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Volume 3- Issue 5 [Sep-Oct 2013]

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Paper submitted to IJERA : 927
Accepted papers by peer review process : 335
Rejected Paper : 592
Paper Acceptance percentage : 36.13%
1. Power System Stability Improvement of Long Transmission Line System by Using Static Var Compensator (SVC)
Pardeep Singh Virk, Vijay Kumar Garg
01-03 pdf
2. Novel Method for Edge Detection Using Canny In Digital Images
Mada Swetha, Banda Srinivas
04-06 pdf
Collision Free Intelligent Bloom Join Filters
Dr. Sunita M. Mahajan, Ms. Vaishali P. Jadhav
07-12 pdf
4. Probabilistic Design and Random Optimization of Aerofoil Wing by Using Finite Element Method
Mr.Sachin M. Shinde,Prof.Dr.B.P. Ronge, Prof.Dr.P.M.Pawar
13-18 pdf
5. Experimental &Theoretical Analysis Of Heat Transfer Augmentation From Dimpled Surface
Dhananjay R.Giram, A.M.Patil
19-23 pdf
6. CFD Studies on Multi Lead Rifled [MLR] Boiler Tubes
Dr T C Mohankumar, Nice Thomachan
24-26 pdf
7. A Noble Design of Energy Recovery Flip-Flops
Mashkoor Alam and Rajendra Prasad
27-34 pdf
8. Optimization of Boiler Blowdown and Blowdown Heat Recovery in Textile Sector
Sunudas T, M G Prince
35-38 pdf
9. Review of Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal Components
Nimbalkar D.H and Nandedkar V.M.
39-51 pdf
10. Fluid Flow Behaviour under Different Gases and Flow Rate during Gas Metal Arc Welding
Jaison Peter, Anoop Kumar
52-55 pdf
11. Multidimensional Data Mining to Determine Association Rules in an Assortment of Granularities
C. Usha Rani, B. Rupa Devi
56-62 pdf
12. Modeling And Experimental Analysis Of Generator In Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System
Christy V Vazhappilly, Trijo Tharayil, A.P.Nagarajan
63-67 pdf
13. Three Level Diode Clamped Inverter Fed Induction Motor with Dtc-Svm
V. Ranjith Kumar, Pg Scholar, B. Urmila, M.Tech
68-72 pdf
14. Design and Implementation of Glitch-Free Phase Switching Plls to Suppress Quantization Noise
M. Ansar Ali Baig, P Srinivas, K. Sateesh Kumar
73-78 pdf
15. Influence of Silica Fume on Normal Concrete
Debabrata Pradhan, D. Dutta
79-82 pdf
16. Design of Aware Flip-Flop with Low Power Variations by P-Spice
M.Prasanna Jyothi & Dr.M.V. Subramanyam
83-87 pdf
17. Effect of Artificial Roughness on Solar Air Heater: An Experimental Investigation
Manash Dey, Devendra Singh Dandotiya
88-95 pdf
18. "Minimization of Inventory & Transportation Cost Of an Industry"-A Supply Chain Optimization
Nonihal Singh Dhakry, Prof. Ajay Bangar
96-101 pdf
19. Space Vector Based Generalized Dpwm Algorithms for Vsi Fed Induction Motor Drive
N. Praveena, G. Satheesh, R. Ram Prasad
102-109 pdf
20. Development of a Composite Leaf Spring for a Light Commercial Vehicle (Tata Magic)
Vivek Rai, Gaurav Saxena
110-114 pdf
21. Design of Bumper as a Collision Energy Absorbing System
Mohit Tomar, Abhishek Chakraborty
115-118 pdf
22. Design of Rigid and Flexible Pavements by Various Methods & Their Cost Analysis of Each Method
Saurabh Jain, Dr. Y. P. Joshi, S. S. Goliya
119-123 pdf
23. Design and Optimization of Microstreap Patch Antenna for Ultra High Frequency(UHF) Band
Jitendra Badole, Prof. Rajesh Nema, Puran Gour
124-128 pdf
24. Fractal Approach to Identify Quantitatively Intracardiac Atrial Fibrillation from ECG Signals
Prof. (Dr.) Dipak Chandra Ghosh, Dr. Monisha Chakraborty And Tithi Das
129-134 pdf
25. Effect of Burning By Fire Flame on Load Carrying Capacity of Self-Compacting Concrete Columns
Dr. Mohammed Mansour Kadhum Alkafaji, Saif Salah Alkaizwini
135-148 pdf
26. Detection of Fault Location in Transmission Lines using Wavelet Transform
Shilpi Sahu, Dr. A. K. Sharma
149-151 pdf
27. Energy Saving Multipath Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yash Arora, Himangi Pande
152-156 pdf
28. An Adaptive Vague Controller based Power System Stabilizer
Ritu Agrawal, Shailja Shukla, S.S. Thakur
157-161 pdf
29. Bit Error Rate Investigations on Mimo System With Different Number of Transmitting Antennas
Shakey Garg
162-165 pdf
30. Re-Designing Of A Service Center with the Free and Open Source SoftwaresProviding R4 (A Comparative Study with the Existing and the Modern Tools of Technology)
166-170 pdf
32. Person Authentication Using Color Face Recognition
Kiran Davakhar, S. B. Mule, Achala Deshmukh
178-182 pdf
33. MVEMFI: Visualizing and Extracting Maximal Frequent Itemsets
Maha Attia Hana
183-189 pdf
34. Impact of Condensate Recovery on Boiler Fuel Consumption in Textile Sector
Vineeth C, M G Prince
190-193 pdf
35. Wireless Sensor Network System to Monitor The Fish Farm
Kirankumar G.Sutar, Prof.Ramesh T.Patil
194-197 pdf
36. Content based web spam detection using naive bayes with different feature representation technique
Amit Anand Soni, Abhishek Mathur
198-205 pdf
37. Optimization of Process Parameters for Multi-Layer- Cum Microwave Drying Of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus Sajor Caju)
Shakti Bansal, Satish Kumar, M.S Alam, Mahesh Kumar
206-217 pdf
38. Fast Data Collection in Multipath Routing With Independent Directed Acyclic Graphs
N. Niharika, R.V. SubbaRayudu, K. Manjula
218-220 pdf
39. Development of Self Repairable Concrete System
S.G.Kadam, A. A. Gandhi, Dr. M.A.Chakrabarti
221-224 pdf
40. Performing DCT8x8 Computation on GPU Using NVIDIA CUDA Technology
Jagdamb Behari Srivastava, R. B. Singh, Jitendra Jain
225-228 pdf
41. An Investigation On Performance Characteristics of Radial In-Flow Turbo-Expander with Backswept Curved Rotor
Lal Gopal Das, Pranab Samanta And Naresh Chandra Murmu
229-234 pdf
43. Text Mining For Information Filtering Using Patterns
Srujini.T, Deepthi.B
241-246 pdf
44. Robotics in Medicine Applications
Shripad Shashikant Chopade, Sagar Pradip Kauthalkar, Chaitanya Bhalchandra Bhandari
247-251 pdf
45. Embedded Multi-Resolution Signal Tracing For Amba Ahb With Real Time Lossless Compression
B. H. K. Bhagat Kumar, B. S. S.Vidya
252-256 pdf
46. Unknown Input Full Order Observer Construction Using Generalized Matrix Inverse
Samoshri Mitra, Avijit Banerjee, Gourhari Das
257-260 pdf
47. Study Of Height Dependency Of Drape Parameters
Mrs. S. A. Agrawal
261-265 pdf
48. Design and Implementation of Robust Router Using Vlsi
Shaik. Mallika, P. Srinivas, Md. Taj
266-270 pdf
49. Reduction of Losses and Comparision of Sensor and Sensor less Control of Four-Switch Inverter Fed Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor for Low Cost Commercial Applications
Pvsl Pavana Kumari, P.Sri Hari
271-276 pdf
50. Base Rock Vibration Characteristics Analysis from Surface Ground Motion
Md. Raquibul Hassan, Md. Tarik Hossain, Faisal Shakib Ahmed
277-281 pdf
51. Design of Pmsm Based On Dtc Method with Mras
M. Pradeep Kumar, S. Sirisha, M. Chandramouly
282-287 pdf
52. Stress Analysis Of Rocker Arm Of Internal Combustion Engine
Mr.V.H.Waghmare, Prof. Y.L. Yenarkar
288-290 pdf
53. Usage-Based Methodology for Transmission Network Cost Allocation
G.Venkat Pradeep*, K.Janardhan
291-294 pdf
54. Theoretical And Numerical Slop Effect Study Of Non-Prismatic Beam On Fatigue Load And Location Failure Of Beam
Dr. Muhannad Al-Waily
295-305 pdf
55. Stability Analysis of Controlled Two Area System Using Fgpi Controller
G. Shiny Vikram, V. N. Srihari Relangi, N. Venkata Ramana
306-309 pdf
56. Performance Analysis of Modified CHB Multilevel Inverter using Various Carrier Modulation Schemes
G. Prem Sunder, Dr.B.Shanthi, Dr.Alamelu Nachiappan, Dr.S.P.Natrajan
310-316 pdf
57. Energy-Efficient Power Allocation And Performance Estimation For MIMO-MRC Systems
Ananda Reddy Mekala, Penchalaiahyadla, Irala Suneetha, Anitha Mekala
317-323 pdf
58. Potential of Waste Heat Recovery in Textile Industries
Sherin K M, M G Prince
324-328 pdf
59. Design and Simulation of Dual Band Rectangular Patch Antenna for Bluetooth & Wimax Applications
Amit Sharma, Atal Rai, Reeta Verma
329-332 pdf
60. An Efficient Security Mechanism for Data Reporting In Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Jeyabharathi, A. Sivasankari, M. Maharasi
333-338 pdf
61. Enhancement of Information Retrieval in Distributed Systems
R.Senthilkumar, Dr. M. Ramakrishnan
339-342 pdf
62. Extract the Punjabi Word from Machine Printed Document Images
Gaurav Singla, Dr. Parmod Kumar
343-348 pdf
63. Effect of Focal Length on Surface Roughness of 1mm Thin Brass sheet
Mayank N Madia, Prof. Dhawal M Patel
349-352 pdf
64. Invasive Alien Plant Species in the Roadside Areas of Jorhat, Assam: Their Harmful Effects and Beneficial Uses
Kalyan Das, Pallwabee Duarah
353-358 pdf
65. Method for Solving Unbalanced Assignment Problems Using Triangular Fuzzy Numbers
Kadhirvel.K, Balamurugan,K
359-363 pdf
66. User Specific Word Based Image Search from Photo Sharing Websites
Chelli Sunil Kumar, Bandaru A Chakravarthi, Y Sowjanya Kumari
364-376 pdf
67. Simulation Model of Buck Converter Closed System Using PMBLDC Drive
Ajay Mishra, Arti Bhandakkar
377-383 pdf
68. A Deterministic Economic Order Quantity Model with Delays in Payments and Price Discount Offers
Anil R. Maisuriya, Pravin H. Bhathawala
384-385 pdf
R. S. Rana, Rajesh Purohit, S. Das
386-393 pdf
70. Introduction To Turbochargers For Modern Diesel Engines
Kaustubh P. Ghodke
394-400 pdf
71. A Comparative Study on Design and Operation of Fluorescent Lamps, Cfls and Leds
Lokendra Pal Singh, Goldy Katal
401-407 pdf
72. Speech Recognition for Robotic Control
Shraddha D. Gosavi, Uday Pandit Khot, Seema Shah
408-413 pdf
73. Characterization of New Cast Iron Alloys for the Stub-Anode Connection in the Aluminium Reduction Cells
Adel Nofal, Mohamed M. Ali, Amr Kandil, Mahmoud Agour
414-419 pdf
74. Thermal Stress Analysis of Beam Subjected To Fire
Hemangi K. Patade, Dr. M. A. Chakrabarti
420-424 pdf
75. Performance Evaluation of Effluent Treatment Plant For Thermal Power Plant
Megha S. Kamdi, Satish Bhalme, Viveka Mude
425-429 pdf
76. Impact of Cold and Hot Exhaust Gas Recirculation on Diesel Engine
P. Saichaitanya1, K. Simhadri2, G.Vamsidurgamohan
430-434 pdf
77. High Gain Conformal Super High Frequency Antenna
Rashmi Shukla, Prof Sunil Kumar Singh
435-437 pdf
78. High Gain Conformal Tri Band Antenna
Rashmi Shukla, Prof Sunil Kumar Singh
438-440 pdf
79. Characterization and Corrosion Study of Titanium Anodized Film Developed in KOH Bath
Mr. Sunil D. Kahar, Arpit Macwan, Ms. Riddhi Oza ,Vrund Oza, Smit Shah
441-445 pdf
80. Discriminative Feature Based Algorithm for Detecting And Classifying Frames In Image Sequences
M. Antony Arockia Victoria, R. Sahaya Jeya Sutha
446-450 pdf
81. Text Categorization Using First Appearance And Distribution Of Words
M. Maharasi, P. Jeyabharathi, A. Sivasankari
451-454 pdf
82. A Novel Technique For Simulation & Analysis Of SVPWM Two &Three Level Inverters
K. Lavanya, V. Rangavalli
455-460 pdf
83. Design of Microstrip Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network
Shivendra Rai, Syed Saleem Uddin, Tanveer Singh Kler
461-464 pdf
84. Combined Scheduling Of Gps Signals in a Gsm Based Guidance System
J. Aarti, B. Premlatha, S. Krishnaveni
465-468 pdf
85. Design and Analysis of Quality Control in Process Industries Using Labview
V. Lohith Kumar, S.Varsha
469-472 pdf
86. Casting Selfish Nodes Into Non Selfish In Replica Allocation Over Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Jaya Krishna Katti, Venkata Naga Sudheer
473-477 pdf
87. Eco-Friendly Electricity Generator Using Scintillating Piezo
Pratibha Arun V, Divyesh Mehta
478-482 pdf
88. A Zigbee Based Patient Health Monitoring System
K. Navya, Dr. M. B. R. Murthy
483-486 pdf
89. Automobile Driver Safety Scheme
P. Geethasri, M. B. R. Murthy
487-490 pdf
90. Keyphrase Extraction From Punjabi Corpus
Preeti, Brahmaleen Kaur Sidhu
491-494 pdf
91. Reservation Based Vehicle Parking System Using GSM and RFID Technology
K.Sushma, P. Raveendra Babu, J. Nageshwara Reddy
495-498 pdf
92. Comparative Analysis of Mobile Security Threats And Solution
Hezal Lopes, Rahul Lopes
499-502 pdf
93. Adaptive Modulation and Coding With Incremental Redundancy Hybrid ARQ in MIMO Systems: A Cross Layered Design .
J. Sofia Priya Dharshini, Dr. M.V. Subramanyam, Dr. K. Soundararajan
503-507 pdf
94. An ANN Based Speed Control of PMBLDCM Drive Using a Single-Stage PFC Half-Bridge Converter
C.B. Saravanan, G. Devanatha Reddy
508-515 pdf
95. A Simulation of Effects of Compression Ratios on the Combustion in Engines Fueled With Biogas with Variable CO2 Concentrations
Bui Van Ga, Tran Van Nam, Tran Thanh Hai Tung
516-523 pdf
96. Cost and Stability Analysis of Microgrids in Presence Of Evs Based On Dynamic Modeling
Farzad Vazinram, Majid Gandomkar, Mehdi Bayat Mokhtari
524-530 pdf
97. Zigbee Network for Biomedical Signal Monitoring: Preliminary Results
Felipe Cubas Schulz, Pedro Bertemes Filho
531-534 pdf
98. Human Emotion Recognition by Using Pattern Recognition Network
Shivani Gangwar, Shashwat Shukla, Dr. Deepak Arora
535-539 pdf
99. Pushover Analysis of Medium Rise Multi-Story RCC Frame With and Without Vertical Irregularity
Mohommed Anwaruddin Md. Akberuddin, Mohd. Zameeruddin Mohd. Saleemuddin
540-546 pdf
100. Peak-To-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction in Ofdm Systems Using Dummy Signal Hybrid Slm-Pts Technique
K. Mohan Krishna, V. Sudharani
547-551 pdf
101. Parametric Performance Analysis of 2-GHz Low Noise Amplifier
S. S. Gore, G. M. Phade
552-557 pdf
102. Joco 0.1: Conteneur D'application Modulaire A Base Des Agents BDI De La Plateforme Jadex Suivant La Méthodologie O-Mase
Jamal Berrich, Toumi Bouchentouf, Abdelhamid Benazzi
558-564 pdf
103. A Novel Approach for Controlling Mobile Data Offloading Between 3GPP and Non-3GPP Access Networks.
P. P. Nagarajarao, G. Sunil
565-572 pdf
104. Generation of Test Data Using Genetic Algorithm
Rupinder Kaur, Sandeep Kaur Dhanda
573-574 pdf
105. Automatic Traffic Information System Without Gps
Melvin F., P. Muthu Subramanian
575-578 pdf
106. A Review on Software Testing Methodology
Khushboo Pandey
579-583 pdf
107. Mashhad PNU Readiness For Rmplementation Of Total Quality Management(TQM)
N. Afrooz, M. Golmakani
584-588 pdf
108. Comparison of Characteristic Curve of Drain-Source Electron Transport Properties in ZnO and GaAs Based MOSFETs Using Monte Carlo Simulation
M. Ghafourian, S. Nobakht, H. Arabshahi, M. H. Tayarani, A. Vatan-Khahan, M. Bazrafshan
589-591 pdf
109. Design of NETWORK Device Driver with NAPI Implementation
G. Sivaram, B. Krishna, K. Prabhu
592-595 pdf
110. An Advanced Control Method for Inductive Load of Z-Source Inverter
P. Mallikarjuna, M. Abid Nayeemuddin
596-600 pdf
111. Concrete Made For Energy Conservation Mixed With Sodium Polyacrylates
Moayyad Al-Nasra
601-604 pdf
112. Application of K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Approach for Predicting Economic Events: Theoretical Background
Sadegh Bafandeh Imandoust, Mohammad Bolandraftar
605-610 pdf
113. Curing Acceleration of Concrete Bricks by Using Chemical Admixture
M. N. Shete, P. S. Bhandari, S. S. Rikame, P. M. Pathak
611-614 pdf
114. Air Bag: A Safety Restraint System of an Automobile
Tasnim N. Shaikh, Satyajeet Chaudhari and Hiren Rasania
615-621 pdf
115. Evaluation of Frequency Domain Features for Myopathic EMG Signals in Mat Lab
Akash Kumar Bhoi, Devakishore Phurailatpam, Jitendra Singh Tamang
622-627 pdf
116. Study Of Recent Developments In DTH (Direct-To-Home) Technology
Dheeraj Gandla
628-635 pdf
117. A Novel Approach to Cloud Computing Security over Single to Multi Clouds
I. Sapthami, P. Srinivasulu, B. Murali Krishna
636-640 pdf
118. Estimation of Ground and Excited State Dipole Moments of Some Laser Dyes
Kalpana M Painagoni, H D Patil
641-647 pdf
119. A Mitigation Technique for Inrush Currents in Load Transformers for the Series Voltage Sag Compensator
B.Hari Prasad, P.Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Dr. M. Padma Lalitha
648-654 pdf
120. The Spinning Motion of a Gyrostat under the Influence of Newtonian Force Field and a Gyrostatic Moment Vector
T. S. Amer, Y. M. Abo Essa, I. A. Ibrahim and W. S. Amer4
655-671 pdf
121. Some Statistical Characteristics of MRC Signal Envelope in Rayleigh Fading Environment
Hana Stefanovic, Dejan Milic
672-675 pdf
122. Experimental Analysis of OLSR Routing Protocol and Performance Evaluation Using NS-2 Simulator
Ankur Sharma, Er. Rakesh Kumar
676-681 pdf
123. Avoidance of Ranking Capabilities in Retrieval of Queries on Hidden-Web Text Databases
S K.Rubeena, T. Srinivasa Rao
682-686 pdf
124. Metacluster Model Using an Aggregate Function In The Presence Of Data Domain Membership
Zurini Madalina, Cioloca Cecilia, Georgescu Mihai
687-693 pdf
125. Utility Of 2-Amino-4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrobenzo[b]Thiophene-3-Carboxylic Acid In The Synthesis Of Novel Thieno[2,3-b] [1,2,4]Triazepinones And Thieno[2,3-d][1,3,4]Thiadiazolo [2,3-b]Pyrimidinones
Sobhi M. Gomha and Hassan M. Abdel-Aziz
694-700 pdf
126. Vehicular Route Prediction In City Environment Based On Statistical Models
Prof.Uma Nagaraj, Ms.Nivedita Kadam
701-704 pdf
127. A Systematic Methodology for the Detection and Correction of Soft Errors
K. Aruna, Mr. T. Suneel Kumar
705-709 pdf
128. Suggested Approach to Embedded Playfair Cipher Message in Digital Image
Hadab Khalid Obayes
710-714 pdf
129. Comparison in Wavelets for Dynamic Monitoring Of Voltage Fluctuation & Flicker
Amandeep Kushan, Prof.Khushdeep Singh
715-718 pdf
130. Usage Based Methodology for Calculating Of Complex Power Dynamic Distribution Factor
K. Dharanisree, C. Sreeharibabu
719-724 pdf
131. Cross-Layer Based Secure Routing In Manets
Sreedhar C, Dr. S. Madhusudana Verma, Dr. N. Kasiviswanath
725-731 pdf
132. Monte Carlo Simulation in InAsxP1-X, InAs and InP at High Field Application
F. Nofeli and M. Abedzadeh Fayzabadi
732-735 pdf
133. Synthesis and Electric Conductivity Study of the New Azo Dye 4-(9-Anthrylazo) Phenol
Ramadan Ali Bawa, Ebtisam Mohammed Alzaraide and Najla Nasser Ben Ehmidah
736-740 pdf
134. Design of Full Order Observer Using Generalized Matrix Inverse for Linear Time Invariant Systems
Riju Samanta, Avijit Banerjee, Gourhari Das
741-744 pdf
135. Design and Implementation of Quad Core Architecture Using FPGA
V.Prasanth, K.Raja Sekhar
745-749 pdf
136. High Field Electron Mobility In Gaas In Comparison With Gasb
M. Abedzadeh Feyzabadi
750-753 pdf
137. Space Vector Based Random Pwm Algorithms Based Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive
B. Mazreena Begum, Dr. T. Bramhananda Reddy
754-760 pdf
138. Reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion in Power Invertors Using Genetic Algorithm
Mrs. Geetika Gera, Mr. Ashish Malik, Mr. Darshan Kumar
761-766 pdf
139. Kinetics and Mechanism of Base-Catalyzed Oxidation of 1, 4, 7, 10-Tetrazacyclododecane-1-Carbaldehyde with Hexacyanoferrate (III)
Abd-Alhakeem H. Abu-Nawwas and Reda S. Abdel Hameed
767-774 pdf
140. Implementation of Pipeline Architecture for High-Speed Computation of the Discrete Wavelet Transform Using HDL
G. Pavan Kumar1, T. Vishnu Murthy2, David Solomon Raju Y
775-781 pdf
141. Analyzing Data Security for Cloud Computing Using Cryptographic Algorithms
Gurpreet Kaur, Manish Mahajan
782-786 pdf
142. Photovoltaic Micro Inverter System Using Maximum Power Point Tracking
R. Suganya, K. Arulselvi, P. Pughazhendiran, S. Meenakshi4
787-792 pdf
143. An Approach towards Optimization of Enterprise Network and Firewall Environment
Faisal Rahman, Parves Kamal
793-797 pdf
144. Voltage Collapse Prediction and Voltage Stability Enhancement by Using Static Var Compensator
D. V. Bhaskar Reddy
798-805 pdf
145. Qualitative Evaluation of Sasthamkotta Lake by Using GIS
Salin Peter, Prof. Sreedevi C
806-817 pdf
146. Investigation of Printing Performance of Solder Paste at Different Temperatures
Okafor P.U, Eneh I.I
818-829 pdf
147. The Aesthetics Of Saj'In The Quran And Its Influence On Music By The Survey Of Saj'And The Music In Surah Al-Takwir
Fatemeh Karimi Tarki
830-833 pdf
148. An Efficient Approach to Zero Crossing Detection Based On Opto-Coupler
Ankita Gupta, Rajeev Thakur, Sachin Murarka
834-838 pdf
149. A Survey: Content Based Image Retrieval Based On Color, Texture, Shape & Neuro Fuzzy
Mohd. Danish, Ritika Rawat, Ratika Sharma
839-844 pdf
150. Fuzzy Controller Based Seven Level Modified H-Bridge Inverter For Grid Connected PV System
P.Srinivasa Reddy,S.Shamshul Haq, A.Mallikarjuna Prasad, S.Thirumalaiah
845-853 pdf
151. Design of Distribution Network for Water Supply Scheme at Pindkepar Village by Branch Software
Piplewar S.K, Chavhan Y.A
854-858 pdf
152. Simulation Using Quazi Linearization of Homogeneous Transient Model of Vapor Liquid Two Phase Flow inside Evaporator
Dr. Sandeep Malhotra
859-862 pdf
153. Improving the Performance of Bituminous Concrete Mix by Waste Plastic.
Kapil Soni, K.K Punjabi
863-868 pdf
154. Hosting Services by Cloud Computing
A. Mallikarjuna, S. Madhuri
869-874 pdf
155. Investigating the Relationship between Self Efficacy, the Locus of Control and Male and Female Students' Academic Achievements in Chenaran High School
Akram Ahangi1 and Zeinab Sharaf
875-879 pdf
156. Design of Approximate Multiplier for Error-Tolerant Applications
Shikha Anand1, Dr. Anil Kishore Saxena2
880-883 pdf
157. Systematic Study of Fuzzy, Neural Network and Neurofuzzy Systems
K .Geetha and Dr. S. Santhosh Baboo
884-889 pdf
158. Adsorption of Cu (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid Treated Lignite Fly Ash
Malarvizhi. T. S., Santhi. T
890-902 pdf
159. Analysing the Risk Issues in Supply Chain Management on Medium-Sized Industries
Rohit Rakheja, Bharat Bhushan, Dr. R.K. Gupta
903-906 pdf
160. Response of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining For H13 Using Taguchi L9 Array
Parveen Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, Dr. R.K. Gupta
907-912 pdf
161. Vector Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based On Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulated Inverter with Proportional Integral Controller
Kaushik Jash, Prof. Pradip Kumar Saha, Prof. Goutam Kumar Panda
913-917 pdf
162. Power Factor Correction By Interleaved Boost Converter Using PI Controller
Saubhik Maulik, Prof. Pradip Kumar Saha, Prof. Goutam Kumar Panda
918-922 pdf
163. Effect of Modulation on the Onset of Thermal Convection in a
Viscoelastic Fluid-Saturated Nanofluid Porous Layer

J.C. Umavathi
923-942 pdf
164. Investigation of Aniline Adsorption onto Spherical Carbon: Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology
Bhargavi Roshan,* Krishna Kadirvelu, Nallaperumal Shunmugha Kumar
943-952 pdf
165. Effect of MHD on Jeffery-Hamel Flow in Nanofluids by Differential Transform Method
J.C. Umavathi, and M. Shekar
953-962 pdf
166. Adaptive Filter Based On TDBLMS Algorithm for Image Noise Cancellation
Ms. Rutu Agrawal, Dr. A. J. Patil, Mr. C. S. Patil
963-966 pdf
167. Effect of first order chemical reaction in a vertical double-passage channel
J. Prathap Kumar, J.C. Umavathi, and Jagtap Sharadkumar
967-977 pdf
168. Performance Improvement Of Self-Aspirating Porous Radiant Burner By Controlling Process Parameters
Purna C. Mishra, Bibhuti B. Samantaray, Premananda Pradhan, Rajeswari Chaini, Durga P. Ghosh
978-984 pdf
169. Comparison of Fenton and Anaerobic Process in Treating Mature Landfill Leachate
Asha Sivan*, Latha P
985-990 pdf
170. Performance /efficiency enhancement of Dynamic Source Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks
Pushpender, Prof. (Dr.) Sohan Garg, Prof. (Dr.) YashPal Singh
991-995 pdf
171. Microstrip Patch Antenna: Analysis of Surface Area for Bandwidth Improvement
Sapna Panwar, Asst. Prof. Bhagwan Swaroop Sharma
996-999 pdf
172. Model Building And Cascade Compensation Of Angle Servo Control System
Muhammad Usman, Dai Zhongjian, Irfan Jamil, Rehan Jamil, Hassan Syed Mubashir
1000-1006 pdf
173. Static and Dynamics Drape Of Fabric: An Emerging Arena of Fabric Evaluation
P. Pratihar
1007-1011 pdf
174. Dynamic Drape Behavior of Textile Fabric: Part I - Development of an Instrument and Its Implications
P. Pratihar
1012-1016 pdf
175. Dynamic Drapen Behavior of Textile Fabric: Part II - Attributes of Various Fabric Parameters
P. Pratihar
1017-1021 pdf
176. Application Of Optimisation Techniques In Aviation Industries
Murali.K, Senthilkumar.S.K, Sivanesh Prabhu.M
1022-1026 pdf
177. Minimizing Routing Attacks in MANET Using Extended Dempster-Shefer Theory
A. V. R. Sandesh Guptha, S. Reshma
1027-1037 pdf
178. Performance Evaluation of WIMAX System Using QPSK Simulation and Rayleigh (NLOS) Multipath with Added AWGN
Joydev Ghosh, Abhishek Dey, Somnath Yadav
1038-1039 pdf
179. Towards An Intelligent Environment for Urban Flood Rescue Scenarios
Miguel Wister, Francisco Acosta, Pablo Pancardo and Jose A. Hernandez-Nolasco
1040-1044 pdf
180. High Performance Error Detection and Correction Technique for Memories Using Difference - Set Codes
Teena Ann Thomas, Ashad Kumar A
1045-1050 pdf
181. Pattern Recognition Approach for Fault Identification in Power Transmission Lines
P.Srinivasa Rao and B.Baddu Naik
1051-1056 pdf
182. Design of Bandpass Finite Impulse Response Filter Using Various Window Method
Er. Mukesh Kumar, Rohit Patel, Er. Rohini Saxena, Saurabh Kumar
1057-1061 pdf
183. Comparative Study of Different Types of Full Adder Circuits
Sansar Chand Sankhyan, Shruti Hathwalia
1062-1064 pdf
184. Analysis of Power Semiconductor Device to Regulate the Load Voltage Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr)
J. Anjaiah, P. Sadanandam
1065-1086 pdf
185. Corrosion Monitoring Of Reinforcement in Underground Galleries of Hydro Electric Project
Nv Mahure, Rp Pathak, Sameer Vyas, Pankaj Sharma, Sl Gupta
1087-1090 pdf
186. Hybrid Technology Solar Thermal Membrane Desalination of Salt Water for Populations In The Saloum River Delta
M. Sene Y. Mandiang, D. Azilinon
1191-1102 pdf
187. Efficient VLSI Architecture For1-D Dwtusing 9/7 Filter Based On 2's Complement DBA
Ashish Kumar Gupta, Prof. Yogesh Khandagare
1103-1106 pdf
189. Determination of Hyper Static Moments in Post-Tensioned Concrete Flat Slab
Teresa Peter, Dr. K. K.Sangle
1113-1117 pdf
190. AABS Technique for Detection of Moving Objects.
Dinesh Varma. S, Sk. Saidulu, Prof. B. Kedarnath
1118-1122 pdf
191. Human Re-Identification In Surveillance Network
Shubham Lavania
1123-1126 pdf
192. Enhanced New Improvement Algorithm in WSN with Efficient Transmission for Energy-Saving
Anita Chandra, Manish Kumar
1127-1132 pdf
193. Interphase Slipping Effect on Flame Propagation Characteristics in Micro-Iron Dust Particles
Mohsen Broumand, Saeed Shayamehr, Mehdi Bidabadi
1133-1144 pdf
194. Enhancement of Power Quality in Distribution System with Reduced DSTATCOM Voltage Rating
Ravi Kiran Dasari, K K Pratap Singh
1145-1152 pdf
195. Effect Of Sulphate Attack On Strength Characteristic Of Fiber Reinforced High Volume Fly Ash Concrete
Shivakumara B, Dr. Prabhakara H R, Dr. Prakash K B
1153-1161 pdf
196. Design of Linear and Planar Fractal Arrays
S. Kavitha, S.P. Krishna Chaitanya
1162-1168 pdf
197. Mathematical Modeling as a Novel View for Advanced Research in Ground Water
Sarala Thambavani D, Uma Mageswari T. S. R
1169-1177 pdf
198. FPGA Based Implementation for Ripple Carry Adder with Reduced Area and Low Power Consumption
Amit Jain, Nitin Meena
1178-1181 pdf
199. Microblaze Architecture Development for Medical Image Fusion Using Wavelet Transform
P.Saichand, A.Swetha
1182-1184 pdf
200. Network and Generator Constrained Economic Dispatch Using Real and Binary Coded Genetic Algorithms
G Kalidas Babu, Rajesh Kumar Samala
1185-1192 pdf
201. Multi Objective Optimization during Turning of EN24 Alloy Steel
M. Adinarayana, G. Prasanthi, G. Krishnaiah
1193-1198 pdf
202. Design and Implementation of Secured Power Line Communication with Enhanced Rfid Applications
N. Chris Diana, T. Surya Kavita, U. Yedukondalu
1199-1202 pdf
203. Low Power, High Speed Parallel Architecture For Cyclic Convolution Based On Fermat Number Transform (FNT)
T.Jyothsna, M.Pradeep
1203-1207 pdf
204. Quality Inspection and Grading Of Mangoes by Computer Vision & Image Analysis
Dr.Vilas D. Sadegaonkar, Mr.Kiran H.Wagh
1208-1212 pdf
205. Detecting Sudden Pedestrian Crossings and Avoiding Accidents Using Arm 11
K. Sri Krishna Aditya, T. Surya Kavita, U. Yedukondalu
1213-1216 pdf
206. Enhancement of the Performance of Vector Controlled Back-to-Back VSC System under Grid Disturbances
G. Bhaskar Rao, Ch. Sreenu
1217-1221 pdf
207. Review of Sensor & Sensor less Control Topologies for a Four-Switch Inverter Fed Permanent Magnet Brushless Dc Motor
Y. V. Aruna, A. Mallikarjuna Prasad, E. Ramakrishna
1222-1228 pdf
208. Congestion Control Load Balancing Techniques in MANET: A Survey
Purushesh Shukla, Tushar Kanti
1229-1233 pdf
209. Performance Evaluation of Wimax Network Based On Probability Transition Matrix
Tonmoy Saha, Nafiz –Al – Naharul Islam, Liton Kumar Saha
1234-1239 pdf
210. Energy and Economic Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic Plants in
Kerman City
Javad Mohammadi, Mahdi Mozaffari Legha, Moein Khosravi
1240-1245 pdf
211. FPGA Implementation of Park-Miller Algorithm to Generate Sequence of 32-Bit Pseudo Random Key for Encryption and Decryption of Text Message
Mr. Rohith. S, Mr. Bharatesh. N
1246-1252 pdf
212. A Novel Approach Of Performance Analysis Of A Novel ICI Through ICI Self-Cancellation-Scheme In OFDM Systems Using BER
V Krishna Pedagamalla, A.Ashok Babu
1253-1256 pdf
213. The Role of Spiritual Leadership in the Empowerment of Personnel.
Ali Nejatbakhsh-E-Esfahani, Seyedalighoreyshian
1257-1274 pdf
214. A Novel Approach for Reduction of Poisson Noise in Digital Images
Ayushi Jaiswal, J.P. Upadhyay, Ravi Mohan S., P. Bohre
1275-1279 pdf
215. Cost Estimation Using Parameterized For Use Case Point Model (P-UCP)
Pragya Jha, Dr. Rajani Kanta Malu
1280-1283 pdf
216. Analysis of Steel Alloy 1040 Cold Drawn Material in the Appication of Windmill Turbine
M.Lava Kumar, B. Siddeswara rao, R. Prasannasrinivas
1284-1289 pdf
217. Aqua Plant -Based Sewage Treatment Plants: Review
Ashtashil V. Bhambulkar, Dr. Narendra P. Shinkar
1290-1301 pdf
218. Comparative Study of Various Impulse Noise Reduction Techniques
A.Suganthi, Dr.M.Senthilmurugan
1302-1306 pdf
219. Effects of Silica Fume in Conventional Concrete
Debabrata Pradhan, D. Dutta
1307-1310 pdf
220. Implementation of Haar Wavelet through Lifting For Denoising
Dulam Srikanth, Monika Mittal
1311-1314 pdf
221. Review the Role of the Balanced Scorecard in the Effectiveness of Office in Khorasan Railway
H. R. Mir Ali1, H. R. Ghaderi2 and F. Rostami
1315-1319 pdf
222. Massive Energy Production from Renewable Sources
Sheetal Shinkhede, Dr. C.D.Kotwal
1320-1325 pdf
223. A Study of Working Capital Management of Flat Glass Industries in India
Shailendra Saxena
1326-1332 pdf
224. Control of Power at Weak-Grid Using Upqc
Bhanu Ganesh Lukka, Bongu Mahesh, Vutukoori Bharath
1333-1337 pdf
225. Doubly Fed Induction Generator Control under Unbalanced Condition
Bhanu Ganesh Lukka, Bongu Mahesh, Vutukoori Bharath
1338-1342 pdf
Aravam Babu, Y.Chalapathi Rao, Dr.Ch.Santhi Rani
1343-1348 pdf
227. An Approach towards Repairing Of Nimonic Alloy Component through Laser Based Layered Manufacturing Technique
Bansiya S., Dhanda M., Saha P
1349-1354 pdf
228. Performance Comparison of Physical Clock Synchronization Algorithms
D.Adithya Chandra Varma, Praveen Kumar Reddy.M, Prof.Gopinath.
1355-1364 pdf
229. Adiabatic Implementation on Full Adder Circuits
R.Swapna, Shoban Mude
1365-1369 pdf
230. Studies on Drag Reduction for Flow through Circular Conduits with Coaxially Placed Single Disc Turbulence Promoter
Penta Rao.T*, Rajendra Prasad, P., Arun Chaitanya, G., Sujatha, V
1370-1380 pdf
231. CR- Submanifolds of Nearly Hyperbolic Sasakian Manifold Endowed With A Quarter Symmetric Non-Metric Connection
Mobin Ahmad, Kashif Ali
1381-1385 pdf
232. A Review on Polymer Tio2 Nanocomposites
Satyajeet Chaudhari, Tasnim Shaikh and Priyesh Pandey
1386-1391 pdf
233. Effect of Hall Currents and Thermo-Diffusion on Unsteady Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow in a Vertical Wavy Channel under an Inclined Magnetic Field
T. Siva Nageswara Rao and S. Sivaiah
1392-1405 pdf
234. Single-Stage Inverter cum Chopper (Ssicc) For Pv-Battery System
Mr. C. Pavankumar, Mr. C. Sudhakar, Mr. Kantae Visweswara
1406-1413 pdf
235. Privacy of Integrated Data Using Efficient Classification Algorithm
Smitar. Kapoor, Dr.R.C.Jain
1414-1422 pdf
236. Performance Analysis of MC-CDMA Based Fixed Wimax Technology By RS Encoder For Different Modulation
B.vinodh kumar, Arulpugazhendhi.M, A.Arul
1423-1425 pdf
237. Advancements in GSM Technology Using Smart Antenna: An Overview
Sohaib Abbas Zaidi, Parul, Manisha Sharma
1426-1429 pdf
238. A Survey Host Load Prediction In Computational Grid Environment
Shweta Jaiswal
1430-1434 pdf
239. An Analysis of Current Scenario Development in Open Source Hardware Community and Its Benefits
Aditi Trivedi, Himanshi Vijay, Mukti Awad
1435-1438 pdf
240. Detection of Errors on Serial Communication Lines in RTOS Based-Embedded Systems
Saurabh Kumar, Narayanaraju Samunuri
1439-1443 pdf
241. Fault Current Detection of Three Phase Power Transformer Using Wavelet Transform
Haroon Ashfaq and Mohammad. Noorullah Quadri
1444-1454 pdf
242. A New Topology for 81-Level Hybrid Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Power Electronic Components and Voltage Boosting Capability
Ch.Sajan, T. Praveen Kumar, B. Sharath Chander, B.Rajashekar
1455-1462 pdf
243. Modulation and Parsvels Theorem For Generalized Fractional Fourier Transform
V. D. Sharma
1463-1467 pdf
244. Generalized Laplace-Finite Mellin Transform
V.D.Sharma, M.M.Thakare
1468-1470 pdf
245. Inversion Formula for Generalized Two-Dimensional Fractional Sine Transform
V.D. Sharma, S.A. Khapre
1471-1473 pdf
246 Analysis and Assessment of Flow and Strength Behaviour of Clsm with Lyse and Abram's Rule as Basis
P. K. Ravindra, Dr.Vaishyali Ghorpade, Dr.B.C.Udayashankar
1474-1479 pdf
247. Preserving Interflow Packet Order in Multipath Switching Systems Using Flow-Based Slicing For Congestion Avoidence
A. Venkata Pradeep, M. Kishore Kumar
1480-1485 pdf
248. Prediction of Weld Strength of Resistance Spot Welding Using Artificial Neural Network
Darshan Shah, Prof. Dhaval P Patel
1486-1491 pdf
249. Optimal Clustering Scheme For Repeated Bisection Partitional

Kalyani Desikan, G. Hannah Grace
1492-1495 pdf
250. Sage Package for Symbolic Computation of Series Solution of
Ordinary Differential Equations

M.Kaliyappan, A.Vanav Kumar, S.Hariharan
1496-1502 pdf
251. Heat Transfer Effects Due To Viscous Dissipation On Unsteady
Boundary Layer Fluid Flow Past A Stretching Sheet Subject To Transverse Magnetic Field

A. Vanav Kumar, M. Kaliyappan
1503-1508 pdf
252. Design Of Low Power Cmos High Performance True Single Phase Clock Dual Modulus Prescaler
Ramesh.K, E.Velmurugan, G.Sadiq Basha
1509-1514 pdf
253. Consolidation Stress Effect On Strength Of Lime Stabilized Soil
K. Saranya, Dr. M. Muttharam
1515-1519 pdf
254. Phase Trajectories of the Fractal Parametric Oscillator
Parovik R.I.
1520-1523 pdf
255. Short- Term Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network Techniques
Ankita Shrivastava and Arti Bhandakkar
1524-1527 pdf
256. An Efficient Edge Detection Approach Based On Pollination Based Optimization
Navjot Kaur, Parminder Singh
1528-1533 pdf
257. Amplification and Filtering Of ECG Signal Using Instrumentation Amplifier
Ananya Dutta
1534-1540 pdf
258. The Magnetization of Water Arising From a Magnetic-Field and Its Applications in Concrete Industry
Pang Xiao-Feng and Zhu Xing-Chun
1541-1552 pdf
259. A Study on the Effect of Injection Pressures On the Performance and Emission Characteristics of C I Engine with Pongamia Pinnata Methyl Ester as Fuel
Honnegowda, Ramesha D K
1553-1558 pdf
260. Renewable Power Generation Units through Micro Grid System
M.Pradeep Kumar, Mr. M.Balasubba Reddy
1559-1563 pdf
261. Hardware Implementation of Collision Avoidance in Inter–Vehicular ADHOC Network Using Zigbee and Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4
J. Deeksha, N. Radha, U. Yedukondalu
1564-1568 pdf
262. Adaptive K-Means Clustering For Improving Non- Local Means Filtering
Nandini Prasad K S, Prabha R, Pushpalatha S
1569-1575 pdf
263. Experimental Analysis of Vibration of Ball Bearing Considering Solid Contaminants in Lubricants
Christy V.Vazhappilly, Manoj Kumar V.K, Praveen Raj, P.Kamalesan
1576-1580 pdf
264. Development of Functional Chapatti from Texturized Deoiled Cake of Sunflower, Soybean and Flaxseed
Suresh Bhise and Kaur A
1581-1587 pdf
265. Performance Comparison on Face Recognition System Using Different Variants of Back-Propagation Algorithm with Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
Kiran Arya and Virendra P. Vishwakarma
1588-1595 pdf
266. Implementation of Scaled Down Model of Heterogeneous Spectrometers for Radio Astronomy Applications Using Xilinx Fpgas
Korani Ravinder, Md Abdul Khader, H.Narasimha Rao
1596-1599 pdf
267. Loss Reduction in Radial Distribution Network by Optimal Placement of Type – I DG Using Modified Direct Search Algorithm
P. Anil Kumar, B. Shankar Prasad
1600-1603 pdf
268. Design and Implementation of Digital CMOS VLSI Circuits Using Dual Sub-Threshold Supply Voltages
A. Suvir Vikram, Mrs. K. Srilakshmi And Mrs. Y. Syamala
1604-1608 pdf
269. A Comparative Study B/W Black Cotton Soil and Alluvial Soil for Economical Pavement Design by Lime & Fly-Ash Stabilization
Kunal Anand, Awanish Kumar Shukla, Sidharth Sharma
1609-1620 pdf
270. Increasing The Strength Of Audio Watermarking Against Desynchronization Attacks
Ms. Deepali Chavan, Prof. R.R. Dube
1621-1625 pdf
271. A Closer Look at SMS-Based E-Banking Services Using Elliptic Curves
Ranbir Soram, Memeta Khomdram, Sonamani Takhellambam
1626-1638 pdf
272. Impact of Variable Transmission Range and Scalability With Respect To Mobility and Zone Size On Zone Routing Protocol Over Manets
Jitender Grover, Parneet Kaur
1639-1646 pdf
273. Removal of Chlorine Residual in Tap Water by Boiling or Adding Ascorbic Acid
Liuqing Albert Zhang
1647-1651 pdf
274. Wages, Productivity and Optimal Payment in Efficient Software Projects
Mihai Georgescu, Cecilia Cioloca, Madalina Zurini, Constantin-Daniel Avram
1652-1658 pdf
275. Designing Of Hydraulic Bollard System Using Accumulator Bladder for Better Security Solutions
Himmat Singh, Bharat Bhushan, Dr. R.K. Gupta
1659-1662 pdf
276. Multi Resolution Analysis of ECG for Arrhythmia Using Soft-Computing Techniques
Mangesh Singh Tomar, Mr. Manoj Kumar Bandil, Mr. D.B.V.Singh
1663-1668 pdf
277. Effective Compression in Digital Images with SPIHT Algorithm and Entropy
G. Sreenivasulu, B. Srinivasa Rao
1669-1672 pdf
278. An Overview Study of Game Engines
Faizi Noor Ahmad
1673-1693 pdf
279. Effects of Jelly Fish Attack on Mobile Ad-Hoc Network's Routing Protocols
Amandeep Kaur, Deepinder Singh Wadhwa
1694-1700 pdf
280. Improving Text Clustering Quality by Concept Mining
Pradnya Randive, Nitin Pise
1701-1704 pdf
281. Framework for Customization of Order Processing In Indian Automobile Industry
Mohan Nishith, Gupta Rishi, Sharma S.K.
1705-1710 pdf
282. Flexibility Measurement Criteria with Respect To Reconfigurable System Properties
Mohan Nishith,Gupta Rishi, Sharma S.K.
1711-1716 pdf
283. Application of Mechanical Energy to Activate Pozzolanas
Sarfo-Ansah, James, Eugene Atemo and Momade, Zsuzsanna
1717-1726 pdf
284. An Analytical Delay Expression For Deep Sub-Micron RLC Interconnect
Santosh K Chhotray, Debashish Dash Mohapatra, Swapnila S Dash, Subhakanta Swain
1727-1730 pdf
285. A Design of H-Bridge Converter for Power Conversion System
Mr. C.Sudhakar, Mr.C.Pavan Kumar, Mr.Y.Damodharam
1731-1738 pdf
286. Comparative Study of Automated Testing Tools: Selenium, Quick Test Professional and Testcomplete
Harpreet Kaur, Dr.Gagan Gupta
1739-1743 pdf
287. Design of Trapezoidal Patch Antenna with Inverted and Non-Inverted V-Shape Slot
Radha Sharma
1744-1747 pdf
288. An Improved Real-Time Speech Signal In Case Of Isolated Word Recognition
Takialddin Al Smadi
1748-1754 pdf
289. Biometric Cc Cam for Identifying a Particular Object or Person Initially
T. V. M. Sairam, D. Sreenivasulu
1755-1759 pdf
290. Mechanistic-Empirical Study of Sensitivity of Truck Tire Pressure to Asphalt Pavement Thickness in Egypt
Ahmed Ebrahim Abu El-Maaty Behiry, Ahmed Yousry Beltagy
1760-1771 pdf
291. A Simple Predictive Pwm Voltage Controlled Technique for Implementation of Single Phase Inverter with Precesion Rectifier
Rahul Ganpat Mapari, Dr. D.G. Wakde
1772-1775 pdf
292. VAR Management to Improve Maximum Loading In IEEE 30 Bus System Using FACTS Controllers
Dilip Sahasrabudhe, Pawan Pandey
1776-1779 pdf
293. Real Time Eye Blinking Detection and Tracking Using Opencv
Dhaval Pimplaskar, Dr. M.S. Nagmode, Atul Borkar
1780-1787 pdf
294. Designing of Embedded Web Server Based on Energy Meter
P. Balakrishna, B.Vamsikrishna
1788-1791 pdf
295. Effect of Hot End Obstruction and Nozzle on the Performance of Vortex Tube
G. Maruthi Prasad Yadav, K. Naga Lakshmi, Dr. P. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Dr.B.Uma Maheswar Gowd
1792-1796 pdf
296. Embedded Smart Video Surveillance Using Histogram
Medari Srikanth, M.Kattaswamy, B.Brahma Reddy, Balachandran G
1797-1799 pdf
297. A Comparison of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Three-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Flexible Control Technique for DTC Induction Motor Drives
V. Chandana, S. Suriya
1800-1806 pdf
298. Improvement of DVR Performance Using Fast and Effective Control Scheme under Various Loads
P. Harichandana, Madhavi Sunkara
1807-1813 pdf
299. Chromatic Dispersion Mitigation in Single Carrier High Speed Coherent Optical Communication Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques
Md. Monjurul Islam, Md. Siam Uddin, Md. Amir Hamja, Md. Shahid Iqbal, Jakia Sultana
1814-1819 pdf
300. Efficient SINR Computation Using LMMSE Approach in MIMOOFDM System
P. Anvesh, V. Sudha Rani
1820-1823 pdf
301. A Personalized User Concept Model For Web Information Gathering
S.Swapna, Mohd.Ahmed.Ali
1824-1828 pdf
302. Fpga Based Moving Object Detection Algorithm Implementation for Traffic Surveillance
Mayur Salve, Mahesh Rajput, Sanket Shingate
1829-1832 pdf
303. Analysis of Changes in Turbidity in the Surface Water Treatment Technological Process
Adam Rak
1833-1839 pdf
304. Products of Sport Engineering – Systematic Approach
Wlodzimierz S. Erdmann
1840-1849 pdf
305. CFPRS: Collaborative Filtering Privacy Recommender System for Online Social Networks
Bisan A. Alsalibi, Nasriah Zakaria
1850-1858 pdf
306. Performance of Optical Encoder and Optical Multiplexer Using Mach-Zehnder Switching
Abhishek Raj, A.K. Jaiswal, Mukesh Kumar, Rohini Saxena, Neelesh Agrawal
1859-1863 pdf
307. A Novel Algorithm To Detect Changes In Surveillance Video
Haitham Kareem Ali, Yasir Khalil Ibrahim
1864-1870 pdf
308. Designing and Analysis of Roll Cage of an ATV
Amal Tom Kumbiluvelil and Abu Thomas Cherian
1871-1873 pdf
309. Secure Scheme For User Authentication And Authorization In Android Environment
Humaira Dar, Wajdi Fawzi Mohammed Al-Khateeb And Mohamed Hadi Habaebi
1874-1881 pdf
310. Performance of Responsibility Discovery in VLSI Circuit Using Accumulator
Md. Azmathullah, K. Nanda Kumar,Syed Reshma
1882-1886 pdf
311. The Relation between the Requirements of Knowledge Management and the Academic Human Resources Development in the Colleges of Education in the Jordanian Public Universities
Ibrahem H. Tadros, Eman J. Abdullrahman, Read A. Al_Kreimeen, Khaled N. Alzoubi
1887-1893 pdf
312. Lifetime Enhancement of Cluster Head Selection for MIMO Routing Algorithm Based On Weighted Sum Method for WSN
Ranveer Singh, Gaurav Mittal
1894-1898 pdf
313. FPGA Based Area Efficient Turbo Decoder For Wireless Communication
Mansi Rastogi, Rajesh Mehra
1899-1904 pdf
314. Lifting Based-Dwt Compression Technique Using Fpga
Syed Mukhtiyar Ahmed, P. Srinivas
1905-1910 pdf
315. Thermal Analysis of Circular Inclined Pipe Subjected To Natural Convection Using CFD
Prof. Rupesh G. Telrandhe, Prof. T.S.Karhale, Prof. B.B.Deshmukh
1911-1913 pdf
316. Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
A. Upendra Varma, A.D. Kumar
1914-1918 pdf
317. Comparative Study of Seismic Response for Seismic Coefficient and Response Spectrum Methods
B. Srikanth, V.Ramesh
1919-1924 pdf
318. Strength Of Welded Plate Girder With Corrugated Web Plate
Limaye A. A, Alandkar P. M
1925-1930 pdf
319. Growth And Characterization Of Pure And Glycine Added Morenosite Single Crystals
J. M. Kavitha and C. K. Mahadevan
1931-1940 pdf
320. Design and Implementation of CMOS VLSI Digital Circuits Using Self-Adjustable Voltage Level Technique
N. Somasekhar Varma, Y. Syamala And K. Srilakshmi
1941-1946 pdf
321. Strength of Welded Plate Girder with Tapered Web
Bhurke K. N., Alandkar P. M
1947-1951 pdf
322. Modified Distribution Network Using HVDS Techniques
Mayank Kumar Arjariya, Dr. Amita Mahor
1952-1955 pdf
323. The Use of Optical Remote Sensing For Mapping Flooded Areas
Igor Ogashawara, Marcelo Pedroso Curtarelli and Celso M. Ferreira
1956-1960 pdf
325. Experimental Study on the Effect of Welding Parameters and Tool Pin Profiles on Mechanical Properties of the FSW Joints
Deepak Chouhan, Surjya K Pal, Sandeep Garg
1972-1978 pdf
326. Design of Ripple Borrow Subtractor using different logic techniques
M.Padmaja, S.Anusha
1979-1983 pdf
327. Study on Stability of Honeycomb Structured Piston
Kesarapu Sandeep Reddy, K R Senthil Kumar, P R Jeyakrishnan
1984-1988 pdf
328. An Image Segmentation to Detect Tumor and Measuring Size of Tumor Using Segmentation of MR Image
Ravikumar M Sinojiya, Assi Prof Lokesh Gagnani
1989-1992 pdf
329. Application of Quality Function Deployment in an Engineering College Using Analytical Hierarchy Process
Dr. Devendra S. Verma, Raymal Dawar
1993-2004 pdf
330. FPGA Implementation of Motion Human Detection Based On
Background Subtraction

K. Sarath Babu, K. Surendranath Reddy, U. Yedukondalu
2005-2009 pdf
331. A Hardware FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Stegano Analysis Using LSB Technique
L. V. S Subbaraju, P. Praveen, U. Yedukondalu
2010-2014 pdf
332. An Efficient Searching Technique by Colonization of Random Data Set Based On Dynamic Programming
Toqeer Ehsan, M. Usman Ali, Meer Qaisar Javed
2015-2020 pdf
333. Dielectric Properties of Copper Substituted Nickel Nano-Ferrites
Rapolu Sridhar, D.Ravinder, K.Vijaya Kumar
2021-2024 pdf
334. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Genotype Prevalence among Egyptian Primary Nephrotic and End Stage Renal Diseases Patients
ZahranFaten, HamedSahar, KeshtaAkaber, Hussien Mohamed
2025-2031 pdf
335. Data Mining Tool using Clustering Technique on Exploration Engine Dataset
Mahesh Kumar KondReddy, Sujeeth .T
2032-2036 pdf