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Volume 2- Issue 5 [Sep-Oct 2012]

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Paper submitted to IJERA: 1050;   Accepted papers by peer review process: 365;   Rejected Paper:685 ,
Paper Acceptance percentage: 34.76%
1. Improvement Of Aodv Routing Protocol Based On Wireless Networks
Baria Vanrajkumar Dineshkumar
001-003 pdf
2. Performance Evaluation of channel estimation in TD-SCDMA system
Rashmi Mishra, Rajesh Nema, Sachin Murarka
004-007 pdf
Misbah Siddiqui, Saba Khalid,Prof Rizwan Beg
008-013 pdf
4. Importance Of Frame Selection In Video Quality Assessment
M.T. Qadri, J. Woods, K.T. Tan, M. Ghanbari
014-017 pdf
5. A Review on Design and Analysis of Bucket Elevator
Snehal Patel, Sumant Patel, Jigar Patel
018-022 pdf
6. Analysis Of The Patch Antenna Based On The Sierpinski Fractal
Sarita Bajaj, Ajay Kaushik
023-026 pdf
7. Synergic Effect Of Neem Seed Husk Ash On Strength Properties Of Cement-Sand Mortar
Nuruddeen M. Musa, Stephen P. Ejeh
027-030 pdf
8. On πgb-D-sets and Some Low Separation Axioms
D.Sreeja, C.Janaki
031-037 pdf
9. Strength Characteristics Of Concrete With Recycled Aggregates And Artificial Sand
N.K.Deshpande, Dr.S.S.Kulkarni, H.Pachpande
038-042 pdf
10. Remotely Sensed LANDSAT Image Classification Using Neural Network Approaches
Smriti Sehgal
043-046 pdf
11. Image Processing Based Stator Fault Severity Detection and Diagnosis of Induction Motor Using Labview
S. SwarnaLatha, R.Mahesh
047-051 pdf
12. He's Homotopy Perturbation Method for Nonlinear Ferdholm Integro-Differential Equations Of Fractional Order
H. Saeedi, F. Samimi
052-056 pdf
13. An Effective Solution to Reduce Web Traffic In Wireless Network Architecture By Using Proxy Servers
Venkadesh.R, Dr.K. Rajan
057-062 pdf
14. Performance Of Wusn In Environmental And Security Monitoring System
Venkadesh.R, DR.K.Rajan, R.Balaji
063-073 pdf
15. Simulation Of Pre-Emptive Scheduling For Accuracy Improvement By Using RTOS
N.Vignesh, Venkadesh.R, DR.K.Rajan
074-078 pdf
16. A New Approach to Improve Power Factor, Efficiency and Reduce Harmonics in a Three Phase Diode Rectifier
R.Jagan, Jeji.K, K. Hussain
079-084 pdf
17. Simulation of 5kw/20khz Soft Switched DC-DC Converter
Jeji Katuri, Rampalli Jagan
085-089 pdf
18. Experimental Analysis Of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fuelled With Methyl Ester Of Palm Kernel Oil Blending With Eucalyptus Oil
P.Srinivasa Rao, K.Srinivas
090-095 pdf
19. Effective Elimination of Harmonics By Means Of A Hybrid Series Active Filter (HSAF)
Ch. Ravikiran, G.Indira Kishore, Tlsv .Ayya Rao, M. Rambabu
096-101 pdf
20. Simulation and Control of A Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) Using Artificial Neural Networks
Jagannath Ch yadav .B, KVR Swathi
102-106 pdf
21. Structure Of Customer Relationship Management Systems In Data Mining
S.Thiripura Sundari, Dr.A.Padmapriya
107-111 pdf
22. A Path Distribution Approach For Reliable Data Transmission In MPLS Ring Network
Amit, Mr. Shamsher Singh
112-115 pdf
23. Kalman Based Lms And Rls Techniques In Smart Antenna
Mallaiah Narayanadas, Prof K.Ashok BABU
116-118 pdf
Emaad Mohamed H. Zahugi, S.V.A.V. Prasad, T.V. Prasad
119-123 pdf
25. Reconfigurable Viterbi Decoder
D.Rahul Varma, A. Uday Kumar, B. Vijaya Bhaskar
124-127 pdf
26. Energy Saving Analysis In Building Walls Through Thermal Insulation System
Subhash Mishra, Dr. J A Usmani, Sanjeev Varshney
128-135 pdf
27. The Integrated Between Total Production Maintenance Practices And Kaizen Event Practices In Malaysian Automotive Industry
Suzaituladwini Hashim, Nurul Fadly Habidin, Juriah Conding, Anis Fadzlin Mohd Zubir,
Nurzatul Ain Seri Lanang Jaya
136-143 pdf
28. Performance Analysis with AODV Routing Protocol for Wireless Adhoc Network
Salman Abdullah Alhamoodi, Krishna Kumar Raman
144-148 pdf
29. MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Heat and Mass Transfer over a Moving Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Suction and Viscous Dissipation
M.Prasanna Lakshmi, N. Bhaskar Reddy, T.Poornima
149-159 pdf
30. Optimization of Different Machining Parameters of En24 Alloy Steel In CNC Turning by Use of Taguchi Method
Mahendra Korat, Neeraj Agarwal
160-164 pdf
31. Effects Of Zero Locations On The Tracking Performance Of Feedforward Trajectory ZPETC
Norlela Ishak, Mazidah Tajjudin, Ramli Adnan, Muhammad Nursalam Mashuti, Hashimah
Ismail, Yahaya Md Sam
165-174 pdf
32. Electric Field Effect On Particle Trajectory In Three Phase Dielectric Coated Gas Insulated Busduct Using Numerical Methods
Narapareddy Rama Rao, J.Amarnath
175-180 pdf
33. Design And Analysis Of Dedicated Fixture With Chain Conveyor Arrangement For Multistage Special Purpose Machine
M. Y. Dakhole, Prof. P.G. Mehar, Prof. V.N. Mujbaile
181-192 pdf
34. Potential Use Of A Mix Of Fly Ash And Diluted Distillery Effluent In Agriculture: A Case Study On The Vegetative Growth And Photosynthetic Pigments Of The Ornamental Plant, Calendula Officinalis
S. N. C. Ray, N. Ranjan, K. Kumari, R. C. Sinha
193-203 pdf
35. Performance Evaluation Of Ocdma Communication System Under The Effect Of Jitter
Deepinder Singh, Jagtar Singh
204-209 pdf
36 Clustering and A CHG Approach in MANET
Anzar Ahmad, Prof.R Gowri, Prof SC Gupta
210-213 pdf
37. A Modified Coding Technique For High Peak-To-Average Power
Ratio Reduction
Charanjit Singh, Gurpreet Singh Walia
214-217 pdf
38. Coagulation-Flocculation In Leachate Treatment By Using Micro Zeolite
Lee Mao Rui, Zawawi Daud, Abd Aziz Abdul Latif
218-226 pdf
39. Coagulation-Flocculation In Leachate Treatment By Using Micro Sand
Lee Mao Rui, Zawawi Daud, Abd Aziz Abdul Latif
227-236 pdf
40. A Modified Feistel Cipher Involving Key Based Substitution, Shifting Of Rows, Key Based Mixing Of Columns, Modular Arithmetic Addition And Shuffling
V.U.K. Sastry, K. Anup Kumar
237-245 pdf
41. A Innovative method for Image retrieval using perceptual textural features
Prathusha.Perugu, Krishna veni
246-249 pdf
42 Fuzzy game value of the Interval matrix
Dr.C.Loganathan, M.S.Annie Christi
250-255 pdf
43. A Survey On Keystroke Authentication By Using Local Search Algorithm
K.D.V.S.Anil kumar, M.suman, A.Ramakrishna, Dr.A.S.N.Chakravarthy
256-259 pdf
44. Complementary Perfect Triple Connected Domination Number of a Graph
G. Mahadevan, Selvam Avadayappan, A.Mydeen bibi, T.Subramanian
260-265 pdf
45. A Novel Architecture for Parallel Domain Focused Crawler
Rajender Nath, Naresh Kumar
266-269 pdf
46. Radiation Effect On Unsteady MHD Free Convective Flow Past An Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate With Viscous And Joule Dissipations
Maitree Jana, Sanatan Das, Rabindra Nath Jana
270-278 pdf
47. Multi Objective Crop Planning For Optimal Benefits
Y.Raghava Rani, Dr P. Tirupathi Rao
279-287 pdf
48. FEA Based Frequency Optimization Of Duct With Variable Cross Section Through Structural Modifications For Avoiding Resonance
Shweta Deshpande, Dr.R.S.Bindu
288-292 pdf
49. Area Efficient 128-point FFT Processor using Mixed Radix 4-2 for OFDM Applications
K. Umapathy, D. Rajaveerappa
293-296 pdf
50. Performance Analysis of Vegetable Oil Blended With Diesel Additive
T.Venkata Subba Rao, K.Srinivas
297-302 pdf
51. IIR filters using Xilinx System Generator for FPGA Implementation
Harish V. Dixit , Dr. Vikas Gupta
303-307 pdf
52. A Novel Fast Acting PI based DSTATCOM
Anil Kumar Baddipudi, Chintapally Archana
308-314 pdf
53. A Survey and Analysis study on Host-to-Host Congestion Control for TCP Data Transmission
Vikram Narayandas, P.Leelavathi, P.Ravinder Kumar, S.Pradeep
315-321 pdf
54. An Improved and Customized I-K Means For Avoiding Similar Distance Problem
Pankaj Jadwal, Mrs.Ruchi Dave
322-324 pdf
55. Bit Error Rate Performance Analysis of OFDM Using Matlab Simulation
C.Padmaja, Dr.B.L.Malleswari
325-327 pdf
56. A vital application of security with biometric templates
Dilip Menariya, D. B. Ojha
328-332 pdf
57. Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties of commercially pure aluminum produced by RCS process
H.S.Siddesha, M.Shantharaja
333-341 pdf
58. Methodologies for Access Control and their Interactions
Anshula Garg, Prof. Pradeep Mishra
342-345 pdf
59. Measurements Of Optical Parameters On 40 Channel 10G Huawei DWDM System 346-351 pdf
60. An Approach for Virtualization and Integration of Heterogeneous Cloud Databases
Anita Ahuja, Ajay Kumar, Ramveer Singh
352-355 pdf
61. Symbolic Simulation By Mesh Method Of Complementary Circuitry
I. I. Okonkwo, P. I. Obi, G. C Chidolue, S. S. N. Okeke
356-363 pdf
62. Adsorption of Chromium on Activated Carbon Prepared from Coconut Shell
B. Veena Devi, A.A. Jahagirdar, M.N. Zulfiqar Ahmed
364-370 pdf
63. Investigation in to Wear behavior of coir Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites with the Taguchi Method
C.H.Chandra Rao, S.Madhusudan, G. Raghavendra, E. Venkateswara Rao
371-374 pdf
64. Investigation in to Erosive wear Performance Of Hybrid Composites Using Taguchi Approach
T.Rajesh, Sri Ram chandra Murthy, G. Raghavendra, K. Venkateswara Rao
375-378 pdf
65. Investigation In To The Polymer Gear Tooth Thermal By Using Ansys
Sri Rama Chandra Rao, E. Venkateswara Rao, G. Raghavendra, T.Ramakrishna
379-383 pdf
66. Modified Ultra Smart Counter Based Broadcast Using Neighborhood Information in MANETS
Ms. Nutan Julka, Prof. Dr. J.W Bakal
384-390 pdf
68. Design And Optimization Of Exhaust Muffler In Automobiles
M.Rajasekhar Reddy, Dr K.Madhava Reddy
395-398 pdf
69. Method For Solving Hungarian Assignment Problems Using Triangular And Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
Kadhirvel.K, Balamurugan.K
399-403 pdf
70. Adhesional Friction Law and Adhesive Wear Law of Micromechanical Surface Contact
Biswajit Bera
404-411 pdf
71. Optimized Elliptic Curve Cryptography
A.Durga Bhavani, P.Soundarya Mala
412-419 pdf
72. An Improved routing efficiency for WiMAX Network using Random 2D direction model in NS3 simulator
Priyanka Dubey, Brajesh Patel
420-424 pdf
73. A Realistic Secure On-line E-Voting System
Ishtiaque Mahmud, A.K.M. Nazmus Sakib, Shamim Ahmed, Sajeeb Saha, Md. Habibullah
Belali, Nafiz – Al – Naharul Islam, Samiur Rahman
425-429 pdf
74. Detection and Correction the Decayed Bits of Scope Decay Bloom Filters In Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsns)
Shamim Ahmed, Ishtiaque Mahmud, A.K.M. Nazmus Sakib, Md. Habibullah Belali, Sajeeb
Saha, Quazi Emanual Alendey
430 -436 pdf
75. The Software For Thermal Analysis Of Helixchanger With Modification In Kern Method
Professor Sunil S.Shinde, Swapnil R. Jayale, Dr.S.Pavithran
437-443 pdf
76. None Coded Waste Plastics Conversion into Fuel
Moinuddin Sarker, Mohammad Mamunor Rashid, Muhammad Sadikur Rahman
444-449 pdf
77. Euclid's & RSA Algorithm For 802.11 (Wifi) Security Protocol
A.K.M.Nazmus Sakib, Rezaul Karim, Md. Moshiur Rahman, Abdullah Al Azad, Rasidul Islam,
Md. Monowarul Haque
450-453 pdf
VijayaLakshmi M, Dr K Rama Linga Reddy
454-457 pdf
79. An Automated Weighted Support Approach Based Associative
Classification With Analytical Study For Health Disease Prediction
Mrs. Suwarna Gothane, Dr. G.R.Bamnote
458-463 pdf
80. SNR & BER Optimization For Pre-DFT Combining In Coded SIMO-OFDM Systems
464-467 pdf
81. High Incidence Supersonic Similitude For Planar Wedge
Asha Crasta, S.A. Khan
468-471 pdf
82. Case Study On Agile User Stories Prioritization Using Imaginative Standard
Saravana. K.M, G. N. Basavaraj, Rajkumar, Dr. A. Kovalan
472-480 pdf
83. Nature Inspired Algorithm For Computer Aided Process Planning
E. Raj Kumar, K.Annamalai
481-484 pdf
84. Modeling And Harmonic Analysis Of Domestic/Industrial Loads
Purushothama Rao Nasini, Narender Reddy Narra, Santosh A
485-491 pdf
85. Survey on Enhancement of Performance of Video Streaming over Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Arif Hidayat
492-495 pdf
86. Cerium Adsorption Using 1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-4-Benzoyl- 5-Pyrazolone(HPMBP) Loaded Calcium Alginate Beads
Rusnadi Rusnadi, Buchari Buchari, M. Bachri Amran, Deana Wahyuningrum
496-499 pdf
87. An Area Efficient High Speed Fault Detection Scheme For Advanced Encryption Standard Using Composite Fields
D.V.Nageswara Rao, P.Sunitha
500-508 pdf
89. Design of Enhanced Throughput Approach In Noisy Environment Using OFDM
Nisha, Mr. Bhavya Singla, Taruna Sikka
516-520 pdf
90. Diversity and abundance of Dragonflies and Damselflies Of Chatri Lake Region, in Pohara – Malkhed Reserve Forest, Amravati, Maharashtra (India)
N.A. Manwar, P.P. Rathod, I. Ahmad Raja
521-523 pdf
91. Transient Analysis Of Wind-Based Doubly-Fed Induction Generator
K.K.deepika, Prof.A.Srinivasa Rao
524-527 pdf
92. Effect Of Off-Take Angles On Spatial Distribution Of Silt Materials At Concave Channel Bifurcation
Obasi, N.L., Oloke, D.A., Agunwamba, J.C.
528-534 pdf
93. Design And Optimization Of Sheet Metal Control Arm For Independent Suspension System
P. Nagarjuna, k. Devaki Devi
535-539 pdf
94. Projeto de Banco de Dados Orientado a Objetos com Db4objects e Java
Prof. Everton Castelão Tetila
540-549 pdf
95. An Efficient 64-Bit Carry Select Adder With Less Delay And Reduced Area Application
K Allipeera, S Ahmed Basha
550-554 pdf
96. Review of Radix Sort & Proposed Modified Radix Sort for Heterogeneous Data Set in Distributed Computing Environment
Avinash Shukla, Anil Kishore Saxena
555-560 pdf
97. Investigation Of Effect Of Non Central Circular Holes On Stresses In Rotating Disc
A.Y. Deogade, Dr. D.V. Bhope
561-565 pdf
98. Evaluation of Stress Concentration in Plate with Cutout and its Experimental Verification
D.B.Kawadkar, Dr.D.V.Bhope, S.D. Khamankar
566-571 pdf
99. An Art Images Retrieval System Based On Similarity Descriptor
Concepción Pérez de Celis, Thania Felix, Maria Somodevilla, Ivo Pineda
572-577 pdf
100. Spinors as a tool to compute orbital ephemeris
A. Lakshmi, S. N. Hasan
578-584 pdf
101. Evaluating Data drop in Wireless LAN using TTL and Fragmentation
Jashanpreet Kaur, Amoldeep kaur
585-588 pdf
102. Universal Mono-Command Support System For Users With Severe Tetraplegia And Anarthria
Rita Pizzi, Danilo Rossetti
589-592 pdf
103. Analytical Study on Various Types of FRP Beams by using AVSYS
A.Vijayakumar, Dr.D.L.Venkatesh babu, R. Jayaprakash
593-598 pdf
104. Self-Organized Trust-Based Public-Key Security Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
K.Nikhila Reddy, N.Naresh Reddy, Dr.P.Raja Prakash Rao
599-604 pdf
105. Preparation, Characterization and Application Studies of PVDF-PS Ultrafiltration Membranes
K.H.Shobana, K.S.Radha, D.Mohan
605-610 pdf
106. Surface Morphology Studies and Thermal analysis of V2O5 doped polyaniline composites
Vijaykumar.B.Chanshetty, Sangshetty.K, Sharanappa.G
611-616 pdf
107. PI & Fuzzy Logic Based Controllers STATCOM for Grid Connected Wind Generator
N. Sreekanth, N. Pavan Kumar Reddy
617-623 pdf
108 Image Fusion based on Wavelet Transform for Medical Application
R.J.Sapkal, S.M.Kulkarni
624-627 pdf
109. Estimation of Uranium Concentration in Water Samples in Bathinda and Suratgarh Thermal Power Stations, India
Dr.Brijesh Pathak, Bindu Khatri
628-631 pdf
110. Structured Data Extraction from Deepnet
C .Guru Sunanda, K. Ishthaq Ahamed
632-640 pdf
111. Experimental Buckling Analysis of Thin Cylindrical Aluminium Shells
K.A. SaiAnuraag, Bitragunta VenkataSivaram
641-646 pdf
112. Design of Two-Stage CMOS Op-Amp and Analyze the Effect of Scaling
Amana Yadav
647-654 pdf
113. An Optimized design of Wideband Multi-Section Branch Line Coupler at Ka Band
B.V.Raj Gopala Rao, K.Ch.Sri Kavya, K.Sarat Kumar, Habibulla Khan, C.Manjari, Y.Sneha
Priya, G.Siva Sai Sudha
655-658 pdf
114. Performance Evaluation of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes in MIMO Wireless Communications
Kumar Mausam, Sanjay Kumar Sharma
659-663 pdf
Prof.R.V.R.K.Prasad, Akshaya B.Kamdi
664-666 pdf
116. Parallel-coupled-line microstrip band-pass filter using space mapping Technique
Rajkumar Gehlot, Nidhi Maheshwari, Suruchi Gour
667-670 pdf
117. 16-Bit Fully Functional Single Cycle Processor Based On FSM
Nidhi Maheshwari, Rajkumar Gehlot, Suruchi Gour
671-674 pdf
118. Viscose Rayon: A Legendary Development in the Manmade Textile
Dr. Tasnim Shaikh, Mr. Satyajeet Chaudhari, Mrs. Alpa Varma
675-680 pdf
119. Structural and Electrical Properties of the Microwave Irradiated And Conventionally Annealed Tio2 Thin Films Derived From Sol-Gel Process
K.S.Sumana, K.N.Rao, M.Krishna, C.S.Chandrasekhara Murthy, Y.V.Subba Rao, A.R.Phani
681-686 pdf
120. A Compact L-slit Microstrip antenna for GSM, Bluetooth, WiMAX & WLAN Applications
Barun Mazumdar
687-691 pdf
121. Comparison of Static, Dynamic & Shock Analysis for Two & Five Layered Composite Leaf Spring
K.A. SaiAnuraag, BitraguntaVenkataSivaram
692-697 pdf
122. Modelling And Simulation Of Industrial FCC Unit: Analysis Based On Five-Lump Kinetic Scheme For Gas-Oil Cracking
K. K. Dagde, Y. T. Puyate
698-714 pdf
123. Mechanical Performance Of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy-Hybrid Composites
Girisha.C, Sanjeevamurthy, Gunti Rangasrinivas, Manu.S
715-719 pdf
124. Fault Detection By Using Random And Deterministic Test Pattern Techniques In A Mixed-Mode BIST Environment
C.Ravishankar reddy Lecturer, Dr. V. Sumalatha Associate professor, P.Venkata Gopikumar
720-726 pdf
125. Adsorption Of Phenol From Aqueous Solution By Allium Sativum Linn Peel
P.Muthamilselvi, P.Balamurugan, Dr.R.Karthikeyan
727-731 pdf
126. Determination Of The Optimum Dissolution Conditions Of Ukpor Clay In Hydrochloric Acid Using Response Surface Methodology
R. O. Ajemba and O. D. Onukwuli
732-742 pdf
127. Wind Farm to Weak-Grid Connection using UPQC Custom Power Device
G.Jagan mohan reddy, Dr.M.Padmalalitha, M.sudheer babu
743-750 pdf
128. Classification of MRI Brain Images Using Neural Network
Lalit P. Bhaiya, Virendra Kumar Verma
751-756 pdf
129. Flow of Single-Phase Water and Two-Phase Air-Water Mixtures through Sudden Contractions in Mini Channels
Manmatha K. Roul, Sukanta K. Dash
757-763 pdf
130. Survey Paper On Different Virtualization TechnologyWith Its Merits And Demerits On Organization
Mr. Milind Ramesh Kolte
764-770 pdf
131. Power Factor Correction Based On Fuzzy Logic Controller With Average Current-Mode For DC-DC Boost Converter
K. Periyasamy
771-777 pdf
132. Improving Power Quality by UsingMC-UPQC
V. Surya Prakash, K. Kalyan Kumar
778-783 pdf
133. Design and Characteristics of Directional Coupler Based Filters
R. T. Balat, M. F. O. Hameed, S. S. A. Obayya, M. I. Abo el Maaty, M. M. Abo-Elkhier, H. A.
784-792 pdf
134. Students Profiling System Based On Mixture Models
G Jyothi, V.DurgaPrasadarao, P.SureshBabu
793-795 pdf
135. Review Of Heat Transfer Augmentation In Circular And Non-Circular Tube
Neeraj kumar Nagayach, Dr. Alka Bani Agrawal
796-802 pdf
136. Abrasive Water Jet Machining – The Review
R. V. Shah, Prof. D. M. Patel
803-806 pdf
137. Bwt Based Lossless Reversible Transformation Algorithms – An Analysis
P. Jeyanthi, V. Anuratha
807-814 pdf
138. Voltage Stability Enhancement In Radial Distribution Systems By Optimal Placement Of Capacitors
S. Vamsi Krishna, B. Viswanath, K. V. S. Ramachandra Murthy, G. Govinda Rao
815-821 pdf
139. Gait Based Gender Classification Using Silhouette Image Gait Database
Sudheer Reddy Bandi, A Gopi Suresh , Immanuel Alphonse
822-827 pdf
140. Effect Of Weed Residues On The Physiology Of Common Cereal Crops
Rajan Katoch, Anita Singh, Neelam Thakur
828-834 pdf
141. Physico-chemical characterization of the landfill of Mohammedia (Morocco)
Nawal Ezzirari, Lahcen Bahi
835-845 pdf
846-856 pdf
143. Green Building Design A Sustainable future
P.D. Aher, Dr. S.S.Pimplikar
857-860 pdf
Imtaiyazul Haque, Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz, Niyaz Ahmed Abdul Mateen Khan, Veena
861-864 pdf
145. Analysis & Design of Portable Video Transceiver
Major B. Bhikshapathy, Dr. V.M. Pandharipande, Dr. P.G. Krishna Mohan
865-873 pdf
146. Studies Of Squish And Tumble Effect On Performance Of Multi Chambered Piston Ci Engine
Vinayaka Rajashekhar Kiragi, C.V. Mahesh, C.R. Rajashekhar, Naveen. P, Mohan Kumar S.P
874-878 pdf
147. Modelling and Determination of the Scattering Parameters Of
Wideband Patch Antenna By Using A Bond Graph Approach
879-884 pdf
148. The Effects of Concentration and Hall Current on Unsteady Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid in a Fixed Plate
E. Omokhuale, I. J. Uwanta, A. A. Momoh, A. Tahir.
885-892 pdf
149. Statistical Evaluation In Speech Processing Techniques
Prof. Vijaya sughandhi, Prof. D.K.Rai
893-896 pdf
150. A Survey On Speech Recognition System Implementation Methodologies
Ch. Ramaiah
897-899 pdf
151. Simulation And Analysis Of Passive And Active Suspension System Using Quarter Car Model For Non Uniform Road Profile
Abdolvahab Agharkakli, Chavan U. S. Dr. Phvithran S.
900-906 pdf
152. Chemical Reaction And Radiation Effects On MHD Free Convective Flow Past An Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate With Variable Temperature And Variable Mass Diffusion
K.Rajasekhar, G.V.Ramana Reddy and B.D.C.N.Prasda
907-913 pdf
153. Hybrid Algorithm with DSA, RSA and MD5 Encryption Algorithm for wireless devices.
Khushdeep Kaur, Er.Seema
914-917 pdf
154. Effect of curing periods and strength characteristics of lime and calcium tri-silicate stabilized flyash
B.V.Suresh Kumar, Ganapati Naidu. P, P.V.V .Satyanayarana, S.Adiseshu
918-923 pdf
155. Elitist Genetic Algorithm For Design Of Aquifer Reclamation Using Multiple Well System
S.M.V. Sharief, T.I.Eldho, A.K.Rastogi
924-935 pdf
156. Use Of Discriminant Analysis In Classification Of Drug Peddlers And Non-Drug Peddlers In Kwara State.
O.S. Balogun, B.A. Oyejola, T.J. Akingbade
936-938 pdf
157. Energy Conservation Hierarchical Cluster Based Routing Protocols For Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
M.Jagadeeswara Reddy, Dr.P.Chenna Reddy
939-942 pdf
158. Performance Analysis of Blind Adaptive Multi-user Detection in DS-CDMA
D.Swathi, J.Ravindrababu, B. Alekya, Dr.E.V.Krishna Rao
943-948 pdf
159. A New Unified Software Development Model For Free/Open Source Software
Parul, Ashish Oberoi
949-950 pdf
160. A Block Cipher Obtained By Blending Modified Feistel Cipher And Advanced Hill Cipher Involving A Single Key Matrix
V.U.K. Sastry, K. Anup Kumar
951-958 pdf
161. A Block Cipher Obtained By Blending Modified Feistel Cipher And Advanced Hill Cipher Involving A Pair Of Key Matrices
V.U.K. Sastry, K. Anup Kumar
959-964 pdf
162. Wireless Power Meter Using Data Acquisition
K.Venkata Ramana, U.Phaneendra Kumar Chaturvedula
965-968 pdf
163. PSAT Model- Based Voltage Stability Analysis for the Kano 330KV Transmission Line
S.M. Lawan
969-973 pdf
164. Screening of biosurfactants properties of cell-free supernatants of cultures of Lactobacillus spp. isolated from a local fermented milk (Pendidam) of Ngaoundere (Cameroon).
Mbawala Augustin, Mouafo Tene Hippolyte
974-985 pdf
165. Development Of Islanding Detection Technique For Utility Interactive Distributed Generation System
V.Veera Nagireddy, Dr. D.V. Ashok Kumar
186-990 pdf
166. Five Steps Block Method For The Solution Of Fourth Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Adesanya, A. Olaide, A. A. Momoh, Alkali, M. Adamu and Tahir, A.
991-998 pdf
167. Synthesis of Four bar mechanism by freudenstein Equation
Ajay A. Dhore, Dr. R.D.Askhedkar
999-1002 pdf
168. Memory-Based Realization of FIR Digital Filter by Look-Up-Table Optimization
Batchu Jeevanarani, Thota Sreenivas
1003-1009 pdf
169. Classification Of Partial Discharge Patterns Using Fractal Geometry
Elsayed M. Elrefaie, M. K. Abd Elrahman, Sherif Ghoneim, Ahmed Bakr
1010-1015 pdf
170. Comparison of Magnesium, Aluminium and Cast Iron to obtain Optimum Frequency for Engine Bracket using Finite Element Analysis
Pavan B. Chaudhari, Dr.D. R. Panchagade
1016-1020 pdf
171. Qualitative Evaluation Of Cross-Layer Protocol For Proficient Communication In Wireless Sensor Networks
N.Venkateswaran, V.Kishore
1021-1029 pdf
172. Mechanical properties and Corrosion Resistance of nano-Ceria doped Aluminium
K.S. Harishanand, Siddhant Datta, Dr. B.M. Nagabhushana, Dr. H. Nagabhushana, Dr. M.M.Benal
1030-1035 pdf
173. Cross Language Text Retrieval: A Review
P.Iswarya, Dr.V.Radha
1036-1043 pdf
174. Secure Speech Communication – A Review
D.Ambika, V.Radha
1044-1049 pdf
175. Data Storage Collateral In Cloud Computing
Annamaneni Samatha, Nimmala Jeevan Reddy, P.Pradeep Kumar
1050-1055 pdf
176. Performance Analysis of Cyclic Redundancy Check(CRC) encoded Fixed WiMAX Wireless Communication System under Implementation of M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation(QAM) Technique
Md. Abdul Halim, Md. Ashraful Islam, Tonima Islam, Halida Homyara, Mustari Zaman
1056-1062 pdf
177. Replication of Query Messages in the Unstructured Overlays Peer-to-Peer Network
Sameer Tuladhar, L. Sumalatha
1063-1066 pdf
Deepika Gurajapu, D.Nagesh
1067-1071 pdf
179. Effectiveness of Changing Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Location on Multi-storeyed Building
P. S. Kumbhare, A. C. Saoji
1072-1076 pdf
180. Application Of Nanotechnology In Building Materials
1077-1082 pdf
181. Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Direct Injection Diesel Engine Using Bio-Diesel With Scr Technology
S.Gowthaman, K.Velmurugan
1083-1089 pdf
182. An Improved (8, 8) Colour Visual Cryptography Scheme Using Floyd Error Diffusion
Anantha Kumar Kondra, Smt. U. V. Ratna Kumari
1090-1096 pdf
183. A PMBLDCM Speed Control By Using A Buck DC-DC Converter And Voltage Control
Anitha Arumalla, M.Lokya
1097-1106 pdf
184. Pseudo Exhustive Test Patterns For Online And Offline Bist On Fpga
Deepthi.P, Vinay.P
1107-1110 pdf
185. Suggestion of Cyclic Voltammetry based Electrochemical DNA analysis of DNA-Petrol interaction-novel approach in DNA damage analysis
D.N.T.Kumar, Jun Liu,Tao Dan, Qufu Wei
1111-1116 pdf
186. Purified and Bio-polished Cotton Fibers as DNA-Streptavidin Tags for Bio-applications,using a Novel Approach
D.N.T.Kumar, Li Jing, Hui Qiao, Min Zhang, Qufu Wei
1117-1123 pdf
187. A Survey Of Current Image Segmentation Techniques For Detection Of Breast Cancer
R.Ramani, Dr.S.Suthanthiravanitha, S.Valarmathy
1124-1129 pdf
188. Effective Data Distribution Techniques for Multi-Cloud Storage in Cloud Computing
B.AmarNadh Reddy, P.Raja Sekhar Reddy
1130-1134 pdf
189. Design and Implementation of Linux Based Hybrid Client Honeypot Incorporating Multi Layer Detection
Atinder Pal Singh, Birinder Singh
1135-1142 pdf
190. Geophysical Engineering Investigation Around Makiyaye Village, Shika Area Within The Basement Complex Of North-Western Nigeria
1143-1153 pdf
191. Subsurface Stratigraphic Mapping Using The D.C Electrical Resistivity Around Shika, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Fadele S.I , Jatau B.S, Patrick N.O
1154-1161 pdf
M.Jyothi kiran, S.Ravi teja
1162-1167 pdf
193. Simulation Of The Crack Propagation Using Fracture Mechanics Techniques In Aero Structures
J.Veeranjaneyulu, Dr H.Raghavendra Rao
1168-1173 pdf
194. Deconvolution of the flood hydrograph at the outlet of watershed Kolondieba in the south of Mali
DAO Amidou, KAMAGATE Bamory, MARIKO Adama, SEGUIS Luc, MAIGA Hamadoun Bokar,
GOULA BI Tie Albert, SAVANE Issiaka
1174-1181 pdf
195. 4-Point Block Method for Direct Integration of First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations
M.R. Odekunle, A.O. Adesanya, J. Sunday
1182-1187 pdf
196. A Relative Study Of Kalman Filtering For Control Of A Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
Munmun Dutta, Balram Timande
1188-1192 pdf
197. Estimation and cartography of the evapotranspiration from the data AATSR in Sudano–sahelian environment: case study of Kolondièba-Tiendaga basin (Mali)
DAOU Ibrahima, MARIKO Adama, RASMUS Fensholt, MENENTI Massimo, KOUROSH Khoshelham, MBOW Cheickh, DIALLO Drissa
1193-1200 pdf
198. Impact Of Climate Variability On Groundwater Resources In Kolondieba Catchment Basin, Sudanese Climate Zone In Mali
Bokar H, Mariko A, Bamba F, Diallo D, Kamagaté B, Dao A, Soumare O, Kassogue P
1201-1210 pdf
199. Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Groundwater in Sandstone Fractured Media by Multivariate Statistical Analysis: a case study of Bani Basin, Mali
Mariko A., Lam A.A., Dridri A., Benaabidate L., Hamadoun B., DAO A., Kamagaté B., Seguis L.
1211-1220 pdf
200. Arithmetic Unit Implementation Using A FPGA IEEE-754-2008 Decimal64 Floating-Point
Raja Gopal Surineedi, G.S.Siva Kumar, P.Sunitha
1221-1225 pdf
201. Flow Analysis of Rocket Nozzle Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd)
Pardhasaradhi Natta, V.Ranjith Kumar, Dr.Y.V.Hanumantha Rao
1226-1235 pdf
202. Local Construction And Demolition Waste Used As Coarse Aggregates In Concrete
Madan Mohan Reddy.K, Bhavani.R, Ajitha. B
1236-1238 pdf
203. DFT based Channel Estimation Methods for MIMO-OFDM System
using QPSK modulation technique
Rajbir Kaur, Charanjit Kaur
1239-1243 pdf
204. FPGA Implementation Of Efficient Algorithm Of Image Splitting For Video Streaming Data
Swamy.TN, Rashmi. KM, Dr.P.Cyril Prasanna Raj, Dr.S.L.Pinjare
1244-1247 pdf
205. Comparison of 2D and 3D Modeling of Hysteresis Motor with HTS Element in the Rotor
Joyashree Das, Rup Narayan Ray
1248-1257 pdf
206. Replacement Of Natural Fine Aggregate With Granular Slag - A Waste Industrial By-Product In Cement Mortar Applications As An Alternative Construction Materials
Mohammed Nadeem, Dr. A. D. Pofale
1258-1264 pdf
207. On The Region For Linear Growth Rate Of Perturbation In Magneto-Thermal Convection In A Couple-Stress Fluid In A Porous Medium
Ajaib S. Banyal, Daleep K. Sharma
1265-1271 pdf
208. A Closed Loop for Soft Switched PWM ZVS Full Bridge DC - DC Converter
S.P.Narasimha Prasad, K.Vijaya Bhaskar
1272-1277 pdf
209. Case Study for Bank ATM Queuing Model
Bhavin Patel, Pravin Bhathawala
1278-1284 pdf
210. Double Pass-Transistor Logic for High Performance, Low Latency Wave Pipeline Circuit
Santimoy Mandal, Shyam Sundar Prasad
1285-1289 pdf
211. Optimal Placement Of Multiple Distributed Generator By Hs Algorithm
K.Srinivasa Rao, M.Nageswara Rao
1290-1294 pdf
212. Studies on effect of Copper corrosion passivators on the Paper insulated copper conductor by XRD, SEM and EDX analysis
R.A. Venkata Lakshmi, T.S.R. Murthy
1295-1299 pdf
213. A comparative study on Photocatalytic degradation of Violet GL2B azo dye using CaO and TiO2 nanoparticles
Madhusudhana N, Yogendra K, Mahadevan K M
1300-1307 pdf
214. Simple Tool For Efficient Image Cryptography
V.Deepthi, Dr.Sandeep.V.M
1308-1311 pdf
215. Perceptual Color Image Segmentation through K-Means
E.Madhuri, Dr.Sandeep.V.M
1312-1314 pdf
216. Efficient And Robust Shape Signatures For Object Recognition
V.Harichandana, Dr.Sandeep.V.M
1315-1319 pdf
217. Statistical Optimization of Media Components for Xylanase Production by Aspergillus fumigatus using SSF
K.Vimalashanmugam, T.Viruthagiri
1320-1329 pdf
218. Potential of Non Edible Vegetable Oils as an Alternative Lubricants in Automotive Applications
Amit Suhane, A.Rehman, H.K.Khaira
1330-1335 pdf
219. Fluoride Removal By A Continuous Flow Electrocoagulation Reactor From Groundwater Of Shivdaspura
Sinha R, Khazanchi I, Mathur S
1336-1341 pdf
220. Attribute Ontological Relational Weights (AORW) For Coherent Association Rules: A Post Mining Process For Association Rules
M.Saritha,T.Venkata Ramana, Kareemunnisa, Y.Sowjanya, M.Nishantha
1342-1351 pdf
221. Denoising of Spectral Data Using Complex Wavelets
C. Madhu, P. Suresh Babu, S. Jayachandranath
1352-1357 pdf
222. Cryptography In Cloud-Security Using DNA (Genetic) Techniques
Anup R. Nimje
1358-1359 pdf
223. Effect of Addition of Nanoclay on Machinability of Al/Nanoclay Metal Matrix Composites
H.S. Manohar, N.Chikkanna, B.Uma Maheswar Gowd
1360-1370 pdf
224. Integration Analysis Of Safety Critical Systems In Information Technology
Ganesh Panatula, Nagabhushan S.V, Dr. T. V. Suresh Kumar
1371-1375 pdf
225. Dynamic Adaptive Control of Mobile Robot UsingRBF Networks
D Narendra Kumar, S LalithaKumari , Veeravasantarao D
1376-1382 pdf
226. Enhancement Of Biogas From Abattoir Cow Liquor Waste With Some Agro-Industrial Wastes
Nitin A.Wankhade, Dr.S.B.Thakre A.V.Dhote, P.S.Wankhade
1383-1388 pdf
227. Deterministic Seismic Hazard Assessment Of District Headquarters Dantewara And Jagdalpur Sites Of Chhattisgarh State
Ashish Kumar Parashar, Dr. Sohanlal Atmapoojya, Dr. S.S. Rathore
1389-1402 pdf
228. Analysis Of Wind Power Density In Azmar Mountain (Sulaimani
Region- North Iraq)
Salahaddin A.Ahmed, Meeran A. Omer, Awni A.Abdulahad
1403-1407 pdf
229. Design, Synthesis & Simulation Of Four Bar Mechanism For Guiding Wheel For Climbing
Rahul R.Gurpude, Dr.R.D.Ashkhedkar
1408-1412 pdf
230. Low Power DCT Implementation In An Image Compression System
Gulnar Perveen
1413-1415 pdf
231. Design and Computation of Energy Factor Parameters for an Interleaved Boost Converter
Radha Sree.K, Dr.R.Seyezhai
1416-1420 pdf
232. Implementation Of Cogeneration Technique In Textile Industry For Energy Conservation
M.Gohul, A.Mohamed Syed Ali, T.G.Raju, M.R.Saravanan, Dr.A.Pasupathy
1421-1427 pdf
233. Can Computer Mediated communication be effective in globally distributed projects
Srikar Madhira, Sairam Vakkalanka
1428-1431 pdf
234. A Streamlined Architecture For 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transformation And Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
V Ashok, B.Chinna rao, P.M.Francis
1432-1439 pdf
235. Design And Development Of A Microcontroller Based System For The Measurement Of Blood Glucose
N. Anju Latha, B. Rama Murthy, U. Sunitha
1440-1444 pdf
236. Finite Element Modeling Of Lime Stabilized Low Volume Rural Roads
Nagrale Prashant P, Katkar Surendrakumar R, Patil Atulya
1445-1452 pdf
237. Simulation Analysis Of Dynamic Dent Resistance On Auto Body Panel
S.M.Chavan, Dr.R.B.Hiremath
1453-1457 pdf
238. Verilog Implementation Of Da Based Dct With High Accuracy Error-Compensated Adder Tree
Y Venkat Seshaiah, B.Chinna rao, P.M.Francis
1458-1462 pdf
239. Steady State Analysis of Self-Excited Induction Generator using
THREE Optimization Techniques
1463-1473 pdf
240. Multi Agent System Based Clinical Diagnosis System: An Algorithmic Approach
Shibakali Gupta, Sripati Mukhopadhyay
1474-1477 pdf
241. Size Reduction And Bandwidth Enhancement Of Rectangular Printed Antenna Using Tripple Narrow Slits For Wireless Communication System And Micro Wave X-Band Applications
Vivekkumar Yadaw, Sudipta Das, S.M Maidur Rahaman, A.P Ramkanu, A.Karmkar
1478-1484 pdf
242. A New low power Technology for power reduction in SRAM's using Column Decoupling combined with virtual grounding
V. Partha Sarathi Reddy, Durga Prasad
1485-1489 pdf
243. Secure Arp Protocol For Intrusion Detection System
1490-1494 pdf
244. Performance Comparison Of Different Clustering Algorithms With ID3 Decision Tree Learning Method For Network Anomaly Detection
Sonika Tiwari, Prof. Roopali Soni
1495-1500 pdf
245. Design Of High Speed FFT Processor Using Vedic Multiplication Technique
Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Mr. Amit Jain, Mr. Anand Vardhan Bhalla, Mr. Utsav Malviya
1501-1504 pdf
246. Performance Evaluation Of A High Grade Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine With Crude Pongamia Oil
Ch. Kesava Reddy, M.V.S. Murali Krishna, P.V.K.Murthy, T. Ratna Reddy
1505-1516 pdf
247. Parametric Study of the Hot Rolling Process Using FEM
Shailendra Dwivedi, Dr. Geeta Agnihotri, Dr. K.K.Pathak
1517-1522 pdf
P.Poornachanra Rao, L.Rajagopal Reddy
1523-1531 pdf
249. A Unique Approach To Prepare Poly (Acrylamide –Co-Itaconic Acid) /Graphite Composite Polymer For Electrical Conducting Properties
S .K. Bajpai, S. Awasthi, Abhishek Dubey
1532-1537 pdf
250. Evaluation Of Low Cost Wireless Network Protocol For Rural Villages Based On 802.11KT MAC Protocol
V.K.Taksande, Dr.K.D.Kulat
1538-1543 pdf
251. A Geometric Programming Model for Production Rate Optimization of Turning Process with Experimental Validation
S. S. K. Deepak
1544-1549 pdf
252. Characterization And Numerical Optimization Of Chromium Free Nickel Alloy Filler-Materials For Dissimilar Welding With SS304 Based On Induced Residual Stresses And Distortion
Vivek Vanamane, Santhosh kumar B, Nataraj J. R.
1550-1556 pdf
253. Study And Analysis Of Low Power Low Voltage Pipeline Architecture Of ADC Using 0.18 μm Technology
Anshu Sharma, Rekha Agrawal
1557-1559 pdf
254. Stability Improvement During Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations with Fuzzy Logic Controller
A.V.Sudhakara Reddy, M. Ramasekhara Reddy, Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar
1560-1565 pdf
255. Wall Pressure Studies in a Suddenly Expanded Flow for Area Ratio 2.56
Maughal Ahmed Ali Baig, Sher Afghan Khan, E. Rathakrishnan
1566-1573 pdf
256. Validating UML Diagram for Security
Prof. D.M.Thakore, Torana N.Kamble
1574-1577 pdf
257. Investigation Of Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna On Six Different Substrates For X –Band Applications
Anzar Khan, Rajesh Nema, Puran Gour
1578-1584 pdf
258. Similarity Assessment of Turned Components: An Approach to Feature Based 3-D Modelling
P.N.E.Naveen, M.Yasaswi
1585-1588 pdf
259. Web Phishing Detection In Machine Learning Using Heuristic Image Based Method
Vinnarasi Tharania. I, R. Sangareswari , M. Saleembabu
1589-1593 pdf
260. Multi-Response Optimization By Experimental Investigation Of Machining Parameters In CNC Turning By Taguchi Based Grey Relational Analysis
Pankaj Sharma, Kamaljeet Bhambri
1594-1602 pdf
261. Problems And Prospect Of Teaching Electricity And Electrical Devices In Primary Classes
1603-1606 pdf
262 Performance Evaluation Of Aodv And Dsr Routing Protocols For Vbr Traffic In Mobile Adhoc Networks
Gurpreet Singh, Atinderpal Singh, Anantdeep Kaur
1607-1610 pdf
263. Authentication Mechanisim For Session Passwords By Imposing Color With Text
K.Nivetha, M. Muthumeena, R. Srinivasan
1611-1615 pdf
264. Implementation Of Internet Traffic Classifier Using Dbscan Algorithm
Mr. Shezad Shaikh, Mr. Niket Bhargava, Ms. Urmila Mahor
1616-1623 pdf
265. Generation of Software Artifacts and Models at Analysis Phase
Prof. D.M.Thakore, Ravi P.Patki
1624-1630 pdf
266. Survey On Link Prediction In Facebook And Twitter
R.Hema Latha, K.SathiyaKumari
1631-1637 pdf
267. Fault Analysis And Improve Power Quality By Multilevel Statcoms
Pragallapati Manikanta, K. Anand. M.E
1638-1645 pdf
268. Performance Evaluation Of Topology Based Routing Protocols In Vanet
Sharnjeet Kaur, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Josan
1646-1655 pdf
269. Towards Optimal Design of Steel - Concrete Composite Plane Frames using a Soft Computing Tool
D. R. Panchal, N. K. Solanki, S. C. Patodi
1656-1662 pdf
270. Simplified Thermocouple Interface For Hot Only Or Cold Only Measurement With Linearization Circuit
A,Venkata Naga Vamsi, G.S.S.S.S.V.Krishna Mohan, S.S.S.Srikanth
1663-1667 pdf
271. Estimation Of parameter For Induction Motor Drive
Y.Sumith, J.S.V.Siva Kumar
1668-1674 pdf
272. An Efficient Image Compression By Overlapped Discrete Cosine Transform With Adaptive Thinning
Ezhilarasi .P, Dr.Nirmal Kumar .P
1675-1681 pdf
273. Performance Evaluation Of Congestion Control Tcp Variants In Vanet Using Omnet
Ravinder Kaur, Gurpreet Singh Josan
1682-1688 pdf
274. Data Warehousing and Business Analytics Implementation
1689-1694 pdf
275. Climatic Assessment Of Rajasthan's Region For Drought With Concern Of Data Mining Techniques
Neha Khandelwal, Ruchi Davey
1695-1697 pdf
276. Path planning of material handling robot using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) technique
Ansari Muqueet Husain, Shaikh Mohammad Sohail, V. S. Narwane
1698-1701 pdf
V.K.Srivastava, Dr. Devendra Prasad
1702-1708 pdf
278. Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Dissimilar Metal Tube Welded Joints Using Inert Gas Welding
N. Arunkumar, P.Duraisamy, S.Veeramanikandan
1709-1717 pdf
279. Design of Custom Instructions in Cryptographic Processor
M. Lalitha Sowmya, B.Divya, S.Jagadeesh
1718-1724 pdf
280. Performance Evaluation Of Routing Protocols In Vanets By Using Tcp Variants On Omnet++ Simulator
Reetika Singla, Sukhwinder Sharma, Gurpreet Singh, Ravinder kaur
1725-1731 pdf
281. An Approach To Estimate Function Point Analysis Using Unadjusted Function Points And Value Adjustment Factor
1732-1735 pdf
282. Comparative Analysis of Transform based Lossy Image Compression Techniques
Daljit Singh, Sukhjeet Kaur Ranade
1736-1741 pdf
283. Analysis Of Rotation Invariant Template Matching Techniques For Trademarks
Gurupjit Singh Brar, Amandeep Kaur
1742-1747 pdf
284. Survey on Link Prediction and Page Ranking In Blogs
S.Geetha, K.Sathiya Kumari
1748-1755 pdf
285. Analysis of Electric Field Intensity in Gas Insulated Busduct
Nagbhushan, J. Amarnath, D. Subbarayudu
1756-1760 pdf
286. Simulation of IEEE 754 Standard Double Precision Multiplier
using Booth Techniques
Puneet Paruthi, Tanvi Kumar, Himanshu Singh
1761-1766 pdf
287. Analytic Representations Of Convex And Starlike Functions
Dr. B. Krishna Gandhi, Dr. M.Aparna
1767-1771 pdf
288. Control Of An Hybrid Multilevel Converter With Floating DC-Links For The Improvement Of Current Waveform
Lavanya Gundugula, Anand Kakarapalli
1772-1780 pdf
Gyan Prakash, Umesh Dutta, Mohd. Tauheed Khan
1781-1784 pdf
290. Modal Analysis Of Composite Propeller For Ships Application
Dr.Y.Seetharama Rao, B.Sridhar Reddy
1785-1787 pdf
291. An Improvement Of Transient Current Response Of Load Transformers For The Series Voltage Sag Compensator
1788-1796 pdf
292. Emotion Identification From Continuous Speech Using Cepstral Analysis
K. Ravi Kumar, V.Ambika, K.Suri Babu
1797-1799 pdf
293. Efficient Data Transmission with Priority in Heterogeneous Networks
K V Dinesh Kumar, B Swathi, K Suresh, M Suneetha Rani
1800-1805 pdf
294. A Survey Study Of Supplier Selection Issues In Construction Supply Chain
S. Patil, Prof. Mrs. P. R. Adavi
1806-1809 pdf
Dr.K.V.Durgaprasad, S.Vasundhara
1810-1816 pdf
296. ENHANCING POWER SYSTEM STABILITY BY USING Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator
N.Srikanth, Atejasri
1817-1824 pdf
297. Monte Carlo Simulation Technique For Reliability Assessment Of R.C.C. Columns
Sukanti Rout, Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Bidyadhar Basa
1825-1830 pdf
298. Identification Of Some Of The Factors In The Formation Of Attitude Towards Mathematics
Ranjana Chowdhury, Amitabha Barua
1831-1838 pdf
299. Structural And Material Properties Of Ti-Si-N Nanocomposite Coatings
Y.V.Subba Rao, B.S.Gangadhara, E.Suresh Babu, K.S.Sumana
1839-1842 pdf
300. Neural Based Sensor Signal Change Detection By Using Radial Bias Function
Ramanpreet Kaur, Jaspal Singh
1843-1847 pdf
301. Design & Implementation of MAC Unit Using Reversible Logic
Shaik Nasar, K. Subbarao
1848-1855 pdf
302. Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Matrix
S. C. Patodi, C. V. Kulkarni
1856-1863 pdf
303. Performance Evaluation of Sonar Signals using Fusion Technique
A.Usharani, P.Srihari, B.L.Prakash, K.Raja Rajeswari


304. MAC Enhancement for Performance Improvement of Routing Protocol
Prof Rekha Patil , Ashwini.R.Malipatil
1869-1873 pdf
305. Simulation of DC/DC Boost Converter by using Three-Phase Indirect Matrix Converter
Hathiram Guguloth, Santosh A
1874-1883 pdf
306. Energy Minimization of CDK2 bound ligands: A Computational Approach
Nulaka Srinivasu, M. Naresh Babu, Allam Appa Rao
1884-1887 pdf
307. Image Processing And Pattern Generation
Rashmi A Jain, Mrunalini P Moon
1888-1893 pdf
307. Design and Implementation of Real Time Wireless Biomedical
System Based on ZigBee-GSM interactive module
Sarvesh B.Rothe, Prof. V.G.Girhepunje
1894-1899 pdf
308. Modeling And Control Of A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Wind Turbine With Energy Storage
K. Uday Kumar Reddy, M. Ramasekhara Reddy, Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar
1900-1905 pdf
309. Performance Of Rice Husk Ash Bricks
N.Vamsi Mohan, Prof.P.V.V.Satyanarayana, Dr.K.Srinivasa Rao
1906-1910 pdf
310. Aquatic Macrophytes Of Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India
Sanjeeb Kumar Nath
1911-1913 pdf
311. The Transaction Concept: Integrated With BPEL and WS-AT, WS-BA Coordination Protocols
R.Soujanya, Guide: K.Venkateshwarlu
1914-1921 pdf
312. Effect Of Moulding Temperature On The Properties Of Polypropylene/High Density Polyethylene/Clay/Glass Fibre Composites
Ranjusha J P, Anjana R, K E George
1922-1926 pdf
313. Doppler Estimation of RADAR Signals using Complex Wavelets
C. Madhu, V. Madhurima, K.Avinash kumar
1927-1931 pdf
314. Bandwidth Enhancement In Wireless Applications By Using H-Shape Slot Microstrip Aperture Coupled Antenna
Dr.Naveen Hemrajani, Mrs.Sandhya Sharma, Mr. Rashid Hussain, Ravi Kumar
1932-1935 pdf
315. Wireless Image Transmission over Noisy Channels Using Turbo Codes and De-noising Filters
Mannava Srinivasa Rao, Boppana Swati Lakshmi, Dr.Panakala Rajesh Kumar
1936-1941 pdf
316. Hydrochemistry And Environmental Status Of Vaigai River Water In Tamil Nadu, India
Vanitha. G, Shunmugavelu. M
1942-1946 pdf
317. Control Of Exhaust Emissions Using Nanosized Copper Metal Spray In The Catalytic Converter For Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine
Mukesh Thakur, N. K. Saikhedkar
1947-1952 pdf
318. Sorptivity Of Cement Combination Concretes Containing Portland Cement, Fly Ash And Metakaolin
FOLAGBADE, Samuel Olufemi
1953-1959 pdf
319. Omni Directional Printed Patch Antenna For Wireless LAN
Ansa Tom Kunnel, Suresh Nair, Mrs.Mini P R, Shemeena P M, Dinesh Kumar
1960-1962 pdf
320. Wavelet Based Texture Analysis And Classification With Linear Regration Model
Manoj Kumar, Prof. Sagun Kumar sudhansu, Dr. Kasabegoudar V. G
1963-1970 pdf
321. Noninvasive Estimation Of Consciousness Level By Fft Method
Tinku Biswas, Surajit Bagchi, Swarup Sarkar, Akash Ku. Bhoi
1971-1975 pdf
322. Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Analysis Of Turbulent Multiple Circular Jets Impinging On A Flat Plate
1976-1985 pdf
323. Process Parameters Optimization Of Micro Electric Discharge Machining Process Using Genetic Algorithm
Ruben Phipon, B.B.Pradhan
1986-1993 pdf
324. Optimistic Outsourcing of Linear Programming in Cloud Computing Using Stassen's Matrix Multiplication and Sparse Matrix
Surisetti Lavanya
1994-2003 pdf
325. Use Of Linear Programming For Optimal Production In A Production Line In Coca –Cola Bottling Company, Ilorin
O.S. Balogun, E.T. Jolayemi, T.J. Akingbade, H.G. Muazu
2004-2007 pdf
326. BER Comparison of MIMO Systems using Equalization Techniques in Rayleigh Flat Fading Channel
Gurpreet Singh, Pardeep Sharma
2008-2015 pdf
327. Analysing Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier on Virtex 2P Hardware Module
Pardeep Sharma, Gurpreet Singh
2016-2020 pdf
328. Thermal Analysis Of A Gas Turbine Rotor Blade By Using Ansys
G.Narendranath, S.Suresh
2021-2027 pdf
329. Determination Of Mechanical Properties Of Al2O3, Mg (OH)2 And Sic Filled E-Glass/ Epoxy Composites
K.Devendra, T. Rangaswamy
2028-2033 pdf
330. Realization Of Beam Splitter Using Photonic Crystal Fiber(PCF) With And Without Nonlinearity
N.Muduli, G.Palai, S.K.Tripathy
2034-2037 pdf
331. Authentication Based Scheme In MANET Using Cluster Based Routing Protocol
Prof. Pranita M. Potey, Prof.Manish Potey, Prof. Nandini C. Nag
2038-2043 pdf
332. Buckling Behaviour Of Compression Loaded Composite Cylindrical Shells With Reinforced Cutouts
Ramanatha Dash, F.Anand Raju
2044-2048 pdf
333. Electrochemical Behaviour of AA6063 Alloy in Hydrochloric Acid using Schiff Base Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitors
Sanaulla Pathapalya Fakrudeen, Lokesh H. B, Ananda Murthy H. C, Bheema Raju V. B
2049-2061 pdf
334. Mechanical Behavior Of Modified Of Reactive Powder Concrete
M. K. Maroliya
2062-2067 pdf
335. Analysing The Invasiveness Of Skin Cancer Using Fractals
Dr. R. Jahir Hussain, V. Shanthoshini Deviha, P. Rengarajan
2068-2075 pdf
336. Optimal DSR and Load Balancing in MANET
Dr. P.K.Suri, Satmeet Kaur
2076-2079 pdf
337. Thermophoresis Effect On Unsteady Free Convection Heat And Mass Transfer In A Walters-B Fluid Past A Semi Infinite Plate
C. Sudhakar, N. Bhaskar Reddy, B. Vasu, V. Ramachandra Prasad
2080-2095 pdf
338. An Approach For Interval Discrete-Time Systems Reduction Using Least Squares Method
K.Kiran Kumar, Dr.G.V.K.R.Sastry
2096-2099 pdf
339. The Investment Portfolio Selection Using Fuzzy Logic And Genetic Algorithm
P.Divya, P. Ramesh Kumar
2100-2105 pdf
340. Applications Of The Higgs Boson
Prof.Mathew V Karvinkoppa, Prof.Murtuza S Dholkawala, Prof. U S Gawai
2106-2109 pdf
341. Necessary and sufficient condition for the L1-convergence of a modified trigonometric sum
Nawneet Hooda
2110-2111 pdf
342. Image Denoising Based On Averaging Of Two Wavelet Transformed Images
Dikendra Verma, Sanjay Mathur
2112-2119 pdf
343. Simulation Of Surface Acoustic Wave NO2 Gas Sensor Based On Zno/ XY Linbo3 Structure
Shahrzad Arabshahi, Massoud Dousti, Mohammad Bagher Tavackoly
2120-2123 pdf
344. Design Of Single & 1x1 Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antenna Array Operating At 2.4 GHz Using ADS
Naimul Hasan
2124-2127 pdf
345. A Novel Energy Efficient Distributed Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
V.Chandrasekaran, S.Anitha
2128-2131 pdf
346. Mapping Sterile Bodies in the Sidi Chennane phosphatic deposit
(Morocco) using geoelectrical Investigations
Khadija BABA, Lahcen BAHI, Latifa OUADIF, Ahmed AKHSSAS
2132-2136 pdf
347. Integrtation of Encryption and Hash Function for Improved Message Authenticity
Richa Purohit, Yogendra Singh, Dr. Upendra Mishra, Dr. Abhay Bansal
2137-2142 pdf
348. Establishment Of The Target Cost In The Development Of New Products
Antonio Sérgio Torres Penedo, Sérgio Takahashi, Marcio Mattos Borges De Oliveira, Mauro
Santo Bernardo, Nilton Cesar Lima
2143-2148 pdf
349. A Review of Rotating Biological Contactors System
Prashant A. Kadu, Dr. Y. R. M. Rao
2149-2153 pdf
350. Method For Solving The Transportation Problems Using Trapezoridal Fuzzy Numbers
Kadhirvel.K, Balamurugan.K
2154-2158 pdf
351. Analysis of Efficient FDDI Network
Harsimranjot, Dr. S.B.L. Tripathi, Hardeep Singh Saini
2159-2162 pdf
352. Impulse Noise Removal Inimages Using Modified Trimmed Median Filter:Matlab Implementation And Comparitive Study
CH.Sravana Lakshmi, V.Ambika, K.Suri Babu
2163-2166 pdf
353. Optical, Wear and Corrosive Properties of Ti-Si-N Nanocomposite coatings
Y.V.Subba Rao, K.Esther Nikitha, B.S.Gangadhara, E.Suresh Babu, K.S.Sumana
2167-2171 pdf
354. Implemetation Of Lean Manufacturing In Small Company
Mr. Vijayendra Singh Sankhla, Mr. Saurabh Singh Chandrawat, Mr. Lalit Yadav
2172-2176 pdf
355. Hyperspectral Image Classification
Gitanjali S. Korgaonkar, Dr. R. R. Sedamkar
2177-2184 pdf
356. Captive Energy Methods For Electrical Power System
Siddharth Wadhawan, Harshal Arekar
2185-2190 pdf
358. Comparison of Low Field Electron Transport Characteristics in InP,GaP,Ga0.5In0.5P and In As0.8P0.2 by Solving Boltzmann
Equation Using Iteration Model
Hadi Arabshahi, Azar pashaei
2200-2204 pdf
359. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis For Residential Land Use Suitability Using Socio-Economic Responses Through AHP
V.D.Patil, R.N.Sankhua, R.K.Jain
2205-2211 pdf
360. Performance Analysis of AODV & DSR Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Harpreet Singh, Gurpreet Singh Josan
2212-2216 pdf
361. Design And Implementation Of Hdlc Protocol On Fpga
M.Sridevi, Dr P.Sudhakar Reddy
2217-2219 pdf
362. Optical Properties of the Tysonite Phase of LaF3 Compound in
the Ground State by First Principles Calculations
Masoud Majidiyan, Rooh Allah Taghavimendi, Larousse Khosravi, Khorashad, Gholam Hossein Khorrami, Hadi Arabshahi
2220-2224 pdf
363. Variation in Inset Parameters of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Improved Performance
Sandhya Sharma, Abhishek Sharma
2225-2227 pdf
364. Scenario Based Performance Evaluation Of Dsr Routing Protocol For Vbr Traffic In Manets
Gurpreet Singh, Atinderpal Singh
2228-2231 pdf
365. Estimation of Primary Compression Index (Cc) Using Physical Properties of Pontianak Soft Clay
Slamet Widodo, Abdelazim Ibrahim
2232-2236 pdf