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Volume 4- Issue 8 [August 2014 ]

S.No. Title & Authors Page Downloads
1. RSA Based Secured Image Steganography Using DWT Approach
E. Yuva Kumar, P. Padmaja
01-04 pdf
2. DCT Based Secret Image Hiding In Video Sequence
M. Suresh Kumar, G. Madhavi Latha
05-09 pdf
3. Performance Characteristics and Analysis of 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Blend With 50% of Honne Oil at Various Fuel Injection Pressures
R. Bhaskar Reddy, B. Siddeswararao
10-20 pdf
5. Comparison of Stable NLMF and NLMS Algorithms for Adaptive Noise Cancellation in ECG Signal with Gaussian, Binary and Uniform Signals As Inputs
V Sreenivasa Arun Kumar, Sri. Amjad Khan G
28-33 pdf
6. Design, Implementation and Simulation of 12/24 Hours Digital Clock With Stop Watch and Date Indicator
G.S.M. Galadanci and S.M. Gana
34-56 pdf
7. Optimal Coefficient Selection For Medical Image Fusion
Aswathy S Nair
57-60 pdf
8. To Study Effect of Various Parameters for Quality Improvement in Technical Education
Sanjay Soni, Dr. B. K. Chourasia, Abishek Soni
61-69 pdf
9. Raw Milk Collection Using Pos (Point Of Sale) and Gprs Technology
Mr. Ankit V. Shingala, Mr. R. R. Sedamkar
70-76 pdf
10. Low Cost Thermal Printing Solution for Devnagari Font
Ankit V. Shingala, Mr. R.R. Sedamkar
77-81 pdf
11. FPGA Implementation of A New Chien Search Block for Reed-Solomon Codes RS (255, 239) Used In Digital Video Broadcasting DVB-T
El Habti El Idrissi Anas, El Gouri Rachid, Hlou Laamari
82-86 pdf
12. Evaluation of CSSR with Direct TCH Assignment in Cellular Networks
Paula Aninyie and K. Diawuo
87-91 pdf
13. A Novel Approach on Photovoltaic Technologies for Power Injection in Grid Using Matlab-Simulink
Er. Navjot Kaur, Er. Amrik Singh
92-96 pdf
14. Implementation of a Cellular Manufacturing Tool for Minimization of Non Value Added Activities
Amanparteek Singh, Dr. Harpuneet Singh
97-103 pdf
15. Linear Control Technique for Anti-Lock Braking System
Chankit Jain, Rahul Abhishek, Abhishek Dixit
104-108 pdf
16. Parametric Study of Square Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns Subjected To Concentric Loading
Bhushan H. Patil, P. M. Mohite
109-112 pdf
17. A Novel Cluster-Based Energy Efficient Routing With Hybrid Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shilpa P. Kamble, Prof. Nita M. Thakare, Prof. Animesh R. Tayal
113-117 pdf
18. Analysis and Visualization of Network Data Using JUNG
Pinaz Sayma
118-120 pdf
20. Pesticides Occurrence in an Alfisol of Sudano-Sahelian Agricultural Watershed (Korokoro, Mali)
Amadou Maiga, Hélène Blanchoud, Drissa Diallo, Fabrice Alliot, Abdoulaye S.Cissé, Marc Chevreuil
130-141 pdf
21. Epoxy/Wood Apple Shell Particulate Composite With Improved Mechanical Properties
Vinay Mishra, Anshuman Srivastava
142-145 pdf
22. Design of Low Power & High Speed Comparator with 0.18μm Technology for ADC Application
Rohit Mongre, R. C. Gurjar
146-153 pdf
23. Personal Handy System Based Online Vehicle Tracking With Mobile Locking
Mrs. R. S. Sewane, Prof (Dr) H. V. Vankudre, Prof M. N. Kakatkar
154-157 pdf
24. Improving the Hydraulic Efficiency of Centrifugal Pumps through Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Design optimization
Abdellah Ait moussa, Lin Yunhao
158-165 pdf
Version 2
1. Analysis of Isotropic Perforated Stiffened Plate Using FEM
Shruthi H.G, Jayashankarbabu B.S
01-08 pdf
2. Achieving Reduced Area and Power with Multi Bit Flip-Flop When Implemented In UART with Status Register
P.Rajeepriyanka, S R Sastry Kalavakolanu
09-13 pdf
3. Physical and Magnetic Properties of Manganese Ferrite Nanoparticles
Uma Shankar Sharma, Ram Naresh Sharma and Rashmi Shah
14-17 pdf
4. Performance Evaluation of Different Thresholding Method for De-Noising of Vibration Signal Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Mr. Arun Kumar, Dr. Anup Mishra
18-21 pdf
5. The Cryptographic Schemes for Secret Images
P. Anusha, C. Prasad Rao
22-28 pdf
6. Stochastic Model to Find the Gallbladder Motility in Acromegaly Using Exponential Distribution
P. Senthil Kumar, A. Dinesh Kumar & M. Vasuki
29-33 pdf
7. Feature Selection Method For Single Target Tracking Based On Object Interaction Models
D.Vishnu Vardhan, K. Bhavya
34-37 pdf
38-44 pdf
9. Research on Automobile Exterior Color and Interior Color Matching
Kaori Koizumi, Rikako Kanke, Kakuro Amasaka
45-53 pdf
10. Power Gating Based Ground Bounce Noise Reduction
M. Uma Maheswari, Mrs. K. Srilakshmi
54-60 pdf
11. How to Make the Financial Analysis an Easy Task – A Comparative Analysis between the Traditional and the Modern Approach?
Rajamahanti Surya Kiran, Vikas Kumar Singh, Maninder Singh, Anand Kolanukonda, Ayyagari Arvind
61-66 pdf
12. Fighting Accident Using Eye Detection forSmartphones
Mohamed A. Mohamed, A. I. Abdel-Fatah, Bassant M.El-Den
67-73 pdf
13. Preparation and Investigation on Properties of Cryogenically Solidified Nano Metal Matrix Composites
R H Jayaprakash, Dr Abdul Budan, Dr. Joel Hemanth
74-79 pdf
14. A Survey on Classification of Power Quality Disturbances in a Power System
O. Jeba Singh, Dr. Prince Winston
80-84 pdf
15. Catalan Tau Collocation for Numerical Solution of 2-Dimentional Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
M. R.Odekunle, M. O.Egwurube and Simon Stephen
85-95 pdf
16. A Survey of Software Reusability
Rohit Patidar, Prof. Virendra Singh
96-101 pdf
17. A New Technique to Digital Image Watermarking Using DWT for Real Time Applications
Swamy T N, Dr. K Ramesha, Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj
102-107 pdf
18. Prediction of Fatigue Life of Boom Nose End Casting Using Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
Nitin D.Ghongade , Rajesh.M. Metkar, Subhash D.Hiwase
108-111 pdf
19. Carbonatite Bombs, Lapillus, Pisolites And Ashes In Semi-Unconsolidated Conglomerate Of Early Pleistocene From Thiruvalangadu, Tamil Nadu, India
Ramachandran Ramasamy
112-119 pdf
20. Design and Implementation of 16-Bit Magnitude Comparator Using Efficient Low Power High Performance Full Adders
Ajaykumar S Kulkarni, Nikhil N Amminabhavi, Akash A F, Aditya Parvati
120-124 pdf
21. An Improved Deterministic Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dheeraj, Ritu Mishra
125-129 pdf
22. Comparative Study and Analysis between Helical Coil and Straight Tube Heat Exchanger
N. D. Shirgire, Amit Thakur, Sanjay Singh
130-133 pdf
23. Soa Readiness Assessment, a New Method
Ali Mirarab, Najmeh Ghasemi Fard and Abdol Reza Rasouli Kenari
134-142 pdf
24. Vulgar Beliefs in Vis and Ramin & Tristan and Isolde
Shima Sadat Sharif Al-Hoseini, Abbas Ali Maghsodlo and Behroz Haji Mohammadi
143-145 pdf
25. Compact Microstrip Spurline Bandstop Filter with Defected Ground Structure (Dgs)
Abhijeet Kumar, Prity Mishra, Savita Kadian
146-150 pdf
26. Environmental Monitoring of Radon-Thoron Levels and Their Seasonal Variation in Some Selected Dwellings in and Around Rampur City Using Solid State Nuclear Track Detector (SSNTD)
M.S.A Khan, M.Tariq and R.B.S. Rawat
151-157 pdf
27. Peak Shaving Using Grid-Connected Solar Panels Case Study: Ministry of Islamic Affairs Mosque
Yousef B. Almutairi
158-166 pdf
Version 3
1. Tenser Product of Representation for the Group Cn
SuhaTalib Abdul Rahman, Niran Sabah Jasim, Ahmed Issa Abdul Naby
01-08 pdf
2. Optimum Crop Productivity in Rain Fed Area of Thana Boula Khan, Sindh, by Application of Wind Energy
Aneela Hameem Memon, Mumtaz Ali Gadehi, Abdul Ghani Soomro, Ali Asghar Mahessar, Abdul Latif Qureshi, Shafi Muhammad Kori and Raza Muhammad Memon
09-14 pdf
3. Mitigation of Power Quality Issues by Nine Switches UPQC Using PI & ANN with Hysteresis Control
D. Uma Maheswara Rao, K. Sravanthi, Avinash Vujji, K. Durga Syam Prasad
15-22 pdf
4. Modeling of RF Power Amplifier with Memory Effects using Memory Polynomial
Er. Bimaljeet Kaur, Er. Sweety Badhwar, Dr. Amandeep Singh Sappal
23-25 pdf
5. Approach To Power Harvesting With Piezoelectric Material
Mahmoud S. Awad
26-30 pdf
6. A Tool to Search and Convert Reduplicate Words from Hindi to Punjabi
Shivani Sachdeva, Dr. Ashwani Sethi
31-35 pdf
7. Design and Analysis of New Modified Feedthrough Logic (MFTL) Circuits Using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET)
Sneha Meryn Thomas, Rakesh S
36-41 pdf
8. Experimental Study for the Different Methods of Generating Millimeter Waves
Aamer Jamal Albaghdadi
42-49 pdf
9. OFDM PAPR Reduction Using Hybrid Partial Transmit Sequences Based On Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Maninder Singh, Charanjit Singh, Amandeep Singh Bhandari
50-55 pdf
10. Comparative Analysis of Lossless Image Compression Based On Row By Row Classifier and Various Encoding Schemes on Color Images
Ramandeep Kaur, Dr. Sukhjeet K. Ranade
56-60 pdf
11. Utilization of Industrial Waste Material in GSB Layer
U Arun Kumar, K V Subrahmanyam
61-64 pdf
14. Body Heat Powered Flashlight Using LTC3108
B Ranjith Reddy
94-97 pdf
15. Control the Stability and Steady State When the Elevator Reached the Requested Level 98-105 pdf
16. Studying and Comparing Sensing Capability of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Adsorption of O2 and N2 Gases Using DFT
Fereydoun Ashrafi
106-109 pdf
17. Design of Automated Rotory Cage Type Fixture for Cylinder Block
Y.S.Kapnichor, V.V.Patil, P.D.Shende
110-115 pdf
18. CFD Analysis of Plate Fin Tube Heat Exchanger for Various Fin Inclinations
Subodh Bahirat, P. V. Joshi
116-125 pdf
19. Implementation for Controller to Unified Single Phase Power Flow Using Digital Signal Processor (DSP)-TMS320C31
Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Buaijan, Yasser Hassan Al Haddad
126-135 pdf
20. A Review: Compensation of Mismatches in Time Interleaved Analog to Digital Converters
Shivlal Mishra, Prof. Rashmi Pandey
136-140 pdf
21. Performance Analysis of a Shell Tube Condenser for a Model Organic Rankine Cycle for Use in Geothermal Power Plant
Haile Araya Nigusse, Hiram M. Ndiritu, Robert Kiplimo
141-147 pdf
22. Experimental Study on Performance of Concrete M30 with Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Sea Shells and Coconut Shells
Gurikini Lalitha, Dr. C. Krishna Raju
148-151 pdf
23. A Multi-Objective Fuzzy Linear Programming Model for Cash Flow Management
A. M. El-Kholy
152-163 pdf
24. Ultrasonic and Volumetric Investigations of g-Butyrolactone with Aliphatic Alcohols
Amara Jyothi Koppula, Satyanarayana Nallani, Sathyanarayana Boodida
164-167 pdf
Saritha, B. M. Manjunatha
168-176 pdf
26. Hepatoprotective Activity of Cinnamon Zeylanicum Leaves against Alcohol Induced Albino Rats
K.Arun, S.Suguna, U. Balasubramanian, Mashitah M.Yusoff, Gaanty Pragas Maniam, P.Serfoji, Natanamurugaraj Govindan
177-184 pdf
27. Mechanical Behavior of Areca Fiber and Maize Powder Hybrid Composites
Kishan Naik, R P Swamy
185-189 pdf
28. AODV Improvement by Modification at Source Node and Securing It from Black Hole Attack.
Debarati Roy Choudhury, Dr. Leena Ragha, Mr Nilesh Marathe
190-195 pdf
29. Design and Implementation of Digital PLL using Self Correcting DCO System
M.Mohan Babu, P.Sree Kavya
196-199 pdf
Version 4
Geological-Structural Setting of Massif and the Levels of Quartz - Sulphide Mineralization in the Kaptina Gabbro Massif
Kaza Gj, Doda V, Naço P, Onuzi K, Gjeçi K, Vinçani F & Gjonaj V
01-11 pdf
2. Power System'stransmission Line Relaying Improvement Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
S. Mohaddeesh, S. Taj Mahaboob
12-17 pdf
3. Impact of Air Quality on Human Health In The Vicinity of Construction Sites in Delhi-NCR
Ravinder Singh, Kafeel Ahmad, D C Jakhwal and M Satish Kumar
18-26 pdf
4. The Development of Financial Information System and Business Intelligence Using Data Mining Concepts
27-30 pdf
5. Prediction of Weld Quality of A Tungsten Inertr Gas Welded Mild Steel Pipe Joint Using Response Surface Methodology (Rsm)
I.U. Abhulimen, J.I. Achebo
31-40 pdf
6. Selection of Best Supplier in Furniture Manufacturing Company by Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Asilata M. Damle, Dr. I. P. Keswani
41-45 pdf
7. The Expansion of 3D wireless sensor network Bumps localization
A.Pratap Naidu, M.V.R Maneesha, C.Malathi, K.Balaji
46-50 pdf
8. μ-πrα Closed Sets in Bigeneralized Topological Spaces
C. Janaki and K. Binoy Balan
51-55 pdf
9. An Overview on Authentication Approaches and Their Usability in Conjunction with Internet and Mobile Applications
Sangare Mamoudou, Wajdi Al-Khateeb
56-61 pdf
10. Future Internet: Challenge And Research Trend
Amir Abbaszadeh Sori and Mohammad Amini
62-66 pdf
11. Size and Time Estimation in Goal Graph Using Use Case Points (UCP): A Survey
Amir Abbaszadeh Sori And Mohammad Amini
67-71 pdf
12. Design of Low Pass Digital FIR Filter Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Taranjit Singh, Harvinder Singh Josan
72-77 pdf
13. Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Neural Network Techniques
Prashant Naresh, Dr. Rajashree Shettar
78-83 pdf
14. Data Hiding In Medical Images by Preserving Integrity of ROI Using Semi-Reversible Watermarking Technique
Arshpreet Kaur, Harvinder Singh Josan
84-88 pdf
Version 5
1. Study Of Characteristics Strength of Concrete with Admixtures by Flexural and Disc Bending Test
Anant Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Shyam Kishor Kumar, Amit Kumar
01-07 pdf
2. Existing Facilities And Deficiencies In A Busy Intersection At Dhaka Based On The Condition Survey Of The Study Area
Mahmudul Hasan, Tajkia Syeed Tofa, Mohammad Rakibul Islam Khan
08-11 pdf
3. A Mathematical Model for the Genetic Variation of Prolactin and Prolactin Receptor in Relationship with Serum Prolactin Concentrations and Breast Cancer Risk
S. Lakshmi and M. Goperundevi
12-18 pdf
4. Gisand Remote Sensing Applied To Land Use Change Of The Prefecture Of CASABLANCA, Morocco From 1986 Until 2011
Ikram Loukili, Saida El Moutaki, Abdessamad Ghafiri, Mustapha El Hakdaoui
19-24 pdf
5. Experimental and Fe Analysis of Eccentric Loaded Welded Joint Structure
Harish N. Sayankar, Prof. S. D. Khamankar
25-31 pdf
6. Experimental And FE Analysis Of Eccentric Loaded Symmetrical And Unsymmetrical Bolted Joint With Bolt Pretension
Pranav R. Pimpalkar, Prof. S. D. Khamankar
32-37 pdf
7. Design of Lattice Wind Turbine Towers With Structural Optimization
Pedro Américo Almeida Magalhães Júnior, Igor Guasti Rios, Tiago Simão Ferreira, Aniceto Carlos De Andrade Júnior, Osvaldo Abadia De Carvalho Filhoand Pedro Henrique Deogene Soares
38-51 pdf
8. Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio for Wi-Fi Signals Using Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensing
Mandeep Singh, Charanjeet Singh, Amandeep Singh Bhandari
52-55 pdf
9. Conceptual Cost Estimate of Libyan Highway Projects Using Artificial Neural Network
Emad Elbeltagi, Ossama Hosny, Refaat Abdel-Razek and Atif El-Fitory
56-66 pdf
10. Data Mining to Facilitate Effective User Navigation and Improve Structure of a Website
Shweta Mohod, Prof. Vishalgangawane
67-70 pdf
11. Study of Buckling Restrained Braces in Steel Frame Building
Mr. Y. D. Kumbhar, Dr. M. R. Shiyekar
71-74 pdf
12. A Case Study on Ip Based Cdma Ran by Controlling Router
K Sravan Abhilash
75-79 pdf
13. Effect of Storage Period on the Physicochemical, Sensory and Microbiological Quality of Bakery Flavoured Ice Cream
Arashdeep Singh, Usha Bajwa, Rajpreet Kaur Goraya
80-90 pdf
14. Preprocessing and Classification in WEKA Using Different Classifiers
Payal P.Dhakate, Suvarna Patil, K. Rajeswari, Deepa Abin
91-93 pdf
15. Design & Simulation of E-Shaped Micro Strip Patch Antenna for GPS Application
M. Ravi Kishore, V. Jeevan Kumar, G. Sridhar Kumar
94-100 pdf
16. 10-Gb/S Transmission of Wdm Pon for Man with 50km Reach Based On Ftth
Ankit Bagga, Mr. Kulwinder Singh, Bharat Rawat
101-105 pdf
17. Apprehension of Youth towards Social Networking Sites: Two Sides of a Coin
Yukti Gulati, Shilpi Sharma
106-113 pdf
18. Failure Mode Analysis Of Torsion Shaft In Garrett-5 Engine Using Two Test Pieces
Rio Melvin Aro. T, Shyam Shankar.M.B, Vinoth.M, Karthick Raja.R
114-117 pdf
19. Effect of Fillers on E-Glass/Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites
Sudeep Deshpande, T Rangaswamy
118-123 pdf
20. Theoretical and Statistical Models for Predicting Flux in Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
Dahiru U. Lawal, Atia E. Khalifa
124-135 pdf
Version 6
1. A Hybrid Technique for the Automated Segmentation of Corpus Callosum in Midsagittal Brain Mri
Divya Manasa. M, Vishnu Priya.T
01-04 pdf
2. Non-NewtonianFluid Flow and Heat Transfer over a Non- Linearly Stretching Surface Along With Porous Plate in Porous Medium
S.Jothimani*and T.Vidhya
05-13 pdf
3. Stochastic Modeling Neutral Evolution by an Iambp of Cortisol Secretion of Breast Cancer
Dr. P. Senthil Kumar and Ms. N. Umamaheswari
14-19 pdf
4. Identification of Closest and Phantom Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
G. Satyachellayi, T. Veerraju
20-29 pdf
5. Improvement to Village Road Based on Traffic Characteristics
B. Vindhyasri, K. Gopi Shankar
30-33 pdf
6. Experimental Investigation on Properties Concrete Paver Block with the Inclusion of Natural Fibers
G. Navya, J. Venkateswara Rao
34-38 pdf
7. Effect of Different Staging Configurations on Seismic Performance of Circular Elevated Water Tank
Miss Ankita R Patil, Dr. S A Bhalchandra
39-43 pdf
8. Efficient Design of Sierpinski Fractal Antenna for High Frequency Applications
Rajdeep Singh, Amandeep Singh Sappal, Amandeep Singh Bhandari
44-48 pdf
9. A Novel Alamouti STBC Technique for MIMO System Using 16-QAM Modulation and Moving Average Filter
Princy Pathak, Prof. Rashmi Pandey
49-55 pdf
10. Study on Effect of Thickness and Fibre Orientation on a Tensile and Flexural Properties of a Hybrid Composite
Mr. Santhosh Kumar. M, Dr. S. G. Gopala Krishna, Dr. Rajanna. S
56-66 pdf
11. Image Restitution Using Non-Locally Centralized Sparse Representation Model
A. Rajasekhar, G. Hemachandra
67-73 pdf
12. Knowledge Discovery Applied to a Database of Errors of Systems Development
Elias Delgobo Junior, Denise Fukumi Tsunoda, Egon Walter Wildauer
74-78 pdf
13. National Highway Alignment from Namakkal to Erode Using GIS
T. Subramani, S.Krishnan, C. Kathirvel, S. K. Bharathi Devi
79-89 pdf
14. Analysis and Site Suitability Evaluation for Textile Sewage Water Treatment Plant in Salem Corporation, Tamilnadu Using Remote Sensing Techniques
T. Subramani, A. Subramanian, C. Kathirvel, S. K. Bharathi Devi
90-102 pdf
15. Re-Engineering Learning Objects for Re-Purposing
Al-Khanjari, Z. A and Kutti, N. S.
103-111 pdf
16. Power Optimization of Battery Charging System Using FPGA Based Neural Network Controller
Ankita Dhakate
112-122 pdf
17. Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm for PV System Implemented Using DC-DC Buck and Boost Converter
Dhananjay Choudhary, Anmol Ratna Saxena
123-132 pdf
18. Seismic Performance Evaluation of Multi-Storeyed R C Framed Structural System with the Influence of Ground & Top Soft Storey
Mohammed Tosif Ahmed, Prof. Vishwanath .B. Patil
133-138 pdf
19. Investigation of the Structural Variation after the Intercalation of Cetylpyridinium Chloride into V2O5 Xerogel
Elidia Maria Guerra, Dane Tadeu Cestarolli, Herenilton Paulino Oliveira
139-143 pdf
20. Drip Fertigation in Sweet Pepper: A Review
Roma Kumari, Dr. Arun Kaushal
144-149 pdf
Version 7
1. Multi-Response Ergonomic Evaluation of Higher Age Group CNC Machine Operators
Imtiaz Ali Khan
01-21 pdf
2. An Higher Case Operation and Analysis of a Multiple Renewable
Resources Connected To A Dc Load Through Dc Bus

G. Mahesh Kumar, Y.Damodharam, S. Suresh
22-28 pdf
3. Rule-Based Mamdani-Type Fuzzy Modeling of Perceived Stress, And Cortisol Responses to Awakening
P. Senthil Kumar & B. Mohamed Harif
29-35 pdf
4. Flow Analysis in Two Pass Smooth Square Channel
36-46 pdf
5. Mitigation of Lower Order Harmonics with Filtered Svpwm In Multiphase Voltage Source Inverters
K. Uday Kiran, B. Veeru, D. Kumaraswamy
47-51 pdf
6. Domotics – A Cost Effective Smart Home Automation System Using Wifi as Network Infrastructure
Abhinav Talgeri, Abheesh Kumar B A, Adithya B
52-55 pdf
7. Performance Analysis of Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) System
Amandeep Sukhija, Dr. Ashwani Sethi
56-61 pdf
8. Heat Transfer Analysis to Optimize The Water Cooling Scheme For Combustion Device
B. Usha Rani
62-65 pdf
10. Self Compacting Concrete And Its Properties
S. Mahesh
72-80 pdf
11. Flexural, Impact Properties and Sem Analysis of Bamboo and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Hybrid Composites
Raghavendra Rao. H, Sudhamadhuri. K
81-85 pdf
12. Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Level of Distribution Network Using DVR
Himanshu Kalara, Tanushree Kaul, Deepak Makkar
86-89 pdf
13. Photovoltaic Modules Performance Loss Evaluation for Nsukka, South East Nigeria and Mitigable Designs
Daniyan O.L., Daniyan I.A., Okere B.I., Aliyu N., Ezema E. E.
90-92 pdf
14. Mirce Functionability Equation
Dr Jezdimir Knezevic
93-100 pdf
15. Aerodynamic Drag Reduction for A Generic Sport Utility Vehicle Using Rear Suction
Abdellah Ait Moussa, Rohan Yadav and Justin Fischer
101-107 pdf
16. Crystal Growth and Characterization of Cobalt Doped Barium Tartrate Crystals by Silica Gel Method
S. K. Bachhav, N. S. Patil, M. S. Kale, D. S. Bhavsar
108-112 pdf
17. Comparison of Multilevel Inverter Topologies for STATCOM Applications
V. Yesu Raja, G.Sambasiva Rao
113-117 pdf
18. Sanitation Coverage And Impact Of Open Defecation Free (ODF) Zone With Special Reference To Nepal: A Review
Khet Raj Dahal, Bikash Adhikari and Jyoti Tamang
118-128 pdf
19. Analysis of Thermal Buckling of Ceramic-Metal Functionally Graded Plates Using Refined Third Order Shear Deformation Theory
S. S. Daimi, Dr. S.A. Bhalchandra
129-133 pdf
20. Power Quality Improvement of Grid Interconnection of renewable Energy Based Distribution System
S. Bhanu Prakash, Dr. T. Devaraju
134-139 pdf
21. Crosscutting Specification Interference Detection at Aspect Oriented UML-Based Models: A Database Approach
Ahmed Sharaf Eldin, Maha Hana, Shady Mohammed Elsaid
140-150 pdf