. Khattab, T.A. Osmana, Mostafa. Shazly
1132-1138 pdf
190. Fixed Point Theorem for Selfmaps On A Fuzzy 2-Metric Space Under Occasionally Subcompatibility Condition
K.P.R. Sastry, M.V.R. Kameswari, Ch. Srinivasa Rao and R. Venkata Bhaskar
1139-1145 pdf
191. Computer Implementation of the Drbem for Studying the Classical Uncoupled Theory of Thermoelasticity of Functionally Graded Anisotropic Rotating Plates
M. A. Fahmy, A. M. Salem, M. S. Metwally And M. M. Rashid
1146-1154 pdf
192. Homomorphism and Anti Homomorphism on a Bipolar Anti Fuzzy Subgroup
R. Muthuraj, M.Sridharan and M.S.Muthuraman
1155-1159 pdf
193. An Investigation about the Models of Parallel Computation
Mehrdad Hashemi, Shabnam Ahari
1160-1162 pdf
194. Allocation of Svcs & Ipfcs in an Electrical Power System Using PSO
M.V.Ramesh, Dr. V.C. Veera Reddy
1163-1165 pdf
195. Optimization of Generated Power for a Grid Connected Pv-Fc Hybrid System
D. Ravi Kishore, M. Bala Raghav, G. Gowthami
1166-1171 pdf
196. Free Vibration Analysis of Cracked Beam
Prathamesh M. Jagdale, Dr. M. A. Chakrabarti
1172-1176 pdf
197. Cryptographic Processor in The Implementation Of Ipsec Protocols
Sridevi, Dr.Manjaiah D.H
1177-1182 pdf
198. Growth and Characterization of Zinc–Magnesium Tris (Thiourea) Sulphate (ZMTS) Single Crystals
A. Darlin Mary, K. Jayakumari, C.K. Mahadevan
1183-1196 pdf
199. Application of Computer Vision System in Food Processing- A Review
Aasima Rafiq, Hilal A Makroo, Poonam Sachdeva and Savita Sharma
1197-1205 pdf
200. An Improved Direct Torque Control for Three-Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive
Papi Naidu Tentu, Prof K.Vijay Kumar
1206-1213 pdf
201. Security Providing To Wireless Sensor Networks by Presence of Location Monitoring Systems
1214-1219 pdf
202. Enhanced LUT For Modified Distributed Arithematic Architecture - FIR Filter
N Vivek, Prof K Anusudha
1220-1224 pdf
204. Development of Glass/Banana Fibers Reinforced Epoxy Composite
Ashwani Kumar, Deepak Choudhary
1230-1235 pdf
205. Microanalytical Investigation on the Consolidation Characteristic of Lime Composites
Saeid. Amiralian, Amin. Chegenizadeh And Hamid. Nikraz
1236-1241 pdf
206. Image Fusion on Ratio Images for Change Detection in SAR Images Using DWT and PCA
P. Sanjay Krishnamal, B. Surya Prasada Rao, Dr. P. Rajesh Kumar
1242-1246 pdf
207. Influence of the Integration of Ferrite Films in the Substrate, On Resonant Frequency of the Patch Antenna
Fatima Zahra Hanin, Larbi Setti
1247-1250 pdf
208. Simulation And Comparative Analysis of Linear DC Power Supply
Engr.Qazi Waqar Ali, Prof. M.Zahir Khan
1251-1256 pdf
209. Classifying User Preferences of Web Learning System with Genetic Optimization
L. Jayasimman, E. George Dharma Prakash Raj
1257-1261 pdf
1262-1270 pdf
211. Discussion on Different Algorithm for Text Classification and Feature Selection
Nilophar Mulani, Yoginath Kalshetty
1271-1275 pdf
212. Study of load balancing protocols in MANET
Prof. S.A.Jain, Ms. Kunjal Patel
1276-1280 pdf
213. High-Speed Motorcycle Dynamics: Quick Turns While Going Straight and Around Curves
Ronald L. Huston, Larry S. Schartman, John Connelly
1281-1285 pdf
214. Implementation of Naive Bayes as a Quality of Service Determination on Traffic Network Communication Protocol
Sudarma, M., Pramana, D.H
1286-1290 pdf
215. 16-Bit RISC Processor Design for Convolution Applications
Ramana K, Mrs. G. Sree Lakshmi and Dr. M. Ch. P. Jagdissh
1291-1294 pdf
216. Fuzzy Reliability Analysis for the Effect of TRH Based On Gamma Distribution
A. Venkatesh, S. Elango
1295-1298 pdf
217. A Novel Secured RGB LSB Steganography with Enhanced Stego-Image Quality
Koyi Lakshmi Prasad, Dr. T.Ch.Malleswara Rao
1299-1303 pdf
218. Adaptive Filter for Ecg Noise Reduction Using Rls Algorithm
Arshdeep Singh, Rajesh Mehra
1304-1308 pdf
219. Design Analysis of IIR Filter for Power Line Interference Reduction in ECG Signals
Gaurav Gupta, Rajesh Mehra
1309-1316 pdf
220. Multiband Conformal Hexagonal Slot Patch Antenna
Monika Chauhan
1317-1320 pdf
221. Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study on Chromium (VI) Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Strychnos Nux-Vomica L
S Arivoli, V Marimuthu and A R Mohamed Jahangir
1321-1331 pdf
223. Extrusion Honed Surface Characteristics of Inconel 600
H P Raju, Devadath V R, N L Murali Krishna
1338-1343 pdf
224. A Novel Approach for Minimizing the Delay and Load in Wireless Network (WIMAX)
Shilpa Mehta, Nidhi Seth, Nidhi Sharma, Snigdha
1344-1350 pdf
225. The Effect of Ignition Timing on Methanol Blended Spark Ignition Engine
E. Nirmala Devi, S. K. Bhatti, Ch. Indira Priyadarsini, M.V.S.MuraliKrishna
1351-1354 pdf
226. Solar Thermal Power Generation: Performance Characteristics of an Evacuated Flat Plate Collector
Gulnar Perveen, S. K. Singh
1355-1360 pdf
227. A Neural Network Approach For Heart Disease Prediction
Tanu Verma, R. K. Srivastava
1361-1366 pdf
228. Fast Independent Component Analysis Algorithm for Blind Separation of Non-Stationary Audio Signal
Sadiqua Khan, Y. Rama Krishna, Dr. Panakala Rajesh Kumar
1367-1371 pdf
229. Systematic Organization of Paratransit System in Context of Public Transport System: A Case Study Of Surat City
Vaibhav Gaurkar
1372-1373 pdf
230. UPQC for Power Quality Improvement of Induction Motor Drive with Reduced DC Link Voltage
K. Sravani, T. Subramanya Sastry
1374-1380 pdf
231. Energy Conservation through Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System in Industrial Applications
Dr. Anjali Acharya, Vasudha Ashutosh Gokhale
1381-1385 pdf
232. Segmentation of Lumbar Spine Image Using Watershed Algorithm
E. Punarselvam, Dr.P.Suresh, R.Parthasarathy,M.Suresh
1386-1389 pdf
233. Processing and Synthesis of Metal Matrix Al 6063/Al2o3 Metal Matrix Composite by Stir Casting Process
K.Hemalatha, V. S. K.Venkatachalapathy, N.Alagumurthy
1390-1394 pdf
234. Detecting Pressure from Aqueous-Blood Medium Using Simulated Tool
Shobha. Bawiskar, Ramesh. Manza
1395-1397 pdf
235. Applications of Delaunay Triangulation (DT), Steiner Trees, Spanning Trees and DT-Minimum Spanning Trees in MANET Multicasting
Arunkumar B. R., Deepak Kumar
1398-1403 pdf
236. Design Of Micro-Strip with Circular, Step shape Slot Antenna for S Band Applications
Prof. Jagan Mohan Rao. S, K. Swetha, S.Naveen, K. Murali Krishna
1404-1408 pdf
237. Performance of Louver Fin Pattern as Extended Surface Used To Enhance Heat Transfer - A Review
Vinayak S. Powar, Prof. M. M. Mirza
1409-1413 pdf
238. Preparation And Structural Properties Of Aluminium Substituted Lithium Nano Ferrites By Citrate-Gel Auto Combustion Method
G. Aravind, D. Ravinder
1414-1421 pdf
239. A Novel Technique for Enhancing Speed of Successive Approximation Analog to Digital Converter
Madhuri M, Jhothi M N, Archana G M, Ashwini P T and Gururaj Balikatti
1422-1424 pdf
240. Nymble Counter Measures for Failure Tolerant Anonymzing Networks
Reshma Balanagu, Dr A Jayalakshmi
1425-1429 pdf
241. An Inventory Model for Weibull Ameliorating, Deteriorating Items under the Influence of Inflation
Smarajit Barik, Srichandan Mishra, S.K. Paikray, U.K. Misra
1430-1436 pdf
242. Studies on Performance Parameters and Combustion Characteristics of Copper Coated Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine with Alcohol Blended Gasoline
K. Kishor, M.V.S.Murali Krishna and P.V.K Murthy
1437-1444 pdf
243. Design and Fabrication of Efficient Solar Dryer
R. Vidya Sagar Raju, R. Meenakshi Reddy, E. Siva Reddy
1445-1458 pdf
244. Thermo Electrical Power Studies of Nickel-Zinc Ferrites Synthesized By Citrate Gel Technique
K. Rama Krishna, D. Ravinder, K. Vijaya Kumar
1459-1468 pdf
245. Compressor Based Area-Efficient Low-Power 8x8 Vedic Multiplier
Nidhi Pokhriyal, Harsimranjit Kaur, Dr. Neelam Rup Prakash
1469-1472 pdf
246. Simulation of Qpsk Modulator to Generate Real and Imaginary Channel
Tushar V. Kafare, Prof .Col.Vijay Joshi
1473-1475 pdf
248. Sonic Under Expanded Flow Control With Micro Jets
Syed Ashfaq, S. A. Khan
1482-1488 pdf
249. Structure-Property Correlation of Sol-Gel Processed Co0.5Ti0.5ZnFeO4 Ceramic
K. Vijaya Kumar, M. Lakshmi, M Buchi Suresh
1489-1497 pdf
250. Multi - Anti Fuzzy Group And Its Lower Level Subgroups
R. Muthuraj, S. Balamurugan
1498-1501 pdf
251. Chemical Analysis of Kodhaiyar River in Tamilnadu, India
K.Jemila Rose, P. Kokila
1502-1507 pdf
252. Growth and Characterization of BTCC Crystals Added with Urea
I. S. Prameela Kumari And C.K. Mahadevan
1508-1517 pdf
253. Earthquake Performance of RC Buildings Using Elastomeric Base Isolation Controls
Pradip D Jadhao, Sunila. Gadi, S. M. Dumne
1518-1524 pdf
254. Experimental Investigation Of Solar Powered Sonic Pump
Ivan A. Loukanov
1525-1530 pdf
255. Wind Energy Proposed In Kurdistan-Iraq
Roojwan Scddeek.Esmael, ShahabWahabKareem , Ismael Khorshed Abdulrahman
1531-1537 pdf
256. A Multi-Sites Daily Precipitation Forecasting Model for Sulaimania Governorate in Iraq
Rafa H. Al-Suhili and Naobahar F. Mustafa
1538-1548 pdf
257. Standard Lossless Evident Watermarking—A New Approach
Mr.K.SRIDHAR, Dr.syed abdu sattar, Dr. M Chandra Mohan
1549-1554 pdf
258. A Survey on Solutions to Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Badrinath K, Mahesh Raj Urs, Anand Tilagul
1555-1559 pdf
259. Personal Identification And Verification Using Multimodal Biometrics
Vishwas. Ramesh. Wadekar, Rajesh. Namdeo. Patil
1560-1567 pdf
260. Effect of Non Traditional Additives on Soil Stablization
Shaik Hussain, S Priyanka Reddy, T Harsha Nandan
1568-1571 pdf
261. Particle Swarm Optimization Methods for Image Segmentation Applied In Mammography
N. Gopi Raju & P A Nageswara Rao
1572-1579 pdf
262. Flexural Strength of High Strength Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams with Stirrups
Vasant. B. Jatale and L. G. Kalurkar
1580-1586 pdf
263. A Comparative Study of Different Queuing Scheduling Disciplines
Sarhan M. Musa, Mahamadou Tembely, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, And Pamela Obliomon
1587-1591 pdf
264. Prevention of Train Accidents Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr. N. Sambamurthy, Sk. Hasane Ahammad
1592-1597 pdf
265. An Ergonomic Evaluation & Assessment Of The Workstation To Improve The Productivity For An Enterprise:-A Review
Sandip B.Wanave, Manish K.Bhadke
1598-1602 pdf
266. Power Analysis of CMOS Combinational Logic Circuits Using Adiabatic Reduction Technique at 180nm Technology
Pooja Chaudhary and Dipti Girdhar
1603-1606 pdf
267. Elzaki Transform Solution of One Dimensional Ground Water Recharge through Spreading
Prem Kiran G. Bhadane, V. H. Pradhan, Satish V. Desale
1607-1610 pdf
268. Implicit Finite Difference Solution of Boundary Layer Heat Flow over a Flat Plate
Satish V Desale, V.H.Pradhan
1611-1616 pdf
269. Mechanical Behavior of High Strength Fibre Reinforced Concr
Rahul.D.Pandit, S.S.Jamkar
1617-1624 pdf
270. Review on Multi-Cloud DNA Encryption Model for Cloud Security
Richa H. Ranalkar, Prof. B.D. Phulpagar
1625-1628 pdf
271. Production of Bio-Diesel from Waste Cooking Oil
R. B. Sharma, Dr. Amit Pal, Juhi Sharaf
1629-1636 pdf
272. A Narrative Experimental View for Zeolite in Molecular Orientation
Mr. K. Jeganmohan, Dr. K. Jagadeesan, Dr. Aravind Yadav
1637-1641 pdf
273. Combustion and Emission Analysis of IDI-Diesel Engine operated with Neat Mahua Methyl Ester (MME) blended with Methanol as an Additive
K.Prasada Rao, B. V. Appa Rao
1642-1649 pdf
274. Implementation and Waveform Analysis of Single Phase Single Switch Power Factor Corrector Using DSP (TMS320F2811)
Komal A. Sonagra
1650-1653 pdf
275. Synthesis and Characterization of Al–Al2O3and Al/ (Al2O3-Zro2) Nanocomposites Using High-Energy Milling
M. S. Aboraia, G. A. Abdalla, and H. S. Wasly
1654-1663 pdf
276. Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles through Wire Explosion Route
Poonam Wankhede, P. K. Sharma, A. K. Jha
1664-1669 pdf
277. Divergence and Ambiguity Control in an English to Arabic Machine Translation
Marwan Akeel, R. B. Mishra
1670-1679 pdf
278. Multiscale Modeling For MRI Analysis of Brain Cancer
Balkrishna K. Patil, Neha Syed , Zafar ul Hasan
1680-1683 pdf
279. Automatic Detection of Name and Aliases From The Web
R.V.Gandhi, N.Suman, Md.Zuber, U.Mahender
1684-1689 pdf
280. A Two-Way Spam Detection System With A Novel E-Mail Abstraction Scheme
B.Venkata Ramana, U.Mahender, R.V.Gandhi, Nalugotla Suman
1690-1697 pdf
281. Cloud Information Sharing And Accountability Using Logging And Auditing Techniques
Umamaheswara Rao, B.Srinivasulu, R.V.Gandhi, B.Venkata Ramana
1698-1704 pdf
282. Mechanical and Electrical mobile charger
N Raghu Ram Reddy, Yeshala Sreekanth, Dr.M.Narayana
1705-1708 pdf
283. Analysis of Water Vapor Weighting Function in the range 58 degree North through 45 degree South over the Globe
S Mondal, N. Sk,P.K Karmakar
1709-1714 pdf
284. Strategy For The Involvement Of Smes In Energy Efficiency Programs In México
Miguel A. Fernández Medina, E. Gabriela Cabral Velázquez, Salvador E. Venegas Andraca
1715-1720 pdf
285. A Noval method to improve the Logic Test by using Single Cycle Access Structure
Sri Lakshmi. Chandana, B. Vamsi Krishna
1721-1726 pdf
286. On the Estimation of P (Y < X < Z) for Weibull Distribution in the Presence of k Outliers
Amal S. Hassan, Elsayed, A. Elsherpieny, and Rania, M. Shalaby
1727-1733 pdf
287. Improving the Stability and Reliability of Wind Power Grid-Connected System
Harish shenigarapu, Ramesh Lakavath, Sridhar Panthangi, Mallela Kishore
1734-1739 pdf
288. Transformer less Grid Connected Fuel Cell System to Control the Flow of Active and Reactive Power
Deepak Kumar, Kuldeep Singh Bedi, Ankit Goel
1740-1743 pdf
289. Improvement in Traffic Light System with Ant Colony Optimization Technique
Ankit Goel, Kuldeep Singh, Deepak Kumar
1744-1749 pdf
290. A Formal Specification for the Game ailo-Akada
Agaji I, Adoyi L. E and Gege M. I
1750-1755 pdf
291. H Infinity Based Iterative Learning Control Of Systems With Disturbances
Olfa Kouki, Chaouki Mnasri, Nizar Toujeni, Moncef Gasmi
1756-1763 pdf
292. Reduced Common Mode Voltage In Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drives Using Near State PWM Technique
V. Anantha Lakshmi, T. Bramhananda Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi, V.C. Veera Reddy
1764-1768 pdf
293. Sharing Of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing
Rakesh. B, Harsha Vardhan. A
1769-1773 pdf
294. Study of Effects of Different Herbicide Toxins on Biological Yield and Harvest Index of Fall Common Pea Cultivars in the Region of Eslamabad-E Gharb
Sara Beigzadeh, Koorosh Fatahi, Ali Safari And Arsalan Sayedi
1774-1777 pdf
295. To Study Effectiveness of Application ff Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In the Quality of Learning Pre-University Biology Lesson
Sepideh Teymourpour, Hasti Taliee, Amirhossein Taliee Sara Beigzadeh
1778-1782 pdf
296. A Comparison of Mental Health in Active and Inactive Elderly with an Emphasis on Physical Activities
Nodehi, Mohammad Ali, Bigzadeh Mehdi and Parhoodeh Yuosef
1783-1785 pdf
297. Merida Convention and Criminal Law Enforcement Corruption in Iran Merida Convention in 1387) To Take Action
Ghobad Naderi, Ali Safari, Sara Beigzadeh, Korosh Fatahi and Arsalan Saydi
1786-1788 pdf
298. Study of Graphite Content and Sintering Temperature on Microstructure Properties of Iron-Based Powder Preform
Gaurav Awasthi, T.K Mishra, Atish Sanyal, Ajay Tiwari
1789-1796 pdf
299. Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Fuzzy Pd Controller for Dc-Dc Buck Converter Using Simulink
K.N. Kanakaratnam, B.Arundhati
1797-1803 pdf
300. An Experimental Analysis Study to Improve Performance of Tubular Heat Exchangers
Alok Vyas, Mr. Prashant Sharma
1804-1809 pdf
301. A Frame Work for Single Sketch Based Multibiometric Cryptosystems
Shrujan. J, KumaraSwamy.P, Dr. C. V. Guru Rao
1810-1814 pdf
302. Performance Evaluation Of Solar Still – Steric Acid As A Pcm
R. Vidya Sagar Raju, R. Meenakshi Reddy, E. Siva Reddy
1815-1819 pdf
303. Electron Beam Treatment for Enhancing the Compatibility, Thermal and Tensile Properties of LLDPE/PVA Blends: Part I, Effect of Irradiation Doses
Razif Nordin, Hanafi Ismail
1820-1825 pdf
304. DFRFT Domain Digital Watermarking On Medical Images for Wireless Networks
K. Jayaram, G. Ramachandran, S. Kannan, L. Vasanth, P.M Murali
1826-1830 pdf
305. Secure Communication in Low Snr Regime Over Fading Channels in Mimo
K. Rajesh, K. V. Lalitha Bhavani
1831-1836 pdf
306. Comparative Analysis of Various Watermarking Techniques for Digital Image
Vaishali Ghune
1837-1840 pdf
307. Growth and Characterization of Pure and Oxalic Acid Doped L-Arginine Acetate Single Crystals
P.V. Radhika, K. Jayakumari, C.K. Mahadevan
1841-1849 pdf
308. Promotion of Seismic Retrofitting For Existing Low Earthquake Resistant Structures
S D V S N Rao, J Vikranth
1850-1855 pdf
309. Development of Self Repairable Durable Concrete
Sahebrao. G. Kadam , Dr. M. A. Chakrabarti
1856-1867 pdf
310. Implementation of Genetic Algorithm to Temperature Control System
Pooja Khatri, Manjeet Dalal
1868-1871 pdf
311. Geographic Information System with Bingmap Using AJAX
Srikanth. P, Deepika. V
1872-1875 pdf
312. Comparative Study of Various Qos Based Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Vaidehi Patel, Narender Reddy A
1876-1878 pdf
313. Magneto-Rheological (MR) and Electro-Rheological (ER) Fluid Damper: A Review Parametric Study of Fluid Behavior
Abhijeet N. Kulkarni, Santosh R. Patil
1879-1882 pdf
314. Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Fibre Reinforced Recyled Aggregate Concrete
D. Suresh Kumar, J Vikranth
1883-1892 pdf
315. An Improved Threshold Value for Image Denoising Using Wavelet Transforms
Sanjay Jangra, Ravinder Nath Rajotiya
1893-1897 pdf
316. Implementation of Multicast Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
R. Prabhakar, Ravi Banoth, E.Vijay Babu, G.J.Chitra
1898-1905 pdf
317. Growth and Characterization of Pure and Ni2+Added Crystals of Glycinepotassiumsulfate
A. Karolin, K. Jayakumari, C. K. Mahadevan
1906-1915 pdf
318. Parametric Optimization and Analysis for the Effect of the Helical Coil Pitch On the Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Helical Coil Heat Exchanger
Revendra Verma, Hitesh Kumar
1916-1920 pdf
319. Zero Voltage Switching Of Boost Converter with High Voltage Gain
J Saravanan, S Sahaya Elsi
1921-1926 pdf
320. Design of A Self-Levelling Platform for Medium and Large-Sized Yachts
S. Baragetti
1927-1935 pdf
321. Structural Design of a Tender Lift for Medium- And Large-Sized Yachts
S. Baragetti
1936-1944 pdf
322. Fatigue Resistance of Brake System Components Made of Aluminium Alloy
Sergio Baragettia, Andrea Gavazzib, Paolo Masiello
1945-1955 pdf
323. Alternative Approach of Research for Fluid Mechanics Using Multi- Disciplinary Tools
R. Surya Kiran, Vikas Kumar Singh, Maninder Singh, Geethika Yarlagadda, Arnab Acharjee, Masetty Harshavardhan, Maridi Suneel Kumar
1956-1964 pdf
324. A Review On Optimization Of Machining Parameters For Surface Roughness And Material Removal Rate For Ss 316 In Cnc End Milling Process
Alpesh R. Patel A, Prof. N. K. Prajapati B
1965-1969 pdf
325. Performance Evaluation of Next Generation Access Network Architectures
N. Subhashini, Dr. A. Brintha Therese
1970-1975 pdf
326. FPGA Implementation of A BPSK Modem
Prabhakar. Rapaka, Vijaya Babu, G. J. Chitra
1976-1985 pdf
327. Empirical Validation of Parameter Studies on Heat Transfer through Glazing System Using Window 6.3 Software
Sunny Kumar, Anuranjan Sharda and Vijay Kumar
986-1992 pdf
328. Artificial Neural Network & Wavelet Transform for Identification and Classification of Faults in Electrical Power System
Rajveer Singh
1993-1999 pdf
329. Software Structural Design Visualization Using Archview Framework
B. Srinivasulu, M. Ravi Kumar, N. Sirisha, P.Srinivas
2000-2008 pdf
330. A Novel Approach to Reduce Average Spectrum Distortion in Pitch Alteration Technique Using Gaussian Method
Anirudh Boddapati, V Ratna Kumari
2009-2012 pdf
331. Secure Hybrid Key Scheme to Detect Malicious Nodes in Manets
Anand .T, Vedhavarshini .R
2013-2016 pdf
332. Improved Run Length Encoding Scheme For Efficient Compression Data Rate
S. Sarika, S. Srilali
2017-2020 pdf
333. Improvement of Power Quality in Wind Farm Integrated With Weak Grid Using Fuzzy Logic Based UPQC
Mahesh Naik R, Dr. T. Gowri Manohar
2021-2028 pdf
334. Assessment of Water Quality Parameters: A Review
S. P. Gorde, M. V. Jadhav
2029-2035 pdf
335. Optimizing Monocular Cues for Depth Estimation from Outdoor Images
Aditya Venkatraman, Sheetal Mahadik
2036-2041 pdf
336. A Sustainable Medical Image Authentication Technique in Spatial Domain Using Multiple QR Code
Sirshendu Hore, Tanmay Bhattacharya, S. R. Bhadra Chaudhuri
2042-2047 pdf
337. Comparision on Different Domino Logic Design for High-Performance and Leakage-Tolerant Wide OR Gate
Uday Panwar, Ajay Kumar Dadoria
2048-2052 pdf
338. Three-Phase Nine-Level Inverter for Photovoltaic System with Induction Motor
A R Neelakanteswara Rao, T Nagadurga
2053-2059 pdf
339. RFID Based System for Pilgrim Management in Major Religions Phases and Festivals
M. Cheenya, B. Muralidhar Naick, G. Shirisha
2060-2066 pdf
340. Computer Aided Design of A Vibration Isolation Damper for 1-1.5 Ton Vehicles
Sean D'silva, Sumit Jain,Mayur Ingale
2067-2070 pdf
341. Recovery Boosting Technique for Improving Nbti Recovery in 6t Sram Cells
Madhukar. G, N. Dhanalakshmi
2071-2075 pdf
342. LBPV for Newborn Personal Recognition System
S. Malini, R. Gayathri
2076-2081 pdf
343. Production of Bio-Diesel from Non-Edible Thumba (Citrullus Colocyntis) Seed Oil Using Mechanical Stirring Methodology and Analysis of Fuel Properties
R B Sharma, Dr. Amit Pal, Beena Mishra
2082-2089 pdf
344. Speed Monitoring and Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor for Batching Motion System of Textile Industry
Shilpa A. Lingawar, Saurabh M. Ingale
2090-2095 pdf
345. A Wireless Secured Direct Data Transmission Between Authenticated Portable Storage Devices Through GSM Network
Mamatha K R, Seema Singh, Thejaswini S, Vidya Devi M
2096-2101 pdf
346. Analysis of Doubly Fed Induction Generator under Varies Fault Conditions
Kappala Shanmukha Rao, Manda vijay Kumar
2102-2106 pdf
347. Mathematical Model for the Effects of Age and Gender on Pituitary – Adrenocortical Responsiveness in Humans
Dr. S. Lakshmi and N. Durgadevi
2107-2110 pdf
348. Experimental and Artificial Neural Networks Modeling for Rivers Bed Morphology Changes near Direct Water Supply Intakes
Rasul M. Khalaf, Rafa H. Al-Suhaili, Sanaa A. T. Al-Osmy
2111-2123 pdf
349. BER Performance of Multilevel Linear Block Codes with Error Correction on RICIAN Fading Channel
Karanvir Sidhu, Gagandeep Singh
2124-2127 pdf
350. Feasibility Study on River Bus Systems in Ho Chi Minh City
Vo Trong Cang, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Vo Minh Phuc
2128-2131 pdf
351. Segmentation of Dual-Frequency Polarimetric Sar Data For An Augment Area Cover Classification
Noorul Hassan, Dr Naveen Kumar
2132-2136 pdf
352. Improvised Filter Approach for Estimating Depth from Monocular Images