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Volume 1- Issue 1 [May-June 2011]

S.No. Title & Authors Page Downloads
1. A Fuzzy Logic Based Network Dependent Routing Algorithm for
Ad hoc Wireless Networks
Dr. Sohan Garg, Payal Kansal, Viksit Kumar Sharma (76kb)
2. Low Voltage Low Power Gilbert Cell based Multiplier Circuit
Chandra shekhar, Mr. Ajai Gautam , Saurabh Chitransi (180kb)
3. Toward mature mathod engineering by usingCMMI
Nima Farsadkia, Hassan Rashidi (371kb)
4. Performance Evaluation & Comparison Of Routing Protocol For
AD HOC Wireless Networks
Sohan Garg, Dolly Tyagi (33kb)
5. Prediction of Weld Strength of Metal Active Gas (MAG) Welding
Using Artificial Nueral Network
Mr. Parth D Patel, Prof. Sachin P Patel (234kb)
6. Development of Rectilinear Path for a Limbless Robot
Saurabh .A. Ban., Sachin .P. Patel (578kb)
7. An review analysis of Intraband and Interband Transition and
Absorption in Quantum Well
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mittal
Paper submitted to IJERA: 16,
Accepted papers by peer review process: 7,
Rejected Paper: 9,
Paper Acceptance percentage: 43.75%