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Volume 2- Issue 6 [Nov-Dec 2012]

S.No. Title & Authors Page Downloads
Paper submitted to IJERA : 835
Accepted papers by peer review process : 259
Rejected Paper : 576
Paper Acceptance percentage : 31.01%
1. A Study on web Applications & Protection against Vulnerabilities
Padmaja K
001-006 pdf
2. Future Effect Of Nano-Medicine On Human Generation
Ashish Dadhich, Gurudutt Sharma, Devendra Kumar
007-011 pdf
Collocation Approximation Method For Special Linear Integro-Differentialequations Using Chebyshev Basis Function
Taiwo. O. A., Ayinde M. A., Olaguju A. S.
012-014 pdf
4. Molding of PVC Air Soles with Modified Formulation
Omprakash H. Nautiyal
015-019 pdf
5. Analysis And Optimization Of Turning Process Parameters Using Design Of Experiments
C. Ramudu, Dr. M. Naga Phani Sastry
020-027 pdf
6. Multi Sensor Image Fusion For Impulse Noise Removal In Digital Images
V.Anusha, P.Praveen Kumar, Dharmaiah.Devarapalli
028-032 pdf
7. Effect Of Replacement Of Cement By Metakalion On The Properties Of High Performance Concrete Subjected To Hydrochloric Acid Attack
Beulah M., Prahallada M. C.
033-038 pdf
8. Proposing a Model for Predicting Flow Stress of Aluminium Alloy in Tensile Test
Leila Mansouri, Reza Rafeh
039-042 pdf
9. Analysis and comparison of ECC & ECIES using IBE for securing patient's privacy
Lino Zachariah, Dr. Poonam Sinha
043-047 pdf
10. Fluid Flow And Heuat Transfer Analysis Of Laminar Multiple Square Jets Impinging On A Flat Plate
G. Srivalli, B. Raghavarao, M.R.Ch.Sastry
048-056 pdf
11. Kinetics and thermodynamic studies of the chlorination of sultams using a spectroscopic technique
Shireen I. Hamadamin, Kareem Sh. Ahmed, Hassan A. Mohammed
057-066 pdf
12. Design And Finite Element Analysis Of Broaching Tools
A.V. Pradeep, K. Ram Prasad, T. Victor Babu
067-074 pdf
13. Carbon Dioxide Sequestration In Alkaline Waste
Anjali Gupta, Arvind K. Nema
075-079 pdf
14. Chemical Oxidation Process For The Treatment Of Antibiotic Wastewater
Hannah Briers, Paul J. Sallis, Ali Yuzir, Norhayati Abdullah, S. Chelliapan
080-086 pdf
15. Scalability Performance of AODV, TORA and OLSR with Reference to Variable Network Size
Lovekesh Kumar
087-092 pdf
16. Performance Evaluation of MAC Protocols in VANETs
Manveer Kaur


17. Impact Of Mesh Quality Parameters On Elements Such As Beam, Shell And 3D Solid In Structural Analysis
Padmakar Raut
099-103 pdf
18. Neural Network Based Space Vector Pwm Control Of Induction Motor
Neelima.A,Hari krishna.Ch
104-116 pdf
19. Implementation Of Coquos On Unstructured P2P Network To Achieve Continuous Queries
Venkata Santhosh Deepak, Mudiganti Vijaya Bhaskar
117-122 pdf
20. Environmental Natural Sound Detection And Classification Using Content-Based Retrieval (CBR) And MFCC
Subrata Mondal, Shiladitya Pujari, Tapas Sangiri
123-129 pdf
21. Using Passive Front-ends on Diode-clamped multilevel converters for Voltage control
Srinivas Dasam, Dr. B.V.Sanker Ram, A Lakshmisudha
130-135 pdf
22. A novel particle swarm Optimization algorithm based Fine Adjustment for solution of VRP
Shenglong YU, Xiaofei YANG, Yuming BO, Zhimin CHEN, Jie ZHANG
136-141 pdf
23. Analyzing & Identifying CFD's using the Concepts of Data Mining
Venkata Lavanya Korada, Avala Atchyuta Rao
142-147 pdf
24. Twinned Crystal Structure And Characterization Of [Cu(Hseo3)2Cu0.34Se0.58Cl3(H2O)3]
H. Belgaroui, M. Loukil, A. Kabadou, H. Khemakhem, A. Ben Salah
148-161 pdf
25. Experimentation on various dies for slicing on improved hydraulic Bamboo processing machine
K. G. Ahuja, P. G. Mehar, Dr. A. V. Vanalkar, Dr. S. S. khandare
162-166 pdf
26. Client-Side Load Balancing and Resource Monitoring in Cloud
Miss.Rudra Koteswaramma
167-171 pdf
27. Online Estimation Of Rotor Time Constant And Speed For Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive With Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC)
D.Sleeva Reddy, K. Lakshmi Prasad Reddy, M.Vijaya Kumar
172-179 pdf
28. Simulation of AODV under Black hole Attack in MANET
Vinay P.Viradia, Vidhya P.Patel
180-184 pdf
29. Data Mining Techniques for Identifying Temporal Patterns of Time Series Data
Prof. Rupesh Mahajan, Prof. Arivanantham Thangavelu, Prof. Minal Shahakar
185-187 pdf
30. How to Avoid Passive Attacks on Data Using BB84 Protocol in Quantum Cryptography: A Review
Charushila Kadu, Dipti Sonwane, Dheera Jadhwani
188-191 pdf
31. Influence of Attitude Towards Mathematics and Study Habit on the Achievement in Mathematics at the secondary stage
Dr. Ranjana Choudhury, Dhiraj kumar Das
192-196 pdf
32. Recent Trends and Applications of Bio Diesel
N.Kanthavelkumaran, Dr.P.Seenikannan
197-203 pdf
33. Analyzing Delay Performance of Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Swathi .M, Dr.D.Kavitha
204-209 pdf
34. Effect Of Balanced Voltages On The Movement Of Metallic Particles In A Three Phase Common Enclosure Gas Insulated Busduct
Nagabhushan, J.Amarnath, D.Subbarayudu
210-213 pdf
35. Designing Optical Beam Filter And Detector Based On Photonic Crystals Structure By FMCW method
Reza Khodadadi, Parviz Amiri
214-224 pdf
36 Restrained Triple Connected Domination Number of a Graph
G. Mahadevan, Selvam Avadayappan, V. G. Bhagavathi Ammal, T. Subramanian
225-229 pdf
37. Comparative Study Of Flexural Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Beam And Prestressed Concrete Beam
Mr. M K Maroliya
230-233 pdf
38. Explicit User Profiles for Semantic Web Search Using XML
C. Srinvas
234-241 pdf
39. Analytic Solution Of Burger's Equations By Variational Iteration Method
P. R. Mistry, V. H. Pradhan
242-246 pdf
40. AnG-HPR: Analysis of n-Gram based human Promoter Recognition
Chandrashekar.Jatoth, Rupesh Mahajan
247-254 pdf
41. Simulation Of Sensorless Induction Motor Based On Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS)
Kottala Kiran Kumar, S.Sasikanth, L.Dinesh
255-260 pdf
42 Genetic Approach for Fuzzy Mining Using Modified K-Means Clustering
Shaikh Nikhat Fatma, Dr. J. W Bakal
261-267 pdf
43. Thermodynamic Optimization Of Household Refrigerator Using Propane –Butane As Mixed Refrigerant
N.Austin, Dr.P.Senthil Kumar, N.Kanthavelkumaran
268-271 pdf
44. Adjustable Filters For Optical Communications Systems Based On One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Structures
Reza Khodadadi, Mir Ali Ghasemi, Hamed Alipour Banaee
272-276 pdf
45. Response Surface Methodology Optimization Of Process Parameters for Xylanase Production by Aspergillus fumigatus in SSF using Central Composite Design
K.Vimalashanmugam, T.Viruthagiri
277-287 pdf
46. Fsw Of Polypropylene Reinforced With Al2o3 Nano Composites, Effect On Mechanical And Microstructural Properties
Prof.R.V.Prasad, P.Madhu Raghava
288-296 pdf
47. Direct Torque Control Based on Space Vector Modulation with Adaptive Stator Flux Observer for Induction Motors
Srinivasa Rao jalluri, Dr.B.V.Sanker Ram
297-302 pdf
48. An Identity-Authentication System Using Fingerprints
Mr. Ratnakar anandrao kharade, Mr. M.S. Kumbhar
303-311 pdf
49. Energy-Efficient Design of Battery-Powered Embedded Systems
V.Prasanna Kumar
312-325 pdf
50. Analysing Chebyshev Filter For Displaying Radar Target Track
Richa Gupta, Onkar Chand
326-329 pdf
51. Assessment of Cost of poor quality in Automobile Industry
Prof.S.N.Teli, Dr. U.M.Bhushi, Mr.V.G.Surange
330-336 pdf
52. Performance Analysis of AODV and WRP in MANET
Sachchida Nand Singh, Surendra Verma, Ravindra Kumar Gupta
337-342 pdf
53. Optimal Design Of CMOS Op- Amp Using Geometric Programming
Harsh Vardhani, Deepak Agrawal, Abhishek Tripathi
343-346 pdf
54. Using Sift Algorithm Identifying An Abandoned Object By Moving Camera
V.Aarthy, R. Mythili, S.Venkatalakshimi
347-353 pdf
55. Generating Similar Item Sets Of Temporal Databases Using Spamine Algorithm
T. Sowmiya, V. Thangamani
354-358 pdf
56. GIS Tools For Assessing Source Water Protection: Las Vegas Valley Surface Waters
Thomas C. Piechota, Anil Acharya, Silvia Albuquerque, Marcelo Reginato
359-376 pdf
57. Selection Of Optimum Process Parameters Of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) To Weld Steel Pipes By Design Of Experiments
B.S.Praveen Kumar, Dr.Y.Vijayakumar
377-381 pdf
58. Load Carrying Capacity Of Hollow Concrete Block Masonry Wall
Mr. M K Maroliya
382-385 pdf
59. A Perspective of Gate-Leakage Reduction in Deep Sub-Micron Ics
Mohamed Azeem Hafeez, Anuj Shaw
386-390 pdf
60. Design & Development of Ruggedized Mechanism for Detection of Rotating Metallic Objects Using Inductive Proximity Switches
AshishDubey, KashinathChillal, Sunil Chauhan
391-395 pdf
61. An application of Audiomagnetotelluric prospecting method to determine the dip of the sedimentary-metamorphic contact
Njingti-Nfor, Tadjou J.M., Nouayou R
396-403 pdf
62. Calculation of Elecron Mobility in WZ-AlN and ZB-AlN at Low Electric Field
H. Arabshahi, M. Izadifard and A. Karimi
404-407 pdf
63. Microstrip Decagon Carpet Fractal Antenna For Wireless Applications
Jeetwinder Kaur, Yadwinder Kumar
408-410 pdf
64. A BIM based Energy and Lifecycle Cost Analysis/Optimization Approach
Mohamed Nour, Ossama Hosny, Ahmed Elhakeem
411-418 pdf

Parallel 2-D MRI Image Filtering Algorithms Implementation For FPGA Using Matlab And Xilinx System Generator
G.Swathi, Mohd.Shahbazkhan

419-424 pdf
66. Design of Parallel Multiplier–Accumulator Based on Radix-4 Modified Booth Algorithm with SPST
S.Jagadeesh, S.Venkata Chary
425-431 pdf
67. Securing Web Applications By Analyzing The Logs Of The Database Server Or Web Server
G.Swapna, R.Pavani Srivatsav
432-435 pdf
68. Design Of VSI Based STATCOM For Eliminating Harmonic Currents Due To Non Linear Load And To Compensate The Reactive Power In A Grid Connected System
Manam Ravindra, Devineni Gireesh Kumar
436-443 pdf
69. Electrochemical Oxidation of Textile Industry Wastewater Using DSA® In Tubular Reactor
444-451 pdf
70. Power Quality Improvement Of Three Phase Four Wire Distribution System Using VSC With A Zig-Zag Transformer
Sajith Shaik, I.Raghavendar
452-459 pdf
71. Computation of Stress Intensity Factor of Cracked Aluminium Plate Using Virtual Crack Closure Technique
Mr.A.Gopichand, M.Surendra Kumar, Prof.A.V.N.L.Sharma
460-465 pdf
72. The Effectsof Backpack Load and Placement on Postural Deviation in Healthy Students: A Systematic Review
Abdul Mujid Abdullah, Rachael McDonald, ShapourJaberzadeh
466-481 pdf
73. Structural, Dielectric and Magnetic Behavior of Cu2+ Substituted Ni-Zn Ferrite by Auto-combustion Technique
V.V.Awati, D. H. Bobade, Mrs S. D. Kulkarni, S.M.Rathod
482-489 pdf
74. A Comprehensive Study On Different Methods Of Extraction From Guajava Leaves For Curing Various Health Problem
Vibha Porwal, Pallavi Singh, Devendra Gurjar
490-496 pdf
75. Optimal machining conditions for turning of Al/SiC MMC using PSO and Regression analysis
A.V.N.L. Sharma, P. Sandeep Kumar, A.Gopichand, R.Mohan Rao
497-500 pdf
76. High Performance Predictive Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drives System
A. Alwadie
501-512 pdf
77. Design Of Helical Coil Compression Spring" A Review
513-522 pdf
78. Geospatial Analysis Of Primary Health Care Centres In Ughelli North And Warri South Local Government Areas Of Delta State, Nigeria
Agaja S. A., Unueroh K
523-527 pdf
79. Simulation of Multicomponent Reactive Distilation Column for the Production of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)
K. K. Dagde, T. F. Harry
528-538 pdf
80. Kinetics Of Ethanol Production From Nypa Palm (Mangroves Palm) Through Fermentation Process
P.I.Oghome, Kamalu,C.I.O.
539-549 pdf
81. Predictive And Optimizing Energy Management Of Photo Voltaic Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems With Short Time Energy Storage
P. Madhu sudhakar, B. Murali Mohan
550-556 pdf
82. Six-lump kinetic modelling of adiabatic plug-flow riser-reactor in an industrial FCC unit
K. K. Dagde, Y. T. Puyate
557-568 pdf
83. Pipe Flaws Detection by Using the Mindstorm Robot
Dr. Zhiyuan Chen, Maryam Temitayo, Prof. Dino Isa
569-574 pdf
84. Towards a Viewpoint of Recommender Systems and Techniques inTechnology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Nana Yaw Asabere, Edwin Mends-Brew
575-585 pdf
85. Vertical Handoff Model for Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Shubhangi Helgaonkar, Dr. R.G.Karandikar
586-591 pdf
86. Implementation Of Taguchi Technique On Heat Treatment Process Of Pinion Gear
Dr.S.S.Deshmukh, S.R.Thakare
592-598 pdf
87. Existing Full Adders and Their Comparison on The Basis of Simulation Result And to design a improved LPFA (Low Power Full Adder)
Pardeep Kumar
599-606 pdf
88. Convergence Of Cosine Sums In Metric L
Nawneet Hooda
607-609 pdf
89. On Integrability and Lp-convergence of modified trigonometric sums
Nawneet Hooda
610-612 pdf
90. A Note on Modified Cosine Sums
Nawneet Hooda
613-615 pdf
91. Mobile IP: A Study Of Issus, Challenges, And Comparison Of Ipv4 & Ipv6
Khaled Mahmood Al-Adhal, Dr. S.S Tyagi
616-621 pdf
92. Dynamic Training Intrusion Detection Scheme for Blackhole Attack in MANETs
Ms A.Naveena, Dr. K.Rama Linga Reddy
622-627 pdf
93. Fatigue Numerical Analysis for Connecting Rod
S B Chikalthankar, V M Nandedkar, Surendra Prasad Baratam
628-632 pdf
94. High Payload Lossless Digital Image Watermarking Using Integer Wavelet Transform
R.Srinivasa Rao, M.Vijay Karthik, Saraswathi Nagla
633-638 pdf
95. A review on interaction behaviour of structure-foundation-soil system
Vivek Garg, M.S. Hora
639-644 pdf
96. Shunt Active Power Filter Implementation Using Source Voltage and Source Current Detection
Mani Ratnam Tarapatla, M Sridhar, ANVJ Raj Gopal
645-650 pdf
97. Wireless Vertical Handover Between Gsm And Wi-Fi Standards Using Uman
Nitin Sharma, Manshul V Belani
651-656 pdf
98. A Study on Recent DC-DC Converters
Mousumi Biswal, Sidharth Sabyasachi
657-663 pdf
99. FPGA Implementation of JPEG2000 Image Compression using Modified DA based DWT and Lifting DWT-IDWT Technique
G.Bheemeswara Rao, T. Surya Kavitha, U. Yedukondalu
664-669 pdf
100. An Algorithm for FPGA based Implementation of Variable Precision MAC unit for High Performance Digital FIR Filters
K. Neelima, M. Bharathi
671-673 pdf
101. Design of Motorized Moving Stage with Submicron Precision
Tatag Lindu Bhakti, Adhi Susanto, Paulus Insap Santosa, Diah Tri Widayati
674-678 pdf
102. Prediction of Specific Wear rate of Glass Filled PTFE Composites by Artificial Neural Networks and Taguchi Approach
Varade B.V., Dr.Kharde Y.R.
679-683 pdf
103. Root Cause Analysis Using Ishikawa Diagram For Reducing Radiator Rejection
Prof. J.A. Doshi, J.D. Kamdar, Prof. S.Y. Jani, Prof. S. J. Chaudhary
984-689 pdf
104. Use of Web2.0 Technology by Faculty Members of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Srinagar
Dr. Shabir Ahmad Ganaie
690-696 pdf
105. The Framework for Manufacturing Methods and Techniques
Rahul kumar Sen, Saurabh S. Chandrawat
697-702 pdf
106. Predicting Link Strength In Online Social Networks
R.Hema Latha, K.Sathiyakumari
703-707 pdf
107. Robust Facial Marks Detection Method Using AAM And SURF
Ziaul Haque Choudhury, K.M. Mehata
708-715 pdf
108. Finite Element Simulation of a Friction Drilling process using Deform-3D
B.Padma Raju, M.Kumara Swamy
716-721 pdf
109. An Experimental Study on the Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete
Sathish Kumar. V, Blessen Skariah Thomas, Alex Christopher
722-726 pdf
110. Prepration & Analysis For Some Mechanical Property Of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced With Sic & Fly Ash
Sandeep Kumar Ravesh, Dr. T. K. Garg
727-731 pdf
111. Characterization of Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfilling Sites of Ludhiana, India: A Comparative Study
Barjinder Bhalla, M.S. Saini, M.K. Jha
732-745 pdf
112. RS & GIS Based Assessment of Land Use/ Land Cover Characteristics for Krishna Delta, Andhra Pradesh
V. Mallikarjuna, K.R.K. Prasad, P. Udaya Bhaskar, M. Sailakshmi
746-752 pdf
113. Orthopentogram Based Osteoporosis Prediction
Shalaka S. Abhyankar, Revati Shriram
753-758 pdf
114. Design Optimization Of Leaf Spring
Malaga. Anil Kumar, T.N.Charyulu, Ch.Ramesh
759-765 pdf
115. Detection And Mitigation Of Power Quality Disturbances Using DWT Technique And DVR
V. Usha Reddy, S. Deepika Chowdary
766-771 pdf
116. Dynamic Analysis Of Structure For Looms Industry - A Parametric Study
Jigar K. Sevalia, Sarthi B. Bhavsar, Sunil H. Kukadiya, Yogesh D. Rathod, Gaurang A.Parmar
772-784 pdf
117. Optimization and Regression Analysis of Surface Roughness for Electric Discharge Machining of EN-19 Alloy steel using Tungsten Copper Electrode
Manish Vishwakarma, Vishal Parashar, V.K.Khare
785-792 pdf
118. Optimum Metal-Semiconductor Contact for Cadmium Sulphide Thin Film
Dr. Monisha Chakraborty
793-799 pdf
119. Laboratory Assessment To Correlate DCP And Optimum Moisture Content With Strength Characteristic Of Subgrade
Mukesh A. Patel, Dr. H.S. Patel
800-805 pdf
120. Improve Power Quality And Reduce The Harmonics Distortion Of Sensitive Load
Sandesh Jain, Prof.Shivendra Singh Thakur, Prof.S.P.Phulambrikar
806-815 pdf
121. Design and Performance Analysis of Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
Amit Sharma, Kshitij Shinghal, Neelam Srivastava
816-821 pdf
122. A Novel Sequence Generator Replacing LFSR For Hardwired BIST Of SRAM
Shubhankar Majumdar, Muhammad Khalid
822-826 pdf
123. Design and Analysis of Table for Micro Milling
R R Honkalas,P M Pawar,B P Ronge
827-829 pdf
124. Real-time Monitoring and Preventive Measures of Leakage Accidents in Gas and Petrochemical Industries using Zigbee
P.Ram Bhupal, M.Soujanya
830-834 pdf
125. Study of Modeling and Fracture Analysis of Camshaft A Review
A.S.Dhavale, V.R.Muttagi
835-842 pdf
126. A Survey on Privacy Preserving Decision Tree Classifier
Tejaswini Pawar, Prof. Snehal Kamalapur
843-847 pdf
127. Design, Development & Performance Evaluation Of Concentrating Monoaxial Scheffler Technology For Water Heating And Low Temperature Industrial Steam Application
Vishal R. Dafle, Prof. N.N.Shinde
848-852 pdf
128. Non-Edible Karanja Biodiesel- A Sustainable Fuel for C.I. Engine
N.Panigrahi, M.K.Mohanty, A.K.Pradhan
853-860 pdf
129. Implementation of Hybrid CSA, Modified Booth Algorithm and Transient power Minimization techniques in DSP/Multimedia Applications
K. Srishylam, Prof. Syed Amjad Ali, M.Praveena
861-871 pdf
130. Introducing GA based Computational Model using SVD Technique for Dimensionality Reduction
Ms. Anagha N. Chaudhari, Prof. Anuradha D.Thakare
872-877 pdf
131. Analysis Building Maintenance Factors For IBS Precast Concrete System: A Review
Ng Ban Kiong, ZainalAbidin Bin Akasah
878-883 pdf
132. Securing MANETs by Q Routing Protocol
Dinesh Kumar, D. B. Ojha, Ajay Kumar
884-889 pdf
133. Viscous Dissipation And Soret Effects On An Unsteadymhd Convection Flow Past A Semi-Infinite Vertical Permeable Moving Porous Platewith Thermal Radiation
J. AnandRao, S.Sivaiah, ShaikNuslin
890-902 pdf
134. Estimation Of Monod Kinetic Parameters During Aerobic Digestion Of Biodegradable Organic Waste, Part 2: Analysis Based On Microbial Growth With Effect Of Bioaugmentation
Y. T. Puyate, Z. R. Yelebe
903-911 pdf
135. A Novel Encryption System using Layered Cellular Automata
Mr.J. Nageswara Rao, Mr. Aryan Chandrapal Singh
912-917 pdf
136. A Robust Secured Mechanism for Mobile IPv6 Threats
Dr.Chitra Dhawale, Prof.Aumdevi K.Barbudhe, Prof.Vishwajit K.Barbudhe
918-921 pdf
137. Multiband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Based Ultra Wideband System
Santosh Parajuli, Brajesh Mishra
922-924 pdf
138. Active Watermark-Based Correlation Scheme for Identifying Source of Attack in Presence of Timing Perturbations
M. Deepika, G. Om Sai Prashant
925-930 pdf
139. Wavelet Based Protection Schemes for TEED Tramission Circuits
B.Sampath, K.Vijayabhaskar
931-940 pdf
141. Dynamic Analysis Of A Car Chassis
Pravin A Renuke
955-959 pdf
142. Design And Simulation Of All Optical Multiplexer based On One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal For Optical Communications Systems
Mir Ali Ghasemi, Reza Khodadadi, Hamed Alipour Banaei
960-968 pdf
143. Fingerprint Identification and Verification System using Minutiae Matching
Mr. P.Balaramudu, J.Nageswara Rao
969-975 pdf
144. A Neuro-Fuzzy Based Approach to Modeling Affective Customer Satisfaction towards Car Seat Design
T.Kavitha, M.Chandra Sekhar, CNV Sridhar
976-980 pdf
145. Processing Of Mesoporous Hydroxyapatite Using Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) As A Porogen And Its Characterization
Nabakumar Pramanik, Sudip Chakraborty
981-986 pdf
146. Minimization of power loss and improvement of voltage profileby optimal placement of wind generator in distribution network
M.M.G.Viswanadh, A.S.R.Sekhar
987-993 pdf
147. Fatigue life analysis of partial hip endoprosthesis for an activity of brisk walking
K.V. Datar, Y.P. Reddy, Ravi Sarangapani
994-1001 pdf
148. A High-Performance VLSI Architecture for Image Compression Technique Using 2-D DWT
S. Jayachandranath, P. Suresh Babu
1002-1006 pdf
149. A Tehnique To ROI Of Palmprint For Palmline Matching
Vipin Kumar Jain
1007-1009 pdf
150. Calculation of Electron Transport Properties in CdTe and HgCdTe at Low Electric Filed Application
A. Haji Malekkheili, N. Naghdiani, K. Moradian Koochaksaraee, G. H. Khorrami
1010-1014 pdf
151. Electroless Deposition of Metal Hexacyanoferrate on Carbon nanotube Supported Electrode for Electrocatalytic Sensing of Ethanol
Sudip Chakraborty, Nabakumar Pramanik
1015-1017 pdf
152. Digital Multiple Beam Forming with Parallel Array Processing for Phased Array RADARs
Swapna Koganti, kaapaarapu satish babu
1018-1023 pdf
153. Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer and Friction Factor of V-shaped Rib Roughed Duct with and without Gap
Sachin Baraskar, K.R.Aharwal, A.Lanjewar
1024-1031 pdf
154. Sugar Export Forecast Using Time Series
Antonio Sérgio Torres Penedo, Nilton Cesar Lima, Marcio Mattos Borges de Oliveira
1032-1037 pdf
156. CFD modeling of pressure drop caused by two-phase flow of oil/water emulsions through sudden expansions
Manmatha k. Roul, laxman kumar sahoo
1047-1054 pdf
157. BM3D-Based Denoising of CFA Images for Single-Sensor Digital Cameras
G. Kanchana, K. Suresh
1055-1059 pdf
158. Effect Of Anisotropy On Plane Strain Deformation Of A Poroelastic Half-Space In Welded Contact With Elastic Half Space
Neelam Kumari, Aseem Miglani
1060-1074 pdf
159. Design & Development Of ARM9 Based Live Video Monitoring System
K. V. Prashanth, K. Jail Singh, Prof. K.V.MuraliMohan
1075-1081 pdf
160. Characterization of Thermohaline Convection in Porous Medium: Brinkman Model
Jyoti Prakash, Sanjay Kumar Gupta
1082-1087 pdf
161. Experimental Investigaion Of Natural Convection Heat Transfer Through Heated Vertical Tubes
Manmatha K. Roul, Ramesh Chandra Nayak
1088-1096 pdf
162. Transdesign Of A Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
O. A. Akinsanya
1097-1100 pdf
163. Pmbldc Drive Closed Loop Controlled Buck Converter System
Ashwani Tapde, Prof. Chandra Shekhar Sharma
1101-1107 pdf
164. Mves: A Mobile Vehicle Expert System for the Automobile Industry
Nana Yaw Asabere, Simonov Kusi-Sarpong
1108-1123 pdf
165. Effect of energy window width on the contrast and SNR of diagnosis of defects in different regions of myocardial phantom
Sadremomtaz Alireza, Taherparvar Payvand
1124-1128 pdf
166. Simulate The Implementation Of Interleved Boost Converter With Zero Voltage Transition
Vaddi Ramesh, U. Haribabu
1129-1135 pdf
167. Low Power- HTSCR and CMOS Structure for On-chip ESD Protection and Performance Comparison
Shobhit Jaiswal
1136-1140 pdf
168. An Investigation On Strength Deterioration Of Gfrp Composite Laminates Through Exposure Tests
P. Sampath Rao, Dr. M. Manzoor Husain
1141-1147 pdf
169 Parametric optimization of Three-Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Bidirectional and Short Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
Gaurav Agarwal, Amar Patnaik, Rajesh Kumar Sharma
1148-1167 pdf
170. Frame Difference And Kalman Filter Techniques For Detection Of Moving Vehicles In Video Surveillanc e
C.Srinivas Rao, P.Darwin
1168-1170 pdf
171. High Speed & Dynamic Swtiching Type Signal Generation For FPGA for Emulating Test Signal for Navigation Receiver
Sadath unisa, M.Madan Gopal
1171-1176 pdf
172. Pre-determination of the Fouling and Cleanliness Factor of the Heat Exchanger
Simarpreet Singh
1177-1179 pdf
173. Development of Movable Gas Tanker Leakage Detection Using Wireless Sensor Network Based on Embedded System
Mr. Sagar Shinde, Mr.S.B.Patil, Dr.A.J.Patil
1180-1183 pdf
174. Combinational Approach for Object Clipping Using GLIP and Protection Against Sql Injection Attacks
B.Srinivasa Rao , Manoj Kumar Yadav, V. Krishna Pratap, P.Narasimha Rao
1184-1189 pdf
175. Wireless Communication Platform For Controlling Pld's Through Fpga
P. Harish, S.Sandeep
1190-1194 pdf
176. Optimizing The Best Angle Of The Grains For Composite Material Using Fem
1195-1201 pdf
177. A Study on the Water Quality at Different Aquifers of Khulna District: A GIS application
Mursheda Rahman, Mohammad Ahmeduzzaman, Humaira Zahir
1202-1207 pdf
178. An Approach for Actuator Controlled Motion of Peripheral Milling Tools on Wood
Christian Gottlöber, Klaus Röbenack, Danish Ahmed, Stephan Eckhardt
1208-1213 pdf
179. Image Restoration By Removing Noise From Images
Gopal Prajapati, Diljeet singh chundawat
1214-1220 pdf
180. Effect Of Process Parameters On Mrr In Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Of En31 Steel
S Sivakiran, C. Bhaskar Reddy, C. Eswara reddy
1221-1226 pdf
181. Application of Response Surface Methodology For Determining MRR and TWR Model In Die Sinking EDM of AISI 1045 Steel

M. B. Patel, P. K. Patel, J. B. Patel, Prof. B. B. Patel
1227-1231 pdf
182. Flow Investigation in a Constant Area Curved Duct
A. K. Biswas, Prasanta K Sinha, A N Mullick, B. Majumdar
1232-1236 pdf
183. Assessment of Ground Water Quality in Thanajvur town and Adjacent areas, Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu _ India (Post-monsoon Season)
J. Mithra, R. Bhaskaran, Sathis kumar
1237-1243 pdf
184. Aerodynamic Analysis Of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade
Mr. Monir Chandrala, Prof. Abhishek Choubey, Prof. Bharat Gupta
1244-1248 pdf
185. IR Studies of Impurities in In-Se-Tl Bulk Chalcogenide Glassy System
Ravi Kolarkar G, Devaraju J T, Asokan S
1249-1252 pdf
186. AdvantageOf DG To Mitigate Voltage Collapse over Facts Devices
SoumeshChatterjee, Sharmistha Sharma
1253-1257 pdf
187. Experimental Investigation On Performance, Combustion Characteristics Of Diesel Engine By Using Fish Oil
S.Kirankumar, Prof. K. Apparao, Prof. R.Nagendra Babu
1258-1263 pdf
188. Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of Niobium Doped Silver-Lead-Borate Glasses
M.Sathish, B.Eraiah
1264-1270 pdf
189. Porting and Optimization of ITU-T G.729.1 codec on SC3850 DSP core
Reshmi S, Sreenesh Shasidharan
1271-1275 pdf
190. Comparison of Rationalised Haar Transform and Block Pulse Function based algorithms for Transformer Protection

Saurabh Kumar Gautam, Dr.Ramesh Kumar
1276-1281 pdf
191. C-V Investigation in Optically Illuminated MOSFET
Prerana Jain, B.K.Mishra
1282-1288 pdf
192. Privacy Preserving Approach to Anonymous Database
Jaimin Marfatia, Nainish Modi, Niraj Lad
1289-1291 pdf
193. Comparative Study on Retinal Blood Vessel Detection
1292-1301 pdf
194. Using different sensorsfor gas detection andthe barriers against them
ShahrzadArabshahi, MassoudDousti, Hassan feshkifarahani
1302-1305 pdf
195. Analytical Hierarchy Process Framework for Residential Landuse Suitability using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
V.D.Patil, R.N.Sankhua, R.K.Jain
1306-1311 pdf
196. Virtual Center Based Algorithms for Information Retrieval
Prof. A.D. Thakare, Dr. C.A. Dhote
1312-1316 pdf
197. Design Modification & Analysis for Suspension Frame Using Finite Element Analysis
Anand Aggarwal
1317-1322 pdf
198. On Recurrent Hsu-Structure Manifold
Lata Bisht, Sandhana Shanker
1323-1328 pdf
199. Kinetics and thermodynamic studies of the bromination of sultams using conductivity measurement
Shireen I. Hamadamin, Kareem Sh. Ahmed, Hassan A. Mohammed
1329-1336 pdf
200. Analytical Assessment for Comparisons of Triple-T Precast-Concrete-Timber Composite Floor using Gamma method
Zainal Abidin Akasah, David Yeoh, Lam Kah Leong
1337-1355 pdf
201. Very Fast Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation for Emergency Control and protect consumers in Distribution Systems
Mr. Chandrasekhararao.k, Mr. T.Amar Kiran
1356-1363 pdf
202. Two properties of Prequasi-invexity
Liu jun jian
1364-1366 pdf
203. Multi-objective optimisation of die sinking electro discharge machining process using Taguchi
A. D. Patel, M. C. Parekh, B. B. Patel, Prof. B. B. Patel
1367-1371 pdf
204. Overview of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) for Power Quality Improvement
Shailesh M. Deshmukh, Bharti Dewani
1372-1377 pdf
205. Air-Fuel Ratio (Afr) Calculations In An Internal Combustion Engine Based On The Cylinder Pressure Measurements
Raghuram Pradhan, P. Ramkumar, M. Sreenivasan, Sukumar Puhan
1378-1385 pdf
206. Design a CMOS VCO For RFID System
shahla Arabshahi, Massoud Dousti, Hassan feshki farahani
1386-1390 pdf
207. Implementation Of Led Driver For Commercial Applications Based On Arm9
G.Sravani, B. Karunaiah, Prof K V Murali Mohan
1391-1395 pdf
208. Analysis of Block Matching Algorithms for Motion Estimation in H.264 Video CODEC
Darshna D.Jagiwala, Prof. Mrs. S. N. Shah
1396-1401 pdf

Microformation And Property Of A Copper- Ferrous Combination Produced By High Pressure Torsion Powder Consolidation
G.Stanly lal, Dr.E.Balasubramanian

1402-1404 pdf
210. System performances in recovery of EEG Signals using Modern-
D.Kumar swamy,K.Srinivasa Reddy
1405-1408 pdf
211. Simulation Of A Surface Acoustic Wave RFID Tag With Reduction Of Size And Data Capacity Consistency
Shahla Arabshahi, Massoud Dousti, Hassan Feshki Farahani
1409-1412 pdf
212. Study On The Swelling Behavior Of The Green Clay Of Gzenaya
(Morocco) Compared With Test Conditions
Tarik El Bahlouli, Lahcen Bahi
1413-1423 pdf
213. Conception And Implementation Of Medium Access Control Protocol Of IEEE 802.3 Transmitter Using VHDL
Prof N.K.Mittal, Mr Mohd. Ahmed, Ms Aafia Zafar
1424-1428 pdf
214. Improvement of Dynamic Stability of a SMIB using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer
Manish Kushwaha, Mrs. Ranjeeta Khare
1429-1439 pdf
215. An Efficent Particle Swarm Optimisation (Epso) For Solving Economic Load Dispatch (Eld) Problems
Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Nayan Kumar
1440-1444 pdf
216. The Study of electromagnetic pulses propagation process and the calculation of received power at different heights caused by electromagnetic bomb
Akhundi Khezerabad, Mohammad Sadeq, Hajimalek Abdollah, Seyedesmaili Sahere
1445-1448 pdf
217. Iterative Back-Projection Algorithm Based Signal Processing Approach To Enhance An Image Resolution
Shashi Rathore, Y. Harshalatha
1449-1454 pdf
218. Introducing a Hybrid Swarm Intelligence Based Technique for Document Clustering
Prof. Anuradha D. Thakare, Mrs. Shruti M. Chaudhari
1455-1459 pdf
219. Comparison Between Conventional Steel Structures And Tubular Steel Structures
M.G.Kalyanshetti, G.S. Mirajkar
1460-1464 pdf
220. A Study on Ground Water Fluctuation at Barind Area, Rajshahi
Mohammad Ahmeduzzaman, Shantanu Kar, Abdullah Asad
1465-1470 pdf
221. An Approach of Communication Topology for Wireless Mesh Networks
M.Madhavi, B.Swetha
1471-1479 pdf
222. Transient Phenomena Analysis in Hydroelectric Power Plants at Off-Design Operating Conditions
Viktor Iliev, Predrag Popovski, Zoran Markov
1480-1488 pdf
223. IPv6 – the next generation Internet Protocol
Owk Kiran Kumar, Yarlagadda Jayachandra Chowdary, Posani Viswa Teja, Thumalakunta Praveen Blessington, Thumati Ravi
1489-1494 pdf
224. Layered Approach for ECG beat classification utilizing Neural Network
Mr.Deshmukh Rohan, Dr. A. J. Patil
1495-1500 pdf
225. A 3dmemory Test Using A Global Built-In Self-Repair With Redundancy Sharing And Parallel Testing
P.Pushpa, P.Veeranath, K.Sree Vani
1501-1508 pdf
226. Wavelet Transform Based Image Compression
R.Srinivasa Rao, M.Vijay Karthik, Saraswathi Nagla
1509-1514 pdf
227. Analysis of Various Reponses Occur in the Cardiovascular System
C. Muni Saraswathi, Dr. B. AnuRadha, Dr. K. Babulu
1515-1522 pdf
228. Improvement In Acceptable Uncertainty Bounds By Dynamic State Feedback Controller For Second Order Systems
T. Sasi Kanth
1523-1526 pdf
229. Mathematical Modeling of Characteristics of Leachate Treated with Scrap Tire Shreds as Leachate Collection Medium
Gunjan Bhalla, P.K. Swamee, Arvind Kumar, Ajay Bansal
1527-1543 pdf
230. TIRI – DCT Based Video Copy Detection System
Vaishali V. Sarbhukan, Prof. V. B. Gaikwad
1544-1548 pdf
231. Control of « Horticulture Easy Drip Kit de 100 m² » hydraulic characteristics for micro irrigation in Mali
Daba Coulibaly, Drissa Diallo
1549-1553 pdf
232. Comparision Of Different Parameters On Cpw Fed Bowtie Antenna
Thummuru Siddartha Reddy, Bellamkonda Saikrishna Vyas, Thota Avinash, Thumati Ravi
1554-1560 pdf
233. Optimization of Performance of Aluminum Dross Crusher by using Design of Experiments
Rahul C. Bhedasgaonkar, Prataprao Patil
1561-1565 pdf
234. Magenn Air Rotor System (Mars)
Kamini N.Shelke , Mohini D.Duraphe
1566-1568 pdf
236. Dynamic Analysis And Stability Of The Load Frequency Control In Two Area Power System With Steam Turbine
P.Anil Kumar, J.Shankar, G.Ashok Kumar
1573-1577 pdf
237. CRM Benefits for Customers : Literature Review (2005-2012)
Nastaran Mohammadhossein, Dr.Nor Hidayati Zakaria
1578-1586 pdf
Anuradha S deshpande
1587-1592 pdf
239. Effect Of Ag Doped On Phase Transformation, Morphology And Photocatalytic Activity Of TiO2 Powders
Weerachai Sangchay
1593-1597 pdf
240. Finger Print Parameter Based Cryptographic Key Generation
B.Raja Rao, Dr.E.V.V.Krishna Rao, S.V.Rama Rao,M.Rama mohan rao
1598-1604 pdf
241. Tri-state Elastic Buffer Design
Rinki Gupta, Jaipal Bisht
1605-1609 pdf
242. Evaluation of Spherical Form Error Using Maximum Distance Point Strategy (MDPS)
V J Patel, R B Gandhi
1610-1615 pdf
243. Application of Cellular Manufacturing Concepts in an Automobile Workshop
G Karuna Kumar, S Hari Krishna Reddy, Shaik Nazeer Ahmed
1616-1619 pdf
244. Concrete At Elevated Temperatures
FOLAGBADE Samuel Olufemi
1620-1629 pdf
245. Effective Location Of Facts Controllers To Enhance Small Signal Stability Of The Power System
P.Ramesh,P.Suresh Babu,Dr. M.PadmaLalitha
1630-1635 pdf
246. Power Quality Improvement Features of the Grid at Distribution Side With Wind Energy Source
K Srinivas, B Subash
1636-1640 pdf
247. Design and CFD Simulation of Annular Combustion Chamber with Kerosene as Fuel for 20 kW Gas Turbine Engine
K. V. Chaudhari, D. B. Kulshreshtha, S.A. Channiwala
1641-1645 pdf
248. Carrier Based Multilevel Inverter With Different Reference Waveforms
Mr. Joshua Arumbakan, Mr. R.S. Ravi Sankar, Miss. L. Raja Rajeswari
1646-1649 pdf
249. Numerical Study of Performance Improvement of Jet Ejector
S. Gurulingam, A. Kalaisselvane, N. Alagumurthy
1650-1653 pdf
250. High Speed Test Architecture for SRAM using Modified March Algorithm
D. Viswabharathi, K. Raghuram, G. Rajesh Kumar
1654-1659 pdf
251. A Hybrid Cascaded Seven-Level Inverter With Novel Pulse Width Modulation Technique For Pv Applications
P.C Chakravarthy, M.Daivaasirvadam
1660-1665 pdf
252. Heavy Metal Contamination In Soil Under The Application Of Polluted Sewage Water Across Vrishabhavathi River
Jayadev, E.T. Puttaih
1666-1671 pdf
253. Degradation of Acetamiprid in Wastewater by Ozonation
P.A.Fasnabi, C.S.Remya, G.Madhu
1672-1675 pdf
254. A Decision Support Approach For Optimized Siting Of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Case Study Tangier Morocco
Bennis Kaoutar, Bahi Lahcen
1676-1684 pdf
255. Implementation of a Automatic Dual Fuel Injection system in a CI Engine
A.Kumaraswamy, B. Durga Pr
1685-1689 pdf
256. Sand Dam Reservoir – Need Of Semi Arid Areas
Prof. Jadhav M. V., Er. Shaikh A. P., Er. Gite B.E., Er. Yadav A. P.
1690-1694 pdf
257. Design and Analysis of 6T SRAM Cell with low Power Dissipation
Soumya Gadag, Raviraj D.Chougala
1695-1698 pdf
258. Power Upgrading of Transmission Line by Combining AC–DC Transmission
P. Vijay Kumar Babu, P. Bhaskara Prasad, M.Padma Lalitha
1699-1704 pdf
259. Enhanced Signal Denoising Performance by EMD-based Technique