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Volume 4- Issue 6 [June 2014 ]

S.No. Title & Authors Page Downloads
1. Crop Yield Analysis of the Irrigated Areas of All Spatial Locations in Guntur District of AP
Ch. Mallikarjuna Rao, Dr A. Ananda Rao
01-07 pdf
2. Quality Assessment of Various Bottled-Water Andtap-Water in Kirkuk - Iraq
EmanHussein, Morad Radha , Zainab Sabah
08-15 pdf
3. Determination of the Optimal Guardbanding to Ensure
Acceptable Risk Decision in the Declaration of Conformity

Hicham Mezouara, latifa Dlimi, Abdelouahhab Salih, Mohamed Afechcar
16-20 pdf
4. Elaboration of Method of Long-Term Culturing and Selection of Enzyme Producers
Blieva Raushan
21-24 pdf
5. A Novel Video Scaling Algorithm Based On Linear Interpolation WithQuality Enhancement
SafinazS,S. Ramachandran
25-33 pdf
6. A Review Paper on Modeling And Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based on Wind Energy Conversion System
Venugopal J Kante, Dr.Z.J.Khan
34-43 pdf
7. Failure Analysis of 9%Cr-Mo Steel Component
Yogesh Mahajan, D. R. Peshwe
44-47 pdf
8. Convergence Analysis of Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network
Hong Li, Ali Setoodehnia
48-53 pdf
9. Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Four Stroke Petrol Engine
Dr Kartikeya Tripathi and Harsh Ranjangaonkar
54-57 pdf
10. Motor Current Signature Analysis to Detect the Fault in Induction Motor
Chaitali S. Kalaskar, Vitthal J. Gond
58-61 pdf
11. An Investigation of the Ability of Combined Zero – Sequence Cutoff Protection in Line High Voltage
Slobodan Bjelić, Zorica Bogićević
62-66 pdf
12. Effect of volume fraction of Polypropylene Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Concrete
R. S. Rajguru, A. R. Ghode, M. G. Pathan, M. K. Rathi
67-69 pdf
13. Design and Fabrication of Savonious Wind Mill
P. L. N. V. Aashrith, Ch.Vikranth
70-79 pdf
14. Optimizing The Gate Level Area In Digit Serial FIR Filter Design With An MCM Blocks
Bayikati Yagneswar, G. Naresh
80-89 pdf
15. Effect of Cu and Mn on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Ductile Cast Iron
A.M.Omran, G. T. Abdel-Jaber, and M. M. Ali
90-96 pdf
17. Integrated Green Roofs System and its Role of Achieving Sustainability in Residential Buildings in Urban Area in Athens, Greece and Famagusta, North Cyprus
Seyed Mehran shahidipour
104-112 pdf
18. Automatic Generation Control Using PI Controller with Bacterial Foraging for both Thermal and Hydro Plants
Preeti Hooda, Dr.Leena.G, Anita Khosla
113-118 pdf
19. Hand Gesture and Neural Network Based Human Computer Interface Aekta Patel 119-125 pdf
20. Implementation of I2C-DMA & SPI-DMA Interface: A Comparative Study
Gurkesar, Abhishek Godara, Anju Kamboj
126-131 pdf
21. Dual Stacked Wideband Microstrip Antenna Array for Ku-Band Applications
Rahul Rana, Nitin Vyas, Rahul Verma, Vipin Kaushik, A. K. Arya
132-135 pdf
22. Regression Analysis and Analysis Of Variance for EN353 and20MnCr5 Alloyed Steels for Drilling Cutting Forces
Keerthiprasad.K, Prof Narendra Babu, Dr Chandrashekara
136-146 pdf
23. Prediction of Carbon Monoxide Concentration in the Vicinity of Inderprashta Marg, near ITO, Delhi, India
147-155 pdf
Version 2
1. Backpressure-Based Packet-By-Packet Adaptive Routing For Traffic Management in Communication Networks
P. Swetha, Mrs. O. Rajitha
01-12 pdf
2. The Topic Tracking Based on Modified VSM of Lexical Chain,S Sememe
Jing Ma, Fei Wu, Chi Li, Hengmin Zhu
13-19 pdf
3. Wireless Mesh Networks Path Planning, Power Control and Optimal Solutions
G. Guru Charan, K. Yadaiah, G. Sailaja
20-25 pdf
4. Contrast Enhancement of Color Images with Bi-Histogram
Paramjit Singh, Dr. Amandeepkaur
26-29 pdf
5. Effective SCA Stimulation Proved To Be the Key Economic To Maximize Profitability in the Grgaf Group Formation of the Sirte Basin, Libya
Emad Ibrahim Fandi, Badees Khalfa Gazal, Mohamed Ali Alrabib
30-36 pdf
6. Design Of Interval Type-Ii Fuzzy Logic Traffic Controller For Multilane Intersections With Emergency Vehicle Priority System Using Matlab Simulation
Mohit Jha, Shailja Shukla
37-47 pdf
7. Selection of Significant Features Using Decision Tree Classifiers Preeti Kumari, K. Rajeswari 48-51 pdf
8. Identification and Opinion Extraction throughUser Generated Content on Web Based Social Media
Dr. Deepak Arora, Kapil Verma
52-58 pdf
9. Scaling Up Biomass Gasifier Use in India; Barriers Interventions & Remedies: A Review
Mr. Ritesh U.Nrupekar, Prof. Rajesh B.Choksi, Dr. Neeraj K.Chavda
59-61 pdf
10. A Systematic Look at Code Performance and System Simulation G.Srikanth, K.Yadaiah, G. Guru Charan 62-68 pdf
11. Parametric Optimization of Surface Roughness & Material Remove Rate of AISI D2 Steel For Turning
Hitesh Patel, Jigar Patel, Chandresh Patel
69-73 pdf
12. Implementing Smart Antenna System in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks > Supriya Kulkarni P, Bhavani V 74-79 pdf
13. Equitable Domination in Fuzzy Graphs
S. Revathi, C. V. R. Harinarayanan
80-83 pdf
14. Probabilistic Behaviour of A Redundant Complex System with Imperfect Switching, Environmental Common Cause and Human Error Effects under Head-Of-Line Repair Discipline
K. Uma Maheswari, A. Mallikarjuna Reddy and R. Bhuvana Vijaya
84-100 pdf
15. Home Automation System Using Capacitive Touchscreen
Yash Inaniya, Naresh Kumari and Urvashi Luthra
101-103 pdf
16. Non-Equilibrium Green's Function Calculation for Electron Transport through Magnetic Tunnel Junction
Sara Nobakht, Adeleh Vatan-Khahan and Hadi Arabshahi
104-105 pdf
17. Forecasting the direction of stock market index movement using three data mining techniques: the case of Tehran Stock Exchange
Sadegh Bafandeh Imandoust and Mohammad Bolandraftar
106-117 pdf
18. Inverse Split and Non split Domination in Fuzzy graphs
S.Geetha, C.V.R.Harinarayanan
118-121 pdf
20. A Mathematical Model for the Fetal Movement
Kavitha, N
127-129 pdf
21. A Shock Model for the Pregnancy at Pre Partum and Post Partum
Kavitha, N
130-133 pdf
22. Weibull Distributions for the Preterm Delivery
Kavitha, N
134-137 pdf
23. Active Solar Energy Use Approaching Sustainability
NikouJavadiEshkalak, Seyedmehran Shahidipour, AmirhosseinKarimizadeh
138-149 pdf
24. Characterization of Multi Crystalline PV Modules under Standard Test Conditions and its Comparison with other Module Types
Rahnuma. Siddiqui, Rajesh. Kumar, Gopal. Kumar. Jha, Sahan. Raghava, O. S. Sastry, Birinchi. Bora, Gulnar. Perveen, Usha. Bajpai
150-164 pdf
25. Geostatical Modelling For Ground Water Pollution in Salem by Using Gis
T. Subramani, P. Krishnamurthi
165-172 pdf
26. Saline Ground Water and Irrigation Water on Root Zone Salinity
T. Subramani, M. Chandrasekaran
173-179 pdf
27. Developing a Planning Framework for Accessible and Sustained Urban Agriculture
T.Subramani, R. Selvan
180-190 pdf
28. Performanance Evaluation of the Cauvery Irrigation System, India, Using Remote Sensing and Gis Technology
T. Subramani, S. Badrinarayanan, K. Prasath, S. Sridhar
191-197 pdf
29. Identification And Analysis Of Pollution In Thirumani Muthar River Using Remote Sensing
T. Subramani, P. Someswari
198-207 pdf
30. Comparison of Air Cooled and Evaporatively Cooled Refrigerartion Systems – A Review Paper
V. V. Birangane, A. M. Patil
208-211 pdf
31. Experimental Analysis Of 80 Tr Capacity Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Using R-22 & R-407c.
Mr. Bhikhu B, Prof. Ronak Shah, Prof. Bala Dutt
212-216 pdf
32. Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection and Urban Sprawl Analysis of Panamarathupatti Lake, Salem
T.Subramani, V. Vishnumanoj
217-227 pdf
33. DNA Computer; Present and Future
Amir Abbaszadeh Sori
228-232 pdf
34. Studying New Views of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors on Knowledge Management in Executive Systems of Guilan Province, Iran
Naghi Sayyar Rezvan, Hossein Khonyafar and Mohsen Koohi Nasr
233-243 pdf
35. The Effect of Salt Concentration on Microbes during Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
Nmegbu, Chukwuma Godwin Jacob
244-247 pdf
36. A Theoretical Aspect of Cloud Computing Service Models and Its Security Issues: A Paradigm
S. B. Dash, H.Saini, T.C.Panda, A. Mishra
248-254 pdf
37. Health-Care Waste Management System
T. Subramani, P. Anitha, S. Sekar
255-258 pdf
38. Treatment Of Municipal Waste Water In Salem City
T. Subramani, D. Kavitha, R. Thiyagu
259-263 pdf
39. Sustainable Decentralized Model For Solid Waste Management In Urban India
T. Subramani, R. Umarani, S. K. Bharathi Devi
264-269 pdf
40 Impact of Sewage and Industrial Effluent on Soil Plant Health Act on Environment
T. Subramani, M. Mangaiyarkarasi, C. Kathirvel
270-273 pdf
41 Analysis of Urban Growth and Its Impact on Groundwater Tanneries by Using Gis
T. Subramani, T. Manikandan
274-282 pdf
Version 3
1. Micro-Controller Based Obstacle Avoiding Autonomous Robot Subhranil Som, Arjun Shome 01-06 pdf
2. A Symmetric Key Cryptographic Technique Through Swapping Bits in Binary Field Using p-Box Matrix
Subhranil Som, Soumasree Banerjee, Jhilik Sikdar
07-12 pdf
3. Optimization & Design of High Rise Building with Different Structural Framing Systems Subjected To Seismic Loads
Mr. Anant A. Kapse , Prof. R.V.R.K. Prasad
13-18 pdf
4. Knowledge Map: An Extension of FCM to Describe and Model Knowledge on A Complex System
Arti Gupta, Prof. N.T. Deotale
19-27 pdf
5. Evaluation of the Content of Heavy Metals and Organic Micropollutantsin the Effluents of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the ErrachidiaCity –Morocco-
Chaouki Hamid, Lahcen Elwatik, Rachid Fath-Allah, Abdelrhafour Ayyach, Zhor Fathallah, Azzeddine El Midaoui
28-32 pdf
6. Insecticidal activity of the essential oil from seven accessions of Artemisia herba-alba asso domesticated in Errachidia (south-east of Morocco) against Tribolium castaneum.
Moumni Mohammed, Pr Elwatik Lahcen, Kassimi Abderahmane, Homrani Bakali Abdelmonaim
33-36 pdf
7. Power Control Scheme of D-Statcom
A. Sai Krishna, Y. Suri Babu
37-42 pdf
8. Systematic Modeling of Sludge Filtration Process Using Dimensional Analysis Technique
Onosakponome O. R, And Onyejekwe S. C
43-53 pdf
9. Face Tracking in Video by Using Kalman Filter
Saranya M, Padmavathi S
54-58 pdf
10. Investigation of Effect of Carbon Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of the Hybrid Composite Laminate
Vidyashankar B V, Dr. Laksmanswamy, D Shivappa
59-62 pdf
11. Implementation of Travelling Salesman Problem Using ant Colony Optimization
Gaurav Singh, Rashi Mehta, Sonigoswami, Sapna Katiyar
63-67 pdf
12. Extrusion Honed Surface Characteristics of Inconel 625 Fabricated By EDM for Square Shape
N.L. Murali Krishna, H. P. Raju
68-72 pdf
13. Simulation of New Switched Capacitance Power Converter for Srm
S. M. Mohamed Saleem, G.Ajith, P.Kannathasan, P. Ravi Kumar
73-78 pdf
14. Cross-Cloud Testing Strategies Over Cloud Computing
Mr. Nageswararao, Dr. M B Khetmalas
79-83 pdf
15. A Study on the Antibacterial Activity Of Zno Nanoparticles Prepared By Combustion Method against E Coli
Durga Prasad, C. R.Girija, A. Jagannatha Reddy, H. Nagabhushana, B. M. Nagabhushana, T. V. Venkatesha, S T Arun Kumar
84-89 pdf
16. Effect of Inulin and β-glucan on The Physicochemical, Rheological, and Sensory Properties Barbari Bread
Monireh Iranshahi, Seyed Mahdi Seyedain Ardebili, Seyed Ali Yasini Ardakani
90-97 pdf
17. Brain Tumor Detection Based on Bilateral Symmetry Information Narkhede Sachin, Dr. Deven Shah, Prof. Vaishali khairnar, Prof. Sujata Kadu 98-103 pdf
18. Multimedia Content Based Image Retrieval Iii: Local Tetra Pattern Nagaraja G S, Rajashekara Murthy S, Manas M N, Sridhar N H 104-107 pdf
19. Pitch and Formants Estimation of Enhanced Noisy Compressed Speech Signal Corrupted By Real World Noise Using Recursive Filter
M. Suman, Dr. Habibulla Khan, P.Vinay, T. Vinay Kumar, D. Aruna Kumari
108-116 pdf
20. Impacts of Irrigation and Drought on Salem Ground Water
T. Subramani, K. Prasath, P. Velmurugan, V. Baskaran
117-122 pdf
21. Design and Improvement of Microstrip Patch Antenna Parameters Using Defected Ground Structure
P. A. Nawale, Prof. R.G. Zope
123-129 pdf
22. Failure Analysis and Redesign of Shaft of Overhead Crane
Sumit P. Raut, Laukik P. Raut
130-135 pdf
23. Variation of Front Amplitude, Front Speed, Front Spread In Porous Media for Different Solid Medium of Same Particle Size during Oscillating Flow
Simranjeet Singh, Beant Singh, Umesh Gera, Gurkirat Singh
136-143 pdf
24. Impact Analysis of Denial of Service (DoS) due to Packet Flooding
Dr. Deepak Arora, Puneet Singh And Vineet Singh
144-149 pdf
25. Network Life Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Network
Anjali, Saurabh Mittal
150-153 pdf
26. Medical Applications of Laser Instruments
Ms. Nishi Shahnaj Haider, Mr. Sibu Thomas
154-160 pdf
27. Solid Waste Bin Monitoring Using Zig –Bee
Mrs. Kanchan Mahajan, Prof. J. S. Chitode
161-164 pdf
28. Model for The Diffusionof Biogenic Gases In Heterogeneous Reservoirs Undergoing Transient Flow
Nmegbu, Chukwuma Godwin Jacob
165-169 pdf
29. Cloud-ERP Limitations and Benefits with Special Reference to Small & Medium Enterprises
Vaibhav Verma, Dr. Deepak Arora
170-174 pdf
30. Adaptive Super-Spatial Prediction Approach For Lossless Image Compression
Arpita C. Raut, Dr. R. R Sedamkar
175-180 pdf
31. To Implement Energy Efficient of Integer Unit by Higher Voltage Flip Flop Based on Minimum operating Dual Supply Voltage Techinque
M. Subhashini, S. Rambabu
181-184 pdf
32. Wind Solar Hybrid System Rectifier Stage Topology Simulation
Anup M. Gakare, Subhash Kamdi
185-190 pdf
33. Bacteria as a Filtration Loss Reducing Agent during Drilling
Nmegbu, Chukwuma Godwin Jacob
191-194 pdf
Version 4
1. Thermal Analysis of Fin and Tube Heat Exchanger
Ms N. B. Rairker, Prof A. V. Karmankar, Prof R. E. Thombre
01-05 pdf
2. Noise Cancellation by Combining the Discrete Wavelet Transform With the Wiener Filter
T.Ramya Krishna, C.Rajeswari
06-11 pdf
3. Modeling of Thin Film Solar Photovoltaic Based on Zno/Sns Oxide-Absorber Substrate Configuration
Anupam Verma, Pallavi Asthana
12-18 pdf
4. Design and Performance Analysis of Water Chiller – A Research
Mr. Jayesh S Arya, Dr. Neeraj K. Chavda
19-25 pdf
5. Fundamental Difficulties Associated With Underwater Wet Welding Joshua E. Omajene, Jukka Martikainen, Paul Kah, Markku Pirinen 26-31 pdf
6. Privacy Preservation of Data in Data Mining
Prachi Kohale, Sheetal Girase
32-34 pdf
7. Optimizing the Dyeing Process of Alkali-Treated Polyester Fabric with Dolu Natural Dye
M.F. Shahin, R.M. Ahmed and M.M. Marie
35-40 pdf
8. Under Ground Cable Sizing Using MATLAB
B. V. R. Uday Kiran, A. V. Raghava Ram, K. Jitendra
41-47 pdf
9. Reduction of Static Power with Minimized Ground Bounce Noise Using Sleep Signal Slew Rate Modulation In 45nm Technology
M. Naga Pramod Reddy, P. Madhu Kumar
48-54 pdf
10. The matrix method to calculate page rank
H. Barboucha, M. Nasri
55-58 pdf
11. AMQ Protocol Based Performance Analysis of Bare Metal Hypervisors
Dr Deepak Arora, Varun Kumar, Prabhat Kumar Verma
59-64 pdf
12. Experimental Investigation on Performance Characteristic of Diesel Engine by Using Methyl Ester of Linseed and Neem oil
B. Kesava Rao, P. Srinivasa Rao, G. Venkateswara Rao
65-69 pdf
13. Laboratory Investigation of Rivers State Clay Samples for Drilling Mud Preparation
Nmegbu, Chukwuma Godwin Jacob
70-76 pdf
14. Detection of Blinking Part from Animated Videos / Pictures
Amit Pal
77-80 pdf
15. A Novel Approach of Pattern Detection Processor for Multipurpose Devices
R. Indu Praveena, Bignhneswar panda, Aditya Putta
81-87 pdf
16. Surface Water Quality Assessment of the Jirania Brick Cluster – A Case Study
Amarendra Jamatia, Sukanta Chakraborty, Sumanta Chakraborti
88-92 pdf
17. Identification and Assessment of Social Subgroups or Community Structure on Social Networking Websites
Ravi Prakash Verma, Dr. Deepak Arora
93-97 pdf
18. A Comparative Study of Chromium and Cadmium Removal from Their Common Aqueous Solution by Batch Operation Using Tea Factory Waste as Adsorbent
Jibesh Datta, Umesh Mishra
98-105 pdf
19. Influence of Welding Current and Joint Design on the Tensile Properties of SMAW Welded Mild Steel Joints
Prof. Rohit Jha, Dr. A.K. Jha
106-111 pdf
Version 5
1. Test of Microstructur Permeable Asphalt Pavement Used Domato Stone (Quarsite Dolomite) As Course Agregate for Surface Layer of Road Pavement
Firdaus Chairuddin, Wihardi Tjaronge, Muhammad Ramli, Johannes Patanduk
01-06 pdf
2. Lossless Medical Image Compression
Nagashree G, Gadre Vaishali and Mrs Vijaya S M
07-11 pdf
3. Basic Reversible Logic Gates and It's Qca Implementation
Papiya Biswas, Namit Gupta, Nilesh Patidar
12-16 pdf
4. Consideration of the Sampling in the Statement of Conformity
Hicham Mezouara, Latifa Dlimi, Abdelouahhab Salih, Mohamed Afechcar
17-21 pdf
5. Ultrahigh Birefringent Photonic Crystal Fiber with Ultralow Confinement Loss
Jyoti, Mr. Nidhish Tiwari
22-27 pdf
6. Remote Control of Home Appliances
Mayola Reena Fernandes, Dr. M. C. Padma
28-32 pdf
7. Battery-Bandwidth Based Handover Framework for 3G/WLAN Using Android Handheld Devices
Apoorva Prakash M V, Dr. M C Padma
33-38 pdf
8. User Security in Cloud Using Password Authentication
Deepika Singh, Puran Gour, Rajeev Thakur
39-44 pdf
9. Higher Throughput and Energy Efficiency Multi-Channel MAC Protocol For Ad Hoc Network.
Ms. Suhasini E. R, Darshan A. M
45-49 pdf
10. Modeling and Design of Five Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with DC/DC Boost Converter
Vinayaka B.C, S. Nagendra Prasad
50-55 pdf
11. Life Management Technique of Thermal Fatigue for SMST Boiler Tube at Different Heating Zone Using Smithy Furnace
Shekhar Pal, Pradeep Suman, Shri dk jain.gpc kota
56-62 pdf
12. Frame-Based Compressed Sensing Of Speech Signal
B. Chaitanya
63-65 pdf
13. A Evaluation of Software Re-Usability Using Software Metrics through Fuzzy Logic
Manoj Kumar Singh, Govind Kamboj, Avnish Kumar Sharma
66-72 pdf
14. Force Analysis of Geneva Wheel and Face Cam Used In Automat
Madhoo G, Muhammed Sameer, Mohsin Ali, Ashwin C Gowda
73-88 pdf
15. A Comparative Analysis of Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate in Milling Operation of AISI 410 Steel And Aluminium 6061
Gaurav Kumar, Rahul Davis
89-93 pdf
16. Audio Steganography Techniques-A Survey
Navneet Kaur, Sunny Behal
94-100 pdf
17. An Optimal Design of the Eddy Current Non-Destructive Testing Sensor for Special Geometries of Conducting Materials
Abderraouf Bouloudenine, Mohamed El Hadi Latreche, Abdallah Belounis and Nacir Boutra
101-105 pdf
18. An Efficient Higher Order And High Speed Kogge-Stone Based CSLA Using Common Boolean Logic
Kuppampati Prasad, Mrs.M.Bharathi
106-110 pdf
19. Time Overrun and Cost Effectiveness in the Construction Industry T.Subramani, P.T.Lishitha, M.Kavitha 111-116 pdf
20. Safety Management Analysis In Construction Industry
T. Subramani, R. Lordsonmillar
117-120 pdf
21. PTC Oxidation of Alcohols: Design of Experiments
Bilal Hussein Laftaa, Maralla Yadagirib, Surisetti Swetac and Dr. T. Sankarshana
121-126 pdf
22. A Comparative Study on Performance Parameters of a Conventional Silencer versus Helmholtz Silencer Implemented On A 100cc Motorcycle
Saurabh Jadhav, Apoorv Prem
127-133 pdf
23. Planning and Scheduling of High Rise Building Using Primavera
T. Subramani, A. Sarkunam, J. Jayalakshmi
134-144 pdf
24. Analysis of Cost Controlling In Construction Industries by Earned Value Method Using Primavera
T. Subramani, D. S. Stephan Jabasingh, J. Jayalakshmi
145-153 pdf
25. Onsite Waste Water Treatment System
T. Subramani, J. Akela
154-162 pdf
26. Effect Of Sewage Farming On Ground Water
163-172 pdf
27. Analysis Of Highway Air Pollution
173-182 pdf
28. Microbial Analysis of Drinking Water And Water Distribution System
183-193 pdf
29. Bio-Degradable Plastics Impact On Environment
194-204 pdf
30. Climate Change Energy And Decentralized Solid Waste Management T. Subramani, H. Ranjini Florence, M. Kavitha 205-216 pdf
31. Solving Nonlinear Time Delay Control Systems by Fourier series
Mohammad Hadi Farahi and Mahmood Dadkhah
217-226 pdf
32. An Experimental Analysis to Reduce Cracks in Arc Welding in MS and SS 304 (L)
Vivekanand Jha, Mohd. Abbas
227-228 pdf
33. Precesion Agriculture for Drip Irrigation Using Microcontroller and GSM Technology
Dr. Deepak Gupta, Amit Kushwaha, Mohammad Sikander, Shushma Trivedi
229-233 pdf
34. Embedding Useful Information in Digital Watermarking: A Review
Ruchi Kashyap, Mr. Karan Mahajan
234-238 pdf
35. A Detailed Study of Cbr Method for Flexible Pavement Design
Er. Devendra Kumar Choudhary, Dr. Y. P Joshi
239-253 pdf
36. Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm For PAPR Reduction In Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access System
Kanchan Singla, Rajbir Kaur
254-258 pdf
37. Modeling and Implementation of Reliable Ternary Arithmetic and Logic Unit Design Using Vhdl
Meruva Kumar Raja, Neelima Koppala
259-264 pdf
38. Fpga Implementation of 8-Bit Vedic Multiplier by Using Complex Numbers
Gundlapalle Nandakishore, K.V.Rajendra Prasad
265-270 pdf
39. Removal of Copper from Simulated Wastewater Using Pongamia Pinnata Seed Shell as Adsorbent
Shwetha. K. C, Dr. D. P. Nagarajappa, M. Mamatha
271-282 pdf
40. A Study for Extraction Kinetics of Β-Carotene from Oven Dried Carrot by Solvent Extraction
Sudipta Das, Saikat Mazumder, Soumitra Banerjee
283-288 pdf
41. Design and Analysis of Hybrid Composite Lap Joint Using FEM
T. Subramani, A. Arul
289-295 pdf
42. Earthquake Analysis of Structure by Base Isolation Technique in SAP
T. Subramani, J. Jothi , M. Kavitha
296-305 pdf
43. Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Column with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars
T. Subramani, Reni Kuruvilla, J. Jayalakshmi
306-316 pdf
Version 6
1. Messaging and Voice Conferencing through Wi-Fi Network
Miss. Nayana H S, Dr. M C Padma
01-05 pdf
2. Energy Audit as a Tool for Improving System Efficiency in Industrial Sector
Gopi Srinath, N. Uday Kumar
06-11 pdf
3. Durability and Strength Properties on High Performance Self Compacting Concrete with GGBS and Silica Fumes
J. M.Srishaila, Karthik Poovaiah D, K.N.Vishwanath, P.Prakash
12-19 pdf
4. Novel Genetic Algorithm Based Solutions for Optimal Power Flow under Contingency Conditions
S. V. Durga Bhavani, K. Ravi Kumar
20-30 pdf
5. Finite Element Based Stress Analysis of Seat Belt Using Integrated Force Method
Anjali Kale, Dr. G. S. Doiphode
31-34 pdf
6. Integration of JAM and JADE Architecture in Distributed Data Mining System
Sanjay Kumar Sen, Dr. Subhendu Kumar Pani.
35-38 pdf
7. Effect of V Notch Shape on Fatigue Life in Steel Beam Made of AISI 1037
Emad Kadum, Qasim Bder
39-46 pdf
8. CFD Analysis of Solar Air Heater
Sohel Chaudhari, Mukesh Makwana, Rajesh Choksi, Gaurav Patel
47-50 pdf
9. Review on Analysis of EEG Signals with the Effect of Meditation
Prajakta Fulpatil, Yugandhara Meshram
51-53 pdf
10. Discrimination Discovery and Prevention in Data Mining: A Survey
Jagriti Singh, Prof. Dr. S. S. Sane
54-57 pdf
11. Performance Analysis of STATCOM under Various Line Faults
Ch. Rajesh, G.Basava Sankara Rao
58-64 pdf
12. Experimental Evaluation of the Local Packing Distributed Dynamic Channel Allocation Strategy Application for AI-Madar Telephone Telecommunication Network in Libya
Mohamed Yousef Ahmed Abou-Hussein
65-77 pdf
13. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of the Performance of Single-Phase Capacitor-Run Induction Motor Using Composite Rotor Conductor
Mohd Afaque Iqbal, Gurmeet Singh
78-84 pdf
14. Influence of Plan Iregularity on Sesimic Response of Buildings
P.B.Prajapati, Prof. Mayur G. Vanza
85-89 pdf
15. Evaluation of the Influence of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrients in the Culture and Production ofbiosurfactants by MicroalgaSpirulina
Lisiane Fernandes De Carvalho, Mariana Souza De Oliveira, Jorge Alberto Vieira Costa
90-98 pdf
16. Design and Analysis of a 32 Bit Linear Feedback Shift Register Using VHDL
Shruti Hathwalia, Meenakshi Yadav
99-102 pdf
17. Aggregation Mechanism for Reducing Schedule Length in Tree Based Wireless Sensor Networks
M.Karthika, D. Gautham Chakravarthy
103-106 pdf
18. Condition Survey Of Drainage Facilities In Kore Sector Of Kano River Irrigation Project (KRIP) Phase I, Kano State, Nigeria.
A Salisu, A. A. Abdullahi and M. Audu
107-109 pdf
19. Performance Enhancement of Multi-Output Carry Look-Ahead Cmos Csa
K. Ram Babu, N.V.P Naidu Babu, Aditya Putta
110-116 pdf
20. Thermoelectric Power Studies of Ba-Co-Zr Hexagonal Ferrites
Ch. Venkateshwarlu, P. Vijaya Bhasker Reddy, D. Ravinder, Ch. Gopal Reddy
117-121 pdf
21. A Novel High Performance Implementation of 64 Bit MAC Units and Their Delay Comparison
Kandimalla Rajaneesh, M.Bharathi
122-127 pdf
22. Mitigation of PAPR in OFDM Using the Combination of Discrete Cosine Transform-II and Partial Transmit Sequence Techniques
Ramanjeet Kaur, Charanjit Singh, Amandeep Singh
128-132 pdf
23. Crack Identification in Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Ansys Software
T. Subramani, R. Manivannan, M. Kavitha
133-141 pdf
24. Fem Modelling and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Section with Light Weight Blocks Infill
T. Subramani, D. Sakthi Kumar, S. Badrinarayanan
142-149 pdf
25. Dynamic Analysis of Flanged Shear Wall Using Staad Pro
T. Subramani, B. Saravanan, J. Jayalakshmi
150-155 pdf
26. Analysis of Three Dimensional Horizontal Reinforced Concrete Curved Beam Using Ansys
T. Subramani, M. Subramani, K. Prasath
156-161 pdf
27. A Comparative Analysis of LS and MMSE Channel Estimation Techniques for MIMO-OFDM System
Avinash Sahu, Dr. Anubhuti Khare
162-167 pdf
28. Preparation and Characterization of Ti3+ & Cr3+:Li2O-LiF-B2O3-ZnO Optical Glasses
L. Vijayalakshmi, V. Naresh, R. Ramaraghavulu, B.H. Rudramadevi and S. Buddhudu
168-176 pdf
29. Quality Costs (IRR) Impact on Lot Size Considering Work in Process Inventory
Misbah Ullah, Chang W. Kang
177-183 pdf
30. Comparative Design of 16-Bit Sparse-Tree Rsfq Adder
S. Saddam Hussain, S. Mahaboob Basha
184-188 pdf
31. Speed Ratio Prediction and Performance Analysis of Single Ball Traction Drive for CVT
Kunal S. Marathe, Vishnu D. Wakchaure
189-197 pdf
32. Safety Preservation and Reliability Enhancement of 3M By Applying Varied Friction Methodology
Ram Kumar Singh, Ajay Raj Singh, Pushpdant Jain
198-201 pdf
33. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System For Rainfall-Runoff Modeling
Ratansharan Panchal, Dr. T. M. V. Suryanarayana, Dr. F. P. Parekh
202-206 pdf
34. An Analysis of Transducer Mass Loading Effect Inshaker Testing
A. D. Karle, S.K.Bhoite, A. B. Amale
207-212 pdf
35. Information Transmission System Based On a Light Sensor
Sonali Waje, Sandip Rahane
213-215 pdf
36. Linear Regression and Anova Modelling Tool When Turning of EN 24 / EN 31 Alloy Steel
Deepak.P, B.R. Narendra Babu, Dr. K. Chandrashekara
216-221 pdf
37. Generation of Electricity Using Solid Waste Management in Krishnagiri Municipalty
T.Subramani, R. Murugan
222-232 pdf
38. A Blower-Like Approach to Predict the Effectiveness of Vaccines in a TB Dynamic
Carlos Frederico Fronza, Janio Anselmo, Jefferson Luiz Brum Marques, Guilherme Brasil Pintarelli, Alexandre De Castro
233-238 pdf
39. Analysis of the Small Wind Turbine Blade with and Without Winglet
Aravindkumar. N
239-243 pdf