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Volume 2- Issue 4 [Jul-Aug 2012]

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Paper submitted to IJERA: 1122;   Accepted papers by peer review process: 406;   Rejected Paper:716 ,
Paper Acceptance percentage: 36.18%
1. Utilization Of Rice Husk Ash
S. D. Nagrale, Dr. Hemant Hajare, Pankaj R. Modak
001-005 pdf
2. Design and ASIC Implementation of a 3GPP LTE- Advance Turbo Encoder and Turbo Decoder
Manjunatha K N, Kiran B, Prasanna Kumar.C
006-010 pdf
Point-to Analysis for Object-Oriented Language
M Rajasekhara Babu, Vivek Dilip Mitkari, Karan Thakkar, Kirti Barode
011-018 pdf
4. A Permission-based Clustering Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Abhilasha Gupta, B.V.R. Reddy, Udayan Ghosh, Ashish Khanna
019-026 pdf
5. A low noise and low power 3-GHz 64~127 Multi-Modulus Frequency Divider implementation using BiCMOS technology
T.B.K Manoj Kumar, S.Adilakshmi, Pradeep Kumar Dixena, Dr. Fazal Noorbasha, Rajasekhar
027-033 pdf
6. A complete analysis of striplines used for Josephson logic and memory circuits
034-040 pdf
7. A Complete Approach Of Optimization And Simulation Of Josephson Junction As A Switching Element
041-050 pdf
8. Wireless Micro Power Meter System up to 100 W Load Simulation and Design using 2.4 GHz Transceiver Module
Rajesh Singh, Siddharth Sobti, Naman Bhandula, Shashank Agarwal, Laxman Poonia
051-055 pdf
9. Soret and Dufour Effects on hydro magnetic heat and mass transfer over a vertical plate in a porous medium with a convective surface boundary condition and chemical reaction
B. Madhusudhana Rao, G.Viswanatha Reddy
056-076 pdf
10. Insight into Fluorine Based Amino Acids,Concepts and Applications
D.N.T.Kumar, Nooki Mehdi, Fenglin Huang, Min Zhang, Qufu Wei
077-086 pdf
11. An Artificial-Intelligence Based Induction Motor Speed control and
Estimation using conventional MRAS with dynamic reference modal
L.A.Abraham Arunchand, K.Sudharshan Reddy
087-092 pdf
12. A Novel Approach to Design of 6T (8 X 8) SRAM Cell Low Power Dissipation Using MCML Technique on 45 Nm
Ravindar Kumar, Dr. Gurjit Kaur
093-097 pdf
13. Vacuum Circuit Breakers in FACTS
E.Kirankumar, D. Sreenivasulu Reddy, B. Subba Reddy
098-107 pdf
14. Modal dispersion curves of different types of metal-clad trapezoidal optical wave-guides and their comparative study
Sanjay Kumar Srivastava, Sandeep K. Nigam, A.K.Srivastava, S.P. Singh
108-113 pdf
15. A Survey on Face Recognition Techniques
Sonu Agrawal, Dr. Sushil Kumar, Sangeeta Agrawal
114-119 pdf
16. Data Caching Placement based on information density in wireless ad hoc network
C.Srinivas, Samreen Khan
120-125 pdf
17. Simulation Of An Off-Road Vehicle Roll Cage A Static Analysis
Vikas Sharma, Divyanshu Purohit
126-128 pdf
18. Effect of Bend Geometry on Erosion and Product Degradation in Pneumatic Conveying Pipeline Systems
Amit Suhane, Vijay K. Agarwal
129-136 pdf
19. Physico-chemical characteristics of wastewater from Paper Industry
V.P. Kesalkar, Isha.P.Khedikar, A.M.Sudame
137-143 pdf
20. Improved K-mean clustering with Mobile Agent
Monali Patil, Vidya Chitre, Dipti Patil
144-148 pdf
21. An Intelligent Analysis Of Crime Data Using Data Mining & Auto Correlation Models
Uttam Mande, Y.Srinivas, J.V.R.Murthy
149-153 pdf
22. Seismic Analysis And Design Of Industrial Chimneys By Using Staad Pro
T Subramani, P.Shanmugam
154-161 pdf
23. MD5 security Algorithm is more effective in File Upload Application
Mr. Dube H.V. , DR. Sagar Jambhorkar
162-163 pdf
24. Customer Card Classification Based on C5.0 & CART Algorithms
Prof. Nilima Patil, Prof. Rekha Lathi, Prof. Vidya Chitre
164-167 pdf
25. Text Summarization using Expectation Maximization Clustering Algorithm
Ms. Meghana. N.Ingole, Mrs.M.S.Bewoor, Mr.S.H.Patil
168-171 pdf
26. Batch Study Experiments And Column Analysis For Finding Out A Suitable Biosorbent For The Removal Of Heavy Metals From Electroplating Industry Effluent
T Subramani, S.Sindhu
172-184 pdf
27. Response surface approach for optimization of Sinker Electric Discharge Machine process parameters on AISI 4140 alloy steel
Manish Vishwakarma, V.K.Khare, Vishal Parashar
185-189 pdf
28. Experiments On Tube Settler For The Treatment Of Fbw And Optimization Of Plant Operation For Residual Reduction
T.Subramani, Sigi Thomas
190-203 pdf
29. Effective Measure to Prevent Cooperative Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
Mrs. M. Jhansi, Ms. K. RoopaDevi, Mr. B.Mukesh Chandra
204-209 pdf
30. Cadu Technique To Improve Image Compression At Low Bit Rates
M.Vijaya Rama Raj, I Kullayamma
210-214 pdf
31. Durability Of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Of Marine Structures
A.L.Ardeshana, Dr Atul K Desai
215-219 pdf
32. Design and Development of Contactless Communication Module for Pre setter of Underwater Vehicles
J.Lavanyambhika, D.Madhavi
220-226 pdf
33. Design And Performance Analysis Of Hydro-Kinetic Fluid Coupling
Mr. Hirendra B. Patel, Dr.Pravin P.Rathod, Prof. Arvind S.Sorathiya
227-232 pdf
34. Assessment on Landuse Changes in Coimbatore North Taluk using Image Processing and Geospatial Techniques
A.Varadharajan, Iyappan. L, P. Kasinathapandian
233-237 pdf
35. Optimal Bidding Strategy in Deregulated Environment
K.Vijaya Kumar, M.Lakshmi Prasanna
238-246 pdf
36 A New Method for Finding an Optimal Fuzzy Solution For Fully Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems
M.Jayalakshmi, P. Pandian
247-254 pdf
37. Improved SLM Technique using Reiman matrix for PAPR Reduction of LTE-OFDM Networks
Neelam Dewangan
255-257 pdf
38. Mathematical Model for lung function measurements in asthmatic
Saiva Raju, N., Kavitha, N., Lakshmi S
258-261 pdf
39. Biosorption Of Phenols
A.V.V.S.Swamy, K. Syamala Devi
262-265 pdf
40. Design and Manufacturing of Twin Lobe Roots Blower using steel shaft
Miss S. S. Salaskar, Dr. K. H. Inamadar
266-270 pdf
41. Non-Conventional Power Generation Using Solar And Wind With The Aid Of Hydro Power Generation
Sandeep Puppala, M Ebrahe
271-274 pdf
42 Dynamic Analysis Of Special Moment Resisting Frame Building With Flat Slab And Grid Slab
Sandesh D. Bothara, Dr.Valsson Varghese
275-280 pdf
43. Enhancement Of Physicochemical Properties Of Nteje Clay To Increase Its Bleaching Performance Using Acid Activation
R. O. Ajemba
281-288 pdf
44. Landuse Change Detection through Image Processing and Remote
Sensing Approach: A Case Study of Palladam Taluk, Tamil Nadu
M.Usha, K.Anitha, Iyappan.L
289-294 pdf
45. Effect of machining parameters on Surface roughness and Power consumption for 6063 Al alloy TiC Composites (MMCs)
Pragnesh. R. Patel, Prof. V. A. Patel
295-300 pdf
46. Study of Moisture Depletion Pattern of Spinach in Hot Air Oven
A.K.Upadhyaya, Bhupendra Gupta, Sanjeev Garg, Mohan Singh, Mukesh Pandey
301-310 pdf
47. Noise Detection and Removal Filtering Techniques in Medical Images
Bhausaheb Shinde, A.R. Dani
311-316 pdf
48. Data Mining Application-Usage of Visualizing Association Rules in CRM System
S. Thiripura Sundari, A. Padmapriya
317-320 pdf
49. Efficiency Estimation Of Electric Machine Using Magnetic Flux Circuits
321-328 pdf
50. A Simulation Study for Performance comparison of MAC Layer in flat and hierarchical network in MANET
Anzar Ahmad, Prof. SC Gupta
329-333 pdf
51. Removal Of Fluoride From Ground Water By Using Adsorbent
Bhagyashree M Mamilwar, A.G.Bhole, A.M.Sudame
334-338 pdf
52. Enhancing Security in Cloud computing using Public Key Cryptography with Matrices
Birendra Goswami, Dr.S.N.Singh
339-344 pdf
53. Energy Minimization for Wireless Sensor Networks using Opportunistic Routing
Sudhir Chowdary.N, Siva Rama Krishna.Ch
345-348 pdf
54. Comparative study on physico-chemical and microbiological efficiency of domestic water filters
A. Kuchewar, Dr. P. B. Nagarnaik
349-353 pdf
55. Novel Edge Detection Algorithm in Eight Different Directions
CH.Raju, D.Nagesh Babu, S.Amarnath Babu
354-361 pdf
56. Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes for 6 Transmit Antennas in Space Time Block codes
N.S.Murthy, Dr.S.Sri Gowri, Dr.B.Prabhakara Rao
362-364 pdf
57. Genetic Algorithm v/s Share Genetic Algorithm with Roulette Wheel Selection method for Registration of Multimodal Images.
Vaibhav Chaudhary, Dr.(Mrs.)Pushpa Rani Suri
365-370 pdf
58. The Remote Intelligent Automatic Error Detection in Power Grid with Sms Alert System Using GSM
Venkatesh K, Jeba singh Inbamani D
371-374 pdf
59. A Five-Ways Fuzzy Authentication for Secured Banking
S.R. Jenifer Raja Shermila
375-379 pdf
60. Statistical Feature Extraction Methods for Isolated Handwritten Gurumukhi Script
Dharam Veer Sharma, Geeta Saini, Mohit Joshi
380-384 pdf
61. Implementation Of Location Monitoring Services Based On Anonymization Algorithm
385-389 pdf
62. Innovative Modified K-Mode Clustering Algorithm
Rishi Syal, Dr V.Vijaya Kumar
390-398 pdf
63. Numerical Analysis Of Surface Reaction Of Catalytic Converter
B. Jothithirumal, Dr .E. James Gunasekaran, Chandan Dey
399-408 pdf
64. Analysis of Novel Multi-Viewpoint Similarity Measures
V.Leela Prasad, B.Simmi Cintre
409-420 pdf
65. Big Bang Big Crunch Optimization for Determination of Worst Case Loading Margin
Yogesh Manekar, Dr. H. K. Verma
421-426 pdf
66. National Highway Alignment Using Gis
T.Subramani, S.Nanda Kumar
427-436 pdf
67. Evaluation of Genetic Algorithm Approach for Scheduling Optimization of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Nidhish Mathew Nidhiry, Dr. R. Saravanan
437-446 pdf
68. Study And Implementation Of Self Healing Mechanism For The Control Flow Attack For Wireless Sensor Networks
J.Emi Karmichael
447-451 pdf
69. Performance Analysis Of Multi Converter Unified Power Quality Conditioner For Power Quality Improvement
B.Rajani, Dr.P.Sangameswara Raju, K. Rama Raju
452-456 pdf
70. Minimization of Stress of a Parabolic Leaf Spring by Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Ritesh Kumar Dewangan, Manas Patnaik, Narendra Yadav
457-460 pdf
71. Performance Analysis of Beacon Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 Using GTS in Zigbee
Abhinav Singh, Pankaj Kumar Patel, P.C.Jain
461-465 pdf
72. Face Recognition Applications using Active Pixels
MallikarjunaRao G, VijayaKumari G, Babu G.R
466-477 pdf
73. Spectral Based Detection of Smart Worms
Mr. Uriti Suresh, Mr. M.V.A. Naidu, Prof. D.S. Sharma
478-485 pdf
74. Effects of refrigerant properties on refrigerant performance comparison: A review
Rotchana Prapainop, K O Suen
486-493 pdf
75. Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of Mn Substituted Sr2Cu2Fe12O22 (Cu2Y) Hexaferrite Powder
Rajshree B. Jotania, Pratiksha A. Patel
494-498 pdf
76. Maze Based Data Hiding Using Back Tracker Algorithm
T.Sukumar, Dr.K.R.Santha
499-504 pdf
77. Performance Evaluation of Ad-hoc Network protocols via NS-3 Simulator using Random way point Mobility model
Sudeep Kumar Gupta, Asst. Prof. Manoj Chouhan
505-510 pdf
78. The Industrial Ecology Concept for Municipal Solid Waste Management A review of waste management in Bandung City, Indonesia
Budi Heri Pirngadi, Sulistyoweny Widanarko, Setyo Moersidik
511-515 pdf
79. Characterization of Solid Waste Incinerator Bottom Ash and the Potential for its Use
Hashim Mohammed Alhassan, Ahmed Musa Tanko
516-522 pdf
80. Construction Of Mixed Sampling Plans Indexed Through Mapd
And Aql With Conditional Double Sampling Plan As Attribute Plan
Using Weighted Poisson Distribution
R. Sampath Kumar, R. Kiruthika, R. Radhakrishnan
523-528 pdf
81. Demarcation of Brain Tumor Using Modified Fuzzy C-Means
Avijit Dasgupta
529-533 pdf
82. Query Results Maneuvers using Concept Hierarchies
Venkata Ramana Kumari.Ch, B. Sowjanya Rani
534-538 pdf
83. Optimization of Overlay Networks using Self-Centric Peer Selection
V.Srilakshmi, M. Raja Babu
539-543 pdf
84. Influence of Air Quality towards the Extreme Rainfall Events: Rough Set Theory
Carolyn Payus, Norela Sulaiman, Azuraliza Abu Bakar
544-550 pdf
85. Comparative Analysis of Low Power 4-bit Multipliers Using 120nm CMOS Technology
Candy Goyal, Gazal Preet kaur
551-555 pdf
86. Role of Conceptual Design in High Rise Buildings
Vinay Chandwani, Dr. Vinay Agrawal, Naveen Kumar Gupta
556-560 pdf
87. Routing And Communication Using Clustering For Wireless Sensor
Kashish Sareen, Kanwaljit Singh
561-565 pdf
88. A Case Study: Performance Evaluation For A Computer Integrated Power Plant Network
Jozef B. Lewoc, Antoni Izworski, Sławomir Skowronski, Antonina Kieleczawa, Tadeusz
Czachórski, Georgi M. Dimirovski, Vesna Ojleska
566-573 pdf
89. Vehicle Survillence System Using Wireless Technology
P.Aswanikumar, A.J.Prasad
574-578 pdf
90. A Concept Of Smart Grid And Control Schemes In Variable Power Source Wind Turbine
Nitin Adhav
579-584 pdf
91. Assessing the Software Complexity and Security metrics from UML Class diagram
Prof.D.M.Thakore, S.J.Sarde
585-587 pdf
92. Advanced Data Routing Protocol With Improved Hopping in Chiron
Mr. Ravinder Kumar , Dr. P. S. Mundra
588-592 pdf
93. Effect of Mach number In a Suddenly Expanded Flow for Area Ratio 4.84
M. Ahmed Ali Baig, Sher Afghan Khan, E. Rathakrishnan
593-599 pdf
94. Ad- Hoc Network Based Simplified Method For Smooth Handoff And Faster Authentication Among 4G Networks
M.Gopu, Dr. Ritesh khanna
600-603 pdf
95. Dispersion Compensation in OCDMA system using DCF and Fiber Grating
Jaswant singh, Jagtar singh
604-607 pdf
96. Use of Formal models for the Firewall Policy Optimization
ShatanandPatil, B. B. Meshram
608-612 pdf
97. Maximum Coverage Probability based Query Registration and Processing in Unstructured P2P Network
Md Hussain Khusro, Yasmeen Begum
613-620 pdf
98. Generalized Thermoelastic Problem Concerning Semi–Infinite Rods Problem Of Step In Strain
D. Raju
621-630 pdf
99. Speech Enhancement Using A Recursive Filter
k.S.N.Murthy, m.Suman, v.Sriram, n.Sai Kotewararao, b.Phani Krishna Rao
631-635 pdf
100. Experimental Study On The Atterberg Limit's Of Expansive Soil Reinforced With Polyester Triangular Fibers
Shah Kinjal, A.K.Desai, C.H.Solanki
636-639 pdf
101. Controlling Thermal Comfort Of Passenger Vehicle Using Fuzzy
Prof. Alok Singh, Sandeep Kumar
640-644 pdf
102. Assessment Of Groundwater Quality In Rural Areas Of Vijayawada, A.P.
M.Sujatha, Prof.A.Gopalakrishnayya, Dr.T.Satyanarayana
645-648 pdf
103. Modified Nakayasu Synthetic Unit Hydrograph Method For Meso Scale Ungauge Watersheds
Ariani Budi Safarina
649-654 pdf
104. Genetic Algorithms Vs. Niching Methods On Clustering Undirected Weighted Graph
Seyed Mostafa Mansourfar, Fardin Esmaeeli Sangari, Mehrdad Nabahat
655-657 pdf
105. An Analysis Of Session Key Exchange Protocols
Pranav Vyas, Dr. Bhushan Trivedi
658-663 pdf
106. Gsm Based Power Meter Reading And Control System
Mr.Rahul Ganesh Sarangle, Prof.Dr.Uday Pandit Khot ,Prof. Jayen Modi
664-671 pdf
107. A Comparative Analysis Of PI And Neuro Fuzzy Controllers In Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drives
A.Sudhakar,M.Vijaya Kumar
672-680 pdf
108 Synthesis, Characterization Ac Conductivity Of Nickel Ferrite
Pathan Amjadkhan Noorkhan, Sangshetty Kalayne
681-685 pdf
109. Shape From Focus
k.kanthamma, Dr S.A.K.Jilani
686-692 pdf
110. A Proposed Churn Prediction Model
Essam Shaaban, Yehia Helmy, Ayman Khedr, Mona Nasr
693-697 pdf
111. Blog Designing and Searching Methodologies: A Review
Harsh Khatter , Brij Mohan Kalra
698-702 pdf
112. RFID card with iris recognition for high security access environment
V.B.Gopala Krishna, S. Chandra Sekhar,M.Venkateswarlu
703-708 pdf
113. Comparative Study of CBA and User in Waterfall Model for Cost Effective Software
Miss. Shaikh Tahesin Yasin , Prof. Sayyad Razak Nizam, Dr A.P. Dhande,Dr. A.R. Dani
709-711 pdf
114. Risk Management Using Spiral Model for Information Technology
Rajendra Ganpatrao Sabale, Dr. A.R Dani
712-716 pdf
115. Finance Mining – Analysis Of Stock Market Exchange For Foreign Using Classification Techniques.
Dr.G.Manoj Someswar, B. Satheesh, G.Vivekanand
717-723 pdf
116. Detecting Brain Mri Anomalies By Using Svm Classification
Khushboo Singh, Satya Verma
724-726 pdf
117. Holographic Solar Powered House For Rural India
S.N. Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Preeti Saw
727-732 pdf
118. Frequency Control Of Micro Hydro Power Plant Using Electronic Load Controller
Pankaj kapoor, Lobzang Phunchok, Sunandan Kumar, Asst. Prof. Om Prakash Rahi
733-737 pdf
119. Artificial Intelligence System For Remotely Controlled Wheeled Vehicle System For Disabled Person
Giridhar S. Chavan, Prof. Ashok S. Patole, Prof. Vinayak H. Khatawate
738-741 pdf
120. Progressive Collapse Analysis Of Building
Miss. Preeti K. Morey, Prof S.R.Satone
742-745 pdf
121. MIMO Configuration Scheme With Spatial Multiplexing And QPSK Modulation
Atul Singh Kushwaha , Deepika Pandey, Archana Patidar
746-750 pdf
122. A High Capacity Data Hiding Method for JPEG2000 Compression System
Arjun Nichal, Dr. Shraddha Deshpande
751-755 pdf
123. A Mobile Phone- Embedded Real-Time Remote Video Surveillance System With Network Camera Using Arm
P.Vamsi Krishna, K.Venkateswarlu Reddy
756-760 pdf
124. Implementation Of Zigbee Based Wireless Air Pollution Monitoring System
Surekha P. Washimkar,Nikheel A. Chourasia
761-766 pdf
125. Performance Evaluation Of Transport Modes At A Ground Access Area And The Implication For Passenger Delays.
Hashim Mohammed Alhassan
767-775 pdf
126. M/M/c queueing model for bed-occupancy management
Bhavin Patel, Pravin Bhathawala
776-778 pdf
127. Comparative study of SLM and PTS techniques for PAPR Reduction of an MC-CDMA system
Gagandeep Kaur, Rajbir Kaur
779-784 pdf
128. An experimental investigation of partial replacement of cement by various percentage of Phosphogypsum in cement concrete.
Mahesh A. Bagade, S. R. Satone
785-787 pdf
129. A survey on Facebook and Academic Performance in Nigeria Universities.
Dr P.M. Ogedebe, J.A.Emmanuel, Y.Musa
788-797 pdf
130. Kinetic Modelling of Ethanol Inhibition during Alcohol fermentation of Corn Stover using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Amenaghawon N.A, Okieimen C.O, Ogbeide S.E
798-803 pdf
131. Synthesis and Characterization of some N-( 3,5 subtituted) -4n-
1,2,4 - triazole-4yl) isonicotinamide
Shrikant S.Patil, Deepak M. Nagrik, Rameshwar S.Dhamak, Ganesh D. Thorat
804-807 pdf
132. Risk assessment for the spontaneous ignition of the rubble generated after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Naoharu Murasawa, Hiroshi Koseki, Yusaku Iwata, Takabumi Sakamoto
808-816 pdf
133. Going beyond Conventional Software Testing: Cloud Testing
Deepak Dagar, Amit Gupta
817-824 pdf
134. Implementation Of An Adaptive-Dynamic Arbitration Scheme For The Multilayer Ahb Busmatrix
Dr. Fazal Noorbasha, B.Srinivas,Venkata Aravind Bezawada, V.Sai Praveen
825-831 pdf
135. MEMS Accelerometer Based Gesture Controlled Java Music Player
Dileep Chappidi , Lavanya Thunuguntla
832-835 pdf
136. An Osculatory Rational Interpolation Method in Linear Systems
by Using Routh Model
J.V.B.Jyothi, T.Narasimhulu
836-841 pdf
137. Open Hardware Platform For Reconstruction Of ECG Signal
Deepali Shukla, Vandana Pandya
842-846 pdf
138. Global clock calibration for an SAR ADC interface 847-850 pdf
139. FPGA Implementation of Counter by Using State Look Ahead Logic
J.L.V Ramana Kumari , Bekkam Satheesh
851-855 pdf
140. Privacy Conserving Approach to Confidential Database
Neha Gosai, S.H.Patil
856-861 pdf
141. The Estimation of Flood and Its Control by Section Modification in Mithi and Kankara Tributaries at Surat
R.C. Jariwala, Dr. B.K. Samtani
862-867 pdf
142. Reinforcing effect of nano kaolin clay on PP/HDPE blends
Anjana R, K E George
868-872 pdf
143. Enhanced Hybrid Encryption Algorithm for Security of Network
Shabnam Parveen, Priyanka Gandhi
873-876 pdf
144. Identify Web-page Content meaning using Knowledge based System for Dual Meaning Words
Sukanta Sinha, Rana Dattagupta, Debajyoti Mukhopadhyay
877-880 pdf
145. Analysis Of Non-Linear Robust Control Strategies Of Switch Mode Dc To Ac Inverter With Reactive Load
P.N.V. Revan Kumar, B. Dastagiri Reddy, V. Nagabhaskar Reddy
881-888 pdf
146. An Improved ZVZCS Full Bridge Converter with secondary Resonance for High Power Applications
A. Suresh Kumar, S. Nagaraja Rao, P.Balaji
889-895 pdf
147. Digital Simulation of SISO-ZVS-Push pull Quasi Resonant Converter for Different Loads
K.Deepa, SharikaM, Mamatha, Dr.M Vijaya Kumar
896-901 pdf
148. Gray-Scale Image Compression Using DWT-SPIHT Algorithm
S.Narasimhulu, Dr.T.Ramashri
902-905 pdf
149. Fault Tolerance for Chain based Hierarchical Data Gathering
Protocol for WSN
Rakesh Kumar, Anjum Sharma
906-911 pdf
150. Resource Allocation in cellular Network : A cross layer approach
Yashpal Rohilla, Preeti Gulia
912-915 pdf
151. Accelerated Consolidation of Coir Reinforced Lateritic Soils with Vertical Sand Drains for Pavement Foundations
Durga Prashanth L, Santosh G
916-923 pdf
152. Performance evaluation of a Wireless Computer Network,
Jozef B. Lewoc, Antoni Izworski,Slawomir Skowronski
924-929 pdf
153. Emerging Smart Engineering: An Integrated Manufacturing and Management System
Jozef B. Lewoc, Antoni Izworski, Slawomir F. Skowronski, Antonina Kieleczawa, Peter
930-936 pdf
154. A Case Study: History of Polish Computer Applications in Power System Control
Jozef B. Lewoc, Antoni Izworski, Slawomir Skowronski, Antonina Kieleczawa
937-942 pdf
155. Bandwidth Enhancement Using Figure Eight Shaped Slot Antenna
Srilakshmi.A, N.V.Koteswara Rao, D.Sreenivasa Rao
943-946 pdf
156. Design & Manufacture of Testing Machine To Analyse the Tribological Behaviour of Sliding Contact Materials-A Case Study
Prof. Chavan Dattatraya K., Prof. S. N. Satpute, Dhandal Rohit, Devidan Mithlesh, Patil Pankaj, Balhara Neeraj
947-953 pdf
157. Effect of Directly Coupled Parasitic Patch on Floral Shaped Patch Antenna
Archana Agrawal, Ankit Jain
954-957 pdf
158. Introduction to Polyphase Filters and Its Applications
Ankita Mandal, Vikas Mittal
958-960 pdf
159. Characterization of chromium remediating bacterium Bacillus subtilis isolated from electroplating effluent.
Seema Tharannum, Krishnamurthy V., Riaz Mahmood
961-966 pdf
160. Analysis of Malicious Data in Underwater Sensor Network
Heena Ahuja, Er. Jyoti Gupta
967-971 pdf
161. Light-Weight Communication System in Grid
Pankti Dharwa
972-976 pdf
162. Design of PIC Based Ethernet Interface to Control the Industrial Parameters
Kumbhar Trupti Sambhaji, Prof. Patil S.B.
977-979 pdf
163. A Novel Approach to perform Reliable Packet Dilievery in High Speed Network
Nisha, Mr. Anil Sangwan
980-983 pdf
164. Report Generation System Using JasperReports and SQL Stored Procedure
Bhushan S. Sapre, Pankaj R. Ulhe, Dr. B. B. Meshram
984-988 pdf
165. Single Input DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Distributed Energy Generators with Maximum Utilization using DSP Controller
John Marshal T P, Deepa K
989-993 pdf
166. Half bridge Converter for Battery Charging Application
Sivaprasad.A, K.Deepa, K.Mathew
994-999 pdf
167. Pavement Design of National Highway A Case Study on Reducing Pavement Thickness
K. V R D N Sai Bruhaspathi, DR. B. N D Narasinga Rao
1000-1003 pdf
168. Performance Analysis of Energy Detection Algorithm in Cognitive Radio
Chandrasekhar Korumilli, Chakrapani Gadde, I.Hemalatha
1004-1009 pdf
169. Window Based Method for Automatic Classification of Apple Fruit
Shivleela R Arlimatti
1010-1013 pdf
170. Development of Heart Prescreening Device using low Power MSP430 device
A.Lavanya, Sireesh Babu
1014-1018 pdf
171. Research of Image Acquisition and Decompressing Based on
ARM9 System
P.Naga Vardini, T.Giri Prasad
1019-1024 pdf
172. Artificial Intelligence apply for prediction of Laser Cutting Process – A review
P. S. Chaudhari, Prof. D. M. Patel, Dr. J. L. Juneja
1025-1028 pdf
173. CFD: An Effective Tool for Flow Simulation in Hydraulic Reaction Turbines
Dr. Vishnu Prasad, Dr. Ruchi Kha
1029-1035 pdf
174. The Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for the Detection and Study of a Buried Marble and in Situ Location of Possible Cracks
Ahmed Faize, Abdellah Driouach
1036-1039 pdf
175. Review of Vector-Based Forwarding Protocol for Underwater Sensor Network
Heena Ahuja, Er. Jyoti Gupta
1040-1044 pdf
176. Insitu Polymerisation Of Styrene Using Nanoclay And Optimization Of Strength Using Central Composite Design
Praseetha P. Nair, Surej Rajan C., K. E. George
1045-1049 pdf
177. Efficient Sonographic Image Mining Technique To
Identify Acute Appendicitis
Balu Ramu , Devi Thirupathi
1050-1055 pdf
178. Impact Of Irrigation Delivery On Groundwater Case Study: Parabikulam Aliyar Project In Tamilnadu,India.
R.Rani, K Elangovan
1056-1067 pdf
179. Environmental Life Cycle Assessment- A Successful Tool For Sustainable Development In Steel Industries
ShahzadAhmad, Annu Singh Patel
1068-1072 pdf
180. Simulation And Performance Investigation Of Series Active Power Filter Using Hysteresis Current Control Method
Vikash Anand , Dr.S.K.Srivastava
1073-1080 pdf
181. Effect Of Process Parameters On The Strength Of Aluminium Alloy A5052 Sheets Joint Welded By Resistance Spot Welding With Cover Plates
Chetan R. Patel , Prof. Dhaval A. Patel
1081-1087 pdf
182. Gprs Based Routing & Tracking Of Mobile Vehicles Using Arm
Pooja Sathe
1088-1090 pdf
183. Energy Efficient & Optimum Path Selective Techniques For Flood Monitor System In WSN
Hitesh Lodha, Dipti Sakh
1091-1096 pdf
184. Melt-Densified Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Bags Used As Light Weight Aggregate In Concrete
Madan Mohan Reddy .K, Ajitha .B, Bhavani .R
1097-1101 pdf
185. Design And Implementation Of AMBA-AXI Protocol Using VHDL For Soc Integration
Ms. Anusha Ranga , Mr. L. Hari Venkatesh , Mr.Venkanna
1102-1106 pdf
186. Use of Slip Ring Induction Generator for Wind Power Generation
K Y Patil, D S Chavan
1107-1110 pdf
187. Investigation on the Effect Of Process Parameters For Machining Of EN31 (Air Hardened Steel) By EDM
N.Arunkumar, H.Shareef Abdur Rawoof, R.Vivek
1111-1121 pdf
188. Comparative Analysis Of Vertical Handoff In IEEE 802.11 WLAN And CDMA Network
Richa Agarwal , Inderjeet Kaur
1122-1128 pdf
189. Image Enhancement through Noise Suppression using Nonlinear Parameterized Adaptive Recursive Model
I.Suneetha, Dr.T.Venkateswarlu
1129-1135 pdf
190. Comparative Analysis of Digital Image Watermarking Techniques in Frequency Domain using MATLAB SIMULINK
Mandeep Singh Saini, Venkata Kranthi B, Gursharanjeet Singh Kalra
1136-1141 pdf
191. Production Of Bio-Ethanol From Sugarcane: A Pilot Scale Study In Nigeria
Misau .I.M., Bugaje .I.M., Mohammed .J, Mohammed .I.A., Diyau'deen .B.H.
1142-1151 pdf
192. Conservation And Management Of Electrical Energy In Gaza Strip Using Low Cost Investment
Hatem Elaydi , Imad Ibrik , Eyad Koudary
1152-1157 pdf
193. A Routing Metric For Wireless Mesh Networks With Optimal Cost And Optimal Hops: A Survey
Rupali Sawant ,Hitesh Gupta
1158-1160 pdf
194. Facility Layout Selection For The Blood Inventory Using PROMETHEE II Method
N.Arunkumar, S.Godwin Barnabas, N.Dinesh Kumar, T.Kamatchi
1161-1166 pdf
195. Analysis Of Knowledge Sharing Practices In Distributed Agile Environment
Nisha, Sunaina
1167-1171 pdf
196. Experimental Investigation of Compressed Ignition Engine Using Karanja Oil Methyl Ester (KOME) as Alternative Fuel
Lohith.N, Dr. R.Suresh, Yathish.K.V
1172-1180 pdf
198. Utilization of Waste Plastic as a Strength Modifier in Surface Course of Flexible and Rigid Pavements
Afroz Sultana.SK, K.S.B. Prasad
1185-1191 pdf
199. PAPR Reduction of an MC-CDMA System through PTS Technique using Suboptimal Combination Algorithm
Gagandeep Kaur, Rajbir Kaur
1192-1196 pdf
200. Data Quality Measurement With Threshold Using Genetic Algorithm
J.Malar Vizhi, Dr. T.Bhuvaneswari
1197-1203 pdf
201. CFD Analysis Of Laser Ablation For Nanotube Production – A Review
Bhautik R. Pabani, Dr. Kedar A. Pathak
1204-1207 pdf
202. Task Prioritization Rules For Project Execution
Anant Shree Agrawal
1208-1212 pdf
203. Performance Analysis Of Secure And Trust Based Routing Algorithms For Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.
Mohana , Dr.N.K. Srinath
1213-1219 pdf
204. Lower Order Transfer Function Identification of Nonlinear MIMO System-Alstom Gasifier
R.Kotteeswaran ,L.Sivakumar
1220-1226 pdf
205. Review Of Attacks And Security Threats As Securing In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Vijaya Bhaskar .Ch, Nagaraju.M, Chaitanya Kumar.N
1227-1231 pdf
206. The Effect of Size of Fibres on Compressive Strength of M-20 Concrete Mix
Ashish Kumar Parashar, Rinku Parashar
1232-1236 pdf
207. Fault Tolerant Logic Design For Multiple Faults In Combinational Circuits
Suresh Palaka, Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao
1237-1242 pdf
208. Assessment of load-carrying capacity of bored pile in clay soil using different methods
Abdelazim Makki Ibrahim,Ibrahim Malik,Omar Ataj Omar
1243-1253 pdf
209. Calculation of Available Transmission Capability Based on Monte Carlo Simulation
C.Prasanna Kumari, A. Hema Sekhar
1254-1260 pdf
210. The Assessment of Bandwidth Requirements for Meteorological Code Varsha on a Parallel Computing System
Mohammed Mahfooz Sheikh, A M Khan, T Venkatesh, U N Sinha
1261-1268 pdf
211. RE-Powering Potential of Indian Wind Farms:A Review
Neeraj Sen, Siraj Ahmed, Atul Lanjewar
1269-1276 pdf
212. The Comparative Study on Color Image Segmentation Algorithms
Sameena Banu
1277-1281 pdf
213. A Study On Green Computing: The Future Computing And Eco-Friendly Technology
S.V.S.S. Lakshmi, Ms. I Sri Lalita Sarwani, M.Nalini Tuveera
1282-1285 pdf
214. Anti Q-Fuzzy KU - Ideals In KU- Algebras And Its Lower Level Cuts
P.M.Sitharselvam , T.Priya, T.Ramachandran
1286-1289 pdf
215. Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Based PD, PI and PID Controllers
Er. Simranjeet Singh, Er. Jasbir Singh
1290-1297 pdf
216. Gurmukhi Script To Braille Code
Er. Vandana, Er. Nidhi Bhalla ,Ms. Rupinderdeep Kaur
1298-1302 pdf
217. Data Mining Techniques and Their Implementation in Blood Bank Sector –A Review
Ankit Bhardwaj, Arvind Sharma, V.K. Shrivastava
1303-1309 pdf
218. An E-2-E Communication Based MPOLSR Protocol for Loop Detection and Isolation in MANET
Hameed khan, Ashok Verma, Ajay Lala, Ashish Chourasia
1310-1315 pdf
219. Cost Effective System For Real Time Monitoring Of Vibrations & Analysis Of A D.C. Motor Vibrations Using It.
Ms.Shubhangi R.Saraf., Rajesh M. Holmukhe
1316-1321 pdf
220. Metamorphism using Warping and Vectorization Method for Image:Review
MandeepkaurSandhuand, Ajay Kumar Dogra
1322-1328 pdf
221. A CPU Resource Discovery Solution Using Cluster Computing
P.R.Rajesh Kumar, B.Lalitha
1329-1336 pdf
222. Synthesis Of Adsorbents From Waste Materials Such As Ziziphus Jujube Seed & Mango Kernel
S. L. Pandharipade, Yogesh Moharkar, Raj Thakur
1337-1341 pdf
223. Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ajay Shah, Hitesh Gupta, Mukesh Baghel
1342-1346 pdf
224. Factors Influencing Agile Practices: A Survey
Akhil Kumar, Bindu Goel
1347-1352 pdf
225. Structural Analysis of Nozzle Attachment on Pressure Vessel Design
Pravin Narale, Prof. P. S. Kachare
1353-1358 pdf
226. A Review On Exprimental & Numerical Investigation Of Ranque Hilsch Vortextube
Rahul B Patel, Dr. V. N. Bartaria , Tausif M Shaikh
1359-1363 pdf
227. Comparative analysis of OLSR and Tora under IPv6 environment
Anjum Sharma, Rakesh Kumar, Manpreet Singh
1364-1369 pdf
228. Comparison of Single-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Based on Z-Source Inverter with traditional UPS
M.Praveen Kumar, G.Kumaraswamy
1370-1376 pdf
230. The Use Of Nanoclay As A Constructional Material
Kinnaresh Patel
1382-1386 pdf
231. Performance Evaluation Of Recycled Aggregate Used In Concrete
A.N.Dabhade, Dr.S.R.Choudhari, Dr.A.R.Gajbhiye
1387-1391 pdf
232. Efficient Throughput MAC Protocol in Ad-hoc Network's
Rahul Mukherjee
1392-1400 pdf
233. Power Flow Control In HVDC-Link Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
V. Rangavalli, K. Trinadhbabu
1401-1407 pdf
234. Maximum Possibility Of Spectrum Access In Cognitive Radio
Using Fuzzy Logic System
K.Gowrishankar, Dr.C.Chandrasekar, R.Kaniezhil
1408-1415 pdf
235. Optimal Tuning of PID Controller for a Linear Brushless DC Motor using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
M.P.Prasanna Kumar, P. Devendra, R. Srinivasa Rao, Indranil Saaki
1416-1420 pdf
236. Design And Energy Optimization Of Z-Type Chain Conveyor
Amreen Shaikh, Farheen Bobere, Vinayak H. Khatawate, Ashok Patole
1421-1424 pdf
237. Automotive Engine Temperature Control Employing Apt Temperature Measurement And Control Measures.
Mr. G.V.Bharadwaja Sarma, Mr. Ch.Nagaraju
1425-1429 pdf
238. Performance Analysis And Minimization Of Black Hole Attack In MANET
Ranjeet Suryawanshi, Sunil Tamhankar
1430-1437 pdf
240. Thermal Analysis Of An Electronic Package Using TAMS And TNETFA
Nataraj K A, S Ganesan, K V Sreenivasa Rao
1445-1450 pdf
241. Preparation And Characterization Of Polymer Nanocomposites For Damping.
R.Umamaheswara rao, S.Santhosh Kumar, M.Santhi Kumar
1451-1458 pdf
242. Some Results Concerning Fixed Point In Hilbert Spaces
Shailesh T. Patel, Sunil Garg, Ramakant Bhardwaj
1459-1461 pdf
243. A Quick Over View Of Wireless Sensor Networks, Routing Protocols And Security Constraints
M. L.S. N. S. Lakshmi, S.Gopi Krishna
1462-1475 pdf
244. Design And Development Of An Assembly Fixture For Mounting A Circlip To The Piston
Prathap kairan, P.V. Srihari
1476-1479 pdf
245. Formation and Microanalysis Of Struvite Urinary Calculi
B.Bindhu, T.Asai Thambi
1480-1485 pdf
246. Fast Recovery For Dual-Link Failure Through Backup Path
Ms.Ashwina .N. Patil , Prof. S.S. Kanade , Ms. S.S. Bhakare
1486-1489 pdf
247. Mythology Converges With Technology To Combat Biomaterials Associated Infections
Poushpi Dwivedi, S.S. Narvi, R.P. Tewari
1490-1495 pdf
248. Amputation of Motion Blur From Photograph Using Iterative Approach in Frequency Domain
Ashish Jain, Prof. Delkeshwar Pandey
1496-1500 pdf
249. Optimal Relay Placement Schemes In OFDMA Cellular Networks
Sultan F. Meko
1501-1509 pdf
250. A 1.8 Ghz-2.4 Ghz Fully Programmable Frequency Divider And A Dual-Modulus Prescaler For High Speed Frequency Operation In PLL System Using 250nm Cmos Technology
Harsh joshi, Prof.Sanjeev M.Ranjan
1510-1517 pdf
251. Security Level Enhancement In Speech Encryption Using Kasami Sequence
Hemlata Kohad, Prof. V.R.Ingle,Dr.M.A.Gaikwad
1518-1523 pdf
252. A New Approach To Implement Parallel Prefix Adders In An FPGA
Prof. S.V.Padmajarani, Dr. M.Muralidhar
1524-1528 pdf
253. Effect Of Pre-Processing On Historical Sanskrit Text Documents
Kavitha Balakrishnan, Kavitha Sunil, Sreedhanya A.V, K.P Soman
1529-1534 pdf
254. Master Slave Control Of Interline Power Flow Controller Using PSO Technique
D.Lakshman Kumar, K.Ram Charan
1535-1540 pdf
255. Advances In Electronic - Nose Technologies
G.Sujatha, N. Dhivya, K. Ayyadurai, D.Thyagarajan
1541-1546 pdf
256. A High Data Rate Wireless Communication In Two-Level FH-CDMA Scheme
B. Kalyani, Bhookya Nageswara Rao Naik
1547-1554 pdf
257. A Robust Watermarking Scheme In Direct Sequence CDMA Based On Orthogonal PN Sequence
A.Malleswari, L.Srinivas
1555-1560 pdf
258. Implementation And Analysis Of PAPR Reduction In DHT & DFT-Precoded Wireless OFDM SYSTEM
B. Naga Nancharamma, L.Srinivas
1561-1565 pdf
259. Performance Analysis Of Bluetooth System Using Optimized Differential GFSK Demodulator
N.M.Sai Krishna Kumar, K.Steven
1566-1571 pdf
260. Development Of Experimental Set Up Of Improved Hydraulic Bamboo Processing Machine
K. G. Ahuja, P. G. Mehar, Dr. A. V. Vanalkar
1572-1576 pdf
261. A robust secured datahiding technique in videos and associated estimated artifacts
M. Rama Koteswara Rao, Bhookya Nageswararao Naik
1577-1582 pdf
262. A Design Of Low Density Parity Check Algorithm For Insertion/Deletion Channels
A.Durga Prakash, I.V.G.Manohar
1583-1591 pdf
263. Evaluation Of A High Performance Qr Decomposition-Based Matrix Inversion Technique For Embedded Mimo Receivers
P.G.C. Vikram, N.Gopi Chand
1592-1599 pdf
264. Pollution Status Of Chandlodia Lake Located In Ahmedabad-Gujarat
Pradeep U. Verma, Anshita R. Purohit, Naimesh J. Patel
1600-1606 pdf
265. Dose Linearity Studies Of Thermoluminescence Of (KCl) x (KBr) y-x (KI) 1-y Multiphased Mixed Crystals Irradiated With 15MV Photon Beams
H.Sudahar, J.Velmurugan
1607-1611 pdf
266. A Robust Speech Enhancement By Using Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm
G. Sandeep, K.Samprasad
1612-1616 pdf
267. Fire Protection of Sugarcane Bagasse –A Case Study 0f Renuka Sugar's 30 MW Co-Generation Plant at Ichalkranji.
R.B. Lokapure, A.P.Kadam, V.B.Nerle
1617-1620 pdf
268. Low Power High Performance Baud Rate Generator using MTCMOS Voltage Interface Circuits
T.Esther Rani, Dr.Rameshwar Rao
1621-1626 pdf
269. Self Weak Complementary Fuzzy Graphs
N.Sathyaseelan, Dr.E.Chandrasekaran
1627-1633 pdf
270. Hide and Seek in JPEG Images
Medha Kulkarni, Dr. J. W. Bakal
1634-1637 pdf
271. Generating Timetable and Students schedule based on data mining techniques
Safwan M. Shatnawi, Fawzi Albalooshi, Khaleel Rababa'h
1638-1644 pdf
272. Study of the Effects of RF/MW Radiations on Humans
Kuldip Singh, Younis Muhammad
1645-1648 pdf
273. U-LEACH: A Routing Protocol for Prolonging Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
Nazia Majadi
1649-1652 pdf
274. Vehicle-to-Road-Side-Unit Communication Using Wimax
Priyanka Shrivastava, Sayir Ashai, Aditya Jaroli, Sagar Gohil
1653-1655 pdf
275. Synthesis of CdS: Cu Nanorods For Application In Photonic Devices
Bhaskarjyoti Bodo, Nabajyoti Talukdar, P K Kalita
1656-1659 pdf
276. Real-Time Adaptive Feedforward Zero Phase Error Tracking Control For XY Table Minimum Phase And Non-Minimum Phase Systems
Hashimah Ismail, Ramli Adnan, Norlela Ishak, Mazidah Tajjudin, Mohd Hezri Fazalul
1660-1666 pdf
277. Embedded Web Server Based on DAC System Using ARM
S.A.N.Sandeep, P.Malyadri
1667-1672 pdf
278. Experimental Investigation Of Neem Methyl Esters As Biodiesel on C.I Engine
Nishant Tyagi, Ambuj Sharma
1673-1679 pdf
279. Analysis of Attribute Association in Heart Disease Using Data Mining Techniques
K.Srinivas, G.Raghavendra Rao, A.Govardhan
1680-1683 pdf
280. A Survey on Security Attacks in Wireless Sensor Network
Rajkumar, Sunitha K R, Dr.H.G.Chandrakanth
1684-1691 pdf
281. FPGA Implementation of low power multiserial to Ethernet gateway for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data acquisition systems
Mr. M.Venkatavinod, Mr. K.Sreenivasarao
1692-1695 pdf
282. Area Efficient Wide Frequency Range CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator For PLL In 0.18μm CMOS Process
Rashmi K Patil, M.A.Gaikwad, V.G.Nasre
1696-1699 pdf
283. Efficient Dialogue Management Of A Spoken Dialogue System By Using Prosody Information Of The User Utterances
Manzoor Ahmad, Dr. S. M. K. Quadri
1700-1703 pdf
284. One-Time Secret for Fast Communal Verification and Nested Key Swap in Mobile Communications
Y.V.Sricharan, B.Purushotham
1704-1708 pdf
285. Study The Initiation Steps Of Total Productivity Maintenance In An Organization And Its Effect In Improvement Of Overall Equipment Efficiency
Aaditya choubey
1709-1713 pdf
286. Survey On Multihop Wireless Networks Using Cross-Layer Framework
S.Pradeep, D.Jamunna, Vikram Narayandas
1714-1717 pdf
287. A Low Cost Nodes Distribution on Hexagonal method for Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Pushpalatha, Dr. B. Anuradha
1718-1721 pdf
288. Manet Threat Alarming Based On System Statistics & Support Vector Machine
Gajendra Singh Chandel, Priyanka Murotia
1722-1726 pdf
289. Fresnel Zone And Di-Electric Medium Transmission In Unique Co-Existence
Haque mobassir imtiyaz, Niyaz khan, Veena narayankar
1727-1732 pdf
290. Mitigation Of Voltage Sags/Swells By Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Pi And Fuzzy Logic Controller
Ch Srisailam, A Sreenivas
1733-1737 pdf
291. Analysis And Control Of A Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Unbalanced Voltage Sags
K. Tulasidevi, A. Hemashekar
1738-1744 pdf
292. Novel Soft-Switching Techniques Using A Full Bridge Topology In Fuel Cell Power Conversion
S.Sreevidya, A. Hemashekar
1745-1751 pdf
293. Data Mining Based Database Intrusion Detection System: A Survey
Indr Jeet Rajput, Deshdeepak Shrivastava
1752-1755 pdf
294. Classification Of Medical Images Using Visual Words
P.Jatadhar, Mrs.K.F.Bharati
1756-1758 pdf
295. Fragile Watermarking For Image Authentication Using A Hierarchical Mechanism
Megha Kansal, Sukhjeet K. Ranade, Amandeep Kaur
1759-1763 pdf
296. Physical Design Of Memory And Detection Of Stuck – At Faults
J.L.V Ramana Kumari, Dr.M.Asha Rani
1764-1769 pdf
297. Fuzzy Clustering of the Domestic Violence for the Degree of Suicide thought based on Married Women Perception
A.Victor Devadoss, A.Felix
1770-1773 pdf
298. Transmission Cost Allocation Using Distribution Factors for AC Power Flow
Ravitheja Vambala, Prof.Dr. M. Padmalalitha, K.V.Kishore, P. Udai Kumar
1774-1781 pdf
299. Multi Class Different Problem Solving Using Intelligent Algorithm
Sivakumar R, Dr.M.Sridhar
1782-1785 pdf
300. Static And Fatigue Analysis Of Multi Leaf Spring Used In The Suspension System Of LCV
Mr. V. K. Aher, Mr. P. M. Sonawane
1786-1791 pdf
301. Design And Performance Analysis Of Rotman Lens
Shruti Vashist, Umesh Dutta, Dr.M.K.Soni
1792-1795 pdf
302. Unified Power Quality Conditioner in a Grid Connected Photo-voltaic System
S.Md.Ishaq, W.V.Jahnavi, T.Devaraju
1796-1805 pdf
303. LS-SVM Parameter Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm To Improve Fault Classification Of Power Transformer
Ms. Aparna R. Gupta, Prof. V. R. Ingle, Dr. M. A. Gaikwad
1806-1809 pdf
304. Jitter Noise Power Reduction In Ofdm By Oversampling
Ch Pavan Kumar, Poornima Padaraju
1810-1813 pdf
305. Enhancement Of Power System Stability Using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer
CH.S.K.B.Pradeepkumar, V.S.R.Pavan Kumar.Neeli
1814-1819 pdf
306. Existence Of Solutions For Nonlinear Difference Equations With
Nonlocal Conditions
K.L. Bondar, A.B. Jadhao, S.T. Patil
1820-1822 pdf
307. Experimental Study on Centrifugal Pump to Determine the Effect of Radial Clearance on Pressure Pulsations, Vibrations and Noise
Amit Suhane
1823-1829 pdf
308. Comparative Study of Lead (II) Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Different Adsorbents
J. T. Nwabanne, P. K. Igbokwe
1830-1838 pdf
309. Similarities & Differences of Mobile Adhoc Network Routing Protocols
Santhoshkumar.H.P, Prof.Sameena Banu
1839-1845 pdf
310. A Novel Pectoral Removal Approach in Digital Mammogram Segmentation and USRR Feature Selection
R.Poongothai, I.Laurence Aroquiaraj, D.Kalaivani
1846-1851 pdf
311. A Effective Speech Enhancement By Using Robust Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm
G. Rajavali, G.Ramesh Babu
1852-1856 pdf
312. A New Generic Architecture For Time Series Prediction
Nageswara Rao Puli, Nagul Shaik, M.Kishore Kumar
1857-1860 pdf
314. Design Of Adiabatic Logic Based Low Power Carry Select Adder
P. Ashok Kumar, B. Vijaya Bhaskhar
1867-1870 pdf
315. A Generalized Approach For Measurement Of Performance Of Planar Mechanism Using Relative Velocity Method.
A.K.Kapse, Dr. C. C. Handa
1871-1873 pdf
316. Optimum Design And Analysis Of A Composite Drive Shaft For An Automobile By Using Genetic Algorithm And Ansys
D.Dinesh, F.Anand Raju
1874-1880 pdf
317. Comparative Study On The Performance, Combustion And Emission Of A DI-Diesel Engine Tested With Methyl Esters Of Jatropha And Palm Kernel Oils With Cold EGR Technique Implementation.
S. Adinarayana, Y. M.C. Sekhar,M. Anil Prakash, K. Praveen, R.S.U.M. Raju
1881-1888 pdf
318. Simulation Of Acquisition Behavior Of Second-Order Analog Phase-Locked Loop Using Phase Error Process
N. Haque, P. K. Boruah, T. Bezboruah
1889-1896 pdf
319. Minimization Of Stress In A Parabolic Leaf Spring By Local Algorithm For Constant & Priorities
Narendra Yadav, Ritesh Dewangan, Manas Patnaik
1897-1899 pdf
320. VLSI Architecture Of MIMO Antenna System Based On Square Root Algorithm
Anuj Shaw, Md. Azeem Hafeeez, Dr. S. Malarvizhi
1900-1903 pdf
321. Optimized Joint Time Synchronization And Channel Estimation Scheme For Block Transmission UWB Systems
Seshu Kumar .N, Bharat Kumar Saki, Manjula Bammidi, P Srihari
1904-1913 pdf
322. A Pragmatic Study and Analysis of Load Balancing Techniques In Parallel Computing
Mr. Amitkumar S Manekar, Mr. Mukesh D Poundekar, Prof. Hitesh Gupta, Prof. Malti Nagle
1914-1918 pdf
323. Parametric Analysis And Mathematical Modelling Of MRR And Surface Roughness For H-11 Material On Wire Cut EDM By D.O.E Approach
Harshadkumar C. Patel, Dhaval M. Patel, Rajesh Prajapati
1919-1924 pdf
324. Texture Analysis Of Mri Using Svm & Ann For Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Prof.Mrs.K.N.Rode, Prof.Mr.R.T.Patil
1925-1928 pdf
325. Coagulation-Flocculation In Leachate Treatment By Using Ferric Chloride And Alum As Coagulant
Zawawi Daud , Abd Aziz Abdul Latif, Lee Mao Rui
1929-1934 pdf
326. Coagulation-Flocculation In Leachate Treatment Using Combination Of PAC With Cationic And Anionic Polymers
Zawawi Daud, Abd Aziz Abdul Latif, Lee Mao Rui
1935-1940 pdf
327. Impact Of Tank Rehabilitation On Improved Efficiency Of Storage Structures
B. Anuradha, N.K.Ambujam
1941-1943 pdf
328. Mechanical Properties Of Heated Concrete Of M100 Grade
A. Sreenivasulu, Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao
1944-1948 pdf
329. An Effective Technique To Compress Images Through Hybrid Wavelet-Ridgelet Transformation
K. Prasanthi Jasmine, Dr. P. Rajesh Kumar, K. Naga Prakash
1949-1954 pdf
330. Removal Of High Density Salt & Pepper Noise In Quick Transient Or Faulty Switching Images
D.Sindhuri, Smt.P.Jagadamba
1955-1959 pdf
331. A Study On Resource Planning In Highway Construction Projects
K Swarna Kumari, J Vikranth
1960-1967 pdf
332. Design High Pass FIR Filter With Signed Power Of Two Using MATLAB
Sangita Solanki, Mr.Anup Mandloi
1968-1970 pdf
333. Rheotetrad And Spin Fluid
P.B. Lugade, D.B. Unde
1971-1972 pdf
334. Modal Analysis of Engine Mounting Bracket Using FEA
Sahil Naghate, Sandeep Patil
1973-1979 pdf
335. Sawdust Ash (SDA) as Partial Replacement of Cement
1980-1985 pdf
336. Effect of Fly Ash Additive on Concrete Properties
C.Marthong, T.P.Agrawal
1986-1991 pdf
337. Relationship between Work Enviornment And Productivity
Shruti Sehgal
1992-1995 pdf
338. Demand Partitioned Virtual Memory
Lekha V. Bhandari, Mahip M. Bartere, Sneha U. Bohra
1996-1998 pdf
339. Low Profile E-Shape Microstrip Antenna With Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure For Bandwidth Enhancement
Sudhakar Srivastava, Rajesh Nema, Pankaj kumar Goswami
1999-2002 pdf
340. Two Way Authentication Protocol For Mobile Payment System
Anita Maheshwari
2003-2007 pdf
341. Potentials of Alkaleri and KankaraKaoliniteclay for The Production of Aluminum Sulphate
S. Abdulsalam, I. M. Misau, A. Abdulkarim
2008-2013 pdf
342. Water Purification System For Remote Areas Using Photovoltaics
S.S.Phuse, R.S.Shelke
2014-2018 pdf
343. Power Quality Improvement By UPQC Using ANN Controller
Saleha Tabassum, B.Mouli Chandra
2019-2024 pdf
344. A Comparative Study of Fixed Frequency and Variable Frequency Phase Shift PWM Technique for Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
Radha Sree. K, Sivapathi.K, Vardhaman.V, Dr.R.Seyezhai
2025-2030 pdf
345. A Study Of Abrasive Water Jet Machining Process On Granite Material
Rupal V. Shah, Prof. Dhaval. M. Patel
2031-2033 pdf
346. Effect Of Bipolar Pulsed Voltage On Properties Of DLC Films Deposited By Inductively Coupled PECVD
VV. Jagannadham, C. Anandan, RG. Divya Rao, KS. Rajam, Gargi Raina
2034-2042 pdf
347. Simulation Of High-Efficiency AC/DC Converter For Power
Factor Correction
Santosh A, Shivashankar Tallada
2043-2050 pdf
348. Performance Evaluation Of Different Erbium Doped Fiber
Binu Madhavan, Dr. V.P Mahadevan Pillai
2051-2054 pdf
349. LC Matching Circuit Technique For 2.4 Ghz LNA Using AVAGO ATF-54143
M.A. Othman, M.M. Ismail, H.A. Sulaiman, M.H. Misran, M.A. Meor Said
2055-2059 pdf
350. Experimental Investigation And Optimization Of Machining Parameters For Surface Roughness In CNC Turning By Taguchi Method
Upinder Kumar Yadav, Deepak Narang, Pankaj Sharma Attri
2060-2065 pdf
351. Status, Problem And Prospects Of Library Automation In Engineering Colleges Of Jabalpur City: A Study
Ashutosh Upadhyay, B. Varsha Pandey, C. B.P.Shrivastava
2066-2068 pdf
352. Design Optimisation Of Landing Gear's Leg For An Un-Manned Aerial Vehicle
Anil kumar.Matta, G.Vijay Kumar, R.Vijay Kumar
2069-2075 pdf
353. A Simple Method For Treatment Of Waste Water Containingcu(II), Pb(II),Mn(II) And Co(II)Ions Using Adsorption On Dried Leaves
Jameel M. Dhabab, hiend A. Abbas
2076-2084 pdf
354. Vector Space Model: Comparison Between Euclidean Distance & Cosine Measure On Arabic Documents
Safa'a I. Hajeer
2085-2090 pdf
355. Modified Relay Tuning PI with Error Switching: A Case Study on Steam Temperature Regulation
Mazidah Tajjudin, Mohd Hezri Fazalul Rahiman, Norlela Ishak, Hashimah Ismail, Norhashim Mohd Arshad, Ramli Adnan
2091-2096 pdf
356. Performance Of Mbr For Treating Sugar Mill Effluent– An Experimental Evaluation
T.S.S.Bala Kumar, Dr.V.Nehru Kumar
2097-2098 pdf
357. En - LEACH Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
Mr. Rajesh Halke, Mrs. Kulkarni V. A
2099-2102 pdf
358. Optimizing the Die Design Parameters for FRP Components Produced in Injection Molding using Mold Flow Analysis
Dr.J. Fazlur Rahman, Mohammed Yunus, Mohammed Irfan, T.M. Tajuddin Yezdani
2103-2111 pdf
359. SNM Analysis During Read Operation Of 7T SRAM Cells In 45nm Technology For Increase Cell Stability
Deependra Singh Rajput, Manoj Kumar Yadav, Pooja Johri, Amit S. Rajput
2112-2117 pdf
360. The quintessential Quality Management Systems CMM & ISO 9000-2001,
Sairam Vakkalanka, Ranjith Engu
2118-2120 pdf
361. Power Generation From Solar System And Methods For Efficient Power Transmission From Space
Praveen Kumar A, Sarath kumar V , Gunaseelan K
2121-2125 pdf
362. Dynamic Reanalysis of Beams Using Polynomial Regression Method
B. Rama Sanjeeva Sresta, Dr. Y. V. Mohan Reddy
2126-2131 pdf
363. Blurred And Compressed Trademark Image Retreival Under Noise And Orientation Based On Curvature Shape Descriptor
A. Jwalitha, M.V.Srikanth
2132-2135 pdf
364. Pv Fed Boost Spwm Inverter Driven Single-Phase Induction Motor,
Ms. Sunitha Undrajavarapu, M. Srinivasa Rao, Mr. L. Uday Kiran
2136-2141 pdf
365. Effect Of Na2o/Al2o3, Sio2/Al2o3 And W/B Ratio On Setting Time And Workability Of Flyash Based Geopolymer
Kushal Ghosh, Dr. Partha Ghosh
2142-2147 pdf
366. Implementation Of The Modernized GPS Signals L2C, L5 And Their Tracking Strategies,
M.N.Venkatesh Babu.S, K.Lakshmi Narayana
2148-2452 pdf
367. Analysis of Efficient square root algorithm for V-blast MIMO Wireless Communications
Shankar.P, Dr. S.A Hariprasad
2153-2161 pdf
368. Frequency Depended Spectral Subtraction For Speech Enhancement
Y Prasanthi, K Jyothi, GIET
2162-2165 pdf
369. Impact Of Urban Agglomeration On Ground Water Quality – A Case Study
V.S.Padma, Dr.N.Kumara Swamy, Dr.K.Ramamohan Reddy
2166-2171 pdf
370. Maximum permissible loading of a power system within voltage stability limits using Thevenin parameters
Prof. D.K.Rai, Dr. H.K Verma, Dr.L.S.Titare
2472-2176 pdf
371. A Future Technology For Enhanced Operation In Flip-Flop Oriented Circuits
D. Prasanna Kumari, R. Surya Prakasha Rao, B. Vijaya Bhaskar
2177-2180 pdf
372. Power Converters for Grid Integration of Wind Power Systems
N. R. Bhasme, Dr. W. Z. Gandhare
2181-2185 pdf
373. Evaluating the Probability of Channel Availability for Spectrum Sharing using Cognitive Radio
R. Kaniezhil, Dr. C. Chandrasekar
2186-2197 pdf
374. Water Temperature and Flow control Measurement for Thermal Discharge Model using PID controller
Krishna Prasad Dasari, Dr.A.M.Prasad, V.Sai Krishna Prasad
2198-2202 pdf
375. Power Quality Improvement Using 3 Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter Under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions
Nainala Vasanthakumar, K.Ramcharan
2203-2209 pdf
376. An Efficient Constraint Based Soft Set Approach for Association Rule Mining
Vikram Rajpoot, Prof. Shailendra ku. Shrivastava, Prof. Abhishek Mathur
2210-2215 pdf
377. Traditional Color Image Enhancement Based On Adaptive Filter
Sk.Khwaja Moinuddin, Ch.Madhuri Devi
2216-2218 pdf
378. Stochastic Clearing System For Nicotine Self Administration
Differentially Regulates Corticotropin Releasing Factor And
Arginine Vasopressin Due To Stres
S.Lakshmi, M.Anusuya
2219-2223 pdf
379. Design Of Borosilicate Crown Glass Photonic Crystal Fiber With
Flattened Dispersion And Low Confinement Loss
Shilpa Tiwari, Sunil Jalwania, Ajay Kumar Bairwa
2224-2227 pdf
380. Wireless Controlled Omnidirectional Monitoring Robot With Video Support
M. A. Meor Said, M.A.Othman, M.M.Ismail, H.A.Sulaiman, M.H.Misran, Z.A. Mohd Yusof
2228-2232 pdf
381. Neural Signal Compression With Multiwavelet Transform Using Video Compression Techniques
Mr. Nikhil V. Raut, Prof. Ritu Chauhan
2233-2236 pdf
382. Selection Of Mixed Sampling Plan Indexed Through Aoqcc With Chain Sampling Plan(Chsp)-1 Plan As Attribute Plan
R.Radhakrishnan, K. Esther Jenitha
2237-2240 pdf
383. Icmn: Efficient Routing Using Spray Mechanisms
Phani Sridhar A, Samuel Susan V, Srinivasa Rao D, Mallikarjun Reddy D
2241-2247 pdf
384. Modeling the Effects of Detection and Treatment of Latent Hepatitis B Infection on Transmission Dynamics of Hepatitis B Disease
A. A. Momoh, M. O. Ibrahim, A. Tahir
2248-2250 pdf
Dr. H.S.Nayal, Manoj Kabadwal
2251-2255 pdf
386. Remote Radar Data Acquisition And Control Using Cdma Rf Link
Rohit N Singh, M.Chennakesavulu
2256-2263 pdf
387. Comparative Thermal Performance Analysis Of Segmental Baffle Heat Exchanger with Continuous Helical Baffle Heat Exchanger using Kern method
Professor Sunilkumar Shinde, Mustansir Hatim Pancha
2264-2271 pdf
388. Uncertainty Based Text Summarization
J.Ramachandra, J.Ravi kumar,Y.V.Sricharan,Y.Venkata Sreekar
2272-2277 pdf
389. Stress Analysis Of Lpg Cylinder Using Ansys Software
Laxmikant D. Rangari, Mrs. P.M. Zode, P.G. Mehar
2278-2281 pdf
390. Collusion Resistant Fingerprinting In DCT Domain
Amandeep Kaur, Sukhjeet K. Ranade, Megha Kansal
2282-2287 pdf
391. Emission And Financial Analysis Of Geothermal Energy Resource (The Case Of Lahendong Site In Indonesia
Meita Rumbayan, Ken Nagasaka
2288-2296 pdf
392. Three Steps Block Predictor-Block Corrector Method For The Solution Of General Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Adesanya, A. Olaide, Odekunle, M. Remileku, Alkali, M. Adamu
2297-2301 pdf
393. Motion Tracking Using By Pillar K-Mean Segmentation
Sajad ein
2302-2305 pdf
394. Improving Natural Frequency Of Vibration In Overhead
Transmission Lines With Concentrated Masses
Sule, S, Nwofor T.C
2306-2310 pdf
395. Pre-Eminent Pricing For Cloud Cache
N.D.Sheba kumari, B.Bharathi
2311-2320 pdf
396. High Performance CMOS Schimitt Trigger
R Rohith Kumar Reddy, N Ramanjaneyulu
2321-2324 pdf
397. Economic Load Dispatch Using Firefly Algorithm
K. Sudhakara Reddy, Dr. M. Damodar Reddy
2325-2330 pdf
398. Design Of Discrete Controller Via Novel Model Order Reduction Method
N.Nagendra, M.Sudheer Kumar, T.Madhubabu
2331-2334 pdf
399. Process Parameter Optimization And Isothermal Modeling: Removal Of Arsenic(V) Ion From Contaminated Water Using Palm Bark (PB) Biomass
Suantak Kamsonlian, C.B. Majumder, S.Chand
2335-2339 pdf
400. Design of Low Cost and Efficient Strip Line Band Pass Filter for Bluetooth Application.
Mr.Bhushan R. Vidhale, Dr. M.M.Khanapurkar
2340-2345 pdf
401. Effects of Radiation on MHD Free Convective Couette Flow in a Rotating System
Bhaskar Chandra Sarkar, Sanatan Das, Rabindra Nath Jana
2346-2359 pdf
402. Unsteady MHD Flow Induced by a Porous Flat Plate in a Rotating System
Maitree Jana, Sanatan Das, Rabindra Nath Jana
2360-2367 pdf
403. Improvement in Power Factor & THD Using Dual Boost Converter
P. Vijaya Prasuna, J.V.G. Rama Rao, Ch. M. Lakshmi
2368-2376 pdf
Vaibhav Jha
2377-2387 pdf
405. A Design Approach For Noise Cancellation In Adaptive LMS Predictor Using MATLAB.
Pranjali M. Awachat, S.S.Godbole
2388-2391 pdf
406. Avoid SQL Injection Attacks
Urvashi Sanadhya
2392-2398 pdf