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Volume 3- Issue 2 [Mar-Apr 2013]

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Paper submitted to IJERA : 850
Accepted papers by peer review process : 303
Rejected Paper : 547
Paper Acceptance percentage : 35.64%
1. Categorisation Of Clay Deposits In The Federal Capital Territory
Of Abuja
Manukaji John U.
001-005 pdf
2. The Effects Of Sawdust Addition On The Insulating Characteristics Of Clays From The Federal Capital Territory Of Abuja
Manukaji John U.
006-009 pdf
A Review On Historical And Present Developments In Ejector Systems
Mohammed Raffe Rahamathullah, Karthick Palani, Thiagarajan Aridass, Prabakaran
Venkatakrishnan, Sathiamourthy, Sarangapani Palani
010-034 pdf
5. An Adaptive PID Controller for Reinforcement of Carbon Steel:Performance Analysis using MATLAB Simulink
Ramakrishnan Sumathi, Mahalingam Usha
053-057 pdf
6. Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Microbial Source-A Green Synthesis Approach, and Evaluation of its Antimicrobial Activity against Escherichia coli
Behera S.S., Jha S., Arakha M., Panigrahi T.K.
058-062 pdf
7. Recognition of Similar Shaped Handwritten Marathi Characters Using Artificial Neural Network
Mrs.Archana P.Jane, Prof.Mukesh.A.Pund
063-067 pdf
8. An Overview Of Pavement Management System For Industrial Areas
Vivek S. Hokam, Dr. V. S. Landge
068-075 pdf
9. Effects Of Different Fragmentation Thresholds On Data Dropped And Retransmission Attempts In A Wireless Local Area Network
Isizoh A. N., Anazia A.E., Okide S.O., Okwaraoka C.A.P., Onyeyili T.I.
076-079 pdf
10. Software-Based Visual Loan Calculator For Banking Industry
Isizoh A. N., Anazia A.E., Okide S.O., Onyeyili T.I., Okwaraoka C.A.P.
080-084 pdf
11. Production of Household Paint using Clay Materials
A. Raheem, O. A. Olowu
085-093 pdf
12. Detecting Copy Move Forgery In Digital Images
Ashima Gupta, Nisheeth Saxena, S.K. Vasistha
094-097 pdf
13. Measuring Performance Degradation in Multi-core Processors due to Shared resources
Sapna Prabhu, Dr. R.D. Daruwala
098-102 pdf
14. Impact Of Land Use On Soils Quality And Erosion-Sedimentation Balance In The Malian Cotton Zone (Case Of Bélékoni Watershed)
Drissa Diallo, Aboubacar Bengaly, Gaiba Diarra, Philippe Bonte, Bruno Rapidel, Gil Mahe
103-110 pdf
15. Ajax Architecture Implementation Techniques
Syed.Asadullah Hussaini, S.Nasira Tabassum, M.Khader Baig
111-117 pdf
16. Performance Evaluation Of Modified V-Blast In Mimo System
Ch.Suneetha, N.Harathi, K.Sudha
118-121 pdf
17. A Review Of Failure Of Composite Materials
Rajanish M, Dr. Nanjundaradhya N V, Dr. Ramesh S Sharma, Dr. Bhaskar pal
122-124 pdf
Gafari A. Adepoju, Muhammed A. Tijani, Mufutau A. Sanusi, Dauda O. Olatunji
125-132 pdf
19. JIT: A Strategic Tool of Inventory Management
D. K. Singh, Dr. Satyendra Singh
133-136 pdf
20. Effect of Wafer Dimension on the Dispersion and other Polarizing
Properties of PCF
Pranaw Kumar, Abhijit Mishra, Shashi Bhushan Panda, Swagat Mohanty
137-142 pdf
21. Lean manufacturing: A better way for enhancement in productivity
Pankaj Kumar Ahir,Lalit Kumar Yadav, Saurabh Singh Chandrawat
143-146 pdf
22. Synthesis, Characterization and Alignment of Mn2+ and/or Eu3+ Doped Cadmium Telluride Nanowires
Volkan Cicek, Mehmet Ozdemir
147-157 pdf
23. Use of Experimental Box-Behnken Design for the Estimation of Interactions Between Harmonic Currents Produced by Single Phase Loads
Oguz Perincek, Metin Colak
158-165 pdf
24. AES-128 Bit Algorithm Using Fully Pipelined Architecture for Secret Communication
M.Gnanambika, S.Adilakshmi, Dr.Fazal Noorbasha
166-169 pdf
25. Finger Vein &Texture Recognization Using Score Level Fusion And 2-D Gabor Filter For Human Identification
Diptanu Bhowmik
170-177 pdf
26. Determining the atmospheric stability classes for Mazoe in Northern Zimbabwe
S. Magidi
178-181 pdf
27. Determination of some Engineering Properties of Dika Nut (Irvingia gabonensis) at Two Moisture Content Levels as Relevant to Its Processing
Orhevba, B.A,P.A Idah, , Adebayo S. E., Nwankwo C.C.
182-188 pdf
28. A Generalized Approach for Kinematic Synthesis and Analysis of Alternate Mechanism for Stone Crusher Using Relative Velocity Method
Prof. Anjali J. Joshi, Dr. Jayant P. Modak
189-194 pdf
29. Radiation and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Flow of a Micropolar Fluid towards a Stagnation Point on a Vertical Stretching Sheet
E. Manjoolatha, N. Bhaskar Reddy, T.Poornima
195-204 pdf
30. Sufficient Number of Diversity Antennas for 64 QAM over Wireless Fading Channel
Vinay Negi, Sanjeev Kumar Shah, Sandeep Singh, Arun Shekhar, Tanuja Sund
205-207 pdf
31. Comparison of Interestingness Measures: Support-Confidence Framework versus Lift-Irule Framework
Chandraveer S.Deora, Sana Arora, Zaid Makani
208-215 pdf
32. Optimal Selectionof Binary Codes for Pulse Compression in Surveillance Radar
Sonia Sethi
216-223 pdf
33. Implementing NAND Flash Controller using Product Reed Solomon code on FPGA chip
K Chandra Naik, J. Chinna Babu, Dr.K.Padmapriya, Dr V.R.Anitha
224-229 pdf
34. Modelling And Optimization Of Process Parameters For Tig Welding Of Aluminium-65032 Using Response Surface Methodology
Palani.P.K, Saju.M
230-236 pdf
35. Scene Image Analysis using GLCM & Gabor Filter
Ranjita Mishra
237-241 pdf
36 Measurement and Modeling of the congestion-controlled traffic over CSMA based multihop Wireless Mesh Networks
Venkatesh.Donepudi, vahiduddinshariff
242-252 pdf
37. ECG De-Noising using thresholding based on Wavelet transforms
V.Supraja, S.Safiya
253-257 pdf
38. Vibration Reduction of Rotating Machinery by Using Viscoelastic Material Support
Sainand M. Jadhav, Sanjay D. Nikhade, Sandip S. Kanase
258-264 pdf
39. Effect of OFDM Transmission Mode on Frequency Synchronization Performance
Zachaeus K. Adeyemo, Olumide O. Ajayi, Robert O. Abolade
265-271 pdf
40. A New Image Compression Scheme with Wavelet Transform and SPIHT Algorithm using PSO
Mahipalsinh R. Zala, Shaktisinh S. Parmar
272-275 pdf
41. A Comparative Study Of Matlab Results And Vhdl Analysis Of DWT For Efficient Power Systems
Meha Sharma, rewa Sharma
276-282 pdf
42 Design and Simulation of Floating Point Multiplier Based on VHDL
Remadevi R
283-286 pdf
43. BIM and Basic Challenges Associated with its Definitions, Interpretations and Expectations
Behzad Abbasnejad, Hashem Izadi Moud
287-294 pdf
44. FPGA Implementation of Modified Booth Multiplier
S.Nagaraj, R.Mallikarjuna Reddy
295-299 pdf
45. Compensation Of AC And DC Loads Of A Three-Phase DSTATCOM By Using A Fast-Acting DC-Link Voltage Controller
Ch.Nayak Bhukya, S.Sankara Prasad, M.Venkateswarlu
300-306 pdf
46. Observability Analysis Of Large Bus - System Using Matlab Simulation
Gyanendrasingh, Er. Pratibhatiwari, Prashant Kumar,Tushar Srivastava
307-310 pdf
47. Remote Monitoring of Heart Sounds in Real-Time
Priya Rani, A N Cheeran, Vaibhav D Awandekar, Rameshwari S Mane
311-316 pdf
48. Investigation Of Tool Wear In Hard Turning Using Taguchi Method
Chaudhari Y D
317-321 pdf
49. Morphological Analyzer for Marathi using NLP
Pratiksha Gawade, Deepika Madhavi, Jayshree Gaikwad, Sharvari Jadhav, Rahul Ambekar
322-326 pdf
50. Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection By ECG Feature Extraction
Rameshwari S Mane, A N Cheeran, Vaibhav D Awandekar, Priya Rani
327-332 pdf
51. Overlay Text Retrieval From Video Scene
K.Manohar, S.Irfan, K.Sravani
333-339 pdf
52. Regaining Of Hydrocarbon Liquids From Discarded Polyethylene By Thermolysis In Semi Batch Reactor
Satyendra Singh Tomar, Dr.S.P.Singh
340-347 pdf
53. A Vibration Analysis Of Vehicle Frame
Yogendra S. Rajput, Vikas Sharma, Shivam Sharma, Gaurav Saxena
348-350 pdf
54. Face-Name Graph Matching For The Personalities In Movie Screen
Einstein.J, DivyaBaskaran
351-355 pdf
55. Load Balancing in P2P networks using DHT based systems and Ant based systems: A Comparison
G. T. Chavan., M. A. Mahajan
356-359 pdf
56. A Common Fixed Point Theorem through Weak and Semi-Compatibility in Fuzzy Metric Space
Deepak Singh, M.S. Rathore, Krishnapal Singh Sisodia
360-363 pdf
57. Data Hiding Using Steganography And Authentication Using Digital Signatures And Facial Recognition
B.B.Gite, Divya Choksey, Mahesh Jambhulkar,Rahul Ramath,Yashovardhan Jhamvar
364-369 pdf
58. Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episode by Bhattacharyya Distance
Vaibhav Awandekar, Prof. A.N. Cheeran
370-372 pdf
59. Relation between Total Ozone Content and Solar Ultra Violet Index Over India
K.Elampari, M.Vignesh, S.Rahi, S.Saranya, M.Rajalakshmi
373-378 pdf
60. Using Stegnography Technique for Data Leakage Problems Detect
Ashwini Palimkar, Dr. Suhas. H. Patil
379-384 pdf
61. Spectral Analysis of Square-wave Pulse Density Modulation: An Analytical Approach
Jakson Paulo Bonaldo, José Antenor Pomilio
385-391 pdf
62. Fault Detection with Error Correction Codes for Memory Applications
K. Sushmaja, Dr. Fazal Noorbasha
392-395 pdf
63. Researches on the failure modes under tensile forces of the Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) joints
Marius Chirileanu, Nistoroschi Georgiana, Eugen Axinte
396-400 pdf
64. Twisted Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
Ms. Neelam chandel , Mr. Sumit sharma and Mr. Ravi mohan
401-409 pdf
65. Compromised Node Detection and Revocation in Zone Framed Networks for Wireless Sensor Networks
410-415 pdf
66. An Adaptive Novel Approach for Detection of Text and Caption in Videos
Bindhu. N, Bala Murugan. C
416-419 pdf
67. A Review On Parametric Optimization By Factorial Design Approach Of Mag-Co2 Welding Process
Digvijay V Jadeja, Satyam P Patel
420-424 pdf
68. Experimental Investigation of Concrete with Combined High alumina cement, Silica fume and M-Sand
Dona Maria Joseph, Manjula Devi
425-428 pdf
69. Experimental Investigation of Parameters of CNC Turning by Taguchi based Grey Relational Analysis
Pankaj Sharma, Kamaljeet Bhambri
429-436 pdf
70. Failure analysis of collar of Biomass Briquetting Machine: A Review
Mangesh V. Wasekar, Dr (Mrs)R.N.Baxi
437-439 pdf
71. Theorems on list-coloring
N.Vedavathi, Dharmaiah Gurram
440-443 pdf
72. High Resolution Image Encryption & Reconstruction Using Scalable Codes
Akash Raj
444-450 pdf
73. Structural Analysis and Binding Modes of Benzodiazepines with Modeled GABAA Receptor Subunit Gamma-2
Bhimavarapu Rajasekhara Reddy, Dr. L. Pratap Reddy
451-456 pdf
74. A Study of Circuit Level Leakage Reduction Techniques in Cache Memories
Urvashi Chaudhari, Rachna Jani
457-460 pdf
75. Influence of Provision of Soft Storey in RC Frame Building for Earthquake Resistance Design
Dande P. S., Kodag P. B.
461-468 pdf
76. Recovery Of Copper From Printed Circiut Boards Through Electrolytic Process –A Case Study
S.Pradeep Kumar, S.Govindaradjane, T.Sundararajan
469-473 pdf
77. An EOQ Model With Stock Dependent Demand Rate And Variable time
Anil R. Maisuriya, PravinH. Bhatawala
474-479 pdf
78. Wind Behavior of Buildings with and without Shear Wall
Alfa Rasikan, M G Rajendran
480-485 pdf
79. A New Mathematical Model For Finding MTBF Levels In The Active And Delivery Modes By Using The Hormone Release Of Vasopressin
S. Lakshmi, M. Senbagavalli
486-491 pdf
80. Modeling and Simulation of Job Shop Scheduling Using Petri- Nets
Mullya Satish Anand, Santosh Krishnaji Sindhe
492-496 pdf
81. Multi-Touch Table With Rfid Technology For Hotels
Rajat Verma, Preksha Gupta, Prof.C.Malathy
497-503 pdf
82. Modal Analysis Of A Stepped Bar Using Matlab & Ansys
Gopichand Allaka, Manikanta Kotti, B.Srikanth, Sk Rashed, D Neehaar
504-509 pdf
83. Design of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System – A Case Study
Miss. L. Raja Rajeswari, Dr. C. V. Krishna Bhanu
510-515 pdf
84. English To Marathi Translation Of Assertive Sentences
Abhay Adapanawar, Anita Garje, Paurnima Thakare, Prajakta Gundawar, Priyanka Kulkarni
516-518 pdf
85. A New Mathematical Model for GABA-aminotransferase in human platelets by Vigabatrin
S.Lakshmi, P.Gomathi Sundari
519-523 pdf
86. Study of Three Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter For Asymmetrical Configuration
Mr. Sarang A. Khadtare,Mrs. S.P. Muley, Mrs. B.S. Dani
524-527 pdf
87. Auscultatory and Oscillometric methods of Blood pressure measurement: a Survey
Kapse C.D., Patil B.R
528-533 pdf
88. Comparision Of R.C.C. And Comosite Multistoried Buildings
Anish N. Shah, Dr. P.S. Pajgade
534-539 pdf
89. Application Of Gis In Transportation Engineering
R.A.Ganorkar, P.I.Rode, Ashtashil V. Bhambulkar
540-542 pdf
90. Overview on Web Mining and Different Technique for Web Personalisation
Pradnyesh Bhisikar, Prof. Amit Sahu
543-545 pdf
91. Performance Evaluation For Detection Of White Spaces In Cognitive-Ofdm Based Wireless Communications Networks
Akshansh Kaushik, Amanpreet Singh Saini
546-555 pdf
92. Test Sequence Generation of Random Single Input Change (RSIC) Based on Counter
N. Kiran babu, Asst.Prof. M.siva kumar
556-558 pdf
93. Non-Invasive Optical Sensor for Hemoglobin Determination
Rajashree Doshi, Anagha Panditrao
559-562 pdf
94. Invention of the plane geometrical formulae - Part I
Mr. Satish M. Kaple
563-578 pdf
95. Image Enhancement And Analysis Of Thermal Images Using Various Techniques Of Image Processing
Ms. Shweta Tyagi, Hemant Amhia
579-584 pdf
96. A Survey on Security Issues in Firewalls: A New Approach for Classifying Firewall Vulnerabilities
Iman Kashefi, Maryam Kassiri, Ali Sha
585-591 pdf
97. Digital Access System
Yekkati Vishnu, Nirmal K Thomas, Divya Gupta, Gaurav Chitranshi
592-594 pdf
98. Polyphenolic Estimation and Antioxidant Activity of Some Vegetables of J &K India-A Correlation Study
Furheen Amin, S. M. Wani, Adil Gani, F. A. Masoodi
595-603 pdf
99. A framework for partial implementation of PSP in Extreme programming
Nazir Iqbal, Mahmood ul Hassan, Abdel Rehman Osman, Mubashir Ahmad
604-607 pdf
100. An Efficient Methodology for Improving Code Quality Using Object oriented approach
Annie Ratna Priya, M. Mythily
608-610 pdf
101. An Ontology for Describing Web Services Through WSDL and RDF
J. Nagaraju, K. Ravi Kumar
611-616 pdf
102. Sulfur cycle of microbial corrosion on carbon steel in soil model
Mataqi, K.Y. , Akbar, B.H.
617-623 pdf
103. Optimal conditions for depolymerisation of oligomers of butyl lactate in different types of reactors
Khlopov Dmitry, Shvets Valeriy, Kozlovskiy Roman, Suchkov Yury, Otyuskaya_Darya
624-628 pdf
104. Innovative Strategy For Water Supply Project In Okpuno Town Using Optimal Solution
Otti, Victor, Akabuike, Nkiru
629-632 pdf
105. The Scattering Mechanisms and Electronic Properties of SiC Semiconductor
M. Khooshebast, H. Arabshahi
533-636 pdf
106. Harmonic Compensation and Load Balancing Using Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter in High Voltage Systems
Ali Mehri, DaryooshNazarpour
637-643 pdf
107. A Novel Expert System for Reasoning Based on Semantic Cancer
Taghi Karimi
644-652 pdf
108. Data Base Management Of Keelaiyur Block Nagappatinam District Tamil Nadu Using Remote Sen Sing And Gis
P.Sujatha, and R.Baskaran
653-661 pdf
109. Zero Energy Building Envelope Components: A Review
Sunil Kumar Sharma
662-675 pdf
110. Web Usage Mining Using Pearson's Correlation Coefficient
Priyanka Shenoy, Manoj Jain, Abhishek Shetty, Deepali Vora
676-679 pdf
111. Investigation the dielectrical and electromechanical properties of PZT thin films
M. R. Benam
680-682 pdf
112. State of The Art Report on Bamboo Reinforcement
B.Benitta PaulinMary, Dr. D.Tensing
683-686 pdf
113. Coefficient of Static Friction of Elastic-Plastic Micromechanical Surface Contact
Biswajit Bera
687-692 pdf
114. Designing Of Controller for Anti-Lock Braking System Using FPGA
Ravindra Dhewale, Prof. P. B. Borole
693-695 pdf
115. Hardware Implementation Of Hyperbolic Tan Using Cordic On FPGA
ShrugalVarde, Dr. NishaSarwade, RichaUpadhyay
696-699 pdf
116. Design And Dynamic Analysis Of Viscoelastic Structures For Propellar Shaft
Davidclaude Gollapudi, P.Veera Raju
700-710 pdf
117. Design And Testing Of 3-Phase Converter Applicable To Four Quadrant Operation
B. Ramu, G. Suresh Babu
711-716 pdf
118. A Hierarchical Chemical Reaction Optimization for Varying Length Task Scheduling in Grid Computing
Gogila G. Nair, Karthikeyan P.
717-720 pdf
119. NSWT : Network security using Walsh Table Algorithms
Syed Jaffar Abbas, Raju Manjhi
721-724 pdf
120. Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controllers for DC Motor Speed Control using MATLAB-GUI Application
Suhas Yadav, Prof.S.S.Patil
725-728 pdf
121. Optimal Bracing System for Steel Towers
A. Jesumi, M.G. Rajendran
729-732 pdf
122. To Study Speed Control and Four Quadrant Operation of BLDC Motor
Ms. Snehalata Y. Dhenge, Prof.V.S.Nandanwar
733-737 pdf
123. Cadence Design of Leakage Power Reduction Circuit in CMOS VLSI Design
K.R.N.karthik, M.Nagesh Babu, V.NarasimhaNayak , S.Rajeswari , Dr. FazalNoorbasha
738-741 pdf
124. VLSI Design Of Secure Cryptographic Algorithm
Revini S. Shende, Mrs. Anagha Y. Deshpande
742-746 pdf
125. Multiresolution Analysis and Standard MRA Curve for Analysis of Power Quality Disturbances
Chetan.B.Khadse, S.L.Shaikh
747-753 pdf
126. Analyze the Power Consumption of NAND Flash Memory
Rachana Shelat, Kavita Tandel ,Hiteshi Diwanji
754-758 pdf
127. An algorithm for measurement of quality of image
Mrs. Poonam Dabas, Priya Soni
759-763 pdf
128. Comparative Studies on Exact and Approximate Methods of Structural Analysis
Life John, Dr. M G Rajendran
764-769 pdf
129. Performance Evaluation of Industrial Building subjected to Dynamic Loading
Yogesh D. Rathod, Sunil H. Kukadiya, Sarthi B. Bhavsar, Gaurang A. Parmar, Jigar K. Sevalia
770-792 pdf
131. Analysis of Power Quality Problems in Solar Power Distribution System
G. Murali, Dr. A. Manivannan
799-805 pdf
133. Quality Circle To Improve Productivity
ShantanuWelekar, ShantanuKulkarni
814-819 pdf
134. Kinematic Analysis andSimulation of 6Dof KukaKr5 Robot For Welding Application
K. Kishore Kumar, Dr. A. Srinath, G. Jugalanvesh, R.Premsai, M.suresh
820-827 pdf
135. Power Quality Enhancement With D-Statcom Under Different Fault Conditions
Mithilesh Kumar Kanaujia, Dr. S.K. Srivastava
828-833 pdf
136. Recognition of IRIS for Person Identification
C. Soma Sundar Reddy, K.Durga Sreenivas
834-838 pdf
137. Digital Video Watermarking Techniques for Secure Multimedia Creation and Delivery
Mr Mohan A Chimanna, Prof.S.R.Khot
839-844 pdf
138. Bandwidth and Gain Enhanced with I-slotted Microstrip Patch for Wireless Communication
Pritam Singha Roy ,Rudra Prasad Biswas, Moumita Guha, Chandan Sinha Roy, Dr. Samik Chakraborty
845-848 pdf
139. Developing Interfaces in SAP for Punching/Engraving VIN Plates
Neeraj N. Nasery, Priyanka J. Karpe, Shruti B. Keswani
849-852 pdf
140. Energy Optimization of Field Oriented Poly-Phase Induction Motor Drive
Miss. Roma A.Gathe, Mr. R.D.Jawale, Mr.S.B.Warkad
853-856 pdf
141. Embedded MEMS: A New Era in Mobile Technology
Mr.V.Hari Prasad, Mr.Ashok Kumar Yadav, Dr. T Srinivasulu
857-862 pdf
142. Wireless Automated Video Surveillance System Using Motion Detection Method
Prof. Pramod Ganjewar, Shailesh Bandle, Prasad Waghmare
863-865 pdf
143. Optimal Interpolated FIR (IFIR) Digital Filter Design with Spectral Estimation for Radar and Sonar System
Sandeep Kaur, Mandeep Singh Saini, Palvee
866-871 pdf
144. Outage Performance Enhancement of Cognitive Radio UnderNakagami Fading
B.Lakshmi Priya, G.Thavaseelan
872-876 pdf
145. Optimizing the agents coordination in Multi-agent system through JADE Tool
Preety, Nidhi Jindal, Vikas Tomar
877-882 pdf
146. A Review on Various Data Security Techniques in Wireless Communication System
Dr. Mamta Sood, Manohar Wagh, Monika Cheema
883-890 pdf
147. On-Line Remote Data Acquisition and Control System for Embedded Real Time Applications
Sheetal K. Mahadik, Prof.P.G.Chilveri
891-895 pdf
148. A review paper on Solar Dryer
UmeshToshniwal, S.R Karale
896-902 pdf
149. Analysis of Co-Channel Interference under various Radio Propagation Environments
Ranjan Mishra, Vishu Mittal, Abhishek Atrey
903-906 pdf
150. Survey on Android Security Framework
Swapnil Powar, Dr. B. B. Meshram
907-911 pdf
151. The study of correlation between exchange rate volatility, stock price and lending behavior of banking system (Case Study Maskan Bank)
Mohammad Laskary, Sadegh Imandoust, Ali Goli, Nayereh Hasannia
912-920 pdf
152. Clustering Approach For Maximizing The Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor Networks
Sangeetha S, Ramalakshmi K
921-927 pdf
153. Improved Graph Based K-NN Text Classification
Lakshmi Kumari
928-931 pdf
154. Influence of High Volume Fly Ash in Controlling Heat of Hydration of Concrete
B. Balakrishnan, A.S.M. Abdul Awal, I.A. Shehu
932-936 pdf
155. FPGA Modeling of Fault-Injection Attacks on Cryptographic Devices
Vamsi Krishna Kosuri, Dr. Fazal Noorbasha
937-943 pdf
156. Performance Evolution of Different Space Time Block Codes With Linear Receiver
Khushbu Sethi, Vineet Sharma
944-949 pdf
157. Implementation of Fuzzy Logic System for DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller
Mrs.A.A Thorat, Prof.Suhas Yadav, Prof.S.S.Patil
950-956 pdf
158. Design of Efficient Multi-Modulus Counter Using Low Power 2/3 Counter
Ms.A.K.Gowthami, Mr.K.Gavaskar
957-961 pdf
159. Comparative Study: Content Based Image Retrieval using Low Level Features
Ankita Sharma, Gurpreet Singh
962-967 pdf
160. Enhancement of heat transfer coefficient using Diamond shaped roughness on the absorber plate of solar air heater
S. S. Pawar, Dr. D. A. Hindolia, Dr. J. L. Bhagoria
968-974 pdf
161. Matlab Based Simulation of Thermoelectric-Photovoltaic Hybrid System
Kings Krishna NagarajaSingh.R, Manivannan.A
975-979 pdf
162. Wheel – Rail Contact Fatigue
Sumant Patel, Dr. A. V. Gohil
980-983 pdf
163. Elucidating Digital deception: Spot counterfeit fragment
Neeraj Mishra, Asmita Haveliya
984-989 pdf
164. Experimental Investigation on Impact Resistance of Flyash Concrete and Flyash Fiber Reinforced Concrete
K. Ramesh, Dr. K. Arunachalam, S. Rooban Chakravarthy
990-999 pdf
165. Implementation of Six Sigma For Minimizing The Defects Rate At A Yarn Manufacturing Company
Neha Gupta, Dr. P. K. Bharti
1000-1011 pdf
166. Review: Performance Analysis of FIR Digital High Pass Filters
Yadwinder Kumar, Er.Gurpreet Singh Walia
1012-1015 pdf
167. Wavelet Packet Modulation for Mobile Communication
Souvik Banerjee, Prof. Amutha Jeyakumar, Vivek Nar
1016-1022 pdf
Anisha Bhatia, Prof. Ramesh K Kulkarni
1023-1026 pdf
169. A Modified Method For Road Sign Detection & Recognition
Harpreet Kaur, Manpreet Kaur
1027-1031 pdf
170. Traffic Noise Levels at Different Locations in Dhaka City and Noise Modelling for Construction Equipments
A.Hassan, J.B.Alam
1032-1040 pdf
171. Assessment Of Air Quality And Noise Around Some Telecommunication Base Transceiver Stations In Ibadan South West Nigeria
Olatunde S. Olatunji, Akinsoji Olatunbosun
1041-1048 pdf
172 Deflection Of An Asteroid By Laser Ablation And Laser Pressure Technique
Rahul Sengupta
1049-1056 pdf
173. Contemplation of Image Based Iris Recognition
Dr.Sudeep D. Thepade, Pooja V. Bidwai
1057-1066 pdf
174. Appraise Of Multifarious Image Steganography Techniques
Dr. Sudeep Thepade, Smita S. Chavan
1067-1074 pdf
175. Data Generation of Structural Confiurations
Dimitra Tzourmakliotou
1075-1086 pdf
176. Traffic Jam Detection Using Image Processing
Prof. Uma Nagaraj, Jinendra Rathod, Prachi Patil, Sayali Thakur, Utsav Sharma
1087-1091 pdf
177. Signal Strength Enhancement Using Cellular Repeater On Three Frequency Bands For Low Signal Coverage Areas (GSM900, GSM 1800/DCS, 3G)
Divvela.Santhosh Raghava Rao, Sreevardhan cheerla
1092-1097 pdf
178. Mechanical Strength Of Concrete With Crumb And Shredded Tyre As Aggregate Replacement
Akinwonmi, Ademola Samuel, Seckley, Emmanuel
1098-1101 pdf
179. Adaptive Noise Cancellation for Speech Processing in Real Time Environment
Dr.A.Shanmugam, M.A.Raja, S.V.Lakshmi, V.Adlinvini, M.Ashwin, Ajeesh.P.P
1102-1106 pdf
180. An Efficient Mechanism for Navigating Web Using Mobile Web Crawler
Dr. Gulshan Ahuja
1107-1110 pdf
181. Mitigation of Replication Attack Detection in Clusters through a Mobile Agent in Wireless Sensor Networks
D.Rajesh Kumar, R.Sathish
1111-1115 pdf
182. Removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and color from dye manufacturing industry by coagulation
Monali Chirkut Likhar , Mayuresh Vinayakrao Shivramwar
1116-1118 pdf
183. Optimization Of Process Parameters Of EDM Using ANOVA Method
Vishnu D Asal, Prof.R.I. Patel, Alok B Choudhary
1119-1125 pdf
184. Risk Assessment of Magnetic Field Pollution in Average Home
Maina Ibrahim, Aliyu Ozovehe, Ali Hamdallah
1126-1130 pdf
185. Comparison of Design Standards for Steel Railway Bridges
Midhun B Sankar, Priya A Jacob
1131-1138 pdf
186. Second Order Sigma Delta Modulatorwith better SNDR
Dr. T.K. Bandopadyay, Manish Saxena, RaghavShrivastava
1139-1143 pdf
187. Optimization of process parameters in dry turning operation of EN 41B alloy steels with cermet tool based on the Taguchi method
T. Sreenivasa Murthy, R.K.Suresh, G. Krishnaiah, V. Diwakar Reddy
1144-1148 pdf
188. Optimization of I-section of a Flat Bed Trailer
Ashwini Bhoi, L P Koushik, Narendra Yadav, Manas Patnaik
1149-1151 pdf
189. The Organization and management of maintenance function and its effect Over Economies of an Industry
Ajay S. Bonde, Ashwadeep C. Fulzele
1152-1155 pdf
190. Thermo-oxidative Degradation of High Density Polyethylene Containing Manganese Laurate
Maryudi, Anwaruddin Hisyam, Rosli Mohd Yunus, Mohammad Dalour Hossen Bag
1156-1165 pdf
191. Design Of Catamaran Ship Strength Deck To Withstand The Crane Load
Dasari. V. G. Srinivas, Chirapa Srinivas
1166-1176 pdf
192. Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties of EPDM/Silicone blend Nanocomposites
Vijayalekshmi.V, Abdul Majeed.S.S.M
1177-1180 pdf
193. Study on Bamboo as Reinforcement in Cement Concrete
Jigar K. Sevalia, Nirav B. Siddhpura, Chetan S. Agrawal, Deep B. Shah, Jai V. Kapadia
1181-1190 pdf
194. Different routing protocol for MANET : A survey
Akshay Horane, Amutha Jeyakumar, Sagar Patkar
1191-1195 pdf
195. Design And Development Of Mini-Powered Water Drilling Rig
M.U.Jibrin, M.C.Amonye, N.S.Akonyi, A.O.Ambali, O.A.Suleiman
1196-1203 pdf
196. Golden Section Search Optimization Technique For Maximum Power Point Tracking
Ajay Patel, Vikas Kumar, Yogendra Kumar
1204-1209 pdf
197. Energy Saving Of Images During Transmission Using Spiht Algorithm Combined With Huffman Encoding Over OFDM Channel
B.Bharath Nayak, Ch.Madhuri Devi
1210-1213 pdf
198. Synthesis By A Novel Method And Application Of Image Processing In Characterization Of Nickel Sulphide Nanoparticles
S.Nagaveena, S.N.Kumar, C.K.Mahadevan
1214-1218 pdf
199. An Energy Storage System for Wind Turbine Generators- Battery and Supercapacitor
Sowmini priya.S, Rajakumar.S
1219-1223 pdf
200. Software Simulation of DSP algorithms implemented in Binaural Hearing Aids
Vivek Dalal, Aayush Bansal, Pratik Bhandari, Unmesh Barhate
1224-1229 pdf
201. Different Indexing Techniques
Dr. B. B. Meshram Ganesh P. Gaikwad
1230-1235 pdf
202. Study of Performance Enhancement of SBCNFET
Sameer Prabhu, Dr. Nisha Sarwade
1236-1239 pdf
203. License Plate Recognition- A Template Matching Method
Divya gilly, Dr. Kumudha raimond
1240-1245 pdf
204. Skin Tone Steganography for Real Time Images
Miss. Prajakta Deshmane, Prof. S.R. Jagtap
1246-1249 pdf
205. Design and Implementation of Variable Length FFT Processor for OFDMA System Using FPGA
R. Sai Brunda, M.V.R. Vittal
1250-1253 pdf
206. Investigation and Analysis of Grid Disturbances in view of Unscheduled Interchange Mechanism
ShriKant Parashar, Dr. Ajay Kumar Bansal, Dr. Mahaveer Prasad Sharma, Garima Sharma
1254-1257 pdf
207. Design Of 3 bit synchronous Counter using DLDFF
R.Arunya, A.Ramya, P.Umarani, V.Balamugaran
1258-1262 pdf
208. Alternative Design Implementation and verification of Embedded Systems
S.Safiya, V.Supraja
1263-1269 pdf
209. Eco Friendly (Green Building) Material In Construction
Vijayabharathi.P, Aravindhkumar.J, Joshua Amarnath.D, Jayaprakash.H
1270-1272 pdf
210. QCA Estimation of Low Power Reversible Circuits
S.Karthik, Ann Varghese, Sandhya G
1273-1278 pdf
211. Design for Multi-Lifecycle and Its Role in Enhancing Environmental Protection in the Agri-Industrial Sector
Israel Dunmade
1279-1285 pdf
212. On wgrα-Closed and wgrα-Open Maps In Topological Spaces
A.Jayalakshmi, C.Janaki
1286-1290 pdf
213. Screening and isolation of bioactive factors from Commiphora myrrha and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity
N. Chandrasekharnath, Y.V Mahlakshmi, L. Jayalakshmi, B. Venkanna, A. Uma
1291-1294 pdf
214. Integrating Network Technology with Production Supervision: Low Cost Solution for Managing In-Process Inventory
Suraj Yadav
1295-1298 pdf
215. Measurement Of Multiview Point Similarity Considering Concepts Of Data Clustering
Ravi Bhusan Yadav, M. Madhu Babu
1299-1305 pdf
216. Pde-Based Disparity Estimation From Stereo Images
Keta Shah, VinitKumar Gupta, Vrati Shah
1306-1308 pdf
217. Application of CFD code for simulation of an inclined snow chute flow
R K Aggarwal, Amod Kumar
1309-1319 pdf
218. Biometric Template Security Using Visual Cryptography
Prof. Mrs. Neha Hajare, Anuja Borage, Nikhita Kamble, Supriya Shinde
1320-1323 pdf
219. Efficient Flow based Network Traffic Classification using Machine Learning
Jamuna .A, Vinodh Ewards S.E
1324-1328 pdf
220. Designing PID Controller using LabVIEW for Controlling Fluid Level of Vessel
Harsh Kaji, Shruti Annigeri, Prof. Prafulla Patil
1329-1333 pdf
221. Application Identification using Supervised Clustering Method
A.Jenefa, S.E Vinodh Ewards
1334-1339 pdf
222. Design Of Engine Cylinder Using Matlab
A. Gopi Chand , Ch.Manivijay Kumar, Ch.Polayya, B.Siva Prasad, Y.Sanjay Gandhi
1340-1345 pdf
223. Real Time Embedded Web Server Based LED's Control using ARM Processor and Ethernet
Vaishali Patil, Avichal Kapur
1346-1349 pdf
224. Fundus Image Acquisition Techniques with Data base in Diabetic Retinopathy
Kade Mahesh K
1350-1362 pdf
225. 3G Receiver system level design
Osama M. Abd Almoula, HeshamN. M. Ahmed, Ayman M. Altager
1363-1367 pdf
226. Thermal Design & Performance Of Combined Vapour Compression-Ejector Refrigeration System Using R600a
Suhas D Kshirsagar, M M Deshmukh
1368-1380 pdf
227. 3D Graphics Texture Compression And Its Recent Trends
Mrs. Archana Ajay Nawandhar
1381-1385 pdf
228. Design and Silmulation of High Speed Digital Phase Locked Loop
Rajessh B. Langote, A.P.Khandait
1386-1389 pdf
229. Gravitational Chirality for the determination of earthquake magnitudes through high-frequency energy radiation: Application to the February 27, 2010 Chile Earthquake and Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011
H. Torres-Silva, D. Torres Cabezas
1390-1394 pdf
230. Flow Distribution Design Charts For Bifurcation At Convex Channel Curvature
1395-1403 pdf
231. Housing Interior Floor Finishes Choice and Preference and Motivations for Achievement of Person-Environment Congruence
Zinas Zachariah Bako
1404-1412 pdf
232. Design for Multi-Lifecycle: A Sustainability Design Concept
Israel Dunmade
1413-1418 pdf
233. Analysis Of New Non Traditional Tolerance Stack Up Conditions
Dr. Dinesh Shringi, Dr. Kamlesh Purohit
1419-1424 pdf
234. Diversity of Wet Land Birds check list of Tarangwadi and Bijwadi lake of Indapur taluka
U.S.Ghantaloo, Dr S.M.Kamble, Dr j.p.Sarwade, Dr Tanvir Pathan ,R. Yekale
1425-1428 pdf
235. Optimization of Gasoline to CNG Engine Conversion using Computer aided Engine Simulation
Pankaj Rajput, Shreya Singh
1429-1433 pdf
236. Electric Field Effect on Metallic Particle in Single Phase Dielectric Coated Gas Insulated Busduct Using Finite Element Method
Narapareddy Ramarao, J.Amarnath, B.Pedda Veeru, Sampath.J, Anil Kumar.A
1434-1439 pdf
237. Botnet Detection Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
Roshna R.S,Vinodh Ewards
1440-1445 pdf
238. A Performance Comparison study of Unicast and Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
S. Meenakshi Sundaram, Dr.S.Palani, Dr. A. Ramesh Babu
1446-1458 pdf
239. Fast self switching type frequency Agile RADAR processing unit implemented on Xilinx FPGA
K. Praveena, C.Thulasi Priya
1459-1462 pdf
240. Zigbee Based Intelligent Driver Assistance System
Sourabh Pawade, Shraddha Shah, Prof. Dhanashree Tijare
1463-1468 pdf
241. Electron Transport Properties in InN and GaN Semiconductors
H. Arabshahi and M. Khoshebast
1469-1473 pdf
242. Enhancement Of Fast Loop Controlling Mechanism For Capacitor- Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) Using Modulation Technique
S.Poorna Chander Rao
1474-1491 pdf
243. DTMF detection using Recursive DFT on FPGA
K. Gayathri, S. Shamsheer Daula
1492-1497 pdf
244. Familiarization with guidelines of optimal utilization of water resources of Doroongar River for rural sustainable development through people participation
Aliasghar Kadivar
1498-1503 pdf
245. Data Acquisition system based on FPGA
Swamy TN, Rashmi KM
1504-1509 pdf
246. Finite Element & Experimental Investigation of Composite Torsion Shaft
Belawagi Gireesh, Sollapur Shrishail B, V. N. Satwik
1510-1517 pdf
247. FE-Analysis of crankshaft of I.C.Engine for increasing the breathing capacity
Mr. Jayesh Ramani, Mr. Hardik Ramani, Mr. Sumit Suhagiya
1518-1522 pdf
248. Wastewater Treatment Using Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland
Dr. R.P. Borkar, Mr. P.S. Mahatme
1523-1532 pdf
249. Different Approaches for improving Performance of Software Transactional Memory
Ryan Saptarshi Ray, Prof. Utpal Kumar Ray
1533-1540 pdf
250. Embedded Based Embossing Method for Braille Letters by Braille Binary Values
1541-1545 pdf
251. Automatic Change Detection Approach Based on Fusion of Multi-Temporal Images Over Urban Areas
S.Anita Johannah Golda, B.Bala Murugan
1546-1551 pdf
252. Designing of a linear variable optical filter with narrow bandpass
Amir Etebari
1552-1556 pdf
253. Modelling And Analysis Of Heat Sink With Rectangular Fins Having Through Holes
R. Sam Sukumar, G.Sriharsha, S.Bala Arun, P.Dilip kumar, Ch.Sanyasi Naidu
1557-1561 pdf
254. Surface-Wave Suppression Using Periodic Structures
Yong S. Joe, Jean-François D. Essiben, Eric R. Hedin
1562-1566 pdf
255. Multipath Routing for Opportunistic Data Transfer in Mobile Adhoc Network
Sheela Rani Arasu, Immanuel Johnraja Jebadurai
1567-1573 pdf
256. Monte Carlo Simulation of a Theratron Elite100 Telecobalt Machine Using Beamnrc Code
Praveenkumar R.D, Santhosh K.P, Augustine A
1574-1583 pdf
257. Mitigating Selfishness to Improve Replica Allocation in MANET
Jim Solomon Raja.D, Immanuel John Raja.J
1584-1591 pdf
258. Dry Sliding wear behavior of spray formed Al20Mg2Si2Cu alloy after two-step solution heat treatment and double age hardening at 150° and 210°C
G.Jagannatha reddy, V.C.Srivastav, G.B.Rudrakshi
1592-1599 pdf
259. A review-thermal energy storage based dual mode air conditioning system
Mr.Ashish.A.Kamble, Mr S. R. Karale
1600-1604 pdf
260. Elastic Load Balancing in Cloud Storage
Surabhi Jain, Deepak Sharma
1605-1610 pdf
261. Remove the Noise from Medical Images Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Rupinderpal Kaur, Rajneet Kaur
1611-1614 pdf
262. FPGA Based Digital Controllers for BLDC Motors
K. Giridharan, Gautham.R.
1615-1619 pdf
263. Dynamic Analysis Of Milling Machine Chatter Vibration Reduction Using Mechanical Damper
Roshan Patel, Urvish Patel, Er. Dharmendra Dubay
1620-1623 pdf
264. Pune Navigator: The Real Time Bus Monitoring And Passenger Information System
Swati Chandurkar, Pooja Borekar,Sneha Mugade,Sanjana Sinha, Megharani Missal
1624-1627 pdf
265. Agent Based Decision Support System for Identifying the Spread of Nosocomial Infections in a Rural Hospital
Nisha Wilvicta.J, E.Grace Mary Kanaga
1628-1633 pdf
266. A Novel Iterative and Adaptive Noise Detection Method for Removal of Impulse Noise
P.G.Kuppusamy, Dr. R. Rani Hemamalini
1634-1639 pdf
267. Micro Watershed Modeling in India Using GIS Technologies and Agricultural Policy Environmental Extender (APEX) Model. A Case Study
C.N. Tripathi, A K Gosain
1640-1648 pdf
268. Performance evaluation of proposed packet recovery systems using forward error correction technique over wireless link
Satish V.Malewar, M.R.Dixit
1649-1654 pdf
269. A Methodology For Improving Fuel Economy In a Transportation Company
P.Vijay, Ch.Vijay, Ch.Sindhu
1655-1658 pdf
270. Application Of Preventive Maintenance For Effectual Freight Operations
P.Vijay, T.Ganga Rao, M.Manoj Kumar
1659-1662 pdf
271. Classical, Smart And Modern Controller Design Of Inverted Pendulum
P.Kumar, O.N.Mehrotra, J.Mahto
1663-1672 pdf
272. A Two Dimensional Matrix Presentation for Idea Evaluation
Esa Hietikko
1673-1676 pdf
273. A Biologically-Inspired Metaheuristic Procedure for Modelling-to-Generate-Alternatives
Raha Imanirad, Xin-She Yang, Julian Scott Yeomans
1677-1686 pdf
274. Develpoment Of Genetic Algorithm Based Neural Network Model For Predicting Strength Of High Performance Concrete
Dr.Vaishali G.Gorphade, Dr.H.Sudarsana Rao, M.Beulah
1687-1694 pdf
275. Critical Infrastructure and Botnet
Prashant S. Gosavi, Amit A. Dange, Dr. B. B. Meshram
1695-1701 pdf
276 Optimization of GPS Receiver to Mitigate Near-Far Problem for Acquisition of GPS/ PL Signals
P.Veeranath, S.Sumalatha, NMMK Prasad
1702-1707 pdf
277. Design of Cost Effective Noise Barrier in Dhaka
Asif Hassan, Faria S. Imam
1708-1714 pdf
278. Survey on Minutiae Coordinates of X-Axis and Y- Axis in Fingerprint Captured Image using Optical Fingerprint Scanner
Ankit Sharma, Vinod Kumar, Surabhi Jain
1715-1718 pdf
279. Analysis Of Total Harmonic Distortion Using Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation
M.S.Sivagamasundari, Dr.P.Melba Mary
1719-1723 pdf
280. Piston Strength Analysis Using FEM
Swati S Chougule, Vinayak H Khatawat
1724-1731 pdf
281. Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor by V/f Method for Batching Motion System
Shilpa V. Kailaswar, Prof. R.A.Keswani
1732-1736 pdf
282. Upshot of Sinkhole Attack in DSR Routing Protocol Based MANET