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Volume 4- Issue 3 [March 2014 ]

S.No. Title & Authors Page Downloads
1. Evaluation of PID Tuning Methods on Direct Gas-Fired Oven
Aborisade, D. O, Adewuyi, P. A
01-09 pdf
2. E-APSAR:Enhanced Anonymous Position Based Security Aware Routing Protocol For Manets
Priyanka Malgi, Ulka Padwalkar
10-14 pdf
3. Qcuip: Quality Control Using Image Processing
Ankita Bhaskar Watpade, Mansi Sunil Amrutkar, Nikita Yogesh Bagrecha, Mrs. Archana S. Vaidya
15-18 pdf
4. Generation Of Flood Inundation Model – General Approach And Methodology
Marina Mazlan, Mohd Adib Mohammed Razi, Mohd Shalahuddin Adnan, Mustaffa Anjang Ahmad, Khayrul Apri Amso Suis
19-25 pdf
5. Plc Based Scrap Management System
Nidhi Mishra, Rakhi T. Waghmare, Rani B. Phulpagar, Pooja A. Londhe
26-28 pdf
6. Studies on the Freqency Occurrence of Superrefraction and Ducting over Indian Region
N. Radha Krishna Murthy, S. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao
29-34 pdf
7. ANFIS Control Scheme for the Speed Control of the Induction Motor
Shashank D. Bonde, Dr. Gajanan P. Dhok
35-39 pdf
8. Enhancing Accuracy of Plant Leaf Classification Techniques
C. S. Sumathi, A. V. Senthil Kumar
40-46 pdf
9. Reusability of Patterns Using Discrete Wavelet Transformation in Watermarking
Gurpreet Kaur, Kamna Mahajan
47-52 pdf
10. Design & Analysis of Low Power, Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder
Shuchi Verma, Sampath Kumar V.
53-55 pdf
11. An Experimental Exploration on the Characterization of TiO2 Using Sol-Gel
Suman Malik, Rajesh Kumar Malik, Rajesh Khanna, Ajay Kumar Jaiswal
56-59 pdf
12. Composition of TiO2 Using Sol Gel Approach and Analysis under Different Characterization Methods
Suman Malik, Rajesh Kumar Malik, Rajesh Khanna, Ajay Kumar Jaiswal
60-64 pdf
13. High Dimensional Data Clustering Using Fast Cluster Based Feature Selection
Karthikeyan.P, Saravanan.P, Vanitha.E
65-71 pdf
14. Thermodynamic Parameters of Silica Gel In View of Its Different Modifications
Ashraf Yehia El-Naggar
72-77 pdf
15. Experimental Investigation of Performanec of Single Cylinder 4s Diesel Engine Using Dual Vegetable Oil Blended
Prof. C. S. Koli, Prof. Ram Bansal, Amit Agrawal, Ashish Agrawal
78-85 pdf
16. Packet Reordering Using Congestion Control Algorithm Based on Data frame Weightage
S. Balaji, C. Monisha
86-91 pdf
17. Application of Nanotechnology in Civil Infrastructure
Syed Sabihuddin
92-95 pdf
18. The Design and Development of Low Cost Voip Device Using Linux
Mr. Sachin C Malke, Mr. Girish Talmale
96-98 pdf
19. Enterprise Resource Management
Silli Panigrahy, Rutuja Desai, Namita Tambe, Sachin Barahate
99-101 pdf
20. Wideband Coaxial Fed Rotated Stacked Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
D. Ujwala, A. Gnandeep Reddy, J. Kowsik Sasthre, K. Gopivasanth Kumar, K. Sai Chandra
102-105 pdf
21. A Novel Electronic Instrument for the Analog Direct Synthesis of Arbitrary Waveforms and Wavelets
Léandre Nneme Nneme, Jean Mbihi, Marcelus Zilefac Benazea, And Peter Akwo Tsam
106-110 pdf
22. Power Optimization Technique Based On Multi-Bit Flip-Flop Design
P. Sathyaa, K. Sinduja
111-116 pdf
23. Secure Cluster Based Routing Using SAT/ILP Techniques and ECC EL-Gamal Threshold Cryptography in MANET
Mr. P. Kanagaraju., Dr. R. Nallusamy, Nandini. D. K
117-121 pdf
24. Effects of High Temperature on the Microstructure of Automotive Engine Valves
Ajay Pandey, R. K. Mandloi
122-126 pdf
25. Image Processing to Collect the Radius of Human Pupil.
Carlos Frederico Fronza, Yasser Issmail Mohsen, Jefferson Luiz Brum Marques
127-131 pdf
26. An Adaptive Filtering System Configurations and Architecture on Reconfigurable Platform
Dipen B. Patel, Pritesh R. Gumble
132-136 pdf
27. Yield and Particle Morphology of Spray Dried Salts: Fractional Factorial Design
Abanti Sahoo and Arati Parihari
137-152 pdf
28. Entrepreneurship Education for Science Teachers as a Means of Achieving National Transformation.
Habila Nuhu, Clark M.D and Pahalson, C.A.D.
153-156 pdf
29. Quality and Functional Physics Education as a Means for National Transformation
Pahalson, C. A. D, Habila Nuhu
157-160 pdf
30. Supermarket Analysis Based On Product Discount and Statistics
Komal Kumawat
161-166 pdf
31. Harmonic Analysis in the Power System to Reduce Transmission losses and Save Energy
Apurva Ganguli, Abhay Kumar Sharma, Raajdeep Ganguli
167-171 pdf
32. Feigen's Phenomenon in Terms of the Synthetic Theory
Andrew Rusinko
172-180 pdf
33. Low Cost Em Signal Spectral Analysis with Two Element Time Modulated Array System by Multiple Signal Classification Algorithms
G. Balagurappa, J. Sreenivasa Reddy
181-184 pdf
34. Design and Development of Ethernet Interface for Industrial Applications
E. SakthiAbirami, S.Suganya, G. Vijaya Kumar, R.Praveen Gowtham
185-187 pdf
35. Fuzzy Optimization Using TCSC Device for Congestion Management
Ms.Lovisal.C, Mr.E.Thangam
188-192 pdf
36. Accurate Modeling of Multilayer Transmission Lines for High-Speed Digital Interconnects
Sarhan M. Musa and Matthew N. O. Sadiku
193-196 pdf
37. Semantic WEB Services Using Clustering Approach
Jayeeta Majumder, Saikat Khanra
197-200 pdf
38. Glazed Sludge Tile
Dayalan J, Beulah. M
201-204 pdf
39. Analysis of Self Screening Jammer Parameters with RADAR Equation
L.Surendra, Syed Shameem, N Susmitha, Teja Sri Ram
205-207 pdf
40. The Reuse of Greywater Recycling For High Rise Buildings in Kuwait Country
Ahmed Ibrahim Abd Alaziz & Naji Fahad Al-Saqer
208-215 pdf
41. FE-Analysis of Connecting Rod of I.C.Engine by Using Ansys for Material Optimization
Mr. J.D.Ramani, Prof. Sunil Shukla, Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Sharma
216-220 pdf
42. Thresholding Based Noise Suppression in Ultrasound Images Using Wavelets
Medha Kumar, Davinder Pal Singh
221-223 pdf
43. Features for Parallel Pattern Based Programming System for Multicore
Nilesh Maltare
224-227 pdf
44. Low Power High Speed Power Gating Structure with Intermediate Sleep Mode for Single Vt CMOS Circuit
Megha Agarwal
228-233 pdf
45. Remote Nodes Management Using RMI
Saurabh Malgaonkar, Swarnalata Bollavarapu, Tejas Hirave
234-238 pdf
46. Experimental Study for Heat Transfer Enhancement Due To Surface Roughness at Laminar Flow
Raju R.Yenare, Prof Kundlik V.Mali.
239-243 pdf
47. Langmuir probe Diagnostic for local parameter measurement in Magnetized Plasma using LabVIEW
Bijal Vara, C S Dalal, S Karkari, H Kabariya
244-247 pdf
48. Retrieval of Images Using Cascaded Features
N. Puviarasan, Dr. R. Bhavani
248-253 pdf
49. Design and Analysis of SAW Based MEMS Gas Sensor for the Detection of Volatile Organic Gases
Staline Johnson, Dr. T. Shanmuganantham
254-258 pdf
50. Forecasting Models for the Three Highest Daily Precipitation Monthly Values at Sulaimania Governorate in Iraq
Zeren Jamal Ghafour
259-274 pdf
51. Pulling Resistance and Modeling of Dominant Plants in Limestone Mining Spoils
Yi-Chang Chen, Edward Ching-Ruey Luo
275-279 pdf
52. Smart Fuzzer
Mr. Deepak Moud, Mr. B. L Pal
280-282 pdf
53. Survey of Uniformity of Velocity Profile in Wind Tunnel by Using Hot Wire Annometer Systems
S.N. Ch. Dattu. V, Rao Yerrapragada. K.S.S , Dr. B.Balakrishna
283-289 pdf
54. Survey of Uniformity of Pressure Profile in Wind Tunnel by Using Hot Wire Annometer Systems
Rao Yerrapragada. K.S.S, S.N.Ch.Dattu .V, Dr. B.Balakrishna
290-299 pdf
55. A Coupled Fixed Point Theorem for Geraghty Contractions in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces
K.P.R. Sastry, Ch. Srinivasa Rao, N. Appa Rao and S.S.A. Sastri
300-308 pdf
56. Assessment on the Effect of pH on the Soil of Irrigated Farmlands of Kaduna Metropolis Nigeria
W. L.O Jimoh and Mahmud Imam Mohammed
309-313 pdf
57. Effect of Electrical Conductivity on the Soil of Irrigated Farmlands of Kaduna Metropolis Nigeria
W.L.O Jimoh and Mahmud Imam Mohammed
314-318 pdf
58. Simulation of Thermal-Mechanical Strength for Marine Engine Piston Using FEA
Elijah Musango Munyao, Jiang Guo He, Yang Zhiyuan, Zou Xiang Yi
319-323 pdf
59. Design of Dual Dynamic Flip-Flop with Featuring Efficient Embedded Logic for Low Power Cmos Vlsi Circuits
Adhiyaman P, Surya.S, Narasimhan.C
324-326 pdf
60. Performance Analisis of 2d Converter by Combining Sr & Ky Converters
V. Manoj Kumar, G.V.S.S.N.S. Sarma
327-332 pdf
61. Optimization of the Inclination Angle of a Capillary Film Solar Still to Enhance the Productivity in South Algeria
Zerrouki Moussa, Settou Noureddine, Marif Yacine, M Mustapha Belhadj
333-340 pdf
62. Performance Comparison Of Different Controllers For A Level Process
S.Abirami, Zahir hussain. A. S, Saravana Muthu. D, Aravind kumar. C. B
341-344 pdf
63. User Authentication Based On Keystroke Dynamics
J.R Nisha, R.P. Anto Kumar
345-349 pdf
64. Measuring Quality of Electronic Service (E- Service) In Banking
Saba M. Hussain
350-359 pdf
65. Green Growth Management by Using Arm Controller
Bachkar Yogesh Ramdas, Prof.S.G Galande
360-363 pdf
66. Security Issues Threats and Challenges in Data Management of Wireless Communication & Sensor Network over Cloud: A Review
Padmaja R Ayachit, N. G. Narole
364-368 pdf
67. Dataset Preparation in Datamining Analysis Using Horizontal Aggregations
Shine V.
369-372 pdf
68. Energy Gain Process of a Celestial Body
Dr. Shobha Lal, Rajesh Saxena
373-380 pdf
69. Transmission by an Embedded System with Enhancements in Voice Processing Technologies
G.Sitha Annapurna1 ,B.Mamatha2, P.Annapurna
381-388 pdf
70. Transient Stability of A.C Generator Controlled By Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Srinivas Singirikonda, G.Sathishgoud, M. Harikareddy
389-395 pdf
71. A Survey Paper on Crime Prediction Technique Using Data Mining
Nikhil Dubey, Setu Kumar Chaturvedi
396-400 pdf
72. A Comparative Study between the Filamentary and Glow Modes of DBD Plasma in the Treatment of Wool Fibers
Doaa. M. El-Zeer, Asmaa. A Salem, Usama. M. Rashed, Tarob A. Abd-Elbaset5, S.Ghalab
401-410 pdf
73. Comparison Of Resource Allocation Algorithms For OFDMA
Vivian Noronha
411-416 pdf
74. 8 Bit RISC Processor Using Verilog HDL
Ramandeep Kaur, Anuj
417-422 pdf
75. Design And Case Study Of Combustion Of Muncipal Solid Waste And Refuse-Derived (Msw And Rdf) With Conventional Fuels
423-428 pdf
76. A Survey Paper on Fuzzy Image Segmentation Techniques
Ms. R. Saranya Pon Selvi, Ms. C. Lokanayaki
429-434 pdf
77. Jpeg Image Compression
Rajshree, Naincey Rathore, Neha Kuttarmare, Manasi Gangapurkar, Nishant.H.Pandey
435-440 pdf
78. A Cooling System for an Automobile Based on Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Using Waste Heat of an Engine
Satish K. Maurya, Saurabh Awasthi; Suhail A. Siddiqui
441-444 pdf
79. Stiffness and Angular Deflection analysis of Revolute Manipulator
Pundru Srinivasa Rao
445-448 pdf
80. A Review Paper on Filtering Of Unwanted Messages from OSN User Wall Using Content-Based Filtering Method
Miss Janhavi A. Patokar, Prof. V.T.Gaikwad
449-454 pdf
81. Handstrokes for Recognition of Alphabets& Digits
Mrudula S Deshmukh
455-457 pdf
82. Improved Temperature Profiles for Atmospheric Radar Signal Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
D. Leela Rani, Prof. S. Varadarajan
458-461 pdf
83. Design and Analysis of GDI Based Full Adder Circuit for Low Power Applications
Pankaj Kumar, Poonam Yadav
462-465 pdf
84. The Reuse Of Some Solid Wastes For the Manufacture Of Acid-Resisting Bricks
Alaa A. Saker & Ali M. Alanbaee
466-469 pdf
85. An Improved Energy-Efficient BBO-Based PEGASIS Protocol in Wireless Sensors Network
Bipandeep Singh, Er. Simranjit Kaur
470-474 pdf
86. Non-Linear Dynamic Deformation of a Piezothermoelastic Laminate with Feedback Control System
Masayuki Ishihara, Tetsuya Mizutani, and Yoshihiro Ootao
475-486 pdf
87. Design of Waste Shredder Machine
Asst. Prof. S.Nithyananth, Libin Samuel, Nithin Mathew, S.Suraj
487-491 pdf
88. Modeling of the Bending Stiffness of a Bimaterial Beam by the Approximation of One-Dimensional of Laminated Theory
M. Flores-Domínguez
492-497 pdf
89. Application of Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate in Concrete: A Technical Review
Parag S. Kambli, Sandhya R. Mathapati
498-501 pdf
90. Dynamic Texture Feature Extraction Using Weber Local Descriptor
D.G.Agrawal, Pranoti M. Jangale
502-506 pdf
91. Seasonal Variation in the Water Quality of Lahru Pond Located In Himachal Pradesh
Suresh Kumar, Roshni Adiyecha and Tarun Patel
507-513 pdf
93. A Novel Application of RFID in Hospitals for Involuntary Administering to Incorporate Authentication and Tracking
A.Mohamed Syed Ali, K.Jaya Bala Ratheesh, J.Monika Saral Vasanthakumari, J.MohammedMoosa
524-529 pdf
94. Estimation of Kinetic Parameters for Enzyme Catalysed Batch Bioreactor for the Production of Ethanol from Corn
Z. R. Yelebe, R. J. Samuel and B. Z. Yelebe
530-535 pdf
95. Design and Characterization of two stage High-Speed CMOS Operational Amplifier
Rahul Chaudhari, Rajnikant Soni
536-541 pdf
96. A Score Based Trustworthy Declaration Scheme For Vanets
A.Jenifer Sophia
542-544 pdf
97. Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Solar Still Coupled To a Vertical Still with Water Film
Mohammed Mustapha Belhadj, H. Bouguettaia, Y. Marif, M. Zerrouki, D. Bechki, M. Benhammou
547-552 pdf
98. Studies On Development Of Fuel Briquettes Using Locally Avaliable Waste
Ch. A. I. Raju, M. Satya, U. Praveena and K. Ramya Jyothi
553-559 pdf
99. A Reduced High Frequency Transformer Model To Detect The Partial Discharge Locations
El-Sayed M. El-Refaie, El-Sayed H. Shehab El-Dein, M. K. Abd El-Rahman, Omar A. Helaly
560-565 pdf
100. Management Of Distribution System Using GIS
Nidhi Mishra, Kranti Suresh Khair, Priyanka Parikshit Pawar, Poonam Baban Thakur, Pooja Tanaji Satpute
566-568 pdf
101. Clocked Regenerative Comparators
Pardeep, Abhishek Agal, Bal Krishan
569-573 pdf
102. 6T SRAM Cell: Design And Analysis
Abhishek Agal, Pardeep, Bal Krishan
574-577 pdf
104. A Modified Decision Based Mean Median Algorithm for Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise
Jitender Kumar, Abhilasha
586-590 pdf
105. Use of Balanced Detection Scheme for Long Haul Optical Duobinary Links
Santosh Jagtap, Vivek Bharambe, Shrishailesh Chari, Mrigul Uppal, Rushabh Borkar
591-593 pdf
106. Comparison and Digital Circuit Analysis Based on Low Power Subthreshold Dual Mode Logic
D.Naveen Kumar, Ms.M.S.Sheeba
594-597 pdf
107. Optimization and effect of controlling parameters on AJM using Taguchi technique
Jukti Prasad Padhy*, Kanhu Charan Nayak
598-604 pdf
108. Coverage In Presence Of Obstacles:A Survey
Pramod Tripathi ,Keyur Prajapati, Chetan Chudasama
605-614 pdf
109. Review on Analysis of Foundry Defects for Quality Improvement of Sand Casting
Sunil Chaudhari, Hemant Thakkar
615-618 pdf
110. Heat Transfers Enhancement with Different Square Jagged Twisted Tapes
Mr. A.V.Gawandare, Prof. M.M.Dange, Prof.D.B.Nalawade
619-624 pdf
111. Chemical Characterization and Particulate Distribution of PM10 and PM2.5 at Critically Polluted Area of Dhanbad/Jharia Coalfield
Debananda Roy & Gurdeep Singh
625-635 pdf
112. Issues, Challenges, Causes, Impacts and Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources - Grid Integration
Mamatha Sandhu, Dr.Tilak Thakur
636-643 pdf
113. Multilevel Inverters: Literature Survey – Topologies, Control Techniques & Applications of Renewable Energy Sources - Grid Integration
Mamatha Sandhu, Dr.Tilak Thakur
644-652 pdf
114. A Survey on Detecting Wormhole Attack in Manet
Bipin N. Patel, Prof. Tushar S. Patel
653-656 pdf
115. Stainless Steel As A Structural Material: State Of Review
Minakshi Vaghani, Dr. S.A. Vasanwala, Dr. A.K. Desai
657-662 pdf
116. A Review: Six Sigma Implementation Practices in Indian Manufacturing SMEs
Tejaskumar S.Parsana, Dr.Darshak A. Desai
663-673 pdf
117. Multi User Feedback System Based On Performance and Appraisal Using Fuzzy Logic Base System- Design and Implementation
Ameet.D.Shah, Dr. S. A. Ladhake
674-680 pdf
118. Error Locked Encoder and Decoder for Nanomemory Application
Y. Sharath, S.Srivani, O.M.Chandrika, B.Gopi Krishna
681-689 pdf
119. Byzantine-Resilient Protected Multicast Routing In Multihop Wireless Networks
Bhima Sankaram Alladi, M.Venu Gopal, L.Vandana, M.Sukesh
690-695 pdf
120. Anomalies of Firewall Policy Detection and Resolution
Rakesh R. Surve, Suraj R. Badhan, Aniket B. Surve, Vikey T. Mane
696-701 pdf
121. A Review on Development of Object Detection System for Distortion Images
Rajvir Kaur, Sanjay Kumar Singh
702-706 pdf
122. Enhance the Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using EDAMAS and Region Prop Techniques
Taranpreet Kaur, Sanjay Kumar Singh
707-711 pdf
123. Analysis of Mtbe as an Oxygenate Additive to Gasoline
C.AnishRaman, Dr.K.Varatharajan, P.Abinesh, Dr.N.Venkatachalapathi
712-718 pdf
124. A Novel Seven Level H-Bridge Inverter for Photovoltaic System

S.Selvakumar, A.Vinothkumar, M.Vigneshkumar
719-726 pdf
125. Single-Beam Z-Scan Measurement of the Third-Order Optical Nonlinearities of Ethidium Bromide
Noor Al-Huda S.Yakop, Hussain A. Badran
727-731 pdf
126. Low Power High Speed Folded Cascode Amplifier With PMOS Inputs
B. Krishna, D. Arun kumar
732-734 pdf
127. A Review on ZIGBEE Smart Energy Implementation for Energy Efficient Building
Aniket V. Patil, Prof. U. A. Rane
735-740 pdf
128. Growth and Optical, Thermal and Electrical Characterization of LHC-LHB Mixed Crystals
J. Suja Rani, K. Jaya kumari, and C. K. Mahadevan
741-751 pdf
129. Probabilistic Models for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks – A Comparative Analysis
Aditi Kansal, Mrityunjay Sharma
752-755 pdf
130. Effect of Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge Treatment on Polymerization of Acrylic Fabric and Its Printing Behavior
D M El-Zeer, A.A. EL-Halwagy, M.A. EL-Kashouty, H.M. Ahmed, F. F.Elakshar and A A Garamoon
756-769 pdf
131. Bilateral Symmetry Information for Brain Tumor Detection
Krunal J Pimple, Asst. Prof.Prateek Nahar, Dr.Sanjay Thakur, Rajesh Patil
770-773 pdf
132. Review on Implementation of 5S in Various Organization
Vipulkumar C. Patel, Dr. Hemant Thakkar
774-779 pdf
133. Combustion and Vibration Analysis of Idi- Diesel Engine Fuelled With Neat Preheated Jatropha Methyl Ester
Y.Ashok Kumar Reddy*, B. V. Appa Rao
780-790 pdf
134. Intelligent Monitoring System For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And Leakage In Mines
Anshul Thakur, G. Kalaimagal
791-797 pdf
135. Assessment of Active Queue Management Algorithms by Using NS2 Simulator
Kamal Preet Kaur, Navdeep Kaur, Gurjeevan Singh
798-802 pdf
136. Abiding IPRs in Technological Implications for Pakistan
Murtaza Hussain Shaikh, Ievet S.Karlson, Noor Ahmed Ansari, Mahreen Jurial Khan, Dai Xiaoling
803-807 pdf
137. Recognization of Satellite Images of Large Scale Data Based on Map- Reduce Framework
Vidya Jadhav, Harshada Nazirkar, Sneha Idekar, Prof. P.A. Bandgar
808-811 pdf
138. Web Content Flexibility through Mobile App
Sana Pathan, Rajeshri Khairnar, Monika Kanade, Sanyuja Karwal
812-815 pdf
139. Optimum Operating Conditions for Epoxidation Reaction of Jojoba and Castor Oils
El-Adly R. A., Shoaib A. M., Enas A. Ismail., Modather .F
816-822 pdf
140. SCIWARS Android App for Women Safety
VaijayantiPawar, Prof. N.R.Wankhade, DipikaNikam, KanchanJadhav, NehaPathak
823-826 pdf
141. Comparative Studies on Simultaneous Biodegradation of Phenol and Cyanide Using Different Strains
Neetu Singh, Bhumica Agarwal and C. B.Majumder
827-831 pdf
142. Fingerprint Feature Extraction Algorithm
Mehala. G
832-837 pdf
143. Performance Analysis of Styrene Butadiene Rubber-Latex on Cement Concrete Mixes
Kapil Soni, Dr. Y.P Joshi
838-844 pdf
144. Energy Crisis: A Review
Swati Pathak
845-851 pdf
145. Simulation of Script Writing Robot in RRL Configuration (SCARA)
S. Bhagavathi Shankar, P.Raju, M.Arun
852-855 pdf
146. Analysis Of Single Phase Matrix Converter
DivyaAhirrao, BhagyashriGaware, PrajaktaKakade, PratikshaKharade, Prof. Sandeep Chawda
856-861 pdf
147. A case study on failure of a tunnel intake
Anniamma Chacko, Akhila Padanattil, Anju Gopan, Chandana Venugopal, Fasnamol T M
862-865 pdf
148. Design and Implementation of Decoupling Network for Phased Array Antennas
Prof. Jagan Mohan Rao S., K. Swetha, T.Rupa, B.Vana DurgaRao, K.Ajay Kumar
866-870 pdf
149. Design of Dual-Band Electrically Small Micro-strip Antenna with wave type Slot as Complementary of folded-dipole antenna for C & X Bands
Prof. Jagan Mohan Rao S., K. Swetha, B.Vana DurgaRao, V.Sai Ram, Sk.Abdul Latif
871-876 pdf
150. C-Slot Coaxial fed Microstrip Patch antenna for DTV reception
Prof. Jagan Mohan Rao. S, K. Swetha, B.N.V.Sai Kiran, Md.Altaf Jani , D.Muddu Krishna, B.Veerendra
877-882 pdf
151. Experimental Study of Air-Lift Pumps Characteristics
Naji F. Al-Saqer & Mohammed E. Al-Shibani
883-896 pdf
152. A Method for Solving Balanced Intuitionistic Fuzzy Assignment Problems
P. Senthil Kumar, R. Jahir Hussain
897-903 pdf
153. Review: Image Encryption Using Chaos Based algorithms
Ankita Gaur, Maneesha Gupta
904-907 pdf
154. Study and Comparison of Various Techniques of Image Edge Detection
Gurjeet Singh, Harjinder singh
908-912 pdf
155. Text To Speech System for Telugu Language
M. Siva Kumar, E. Prakash Babu, Dr. M. V. Subba Reddy, M. S. Praveen Kumar
913-917 pdf
156. Determining Variation in Flight Speed and Pattern of Cliff Swallow Using Video Frame Analysis
E Santosh, Chaya H C, Mahesha G and Channaveerappa H
918-924 pdf
157. Architectural Mechanism Developed By Cliff Swallow for Nest Construction
Chaya H C, E Santosh,Mahesha G, and Channaveerappa H
925-930 pdf
158. Vehicle counting system using optimized virtual loop method based on Real Time video
Asst.Prof M.Jyothirmai, Asst Prof R.Himabindu, Asst Prof T.Swetha
931-934 pdf
159. Query Adaptive Image Retrieval System
Amruta Dubewar, Prof. Snehal Bhosale
935-938 pdf
160. Adaptive Home System Using Wireless Sensor Network And Multi Agent System
Jayarani Kamble, Prof.Nandini Dhole
939-942 pdf
Version 2
1. Design and Structural Analysis of High Speed Helical Gear Using Ansys
J. Venkatesh, Mr. P. B. G. S. N. Murthy
01-05 pdf
2. Trouble Shooting and Performance Enhancement in Activated Sludge Process for Treatment of Textile Wastewaters
Mehali J. Mehta, Bansari M. Ribadiya, Rashmita M. Thummar, Priyanka V. Patel, Mihir Vyas
06-09 pdf
3. Preventing Zombies in Virtual Network System Using HIPS
V.Nancy, P.Ramadoss, N.Vasumathi
10-14 pdf
4. Preventing Real-Time Packet Classification Using Cryptographic Primitives
N.Vasumathi, P.Ramadoss, V.Nancy
15-19 pdf
5. Discover Effective Pattern for Text Mining
A. D. Khade, A. B. Karche, D. S. Jadhav , A. S. Zore
20-23 pdf
6. A Novel Approach for Economic Load Dispatch Problem Based On GA and PSO
Nishant Chaturvedi, A. S. Walkey
24-31 pdf
7. Stability Derivatives of a Delta Wing with Straight Leading Edge in the Newtonian Limit
Asha Crasta, S. A. Khan
32-38 pdf
8. Analysis of Alternative Refrigerants to R22 for Air-Conditioning Applications at Various Evaporating Temperatures
S. Venkataiah & G. Venkata Rao
39-46 pdf
9. Design and Performance Analysis of Reversible Logic Four Quadrant Multiplier Using CSLA and CLAA
Mr. P. Dileep Kumar Reddy, Mrs. T.V. Ananthalakshmi
47-51 pdf
10. Use of Woven Fabrics for Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams
Parthraj R. Puranik, Deval A. Vasavada, Dr. Vinu R. Patel
52-58 pdf
11. Research on Water Utility Revenue Model and Compensation Policy under Uncertain Demand
Shou-Kui He, Li-Ting Liao, Ming-Zhong Huang
59-64 pdf
12. A Review of Groundwater Quality Issue in Jharkhand Due to Fluoride
Neeta Kumari, Gopal Pathak
65-77 pdf
Version 3
1. Study of DSR and AODV under Sinkhole Attack and Its Proposed Prevention Technique
Winnie Main, Narendra M. Shekokar
01-04 pdf
2. Implementation of Adaptive FIR Filter for the Wavelet Transforms Using Distributed Arithmetic Technique
G. Sathiyavani, J.Amali, S. Indumadhi
05-08 pdf
3. Power Quality Improvement of an Off-Grid Versatile PV System
D. Bini Sherlin, J.C. Paul Immanuel
09-14 pdf
4. An Efficient Refining Of Cbir through Supervised Learning Approach
R. Bindhu, Mr. S. P. Sivagnanasubramanian
15-21 pdf
5. Self Reconfigurable Wireless Networks With Dsdv Protocol Implementation
K. Muthulakshmi B. Balaji, S. Gowtham, M. Hemashri, A. Jahana Bharvine
22-31 pdf
6. Collective Behaviour Learning :A Concept For Filtering Web Pages
G. Mercy Bai, T. Selva Banupriya
32-34 pdf
7. Improving the Performance of Urban Road Intersection.
Dr. Fareed M.A.Karim
35-41 pdf
8. Environmental Impact Assessment of Road Traffic in Taiz City.
Dr. Fareed M. A. Karim
42-55 pdf
Version 4
2. Route Discovery and Hop Node Verification to Ensure Authenticated Data Transmissions in Manet
Anitha.M & Surya.R.M
06-10 pdf
3. A Review On Job Shop Scheduling Using Non-Conventional Optimization Algorithm
K.Mallikarjuna, Venkatesh.G, Somanath.B
11-19 pdf
4. Microcontroller Based Current Detection In Ac Locomotives
Smrithi Radhakrishnan, S.Sangeetha
20-25 pdf
5. Investigation of Effect of Operating Parameters of A CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Jayalakshmi, Prof. S.P Joshi, Dr. P.M George
26-29 pdf
6. Classification of Brain Tumor Using Support Vector Machine Classfiers
Dr.D. J. Pete, Mrs A.J. Nirmal, Mrs S.N. Vaidya
30-34 pdf
7. Performance Analysis of Contourlet Features with SVM Classifier for the Characterization of Atheromatous Plaque in Intravascular Ultrasound Images
Selvathi D, Emimal N
35-40 pdf
8. Implementation of Automatic Recovery In Packet Loss For Wireless Sensor Network
Mr. Devaraya Vijay Kumar Arjun, Mr. Jammi Ashok
41-45 pdf
Version 5
1. An Instant Search Engine For Museum
M. Saranya, Ms J. Shanthalakshmi Revathy
01-04 pdf
2. Design and Implementation of SCADA Based Induction Motor Control
Pampashree, Dr. Md.Fakhruddin Ansari
05-18 pdf
3. PLC Based Hydraulic Auto Ladle System
Amogh Tayade, Anuja Chitre, Amol D. Rahulkar
19-22 pdf
4. Methods For The Minimization Of Actuation Voltage In MEMS Switch
Jaspreet M. Hora, Dr. Sanjay Dorle, Prof. Sanjay B. Tembhurne
23-27 pdf
5. Composting Organic Kitchen Waste with Worms for Sustainable Kitchen Waste Management
Mehali J. Mehta, Karishma K. Chorawala
28-31 pdf
6. Image Intensification Using Mathematical Morphology
Nikesh T. Gadare, Dr. S. A. Ladhake, Prof. P. D. Gawande
32-37 pdf
7. Multi-Agent Based PGP Architecture
Babak Nouri-Moghaddam, Mohammad Ismaeil Shahabian, Hamid Reza Naji
38-47 pdf
8. Computer Aided Diagnosis of Macular Edema Using Color Fundus Images: A Review
Devashree R. Zinjarde, Trupti Mohota
48-51 pdf
9. Modified Approach for Hiding Sensitive Association Rules for Preserving Privacy in Database
Tania Banerjee, Esha Panse, Vinay Singh, Prasanna Kharche
52-57 pdf
10. Direct Torque Control Algorithm for Induction Motor Using Hybrid Fuzzy-PI and Anti-Windup PI Controller with DC Current Sensors
Anju R, Sathiskumar M
58-63 pdf
11. Suitability of Alternative Lubricants for Automotive Gear Applications
Amit Suhane, R. M. Sarviya, A. Rehman, H. K. Khaira
64-67 pdf
12. Laboratory Scale Study of Activated Sludge Process in Jet Loop Reactor for Waste WaterTreatment
M. S. Patil and G. A. Usmani
68-74 pdf
13. Detecting Malware Intrusion in Network Environment
Mr. V.V.Prathap, Mrs.D.Saveetha
75-80 pdf
Version 6
1. Every Speed Breaker Is A Source Of Power
N. N. Ghuge, Arati Sathe, Varsha Patil, Anagha Warankar
01-05 pdf
2. Anti-Corrosive Effect of Tridax Procumbens – Zn2+ System Controlling the Corrosion of Carbon Steel
C. Kumar, R. Mohan, A. John Amalraj, A. Peter Pascal Regis, C. Rajarathinam, S.K. Selvaraj, Sakthivel and J. Wilson Sahayaraj
06-12 pdf
3. Design and Development of a Domestic Biscuit Cabinet Tray Dryer
Abiola Olufemi Ajayeoba, Samson Olusegun Fatukasi, Olawale Waliyi Awotunde
13-20 pdf
4. Strategies for Mining Web Logs: A Survey
Ms. Neha G. Sharma
21-27 pdf
5. An Automated Tool for Optimization of FMS Scheduling With Meta Heuristic Approach
A. V. S. Sreedhar Kumar, V. Veeranna, B. Durgaprasad, B. Dattatraya Sarma
28-37 pdf
6. Significant Implementation of LS and MMSE Channel Estimation for OFDM Technique
Lokesh Panchal, Manjil Upadhyay, Nirali Shah, Aniruddh Amin
38-41 pdf
7. Low Power Dynamic Logic Ripple Carry Adder Using Footed Diode Domino Logic
P. Krishna Karthik, Mrs. K. Suganthi
42-45 pdf
8. Modified Approach for Hiding Secret Data and Improving Data Embedding Capacity
Swati Patil, Komal More
46-50 pdf
9. Optimization of Process Parameters in Turning of AISI 8620 Steel Using Taguchi and Grey Taguchi Analysis
Sunil Kumar Sharma, S. A Rizvi, R. P Kori
51-57 pdf
10. Influence of Wall Position on Flow Characteristics of an Impinging Jet
Pratik Tiwari, P. Mahathi, N. R. Choudhury and Vinayak Malhotra
58-66 pdf
11. Modifying Authentication Techniques in Mobile Communication Systems
Zakaria Zakaria Hassan, Talaat A. Elgarf, Abdelhalim Zekry
67-74 pdf
12. Design of a New AC–DC Single-Stage Full-Bridge PWM Converter with Two Controllers
R. Ramesh, U. Subathra, M. Ananthi
75-78 pdf
13. Single phase AC-DC power factor corrected converter with high frequency isolation using buck converter
R. Ramesh, U. Subathra, M. Ananthi
79-82 pdf
14. Single Phase Online UPS Design Using Three Leg Converters
R. Ramesh, U. Subathra, A. Arul
83-85 pdf
15. Single Phase Transformer Based Inverter For Nonlinear Load Application Using PI Controller
R. Ramesh, A. John Dhanaseely, P. Pughazendiran
86-90 pdf